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  1. Good advice
    Help to young men struggling with dating AMA
    Im very happy to hear you have climbed out of that, main reason why I created this thread is to make sure people avoid the red and black pill traps its so toxic. And great on your results man awesome. The age old question, I was doing this before social media and dating apps became as popular as they are now so all my experience is through real life experience which I feel grateful for as you get a better insight to the truth. For apps and social media, looks matter for sure and that is how the black pill ideas came from. Funny how it was not around before this. In real life interactions looks don't really matter that much, basically what it dose is it gets you an in but thats it. If you don't have looks you have to create your in in by using your charisma, social intelligence and personality. Luckily this is something you can learn and that is what game is basically about. I must of winged with well over 100 guys over the years, some have been 10/10 6 foot plus male models and some have been a lot less attractive. In real life interactions looks without game don't mean much and don't get you very far, one of my friends is tall and super good looking but can't game very well at all. Girls are open to him but he can't convert. Where as I know some guy who are not good looking at all and crush it and blow most good looking guys out the water. What really matters here is how you feel about how you look on the inside. Recently I have got my confidence back as I was on a 60 day meditation retreat for lockdown and felt very socially inept when I came back into the real world. I went on a few dates and they didn't go to well and I was trying to remember the old person I use to be. Eventually I got it back and on a roll. Girls have been asking for my number where I work and in coffee shops. I just start the convo but I have so much self belief that I allow them to pick me up and try and win me over as I know Im in mass abundance. But Im still the same person on the outside and girls would of stone cold rejected me a month ago if I tried that. You HAVE to complete stop caring about if looks matter or not and just work with what you have. Never look into black pill again.
    All day long, it helps to see it in action tho. Generally people who are good looking are more likely to get positive feedback when growing up because of there looks as we as a society worship the exterior sop this creates health self esteem in the good looking person and that is actually what makes them good at socailzing and game. Its more likely to be the opposite effect if your not good looking if you get what I mean but really its all about how you feel about yourself on the outside. There is always that one guy who is fat but super socially aware and can get all the girls. Also bare in mind you want to learn how to develop deep and meaningful relationships with high quality people so the more you develop your personality the more likely that is of happening. Im seeing this girl atm who is a bit older than me but she use to be very attractive and she's at the age where her looks are starting to decline and you can see that she is having this huge shift in realising that relaying on your looks is a bad move as they are on the decline and there is nothing you can do about it. 
    You have to just keep going, take breaks when you start to feel it really getting to you deep down but get right back on the horse when you feel better again. It took me like 1.5 years of game before I could even get a decent girlfriend. I got rejected 1000s of times but never stopped. The main thing is to make sure your analysing what you are doing to make sure your not making the same mistakes over and over again. 
    Yes you have to stop doing this, everyone is on different parts of there journey so you can't compare and if you do it will only slow you down. Best way is to stop this habit completely. What actions do you take to compare yourself with others? do you look a lot at other peoples social media act? do you follow successful people and compare your life with theres? stop, create your own vision and be blinded towards that. there will always be someone better than you at whatever you do.