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  1. A high value man is someone who has indicators of being high value. What those indicators are depends on the social context that man is in. In one tribe in Africa, lip circumference is one such indicator. The larger the lip disc that the man can fit in his mouth, the more cattle he is given. In a highly academic school, or in studious cliques, one’s grades can be an indicator of high value. High value in and of itself doesn’t exist. There is only evidence of it. This is not to say that it doesn’t matter if one is a high value man or not. High value IS a social reality. But it is ONLY a social reality.
  2. For the record, there is no such thing as a dictator for life in China. This is Xi’s last term. This is common knowledge.
  3. I've thought about this too. In political groups, there's almost no spiritual dimension. There might be a religious dimension, but primarily in the context of identity. In spiritual groups, they've locked themselves away from society. Or rather, their spirituality is contained at the individual level. Usually what turns people towards sprituality are personal problems, but like you said, those personal problems exist in a social context. Alientation is built into the economic mode of production, and given that the current society is subsumed by the economy, alientation is built into social life. "Going inwards" to cope with issues that are caused from alientation doesn't help. A better solution to solve that issue is to create a semi-self-sustaining infrastucture with friends you resonate with, so you all can escape wage slavery together, and create an organic community. Spirituality would guide the foundations of that organic community. Osho's Rajneeshpuram was like this, if I'm not mistaken, but it was big enough to contain issues, but the issues were less severe than in mainstream society.
  4. Depends on the situation. Like are you a working adult and she a university student? Does she want to pay? Are you feeling generous? Don't look for universal rules. Experiment and get an intuition of what to do.
  5. I first got into game because I was a failure with women and unconfident. Then I was able to get laid, and was making good progress with approaching before corona happened. So I've stopped game and focused energies elsewhere, and even though things have calmed down, I haven't gotten back to game yet. What I realized was that the physical pleasure of sex didn't motivate me, nor was there a desire to have a girlfriend or anything. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed spending time with the women I've been involved with, and I also enjoyed having sex-- but it was mostly an ego thindlg. It was mostly to present myself as a successful male to the big Other (the entity that is always watching you... though doesn't actually exist, but even though we know it doesn't exist, we act as if it does). Even sex itself became a performance. I did it outdoors, I did it in the car, got roadhead while driving, etc-- but that was just so I could live up to the image of an adventurous super sexual alpha male. I was never satisfied. I was happy, but there were times when I was happy when I was a virgin. Game satisfying you and making you happy and you finding the perfect partner who will be perfect for you and satisfy all your needs is a fantasy. Sex making you happy is a fantasy. Everything is bullshit. I'll still play the field, because why the hell not. It's fun. There's nothing wrong with it, and it does help with shedding ego if I don't overthink it. I'll commit to a woman when I want to have a family-- but ultimately it's settling and accepting the other person's imperfections and their inability to satisfy me completely, and also my inability to satisfy them completely. But we'll be committed to the shared goal of raising a family. 4 months ago I stopped seeing a regular friend I get intimate with so I could focus on other stuff. I still meet up with her every once in a while to have dinner, but no didily. I'm practicing celibacy for the next year. That also means no porn/jerking off. I don't have sex on my mind, and right now, doing game would be a waste of precious time. I hope this comment is of use to you. I'm just happy I got to put some stuff into words.
  6. I recommend Twilight of the Idols to first get acquainted with him. Then Genealogy of Morals.
  7. I second this. My world view is close to Brahmanism, but Nietzsche is important in order to root out any slave morality that will be contaminating your spiritual work. A lot of people are driven to spiritual as a means of cope. They can't get what they want in the material world, so they immerse themselves in the spiritual-- as a result they never transcend. Think of the dude who can't get laid so he decides to be a monk. I recommend reading the first essay in the Genealogy of Morals (at least) to understand what slave morality is. I'd recommend going through Twilight of the Idols first though, in order to first get acquainted with him.
  8. 1 - 3 Dating more definitely does not save time Right now I'm only seeing one, because dating is not at all a priority. It's good to have female companionship once in a while, so I'm not going full monkmode. But I'm not going pickup mode either.
  9. I live in Japan, and I'm Indian (didn't grow up in India, but I have relatives there and been around a lot of people from India), and I'd say both places are unreliable if you are looking for some spiritual. The best bet is doing what Leo said, and guiding someone into it.
  10. If you want to understand the real dynamics of power and human relations then read Sublime Object if Ideology as a start. If that's too difficult, read Gorgias by Plato. Or read ancient texts, like the Bhagavad Gita. There are much more insightful books that you can be spending your time on, rather than mainstream, surface level, trash. My two cents.
  11. Quitting porn is the main thing that'll give you benefits.
  12. Secure. My issues don't have much to do with friends, family, and lovers. Or coworkers. Or people in general.
  13. From what I know of Hegel from reading Sublime Object of Ideology, I'd have to agree. Though Capital (or more accessibly, David Harvey's Companion to Capital) is a must read.
  14. Marxist and ML Theory and Analysis is pretty based. However, almost all the proposed solutions involve high state control. Luckily with technology we can explore different solutions. But yeah, my general take on MLs is that they are worth studying, but not emulating, because it wouldn't be appropriate. Also, Marxism is a materialist philosophy, so it's got it's limitations there.
  15. Gorgias by Plato is a good start.