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  1. Agree, both men and woman contribute to these oppression problems (+ biology, history and survival). It’s not just men’s or woman’s fault. Yep (not 100% accurate, but there’s definitely a lot of this)
  2. I did not tell woman can’t wear sexy clothes. I also did not say I have a problem with that. I also did not say I don’t like what they’re wearing. You’ve already said 3 completely wrong things out of thin air.
  3. @Derek White It’s not my problem, it’s often times a woman’s problem. Being so reliant on physical looks backfires in many ways. What’s your problem with that statement?
  4. Exactly! But of course Leo never touches about toxic stage Green stuff. The way woman try to make things more “equal” nowadays is extremely naive, not that it’s expected more of them at this stage, but nonetheless that’s the truth. Look at the statistics of suicide, injury and death and you’ll see men being the biggest victims. Women wanna fight sexism and alike yet they keep wearing sexy clothes and stuff to attract, hypocrite devils.
  5. @Annoynymous I live in a country with 350$/month average salary, and indeed it’s hard as fuck. For me, having an income of 1000$+/month would make things at least x10 times better.
  6. I would not recommend anyone with mental/medical instabilities to smoke weed. That high isn’t very good for growth, unless one wants to specifically get recked/silly. After LSD and MDMA, weed seems like a waste. It only recked havoc on me. I agree, but nobody has a good idea what psychedelics are until they try them, in a hopefully good manner. My first acid trip was like loosing existential virginity, whatever this means cause I just made up that term :-D You gotta safely try them to make a conclusion. Reading trip reports isn’t nearly enough to understand what they’re about. @Anna1 I don’t know about your case, but I’ll say anyway that the current medical industry is corrupted by money. Especially in USA, very focused on hooking up ppl on meds. LSD makes a very organic/natural synergy with your mind. Starting with low doses, once a week, should be fine. @electroBeam I just re-read the definition of schizophrenia and it doesn’t make sense to me. “Schizophrenia is a serious mental disorder in which people interpret reality abnormally. Schizophrenia may result in some combination of hallucinations, delusions, and extremely disordered thinking and behavior that impairs daily functioning, and can be disabling. People with schizophrenia require lifelong treatment.” Well, all of us spiritual explorers start perceiving “reality” abnormally with “progress”. All of reality is delusions... Don’t get me started here lol. Common psychologist and all the folk from medical mental department are full of shit. Poor patients.
  7. @Keithemson I have used MDMA for my PTSDs, so ask away anything specific. Other-all, just make sure to prepare well the days before the trip. The first MDMA trip will be the most powerful, so make sure you prepare for it well. But still don’t build any high expectations. I suggest avoiding trying to direct the trip to certain places. Or trying to get anything out of it. Just let go, surrender and watch what it shows you, whatever it is. Be the student, while the substance will be your teacher. If you’ll get a little worried before the peak, just focus on your breathing. Also listen to some ambient (not too distracting) music, in a dark room with eyes close so you could go inward.
  8. @ttm Well, I could go another round debunking that, but I’ll pretend I didn’t see that :-D
  9. Nope, you wrote that bit as an answer to quoted bit of text, not directly to that title. Scroll above and look: I meant that you took a bunch of mostly physiological negative effects and put them under the label psychological. If weed made some bad memories surface up and me react bad to it, then it would be appropriate to call them psychological. Anxiety/paranoia is a common theme for weed users. Even in that case, with the right psychedelics, and used properly, one can do enormous healing and strengthening of the mind. It’s like salvia, the majority seem to have a negative experience with it, but that doesn’t mean it’s their psychological problem or that they shouldn’t do other psychedelics like LSD.
  10. I’ve had many LSD trips and can tell the difference between hitting an ego barrier or ego backlash. It’s just RAW awfulness with weed in my case. I’ve got one batch of candies dosed at 40 each. The thing is, the last candy I took I split it in equal parts. Consumed them in almost exact same manner, yet very different reaction. So even if the candy are dosed wrong, I consumed equal parts of the same candy with varying effects. I didn’t experience going into some dark corners of my psyche for you to label them “psychological”. There’s a difference between a substance causing raw awfulness and it exposing some unwanted parts of the psyche. The other 4 edible experiences were at home the whole day. Yes they can cause anxiety, but certainly not “easily “. It’s like comparing that both fighting and having sex can cause equal anxiety. I did not say it’s useless for everyone, read what I wrote before arguing against it. Noticed words like “overall” “seems” and alike? I’ve had 8 LSD trips and 2 MDMA, not a slither of problem across the board with them. So why are you saying I shouldn’t take psychedelics? Don’t just blindly throw words around. Why are you labeling me not being able to hold pee under weed as psychological effects? Or having fucked thermo regulation? That’s called a physiological effect, go learn basic biology.
  11. I’ve read many edible reports, feedback about weed consumption and other observations which make me conclude that overall, it’s not a very effective tool for spirituality. Negative effects like anxiety/paranoia are very common with weed. Some users might find a use to it ofc. On LSD I know that 6hr after taking a moderate dose, I’ll be back in almost full control. But with weed in that case, I felt almost nothing for 4hr, and then when riding on the bus it just hit me with a wave of anxiety. Well, maybe micro-dosing it will minimize the negative effects?! But consuming thru the gut (especially weed) seems like very unreliable. I tried 4 different consumption methods in total. Like I also consumed 15mg in a proper manner before and nothing, yet yesterday the same 15mg hit me so hard. The same piece of candy btw. The hammer example... Anyway, the purpose of this post is for me to share my results with weed edible. Definitely wouldn’t recommend it for spirituality, considering the other vastly superior substances.
  12. By now I had 5 edible experience (once a week last 5 weeks). I consumed in different ways. Biggest lesson is not to eat it on empty stomach. 3 of them barely felt anything, 1 hellish (, and last one was weird. So yesterday, 2hr after eating last time, I put in my mouth about 15mg of THC dosed candy, let it melt. I ate some fruits 30min after that. At about 30-60min I felt a little warm but not much, I thought that this another experience where I’ll barely feel anything. So 3hr after taking the candy, I ate some food. Just as I was preparing to wash the dishes, it hit me so fucking hard. For a few minutes I was just standing like a vegetable, not understanding wtf is going on, what I was doing and so on. After that I recognized that it must be the weed, so I just went to sit in my room. Thankfully, this time it wasn’t hellish. There was still some anxiety, paranoia. One moment I was cold, the other moment I was hot, one moment shaking a little. There was some paranoia that the food I ate was spoiled and this were the symptoms of poisoning and not weed. But of course, other part of me knew it wasn’t the case. I was also pondering if I should just throw all remaining candy down the toilet. The most annoying part that all my muscles relaxed too much. I was peeing so much, my bladder just would refuse to hold even a drop of pee in it. So I had to spend 15min at the sink and peeing a little each few minutes. Before that I was paranoid of peeing in the pants. Drinking 1L of water because I felt dried out. After that I took a paper towel and with it under my penis (to soak any pee drops) while laying on my back with pants down. The lightbulb on the ceiling felt so bright, I covered my eyes and it felt like I was sunbathing on a beach. Very sedated and sleepy. Like I was some burger on the grill. This high lasted for 4hr+, until I just went to bed. In 5 experiences I just can’t find much use with weed. Only brings up anxiety. So fucking unpredictable too. One time it hit me with a wave of anxiety in a bus, I thought I’ll loose my shit in public. With LSD I never had one single bad experience for example. Should I micro dose with the rest or just throw them away?
  13. @lostmedstudent Any couple should do at least 30min of foreplay before intercourse. Then at least 20-30min of penetration in the position and speed the woman prefers most. It’s such a common trap for women to think that the problem is with them, when instead it has to do with a very sexually unskilled male.
  14. @steenadrianmr From my experience, I’d recommend not owning this much psychedelics with you. When you have them around, it’s hard to neglect them, especially then you’re trying to escape ordinary life. Consider doing a clean detox or whatever it’s called, just ged rid of all psychoactive substances for months, or even a year. That seems just about right in your case. I know it’s hard at first, but it’s actually easier in the long term. When I tripped on 500 I became fucking void, complete dissolution of everything, wouldn’t be able to listen to music on that much acid. So either you have tolerance or bad LSD (they say to store it in freezer, be careful to avoid condensation). Also with each trip it seems to be more powerful for me. From how many different sources did you get the acid? If it’s the same, probably bad acid. If many different, probably you have tolerance. I had acid from 3 different sources, and all 3 have a slight difference to them. 1 was more visual, other more liquid and last felt like clouds/air. Still mostly the same, but slightly different.