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  1. Hey. Maybe get in contact with a therapist? I don't think anything will change if you continue just making threads on this forum about your issues.
  2. Yes people were hysterical and thought he died I look forward to watching his retreat videos this time also.
  3. Haha. I think he is. I think someone else uploads for him sometimes.
  4. I was dropped as a baby. Repeatedly
  5. Ja ALL HAIL OUR LORD AND SAVIOUR LEO!!! But Leo doesn't have to be the only source of information. Leo doesn't know everything. I'm sure Leo can teach me more about spirituality and a lot of other stuff that requires openmindedness that this guy can't. But his book summaries still interests me. Might still read the books thou.
  6. Everyone is talking shit here
  7. A gratitude practice is also good against victim mindset
  8. Interesting. Thanks.
  9. @John Iverson
  10. who's in there?