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  1. He constantly reference studies that say otherwise. Regarding the making money part:
  2. Hey Check out this video I think this is a good site, I've learned a lot last couple of days. Download the daily dozen app and you see there's a lot you can eat. Ask your parents what makes them so sure they're right, lol.
  3. "Lose" the "ability" I get what you mean. But if a desire to do something comes up it will probably unfold in that direction. Like things already has. Do you imagine that there is all these desires to do other things than what is being done spontaneously by the body? "Oh no I wan't this to happen, but I'll guess I'll see how it plays out and what the body will do" lol The awareness is watching. The awareness can't be sad. What/who would feel a loss of control?
  4. Not just about gaining positive thoughts. You also feel more at peace for the moment at least because you lose thoughts that was causing you unhappiness. For example, you're stress about money go away instantly. Everything feels perfect for the moment. Until your mind shifts focus to new negative thoughts about other bullshit. But yeah, why not challenge those irrational thoughts right now.
  5. Betting it all on red.
  6. How is it falling apart?
  7. Check out the full playlist, it includes 5 meditations.