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  1. Oh my god. The time has finally come. I had given up hope.
  2. Noooooo this is interesting to follow, keep it on the forum lol
  3. @Chuco Welcome to the forum
  4. When I dream in sleep there is definitely still duality. There is a sense of a self in the dream and these other appearances of selfs there too. I even remember a dream a while ago where I stared closely in someones face and thought "wow they looks so real". I often do that in real life too. Lol. I don't know if you have experienced an ego death, otherwise it might be hard to get what I say.
  5. @flowboy Yes everything you said might be correct.
  6. That's called being a slut.
  7. I start to look down on women who are interested in me. I have self-esteem issues so in one way I want women to show interest in me so I get some approval. But once they do I think there's something wrong with them for liking me. Like they are needy, have daddy issues, self-esteem issues etc, so I dismiss their opinion and view them as low value and I think someone I value higher who doesn't want me or is harder to get must want me. But if she would, then I'd probably look down on her too and I'm back too thinking like no one wants me. I must be liked by 1000 models than that might fix it
  8. @Inder I too couldn't stop thinking about this after watching that video. In fact I become obsessed with questioning free will and the self and did nothing else for 4 days. Barely slept. It lead up to an ego death on the 4th day.
  9. He sells some 5-MeO on the side He can also start selling a enlightenment course, where you in the end receive a nice certificate. That way you can prove you're enlightened in case anyone doubts you.
  10. I'm just kidding I like it too.
  11. Do you want to share more details about this? Why do you feel like therapy was beneficial to you?
  12. If you listen closely at the end of the video you can hear the bulldozers coming in.
  13. He recently added a trilogy in his book list and say that whole series counts as one of his top 3 books of all time. Don't want to reveal too much.
  14. Joseph, you need to experience an ego death so you stop clinging to your stubborn beliefs about enlightenment. That's a trap. Video on point to watch: