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  1. @Epiphany_Inspired Haha. Haven't heard of them.
  2. @Toby So if you create life then you have the right to take it then? Let's say you make a child and then kill it when it's 5 years old and use the same argument. "Well if it weren't for me the child wouldn't have existed in the first place, I gave it 5 years". Or try using the argument with a dog or a a cat. There's absolutely no reason to think that plants feel pain and have an interest to live. Even if they did it would still be less suffering if everyone ate plants because then we don't have to feed as many animals with it first. @Soulbass This was not serious right?
  3. @Joel3102 Hehe. Yes looks good. Haven't tried it myself. @xist He's da real deal You can find some of his work for example here: and here: Some more:
  4. It's for Iphone and Ipad. The android version is scheduled early 2018.
  5. @Caterpillar wtf lol
  6. Yes it's in the 5-meo thread already
  7. Lol. I remember when I had an ego death I saw a postman and some other people with work uniforms and thought: WTF??? What a silly game it is with all these people playing roles that is taken so seriously. A big custome party