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  1. Why would people do it to show off? What do you think they would expect to gain from others? But we aren't locked in a room with a monkey. So... Eating animals for pleasure is not the same as doing it for survival.
  2. @bejapuskas omfg
  3. Leo who?
  4. @Igor82
  5. @MarkusSweden I use both.
  6. @Prabhaker Lemme guess, Osho?
  7. Lol. I did one of those in another thread a while back. I'll post it here.
  8. I have memories from childhood where I would wake up during the night and get out of my bed and walk around a bit because things looked so weird. I remember looking at the walls and the ceiling and it looked like it was coming towards me, like it was very close and that it was an extremely intense presence of it. It was so fucking THERE in some way. Kinda smacking me in the face with it's presence, lol. Scary as hell.
  9. @Thanatos13 Maybe I misunderstand you. Don't know. But you need to feel a sense of purpose and meaning? and since you don't experience that and don't know what that should be for you, you feel no motivation to get up in the morning?
  10. @Thanatos13 I made an edit in my post so it may be clearer.
  11. @Thanatos13 Sorry to hear you're struggling. Don't expect a forum to help you with your depression. People aren't really qualified for that here. Even thou they try to help and mean well. They are not licensed therapists and Leo doesn't claim to be either. I've seen many people that have created threads about their depression and expect to be helped from it. There isn't really an easy fix anyone can give you. All people can do here is to push you in the right direction and advice on what your next move should be. Depression is more complex than just hoping what someone will write in a comment will suddenly get you out of it. Some people may need a lot of therapy which a forum can't give. But this forum can help with a lot of other stuff when it comes to personal development. But mostly push in the right direction. Some of what people say when they try to help with depression may have truth in it, but doesn't really help right now. Especially when going at it from a spiritual/non dual perspective. It sounds nice but doesn't really do anything at this moment. I suggest getting help from a therapist or someone that is qualified and have experience helping people with depression.