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  1. Reincarnation happens probably. Because before you were born, you were in the same state as you are after you're dead. And from that state you were born, and if it could happen once, why not again? And time doesn't pass for the dead, so you could be unconscios for an eternity and not feel any time having passed at all.
  2. Because mass immigration can be seen as an excess of Green, and after having caused a range of problems, the countries are gonna be forced to think differently, or more systemically, eventually.
  3. Not all of these countries are doing this. Sweden and Germany seem to be "the worst" when it comes to this issue. Norway and Denmark have a much more moderate immigration policy, probably because of a concern about getting the same problems other similar countries are having, mixed with some reactive resistors too, of course. These issues are probably what will help move these countries to Yellow, which I think they are already beginning to do. The pendulum has to swing a little.
  4. Donald Trump is more "experienced" than you, so why don't you shut up and listen to him, if experience is all you care about. Have an open mind and be ready to learn from people and listen to perspectives. Maybe you don't believe in arguments or logic, in which case there is nothing to discuss anyway. I was sincere, and if that wasn't obvious as day, then tell me why. If it's self-evident, then why even point it out?
  5. Which means that you don't understand it either, because the mind is everything you can understand with, to form ideas with. You hold enlightenment as a concept right now in your mind. You reduce it to «showing» that it's all a dream and that it's not materialism - all concepts of the mind - ideologies. Ideas about reality is not unappropiate, but your assertiveness makes this ideological, in in my opinion an unhealthy way. You fundamentally know nothing, same is with me. Well, one step further than Descartes - you know that you are.
  6. Here is the proof that implies that consciousness is not limited to your body: Assume that natural processes are continuous, and that every possible universe or ways a universe could occur can be represented on a continuous line, implying infinite numbers x on the interval (or the real number line, if you will). Then, P(X=x) = 0 for any continuous random variable X . (P means probability). In other words, «Your consciousness» would be X, which as shown has probability zero. This proves that becoming conscious through «mainstream materialism» is impossible. (Mushrooms are illegal in my country)
  7. But - I forgot that eating whole wheat bread usually makes you need to move a bit more... or expect weight increase... if you're not used to carbs already. But I would really recommend it to people who struggle with fatigue during the day. It's the opposite of empty calories - the opposite of white bread. And sure, look at both the positives and negatives. Negatives could be gluten, escpecially for allergics, and bread could to some people produce more acne, although I'm not sure. I think it depends how sensitive your body is to bread.
  8. Then, as Sadhguru puts it, they have no love for the game. Some have love for the game, and that's what goes into genius. Yes, there are lots of cheaters in sports, but saying everybody does it is a huge generalization and assumption. And Norway has a culture for looking very down on dopers, and given the popularity and love of the sport in the country, if it turned out everybody cheats, you don't wanna know the scope of such a scandal. And if you're once tested positive with a tiny amount of an illigal drug, unknown cause, you automatically guilty until proven otherwise, and get suspended from any competition for several years. Btw, I eat bread (except for some periods), and four slices certainly fills me up for 4 hours. Unless it's white bread of course, which I virtually never eat. I'm not talking about mcdonalds bread, so you know. Usually, the darker, the better, unless they have colored it just to make it look healthy... then look for grains. If it looks superficial and nice, it's usually the opposite, from my experience. And it's not perfect, of course, like nothing is. And different diets work for different people.
  9. You have no idea what you're talking about. White bread is empty calories. Not whole wheat bread. It's what Norwegian skiers eat. Look at their medal statistics in the Olympics. I hope you're kidding when comparing it with spoons of suger.
  10. Well, there is a saying... ...and maybe it's a bit of a thing on Actualized.org?
  11. But these responses also illustrate that it's often hard to determine anyone's real stage based on their behavior alone.
  12. The evolution of Walter White - is it Orange turning Red, or just Good Orange turning Bad Orange? Or maybe Orange/Yellow turning into Turquoise Zen Devil, perhaps...? Given that I've heard that going back in Spiral Dynamics is not possible.
  13. Or a Blue person who believes God is in control and fixes/destroys everything for a purpose to believe in climate change? Or a manipulative Orange person who is addicted to oil, giving enourmous wealth?