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  1. You don't become brave. Either you are brave, which is right now, or you are not.
  2. @Yimpa A burning house, seen from God's POV is exactly as beautiful as the house that doesn't burn.
  3. Survival is a natural process that happens with or without ego. Your body naturally takes care of itself, it doesn't need a concept of "my food" to eat. Animals also engage in survival. Ego is the concept you have of yourself.
  4. The "ego" is what you call "myself." This includes your body, your personality, your preferences, your ideas about yourself and the world, etc. The real you is all that is. It has no agenda and no preferences. It sees the world as it is and does not separate itself from it.
  5. Psychedelics solve it all for you. All Problems are seen through. All Illusions are resolved. What remains is what always was, and always will be, namely the Truth. This Truth is Heaven, Love, God, You, you name it. And you wanna know what's funny? Psychedelics don't even exist. But this is something you can only understand once you see the Ultimate in its pure form, so first take psychs, then realize that psychs are imaginary Be careful though. You didn't create your current life just to permanently resolve it. You will recreate it!
  6. @001 This is exactly what I would have responded. Great stuff! @Yimpa Obviously I wouldn't be amused by my house burning down. However, the real happiness doesn't depend on houses or cars or any of that shallow stuff.
  7. Turns out to be the case, that all you ever longed for, all you ever wished for, all you ever hoped for, all you ever dreamed of, all you ever loved, all you ever wanted, and all you ever cared about is ALREADY HERE. It is YOU. Realizing this happens gradually through spiritual development. The more spiritually developed you become, the more happy and fulfilled you become. Because you realize that fulfillment and happiness is what you are. Also you realize that the "you", that suffered and was tortured by its circumstances was always an illusion and actually doesn't exist. In the same way all problems are illusory. There is no other "solution" to life. People search for happiness through money, success, sex, power, status, reaching goals, becoming "better", ... This can never work though, because it goes against the absolute Truth, which is: that happiness and fulfillment is already the case. You may succeed in creating a superficial facade of happiness and a "good life" and you might even fool yourself in believing that what you have now is the real deal... It is not. What you are doing is window dressing. What the world needs is not more people with money, sex and success. It needs happy people. Peaceful people. People who are truly fulfilled. Join me on my way of becoming that!
  8. People tend to develop a political ideology when they are young, and keep it as they get older. So basically the young people in a few decades, will vote based on the beliefs and ideas they are voting on today. (most people, not all)
  9. Well, how would you feel, if people excluded you from society and equal access to everything based on your gender?
  10. God bless you brother! I have had the same feelings as you towards my sister. I never acted them out, but I felt guilty about it and I felt like something is "wrong with me" because of it. One day I simply told my sister about it. I told her that I feel sexually attracted to her and that I wanted to tell her because society thinks there is something "wrong" with feeling like that but I didn't consciously chose to feel like that. It was not a big deal at all to her (we have always had a very good relationship). What was interesting to me was, after the fact of telling her about it, the sexual desire towards her kind of faded a lot. Thinking that I am not allowed to feel that way made the desire way stronger than it would have naturally been. However, it is important to note, that there is nothing wrong with such a desire. You didn't chose it it's a gift from God.