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  1. I also think it puts tension between you and women. If you have dirty mind and watch pornography for 20 years and have seen everything you have gone to the sexual imagination limits your imagination has so much content on sex. You then start to be dishonest around the opposite sex as you are constantly thinking about it and changes the way you would normally act.
  2. @Danioover9000That is correct and I am guilty. I have a woman's job and work only with women and I am sensitive to it. Someone said something to me about being a woman because I worked at where I worked and I did feel angry and corrected them sternly. But this is nothing to reinforce its negative. Its something we all have to get over to evolve. A confident believer in themselves would not and should not even care. It shows weak underlying values in yourself.
  3. @Merkabah Star if people start crying cause you mis gender them or compliment them it has nothing to do with gender.
  4. @Ishanga I cant be right. I or anything cant be right about anything. Im just pointing towards something.
  5. It is wrong to be devotees of any human. Specifically these people who tell you not to be devotees to them but devotees to God. Sadhguru himself says dont put people above you, Jesus say the same thing dont put anyone else above you but God but people will then start to do it. Its not about them its about You and God. I've seen most of Sadhguru videos and he says when he dies he said ideally he wants everyone to forget he existed immediately. God make you and God make Sadhguru to help you but. The truth is Sadhguru cannot help you see or understand truth and becoming a devotee would not help. The reason Sadhguru hasnt straight up said what truth is to help is because its impossible to do. Sadhguru and truth do not correlate except through the same way you and truth correlate. If you were to see truth through Sadguru you would see its not him but truth telling you that its not Sadhguru by using Sadhguru to point to itself. Its like God is in a room waiting for you to have sex with it and then you invite Sadhguru in to cuck you into missing out on infinite bliss with God. Sadhguru is saying dont let me in I dont want to cuck you but you are like come in and do it because I want you to show me.
  6. Very interesting idea on how to get multiple dimensions out of one dimension. I dont really understand but its weird.
  7. I think the void where you think your head is is the edge of the universe. And the light in the universe has blanketed itself on the void and shape of your nose and eyebrows. The pain in your hands isnt coming from inside the void its coming from inside the light and you are inside the light Its just a circle of light with a slight buldge that makes it seems like you are inside a human head.
  8. next step is waking up and realizing you are an alien playing a human on a video game simulation planet in a game called Earth created by aliens.
  9. The little boy in this video is showing insane amounts of memory intelligence and acting like a little boy at the same time. The power of God to do all things at once. https://www.reddit.com/r/MadeMeSmile/comments/1c3307k/blink_and_youll_miss_it_siblings_playing_chess/
  10. I am is God, there is no individual identity just an awareness in a void that randomly starts dreaming things. It can be unconcious (not knowing anything even that it exists and is just watching light move and moving through intelligence) or concious (knowing it exists and making up its own dreams. And it just fluctuates between these and void of nothing for ever. FOR ETERNITY, but there is always more to discover it has infinite self discovery. Its already been doing it for eternity so it knows every dream somehow even tho its infinite. Its lived every dream scenario infinite times so it just sits there never doing anything. Imagine a God that disassociated on purpose to watch itself cause it already knows everything and wants to watch itself as something else do something. God fully understands every dimension of reality every scenario every grain of sands placement every interaction without thinking about it because its lived for eternity and has seen it infinite times. It remembers everything and has several layers of trance that it puts itself in to become a human. To get out you have to trance yourself out of the dream leaving the character in game if it even exists in a trance.
  11. all the time, way more when i was younger but still happen. Women just want a friendly person that will act like a kid with them because they are like children, They are scared of everything. If you act like a kid and dont take yourself seriously they will instantly like you. dont be tate be someone like this character women will love you
  12. https://www.scirp.org/journal/paperinformation?paperid=131506 “Plasmas” up to a kilometer in size and behaving similarly to multicellular organisms have been filmed on 10 separate NASA space shuttle missions, over 200 miles above Earth within the thermosphere" As documented in this report, these plasma-like entities have been photographed congregating in the thermosphere above and diving into massive thunderstorms below These glowing pulsating plasmas in the thermosphere grow in size, replicate, are attracted to, and make contact and intersect one another often releasing kilometers-in-length plasma-dust trails
  13. Mine is people who get angry when I don't respond to texts unironically lol. When I'm by myself I like to think not talk about useless things. If plans are being made or something important is happening then I will respond but if its just getting to know eachother or just talking for no particular reason I find it very unappealing to do and I get texts from people and they have gotten angry that I dont respond fast. I dont care with no offense I just spend my free time thinking right now. Sometimes people dont want to have a phone used as a constant contact device for them. I want to talk when I want to talk and dont when I dont and I think doing otherwise is manipulation on the other person in some way when you get angry, not to yourself but if you do it to them. I have been in both sides and can see both perspectives. If you really want to talk to someone and get to know them and they arent talking it can get annoying.
  14. These could be formatted into a mimic of your brain on a harddrive if you answer enough questions. Very cool idea
  15. There is a point where you come to an understanding and start to merge with God. Believing dosent do anything for you it is not understanding. There is a reason that guru say you need to fear God and contemplate God and its for that reason. You are just making up what God is and don't know what it is at that point, there is something you NEED to understand or its just unconscious dream. Once you understand its not a belief you know. I still think it is good to just have belief because then the option of God existing isnt totally off the table.
  16. @Princess Arabia everything i say is wrong i still say it. The only way to be right in this universe is to be wrong and say you are wrong. So I take no offense and give none. I haven't seen a black person irl in 15 years
  17. Theres a big game being played in the world and it seems the black race is just getting shit on by everybody. They arent stupid they are poor, everyone could be pretty smart they just have no money. They are stupid because they are poor. Intelligence takes money and time and structure you have to program the brain. When you have no money and have to eat that takes priority. "m not generalizing its probably that there are a lot of poor black people that get no education.
  18. understanding the mind is understanding and separating parts of the simulation. Once you can determine what makes a dimension of human you can wield the dimension. But there's no instruction manual except you. We are coming into a human forgetting remembering and then figuring out dimensions of how the human mind works then dying and trying again. Then you can have ultimate power over the human mind. And do anything in every timeline a human can live in. Just takes forver I remember why I came down here and it was just to make sure I could wake up again. You do it by constantly bombarding yourself with the fear of death.
  19. @Javfly33 if you stop thinking life literally turns into a dream. Im wondering if we should stop thinking or go into hyper thought. I was aware in my dream one time and I was aware that I was hyper thinking. I was silently saying everything that was gunna happen before it happened.
  20. I think they told a bunch of kids they could be anything they want while it not being true at all. Kind of ignoring the caste system with the mind and causing a bunch of people to not know what to do so they are just disengaging cause they dont know what to do and nothing has worked. Disengaging will lead to a greater enlightenment God is doing everything on purpose do not worry. I think its just men subconciously saying this system does not bring happiness. The system gives them 0 confidence and they dont know how to act properly so stop trying to act at all.
  21. survival mechanic of the mind. There is a part of your mind that needs to be negative for you to be able to survive. If you went into every situation positively you would be dead.