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  1. I wonder how i view this entry, when i visit my thoughts in some near future.
  2. Im having egobacklashes almost everyday. Its a strange situation when you need the ego, but have to disolve it at the same time. Sounds made up and delusional, but im so undoubtly certain up to the finest grain of reality.
  3. I realized how short the days are, when you notice how slow growth occurs sometimes. But its worth it.
  4. I want to give, but i need to learn to give to myself first.
  5. I have so many things to actualize that i have to start from both ends at the same time, finding the middle, the balance. Everything lies dormant.
  6. More focused on my commonplacebook for now. And my other journal. Not sure what to make out of this one.
  7. These videos came to my mind. They could cover your questions.
  8. Maybe pain is just a dualistic occurrence, the polar opposite of love. Paradoxical intertwined in this dance of space time. But the denser the dualism gets the more the state of love-pain merges until it becomes one. Hence Non-Duality were only love exists and god does not hate or distinguish.
  9. You could call everything information. Love an emotion. Emotional Experience a higher form of information. And Love as the highest form of Information.
  10. @Holykael Who says god does not. You are might just not aware of it from the point of view you are taking. God is a perpetuum mobile and its engine is duality. Duality creates love. Love creates duality. Duality cycles into Non Duality. Love is dual and non dual at the same time. Maybe. But the main point i am making is in the first two sentences. Maybe love is not disconnected from duality as you picture it right now.
  11. I might just had some serious realization reading this or I am delusional If I am it doesnt matter. Im kind of happy about this post of yours.
  12. Experience is everything. You truly experience through Attention. Love and Experience is one thing. Love is separated and connected to Experience, Attention is the key to experience Love.
  13. I think the ego is a limitation of god, part of the entire consciousness but a limited view of things. Separated but connected in a sense.