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  1. Dont reduce Conciousness to the simple paradigm of Spirituality. It is mostly an distraction of the true essence of exsistence and just a more complex form of religion. Secondly dont treat the universe as the absolute of conciousness. Especially when people say: The universe that... the universe this.....Treating it as the highest measure. You are the universe and much more. Conciousness does not hold any frames. This universe certainly has its right to exsist and is a valubale part of exsistence. But dont isolate it as an absolute and therefore reduce conciousness.
  2. If you could tap into the conciousness of humanity you could speak every language at will. Theoretically. I did it once and said something in mandarin. True story
  3. Actually its quiet scary how moldable someone is if she/he is not really concious.
  4. @Razard86 This happended to me and now im stuck in a shlightly altered identity state yet my observing part remained aware so i did not drift into absolute insanity. And it is getting better. But my memories stayed the same, if you can say that because after a year your memories change up so much it isnt the same memory anymore. So i would say memories are not the driving catalyst here.
  5. You could create so many thought forms, memories (mind and body), believes, basically everything that shapes your reality ,that you are ultimately shift into that persona psychological but you will still keep your center if you are aware enough. But those are just thoughts and therefore a limitation of conciousness. You are playing differnet characters every 5 minutes anyway if you are aware enough. So the only thing that makes you less pliable in your neurological self is your awareness, and ultimately conciousness/god. Which is paradoxical very pliable but is not in the quanta (quantum field?) it is manifested in.
  6. We would call us sane and pull out some guns.
  7. Yesterday i read The Lathe of Heaven after watching this video and i quiet liked the idea of the dream, shaping reality.
  8. Im not worshipped nor do i worship myself. I am god.
  9. I think they went over my head
  10. No they are "Fuck" , "Meh" and "Yayyy!" In that order.
  11. I believe this is true. But some things can also be realised by logical deduction to some limited degree.