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  1. Existential Ecstasy. Bliss beyond words, there are no struggles.
  2. You just gotta keep trying man, don’t get down on yourself when you start again it’s a life long process once you start smoking. But be proud of yourself every time you try to stop, when you get the craving try to observe it but not give in, be stubborn not to give in and eventually it goes away, remember the beginning is always the hardest but the longer you don’t smoke the easier it gets to handle the cravings. Once you stop smoking for 2 weeks become hyper aware of how you feel, you will notice that you feel fresh, energetic, enhanced senses, you’ll start to really like it and it will be easier for you not to go back although you will still have triggers. I wish you luck buddy, like I said don’t be hard on yourself. Just keep trying.
  3. @Wildcattt555I can see your point. I think you're right about the overuse, it can be very draining. Even though i had a long journey of tripping I'm reaching a point where I feel so good without anything altering my baseline consciousness that I now use these tools more and more sparsely. I think that overuse will unravel your life to such a degree that it leads to mental/health problems for sure. It's never good to be dependent on ANYTHING. That is not Liberation
  4. I don't know dude... I've been tripping for 10 years, 5 of those intensely. I feel great, my health is also much better I take care of myself like never before. You need to teach yourself grounding. This is very important. and be wise and intutive with dosage. What doesn't work for you doesn't mean it's like that for everyone. It's not good to generalize psychedelics. It's how you go about it.
  5. Definitely not, dulls consciousness soooo much, for a while might I add. Stay away from it. Sharpen and increase your baseline level of consciousness with health for your body and mind, drinking prevents you from this.
  6. Lol, with that much money you can get a lifetime supply of 5 meo. Even Leo said 200+ trips and wam bam thank you ma’am. Of course jokes aside it takes loads of integration but there are many different kinds of people on the spectrum that might just freak the fuck out.
  7. Nothing but Love for you Leo. Always!
  8. Quite frankly I think Leo is deserving of a long break, I wouldn’t even be disappointed if he retired his YouTube career and/or actualized, It’s one heck of a thing to handle. He posted many many gems already.
  9. Just a psychedelic piece I was inspired to paint after a good ol’ LSD trip. Still a work in progress though.
  10. @Ineedanswers I agree with you fully, after my own awakenings things that I considered cravings naturally started to fall away. I no longer had the urges I once had, I found beauty in the simplest of things and the energy that was emanating from my heart felt so pure i couldn’t help but have tears in my eyes from all the beauty I was witnessing. That was the only thing I started to care about and to cultivate within me. I still trip sometimes to access these states and speak with God. But more and more I don’t even need that. It’s all perfect and enough.