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  1. I completely agree with you. Isn't existence marvelous?! Soo beautiful and exquisite. I am in awe every morning I wake up.
  2. Suffering is definitely not nice, but the beauty of existence itself is just spectacular. Just marvel at this! Just be in awe of this! It's fucking incredible. There is so much to admire about consciousness. Death? Yes the fear can arise but let that fear inspire you! To live fuller, healthier, better. Let it motivate you! Let it drive you to heights you never thought were possible. Milk each moment of its precious beauty, it makes me cry of joy how wonderful this miracle is. Every moment you neglect and and underappreciate is a moment lost, what a disservice to yourself the miracle you are. I love you so ooo much whoever you are. Go explore the beauty! What are you waiting for? Death? Hahahhaha
  3. Esoteric Christianity can lead to ecstatic states of union with God. Most Christians are so blind its just baffling to me. Religion has been weponized of course. Christ consciousness is incredibly powerful, don't underestimate it.
  4. Yeah man, I hate it as well its an extremely sneaky addiction as well. One of the worst. Good on you for throwing it out.
  5. I also can't trip with anyone @Leo Gura even with my gf it's like we're on completely different wavelengths during a trip and unfortunately she's way behind sorting through her own deep traumas while I try to find space for myself, relationships can be very limiting in advanced psychedelic work. It is best done alone without any distractions. People are the biggest distraction.
  6. @Leo Gura Wonderful! I will most definitely purchase this.
  7. I also prefer more spiritual/GOD content. I would like more in depth trip reports and psychedelic research. It is kinda human bullshit I don't need to regress by looking at how our society is immature.... this is obvious to me and if I wasn't as spiritually developed as I am, I would unnecessarily feel dissapointed and down, staggering my ascension to higher Love. It seems as if Leo is getting a bit too pissed off about our current state of society. It's like it's getting under his skin too much and he just vents about it in a video. But I also appreciate his words and don't want to negate his views because I also do see how it ties into everything else he's talked about. It's just my personal desire nothing more, Don't take it to hard Leo you're great and Thank you.
  8. I agree with you, LSD is also my favorite and the longer you trip with LSD the cleaner and deeper the trips get in my experience as well. Its all rather personal prefrence and how the perticular psych works on you, I know someone who only gets body load and feels ill on LSD and nothing else, I on the other hand merge into ecstatic union with God. With 5 meo dmt it also gets better the more you do it so keep going and you'll see what I mean.
  9. @Razard86 my man... I know this game all to well. Sorry I won’t get into this with you because existence is to beautiful for me to play games on this forum. All you need to know is I Love you and I wish for you to have a beautiful day. ❤️
  10. There is not a single original thing Leo said, everything is out there. His business is just spinning it in different ways and shitting on all those other teachings to keep people coming back. It’s kinda funny how people keep coming back... he’s got you hungry for awakening which is fine but the way he goes about it completely turns me off. Even his energy seems very constricted recently, in his videos his face is not relaxed it’s constantly squinting and his embodiment is quite bad. It will keep turning people off. But that’s fine this forum is such an entertaining place because of his arrogance.
  11. I read al lad has much less headspace, which for me isn’t ideal because that’s what pushes me into having amazing insights. Can someone confirm if this is true?
  12. @Someone here I feel as if the human mind simply can’t grasp the full scope, once you reach that level of understanding your state of consciousness matches it. The immense joy you get feeling that you are everything and everyone is something your human ego cannot fathom. It will always try to make you demonize it because it is it’s total destruction. Ultimately you are complete therefore how can you feel alone? Only when you frame it in your human mind. In Gods mind it’s total and complete. Bliss, ecstasy, union. If you don’t feel any of those, you still need to completely deconstruct the ego, it’s a stubborn beast.
  13. I tried MDMA a couple times, it’s fun but it didnt give me the specific headspace and it just feels like a drug... not a psychedelic. Electronic music and trance sound mind blowing though. Like a musical orgasm.
  14. Existential Ecstasy. Bliss beyond words, there are no struggles.
  15. You just gotta keep trying man, don’t get down on yourself when you start again it’s a life long process once you start smoking. But be proud of yourself every time you try to stop, when you get the craving try to observe it but not give in, be stubborn not to give in and eventually it goes away, remember the beginning is always the hardest but the longer you don’t smoke the easier it gets to handle the cravings. Once you stop smoking for 2 weeks become hyper aware of how you feel, you will notice that you feel fresh, energetic, enhanced senses, you’ll start to really like it and it will be easier for you not to go back although you will still have triggers. I wish you luck buddy, like I said don’t be hard on yourself. Just keep trying.