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  1. True that just drop the neediness , develop empathy and tap Into your authenticity
  2. @Blackhawk intelligent in the sense you need brains to run a country, plan a war, engage in diplomacy etc. Its not a job for a lay person, but stupid in the sense of being low conscious and missing what life is all about expanding love and consciousness
  3. I think the war will end with the collapse of the armed forces and many munities as people refuse to be sent to their deaths
  4. Many russians have family and connections in Ukraine did Putin really think his soldiers and people would stand behind him on this one, this isnt a patriotic war of ww2 this is nothing but a power grab for putins ego. Even at the start of the war entire squadrons surrender immediately when they learnt it wasnt a training exercise. This is the 21st century people have a large influence from media outside of russia and wont just blindly follow anything their state tells them. People know when a war is pointless, unjust and serves nothing they believe. People have values that they are willing to die over as they know if they survive the war they will just want to kill themselves anyway, there're many instances of soldiers turning on their commanding officers also known as fragging. Russian people arent as stage red as putin believes and look what hes done to his own position in his country and the world. I cant see how his regime will survive this.
  5. @LordFall it still goes on to some extent a woman in the UK has been locked up for 12 years because she tried to hire a hitman off the darkweb to bump off a love rival, a journalist for the BBC uncovered it.
  6. I just think its really sad, guys acting like a bully to act tough or guys that are macho, sure some people might find being overly dominant attractive, but the price you pay for that is you are out of your integrity. I will certainly stand up for myself and others, but I will never start a fight just to look hard. Macho guys never look happy they're always looking over their shoulder worrying about whos going to start on them because they've made that many enemies and have very shallow friendships, so there is very much a huge cost.
  7. Do you feel complete ? ie not needing anything from reality?
  8. did it take a lot of meditation and self enquiry to get there? how much did you practice and for ho long?
  9. meanwhile in the UK the tory cu*** are threatening to take peoples passports and driving licences away for repeat offences, just desperate for votes from pear clutching boomers, i think if that legislation managed to get passed though people would actually kick off
  10. They maybe a net positive but far too many cases have ended in an unnecessary death, a lot of black people in thate states dont event bother to call the police if they're concerned about a crime, it would be like inviting a fox into the hen house.
  11. I know plenty of people that have traveled to the states all of them were shocked at how brutal the police were, meanwhile in london a mentally ill man wielding a machete is disarmed with a taser and noone has to die.
  12. @Kalki Avatar i'll westernise them, help them get a scholarship to university , take them to western social events, not expose them to british media though as thats just a mouthpiece for the aristocracy. I feel stage orange is heavily corrupted by tiktok attention seeking and endless consumption it would be nice to have someone that has some more traditional values, not that i would want to dominate them though like a thug. Girlfriends shouldn't be scared of their partners
  13. What's wrong with India it's the birth place of spirituality, white men are forbidden fruit over there , you're acting like they feral
  14. do you like men as well?? because if i was that age an inappropiate relationship with an older woman wouldn't have really bothered me as much as all teenage boys have fantasies with a woman but not with a man
  15. @Tyler Robinson he might not have been a murderer but thats still abuse, he used you like a caged animal to live out his sick fantasies because he had unhealthy cravings that caused harm to people