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  1. so your saying women are dumb and dont know what they want???? not all women are the same some prefer more ruggish men, and some prefer more gentle types like bob ross, any everything in between in the same way men have different preferences
  2. the best way to be socially calibrated is to give up on yourself, even if you make mistake , accept that, love that, apologise move on, with relationships you always go to give, a connection is not about you its about building something thats bigger than the two of you, your intuition will build as you learn how people react to stuff , you can't logically formulate it as emotions are very much in the moment and can change rapidly based on a myriad of factors . Thats why mdma can help loosen people up and make you love yourself and everyone no matter what. Reacting to whats going on, but love yourself if you make a mistake anyways
  3. why haven't the aliens made contact ? maybe they are shapeing our civilization and cant interfere by letting themselves be known? If they've crash landed surely the governments would harness their futuristic tech and used their communicaiton devices to contact back home?? I watched a documentary once where I cia agent admitted he fed aload of fake info to a ufo enthusiast so that when the us military was testing advanced new aircraft rumours would just go around that it was aliens and not the us ramping up technologhy for the cold war
  4. Being real means you stay true to yourself, no matter what, regardless of how things turn out. If you're arent real any connection you have with someone is going to be fake, your not relating to the person you are just relating to yourself and your needs. "I'm lonely and I need someone to complete me so therefore I'm going to sell myself out and go along with what other people want even if they mistreat me" sounds absurd right???? but thats exactly what you're doing by acting fake , pretending to like things the person you like is interested in , they're going to smell that fakeness a mile away because you have no idea what you're talking about and theirs no heart and passion behind what you're saying. From a logical standpoint it makes sense if person im interested in likes rock music, talk to them about rock music, but since you aren't even interested in it for its own sake you aren't actually connecting to the other person. so dont be fake the solution really here is to find someone who shares your passions and interests , my mates autistic mum in denmark likes inuit/ greenlandic culture, so what she goes over their to research for enjoyment for its own sake and what happens ???? she finds like minded people and comes back dating the PHD researcher working over there. her son was quite shy and also autistic he gets invited to viking festival from a work colleague, falls in love with particular interest makes loads of friends and bags himself a girlfriend. I found my passion for raves this summer ( also autistic ) very much thanks to a member of this forum ( YOUR THE REAL MVP) who told me that raves existed i always loved electronic music but wasn't aware they had massive events, being going to them since august, met loads of awesome friends and got quite a few phone numbers from girls that also share the same interest and texted for hours. one girl invited me to the next event with her friends so we can hang out and get to know each other better. with logic your not actually relating to the person you're relating to yourself, because its about your needs and you, not feeling other peoples emotions, so find your passion or interest and you'll meet loads of awesome people through that, dont make it about you, make it about understanding and connecting to the other person. You're interest might be online gaming , you might getting chatting to someone in a server and hit it off, spoken to a few people that met their partner on an online platform, not my interest but each to their own. the downfall with autism is being too self focused and overly logical, peoples emotions and relating to other people is not logical, how you feel is how you feel its not logical.
  5. The ultimate solution really is surrender, accept that you can do nothing wrong as it is gods will, even if you turn psychotic, 'to gain your life, you must loose your life'
  6. it certainly feels like if I get something wrong socially or misundertand something than its all my fault
  7. What MDMA has taught me if you want to be happy you must give up on yourself. The autistic brain is too focused on what this means for me, how can i manage things for me, what can i get out of it for me. Autism Isn't narcissism thats where you think you're better than everyone else, but theres a much stronger self focus. The autistic brain is heavily dependent on logic and feels the need to control everything which creates massive anxiety because you cannot predict in a million years what everyone is going to or what they're thinking. Letting go of yourself means you have to trust that everything is going to work out alright, trust yourself and others the same way you trust your heart to keep on beating , trust your intuition its backed by millennia of evolution it kept you alive before you learnt how to speak, your needs weren't met as a baby you cried , you then learnt how to walk and talk and never doubted yourself in the process but along the way we've lost this ability to trust we have to figure everything out and know everything before we can proceed, but it never works because the amount of information that is needed for any specific situation is infinite. To summarise allow yourself to make mistakes, don't try to understand it although a bit of self reflection is still useful, trusting your mind makes you more intuned to whats going on in the moment , the world won't end if you get something wrong. when you get out of your mind you follow whats actually happen not what you think is happening. thinking is not reality.
  8. go out and be social and talk to women ,work on yourself at the same time sure, but just have fun , you cant learn how to be social logically thats why dumbasses can be social butterflies and blitz through the social world with ease get out of your head and relax and have fun ,
  9. @UnbornTao sorry for being heated but I just want people to see the love that is inside of them and they dont need to be having sex to see it, in actual fact if you want the best loving sex, you have to get rid of NEEDING IT TO BE COMPLETE, you are already complete regardless of whether you're having it or not
  10. @TheGod i dont deny that tits are very nice yuss sir
  11. i doubt you can truly love someone and be happy and only care about sex keep lying to yourself, , call me weak, gay , nice guy , whatever i know what love is, i dont need you to tell me otherwise
  12. No, but maybe im just not so shallow to only care about sex
  13. Love her for the beautiful creature that she is, her personality, charisma, charm, beauty, her laugh, her humour, her soul. Theres a reason why women dont just jump into bed with any random guy if asks her for sex, she needs to feel his connection and charm and personality and humour and laugh and kindness and LOVE. you cant love another until you truly love yourself no matter what. sex is a celebration of the love already inside, you are giving to the woman not taking it from her, why do you think women love foreplay because its all about the sensual connection not just ' fucking her brains out" so go and that person you like, but dont have any expectation
  14. @UnbornTao thank you i clicked on the wrong one
  15. sure guys love sex but love at the same time even if you're not having it