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  1. new this would be on the forum, only difference is that it will take cash flow from criminals i say thats a good thing
  2. its essentially synthetic mushrooms, they are very powerful I had a couple and reality was reduced nothingness
  3. Why create pain and misery and suffering? If God is all loving and loves itself, Why create problems that lead to people seeing the world as not as perfect, Is it to embrace oneself in a unlimited way even if one is suffering? why does god want to experiences these states? Surely a god that wants to create perfect reality woldn't have suffering and misery in it?
  4. @Emotionalmosquito I dont think you realise how difficult it is for women to prove rape, many dont bother because they dont want their lives dragged before the court and to be interrogated by the police to see if they're lying. A woman has been locked up in the uk for eight and a half years for lying about rape and being held in sex trafficking ring framing several innocent men, she even went as far as to hit herself in the face with a hammer to fake injuries ( who the fuck does that , thats gonna bloody hurt) its cases like that which make it so hard to be believed for a woman . One woman lured multiple men into pub toilets then try get attention by saying it was rape, but the police can psychologically identifiy lies and the cctv showed her laughing after the encounter so you wouldn't be laughing if you had just been raped, another case where someone seeking attention and trying to ruin mens lives has made it so difficult for real victims to be believed
  5. no i appreciate hair that is lushes and well maintained
  6. i have a hair kink so suppose plenty of people would think im weird i can litterally get off touching some beautiful soft long hair
  7. they dont hold any relevance for modern day democracy , its just pageantry and tradition
  8. its not about being scared, its about being practical, the government can just reorganise the police and enact law change if the police aren't serving their interests and those in power are elitist. The royal family are basically immune to arrest, we had a strong liberal labour leader a few years ago that was popular with young people but the media (which serves the elite) painted him as a dirty communist just because he had true values to make society better for every day people but of course we can't stop the rich elite from becoming any more rich than they already are. The french had the right idea beheading their monarch and now they hold those in power to account.
  9. rimming feels good sure, but i dont find a butt attractive, boobs on the otherhand are just raw beauty, its like a mosaic
  10. its populist the police wont make arrests if its unpopular because they will have to deal with the fall out, criticism , demand for police restriction and budget cuts etc. If on the other hand people peacefully demonstrating causes widespread offence they will also have to deal with the fall out, people rioting , counter protests, criticism of the police for tolerating it , then lack of police support then budget cuts and further restrictions on police autonomy . Its unpopular to arrests palestinian protestors due to the emotion involved in it, although I think they have draw the line at death threats and direct support of terrorism. On the otherhand people criticising the monarchy is just going to cause brawling and aggrovation between the far right that love ma queen and country and the left that like to make a noise . I do have to laugh though when people through eggs at king charles he litterally doesnt flinch 'is that all you got ole chap ive been dodging eggs since i broke up with diana'
  11. rejections simply means sorry im not interested geez dont overthink it, nobody owes anyone anything
  12. whats the appeal of butts? i dont get it? you want to tongue that asshole?
  13. ive never ever met a hyper masculine man that was happy, always got a chip on their shoulder , always looking for a fight. They get off on conflict , they make group settings awkward because people have to tip toe when they're around them. The hypermasculine man senses this and stops engaging with the group as much because no-one wants to feel awkward .
  14. he used to very aggressive and lacked complete sensitivity exploding at people which looked really immature but i dont see that so much any more, when he first started a kid in his youtube comments was like what do i do ? theres a girl in my class i like? do i just talk to her??? and leo retorted back in full caps of course you have to talk to her, what are you going to do? rape her in an alleyway???? . dude you dont talk to kids like that
  15. modaphinil helps a lot for social anxiety, gives a burst of energy and mild sense of euphoria, not as euphoric as mdma though