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  1. Our entire perception of reality is determined by the brain, if we encounter brain damage, then we can't function properly,people with disorders such as dissociative identity disorder have an alternate perception of reality , they think that what they are is many personalities all living in their head. How can we be sure that no identity isn't just a brain disorder and that what we are supposed to be is the identity that we associate with?
  2. Do pandora truffles and eat the whole bag, they provide quite an emotional trip
  3. Leo should do a video on surrendering to the beauty of life, not having any resisting left in your body, just letting life live itself.
  4. René Descartes claims that you could still know you existed even if an evil demon was controlling every thought and perception you had, but what he failed to realise is that the evil demon is you, your deceiving yourself, so the distinction between the thinker and the deceiver is illusory. What would be a more appropriate equivalent of this , would be ' I doubt therefore , I doubt.'
  5. your both over the age of consent so I don't an issue in that regard You may find that your paths will go in very different directions with age gaps at this age
  6. If someone were to ask me what was the common experience of a psychedelic trip, i could only give a vague answer because each trip on the same substance and even in the same location is so vastly different and incomparable. I mean if you drink or smoke weed its practically the same each time. With psyches however sometimes i experience ego death sometimes i get blasted in other realms, sometimes i have majour delusions and strange visions. No two trips can ever be remotely similar
  7. lol the police have conversated with me whilst peaking on mushrooms, they never caught on, but internally I was screaming
  8. you can't really compare the two if you stopped porn for a week you wouldn't be crawling out of your skin, feeling sick and trembling, take a look at any coke addict on google images they look like something out of a horror film
  9. come to england
  10. not comparable, have you seen the long term effects of the drug on a person's mental state and body
  11. porn in moderation never harmed anyone
  12. The urban dictionary contains colloquial terms and informal slang. Basically language that probably isn't in the dictionary but you will hear in popular culture or on the internet or is a regional dialect. Typically looking up any word on the website results in a large amount of different definitions that have no relation towards one another which further proves that people invent and interpret the meaning of language to fit with their cultural/ social group for a personal affect. Whenever you meet new people you will notice that you will inevitably pick up on their colloquialisms to relate to them
  13. I've noticed a common theme in spirituality that teaches us that all our thoughts are illusory and deceptive and that holding any belief to be true is the biggest mistake of all. How then can we make decisions if we can't judge or interpret one over the other.
  14. As an avid lucid dreamer and having learnt how to get into this state easily, it has revealed something fascinated about the 'distinction' between the egoic self and the true self.When you start to go under the lucid dream you will start to panic, it feels as if you're going away forever , you have a choice to surrender or think about moving and doing it, the mental thought of moving will get you out before you go start to loose control over your thoughts, your actions and most importantly your sense of self. The level of awareness however remains the same, its not like when you are asleep normally, and you see a pink elephants and don't question it, your mind still interprets things, it just doesn't feel like you're doing it. When you are lucid dreaming you're mental functions are reduced, you can't take in loads of information from the environment and carry out complex activities, the brain and body always will collect information from the environment to keep you alive,. It keeps you breathing without any conscious effort from 'you' it knows to get itself of your duvet if you get caught up and risk suffocating. Being egoless in this state reveals that you are a silent observer, the mind will have a hard time adjusting to this as it is being moved and directed by a process that it can't comprehend. Lucid dreaming also reveals that you don't need an ego to be successful, the stories in your mind about what you are drop away, theres no I have to behave this way or I need to get better, everything is happening. You didn't make a failure, a failure happened.The process inside the body and outside are the same