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  1. It's paradoxical to want enlightenment when it requires giving up everything,. your idea of future happiness, liking of experience, your loved ones, your sense of who you are and what's coming next. Saying you are longing for enlightenment is like longing for the end of your life
  2. @oMarcos they have developed eye brow type muscles around their eye to make them open more creating the puppy dog expression when they see a human, releasing oxytocin for both the dog and human the bonding hormone. Like parents with their babies
  3. Researchers have found that dogs have evolved muscles around their eyes, which allow them to make expressions that particularly appeal to humans. Lol dogs have been gaming us, amazes me how the layers of depth evolution has to it and how naturally intelligent it is, we get companionship and also assistance with farming and hunting with dogs so id says its a complex symbiotic relationship
  4. @kindayellow that hate for him is really just hate for yourself, if you didnt feel like you were separate from the rest of the world, what would their be to hate??
  5. youre coming of age now and are seeking your own life and independence and are still stuck in the same situation as you were growing up, i think deep down you may feel jealous as he is living is life away at university. I know this because my housemates both gotten relationships and that became their life and ive got pushed to the sidelines, its never the little things; that is the underlying problem but what it reminds you of. That you aren't able to live your own life, meet new people and express yourself. I moved away for six form college at 18 to york and again at 21 for university in middlesbrough. the best thing i ever did as their was no life for me in the countryside, my sister getting on and living life also annoyed me , my mind didnt want to admit that so i pretended it was things like leaving hair in the sink that was annoying me. I'm so glad my parents pushed me each time to go and do these things as I didnt want to leave my comfort zone, because ive grown in magnitudes and everyone noticed even after just a month or two of being away. That was 2014 and im 22 now, which was the time I first discovered Poofed into my life when I was the most lost, rather convenient.
  6. You're thinking about this dualistically god is infinite and inexhaustible, it doesn't matter how many beings their is in the universe, its still always the brahman(one) and you are all of them, but you can only experience being limited one at a time
  7. @Nahm I guess I truly feel my identity is keeping me safe from avoiding past mistakes and lack of awareness, I define myself I know where I stand and how to improve, death would get rid of that knowing
  8. I was thinking of just keep doing them with meditation and hope eventually my mind will get tired and Dissolve
  9. Enlightenment seems cool and that it will solve my problems, Ive taken various psychedelics and are some what familiar with them. I can't seem to get passes the horror of dying though. When I feel myself going away, my mind goes nuts and says things like "psychedelics are illegal to stop you from killing yourself, the police are trying to keep you alive" "burn the packet, get rid of your psyche sources, never ever do them ever again" "you're going to come back down Charlie, you won't die, your life will go on as normal" I stare into the abyss, but Im unwanting to die which impedes me from death. I eventually come back down and see how my mind was being a devil and not wanting to face its own death. It makes me afraid to take them again as ego death is extremely scary. Wondering how to get passed this fear. Maybe I'm not meant to be enlightened in this life.
  10. @Shiva those are individual political cases, i dont personally see how separatism would be beneficial in those though
  11. Suppose its been in my mind since I was a child,but i felt it much more intensely and intimately lately. I feel as my existence is just as fundamental to reality as stars, the earth, insects, populations , mountains, rivers and everything else. It helps more to see it when you visit places where people don't speak your language as you can see them using completely different linguistical symbols as you do, but retain the same patterns as you do, mannerisms, interaction and relation towards one another , how people live their lives, their wants and fears , you dont even need to know what theyre saying to see these patterns which makes it more obvious how fundamental it is. Even in your own country, patterns upons patterns endlessly repeat themselves, villages, towns , cities, how they function , the way they're setup, how people live in them and what theyre motivated by and how they spend their time. It is as if God gave an infinite blue print for what reality should be and he designed me from the that blue print, literally everything i do and think. In the same way if you took two dogs from different corners of the planet and despite being raised in different environments,they exhibit the same behaviours. How can you be separate? You are it, you're not doing life , life is you and all of reality, You are not a stranger here.
  12. @Anton Rogachevski With ego death you dont know anything, you BECOME it. Its a merging with reality. Imagine being blasted out of your body and into your sensory field, thats ego death
  13. That I am ness actually turns out to be nothing
  14. @Anton Rogachevski absolute truth is literally undeniable,you're either an entity in your head or you're not, ego death shows this isnt the case. ego death is not only simple , its that which cannot be simpler, cannot be further reduced.
  15. or im speaking from genuine insights