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  1. The same man that begged the gov to bail out virgin airlines with tax payers money. The rich are dispicable
  2. Knowing without a 'knower' sounds like another word for awareness
  3. Is non duality another way of saying we can't say what reality 'is' because any concept isn't it , just a concept ?
  4. It is the mind that creates distinctions, no mind = no distinctions. Without thought how can two things be told apart?
  5. "I'M ReCoRdInG hErE " said to the poor wage slave delivery guy who should have tried harder in life
  6. I got a temp ban for making an drinking game, "take a shot for every time Leo says 'exactly' " . That game would be pretty lethal to be fair
  7. She reminds me of myself on a strong dose of mary jane , where you just melt into your surroundings
  8. Lol you sound like my old housemate, unless she had problems he wasn't interested as he loved drama and the crazy sex that resulted from those turbulent emotions one of his exes said she was going to torch our house. I'm thinking i don't need this shit in my life ??. You'll be much less stressed with a level headed girl
  9. @intotheblack They just go back to normal,no distress.
  10. I know some farms near me kill the bull calves instantly as it costs more to rear them then they would make at market selling them at age. I grew up on a farm and i remember when u took a calf of its mother,the heifer would bawl for its calf for about 5 days come wandering round the yard during the middle of the night. That's like snatching a woman's baby off her in the street, cows soon forget though
  11. @Leo Gura that seems incredibly anti spiritual behaving like that, being an arsehole isnt authentic to me
  12. @Mesopotamian america gave rise to isis so much for stability