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  1. @Shiva those are individual political cases, i dont personally see how separatism would be beneficial in those though
  2. Suppose its been in my mind since I was a child,but i felt it much more intensely and intimately lately. I feel as my existence is just as fundamental to reality as stars, the earth, insects, populations , mountains, rivers and everything else. It helps more to see it when you visit places where people don't speak your language as you can see them using completely different linguistical symbols as you do, but retain the same patterns as you do, mannerisms, interaction and relation towards one another , how people live their lives, their wants and fears , you dont even need to know what theyre saying to see these patterns which makes it more obvious how fundamental it is. Even in your own country, patterns upons patterns endlessly repeat themselves, villages, towns , cities, how they function , the way they're setup, how people live in them and what theyre motivated by and how they spend their time. It is as if God gave an infinite blue print for what reality should be and he designed me from the that blue print, literally everything i do and think. In the same way if you took two dogs from different corners of the planet and despite being raised in different environments,they exhibit the same behaviours. How can you be separate? You are it, you're not doing life , life is you and all of reality, You are not a stranger here.
  3. @Anton Rogachevski With ego death you dont know anything, you BECOME it. Its a merging with reality. Imagine being blasted out of your body and into your sensory field, thats ego death
  4. That I am ness actually turns out to be nothing
  5. @Anton Rogachevski absolute truth is literally undeniable,you're either an entity in your head or you're not, ego death shows this isnt the case. ego death is not only simple , its that which cannot be simpler, cannot be further reduced.
  6. or im speaking from genuine insights
  7. @Gabriel Antonio well i cant communicate without words so i am extremely limited here. These words are just maps but are not the territorry. The word 'car' wont get u from a to b but if i told you to get in the car, you would know i meant to get in the object.
  8. Right now is all that exists, its in a constant flux and changes, but right now is always right now. Tomorrow can only ever be a thought so is yesterday.Dont even try to think about it thats not right now, you can only be it.
  9. awareness is all there is, not matter, not space, just awareness
  10. be as ambitious as you want it wont matter when you're dead, whats really important is living a life in which you're loving every moment and consumed by the beauty and mystery of life. I mean sages are hardly ambitious they hide away in their cave. I know that wouldn't be desirable for a lot of people though.
  11. @Leo Gura My issue with relaxing comes down to a deeply held belief that being uninhibited and letting go will make me do something foolish or offend somebody. The ego believes it self regulates me and the higher self shouldn't be let out as it will run amok. Its like imagine letting somebody you dont know take your car out for a spin, wouldn't you be worried they'd wreck it??. So not being relaxed and inhibited is not giving this person the keys
  12. After my Horrifying yet incredibly beautiful DMT trip, my higher self or God as my mind wishes to call it came to the conclusion that my mind is going to have to be brutally honest with itself and that this is the best news ever. I wouldn't necessarily say its my conversation thats off , although it still needs a lot of work, my biggest obstacle with talking to women is getting my mind to relax. The times I recall that I've had amazing interactions with women is when I've been entirely present and relaxed. Approaching isnt even hard when you're relaxed, you see a woman give you look of interest and conversation just flows out of you, if you arent relax you might as well not bother approaching as you're not going to be in the right mental state to lead a conversation. Most of this requires getting rid of a load of bullshit and old thinking patterns out of your head
  13. I majourly falsely believed " In order to have a relationship ( a healthy one) you have to not want one and you can't fake it either, it has to be genuine realisation that you do not need other people" I believed this but didnt feel it or practice it. In reality I was constantly on a mission to find a girlfriend. Recently I had an epiphany that I can be all alone and still be happy a girlfriend could leave me and I genuinely be like "This is fine , reality is perfect, how can it be otherwise" and this isnt just me bullshitting myself, so that I trick myself out of a negative thought pattern. Detachment goes full circle , you become so detached from needing anyone, that your love just spills over into all of reality, everything is beautiful , everything is perfect and the irony is this when people gravitate towards you. When you need someone, they just see it as you wanting a relationship to avoid being single and they feel like you are using them and don't give a shit about them, because from that perspective the relationship is all about you. When I hit it off with a girl now, I now approach it with the perspective of schrodingers relationship, until we've genuinely got to know each other we both be consider compatible and not compatible, you know like schrodingers cat experiment , where its either dead or alive until you open the box. Still stops you fixating on a person and being open to any possibility seeing either outcome as beautiful. YOU DO NOT NEED ANYONE TO BE HAPPY.
  14. Everyday i'm becoming more and more conscious of the fact that my time on this planet is fleeting and temporal, The biggest blocks in my life right is the knowledge of loosing loved ones, I try to savour every moment with them and not take them for granted like I did as a child,but when I see them it doesn't feel enough like drinking salt water to full-fill your thirst. Ultimate peace for me would be knowing I might never see them ever again tomorrow and still be happy, because right now I feel they're essential to my fullfillment in life