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  1. @Prabhaker I dont see why the universe would create the ego so it could become enlightened again
  2. why contribute to the mass slaughter, NATOs actions actively work against world peace
  3. @B_Naz no past, no you, no you no future
  4. When you lucid dream it really feels like you can control things and decide what to do, because your ego is still intact unlike normal dreaming where you aren't conscious of anything and are like holy fuck that was a dream when you wake up. When you lucid dream you know its not real, but the biggest joke of all is thinking that you are real, this feeling that you are your body and that you're deciding to do stuff. You don't even think any of the thoughts that are arising, because you do not exist. Reality is an infinite hallucination, no different from the dream you had last night
  5. Our entire perception of reality is determined by the brain, if we encounter brain damage, then we can't function properly,people with disorders such as dissociative identity disorder have an alternate perception of reality , they think that what they are is many personalities all living in their head. How can we be sure that no identity isn't just a brain disorder and that what we are supposed to be is the identity that we associate with?
  6. Do pandora truffles and eat the whole bag, they provide quite an emotional trip
  7. Leo should do a video on surrendering to the beauty of life, not having any resisting left in your body, just letting life live itself.
  8. René Descartes claims that you could still know you existed even if an evil demon was controlling every thought and perception you had, but what he failed to realise is that the evil demon is you, your deceiving yourself, so the distinction between the thinker and the deceiver is illusory. What would be a more appropriate equivalent of this , would be ' I doubt therefore , I doubt.'
  9. your both over the age of consent so I don't an issue in that regard You may find that your paths will go in very different directions with age gaps at this age