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  1. my psyche does indeed have an inability to give up materialism, the thing i cant give up the most is the attachment i have for my family. friends come and go and I accept that, so that doesnt bother me. My family on the other hand are always there because they are my family. I tell myself they wont be hear for ever so make the most of the time you have with them, make sure to visit them often as you are wasting your precious time on this planet by not visiting. When my grand parents died I accepted it and there the obligation to visit them vanished as they were dead obviously;perhaps my mind thinks that i can do spiritual work when my parents die, whenever that day comes.
  2. @Hardkill no just we all have self interest
  3. build social skills, be around nice people not dickheads, not all tough people are bullies most are pretty nice just the insecure and bitter ones. Journal all your social observations, i was a mess at 18, just commit to working on socialising and never doubt yourself just keep on going and even if you do something wrong accept and move on, only way to loose is to give up
  4. people are selfish, just like you, accept it and move on. Don't be discouraged from messaging people though not everyone will ignore you. I know the drawbacks of instant messaging is tht it creates a disposable culture where people toss friends and relationships if its not working, but we can't go back now. I wished id been at college 10 years ago before tinder and facebook.
  5. I know death is inevitable i just want to do some things first before it occurs
  6. i put dmt in a cig works unbelievably well
  7. I recall Jed mckenna claiming that the first step towards enlightenment is the most difficult but, afterwards it will follow an inevitable journey that takes aprox 2 years of an incessant quest for truth unless the person succumbs to brain injury or physical death. The first step is exactly what you're not wanting to do and that is giving up on your entire life and letting the physical organism do its own thing stop trying to control it "take your hand of the tiller" as Jed says. the voice says if i let go something bad will happen im here to keep the physical organism safe or me as the mind claims. all that matters with the path towards enlightenment is intent even knowledge and practices come second to it. The intent to discovers truths even if it kills you because have an restless inability to continue to being false
  8. be wary of the people who say they are honest. A candour affected is a dagger concealed-Marcus Aurelius
  9. @oMarcos i especially find when christof says "we simply accept the reality that is presented to us" very fitting
  10. Has any one seen this movie? I think its the perfect analogy of platos cave, the way truman discovers his fabricated reality not out of being motivated by pleasure, his drive for truth comes from an inability to stand being false, he couldn't live his fake life when it didnt seem real. I feel people think enlightenment is a state of bliss, its not but its a state of being true. I feel like i would go mad if i was truman if everything in my town that i was trapped on all started to revolve around me, maybe thats what enlightenment is like going mad for unravelling truth ps i feel its great they called him truman, ie hes becoming 'a true man'
  11. It would be depressing to get there and wanting to forget about it all.
  12. @Leo Gura I can try out that idea and run with it, but if I discover it to be true then the ego would be happy to stick a 'metaphysical' bullet in its head