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  1. @Leo Gura No ... just no. I dont know if you see how strange what youve just said is.
  2. Get a high quality porn blocker that blocks, sites, apps, etc. Make it so that you couldnt access porn no matter how hard you tried. This is like 70% of the work ^. The other 30% is telling your loved ones (Letting out this behavior into the "world" and bringing people into the loop builds accountability and bonding/trust), building relationships, and exercise. This isnt just some nofap challenge, you can really let go of this behavior once and for all. Lets be honest, why would you ever want to watch porn when you can have awesome sex in real life, maybe im crazy but I see 0 reasons. PM me if you got any questions on how to cope and get through this stuff, coming from another guy on this path, its been going well for me. Lets uplift each other.
  3. @TheOneReborn I agree a bit with the mantra idea, can be super soothing to repeat mentally "Its okay." . Just keep meditating, and let go of all the fear mongering that happens around enlightenment, and dont buy the BS that people will tell you about this being scary work, enlightenment is the essence of self-love, healing, magic, and happiness. Not fear lol.
  4. @blankisomeone Hey man, had similar experience with family members. I get the constant stress, sense of urgency, arguments, dense feeling in the air all the time, the tension between what you desire and your parents putting you down. Bring the light into your life, get your shit together, cooperate with your parents, if your parents see you got your shit together they will eventually respect you it doesnt matter what. No one else is gonna give you that "light" only you can bring the healing and love into your life, and maybe others will be inspired. Give them time and respect they are "children" too like you, also healing and learning on the path. If you cooperate with the situation youre in, take care of yourself, and get excited to create what you want, trust me opportunities will come for you to move on from that. If you want a personal testimonial feel free to pm me .
  5. When you make some-thing a thing, your creating a boundary between that thing and all other things. If you stop labelling, then there is no-thing. Like literally the sound of your fridge humming and the feeling of your body will be remembered as inseparable.
  6. If its spontaneous, then by definition nothing can lead to it.
  7. @Flyboy hmm, nope sorry, doesnt feel right. You can feel how that thought stream feels, feels very straining, like trying to look at your own face without a mirror. Kind of like " Wait! I dont trust myself, so I gotta try to look at myself forever in case I do something bad." Fear/Mistrust of oneself. You just look at your desires, what do you do then? Do you discern which desire is helpful and which isnt? Do you then follow the desires that you think are healthy and aligned? If you do then youre doing exactly what this thread is celebrating!
  8. Im back! Let go of lots of unhealthy habits and replacing them with nicer smoother ones. Lifes been nice, lots of energetic healing taking place, I want a girlfriend, someone to grow with and show appreciation for. Thatd be nice. Got crystals and starting experimenting with them, got quartz and citrine. Gods putting the bread crumbs and im eating them all!
  9. @Vynce That is it in play, infinite creation does not discriminate, and if you desire to change your life then that is also it.
  10. @gettoefl oh yes. Theyre made of euphoria itself . All of us are though.
  11. @gettoefl Yep , like an eternal artist whos forever in love with his own artwork, which is him, he just keeps making it better and better. That feeling of "meh" is when he pulls out the eraser .
  12. Because that would be ugly. A beautiful garden has variety and diversity. How boring life would be if it was just a bunch of non dualists, we need crazy people, they keep things fun .
  13. Whats funny about the question "do others experience?" is that it assumes YOU are having an experience. Are you even experiencing? Is there a little bubble of sentience in that head of yours?
  14. Last week it was realized that there is never completion and that reality is infinite creation. The void you feel isnt something that has to be faced or avoided, but a natural feeling that inspires creation. The plate needs to be empty for food to be put on it, the canvas needs to be clear in order to paint. When you feel that emptiness or purposelessness, its just the canvas clearing up in order to receive the next "message", the next thing you desire to create. The universe is eternally creating and will never stop, there is no such thing as being finished, its impossible. One of the glitches people fall into is trying to somehow stop desiring, thats like trying to stop creating reality. When does the earth create beautiful architecture and gardens? When someone gets the insight "wow, id like to create that, it would feel great!".