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  1. @Tyler Durden lol that's because the natural world is already perfect, humans created this ideal of enlightenment, enlightenment is actually becoming as cool as the plants and animals 😎.
  2. @CuriousityIsKey Love doesn't care about that, so go on with your struggle, it's always there but it doesn't care whether you recognize it or not. Then get whatever justice you'd like, Love still doesn't care. The "hypocrisy" argument I see a lot on this forum actually comes from misunderstanding of what Love is. I actually prefer to call it the Life-Force instead of Love, but same thing. Also, take it easy, one deep breath at a time. How would you inhale if you knew it would be the very last breath? Inhale like that every time.
  3. @Terell Kirby I was playing along with the first person shooter analogy.
  4. @Nahm *stares at post with a confused face.
  5. No teacher or teaching will ever help you. Only your own effort and open mindedness to explore the different techniques/teachings will work. If it doesn't work, or makes you feel bad, throw it away. Be careful of the trap of becoming too attached to a teacher, and blindly following them for them and not for the Truth itself. Question everyone, the first person you should be questioning is Leo himself, not implying anything, but if you're serious about this then doubt and inspect every teacher especially those you admire the most. If someone mentions a spiritual teacher or teaching and you become triggered, be honest with yourself and open your mind to the teacher and try it out, then throw it away if it isn't working.
  6. Becoming a fool who loves for no reason .
  7. @Terell Kirby Wisdom has nothing to do with what you know. If the credibility of a spiritual teacher depends on them telling you whatever they think God is, then you'll fall for every trickster out there. You do realize anyone can figure out the nonduality language and just tell you what you want to hear right?
  8. @sir meowski complexity is delicious for the one who suffers 👌.
  9. @Wijuu the emotional scale allows one to recognize how you go from Love to Fear/Insecurity. I'd google it, or check out @Nahm 's site as there's a section talking about the scale.
  10. @Wijuu Question the beliefs you hold and keep meditating. Questioning the beliefs you hold is not the same thing as asking questions about how to be free or trying to get it if that makes sense. The emotional scale works, I've confirmed it's no hocus pocus, it's real. Ever heard of it?
  11. @mandyjw it's not a bag, it's the Buddha 🤫.
  12. @Wijuu trying to get it, is to value "knowing" over Love. Love is foolish and senseless, infinite Love does not, and will never make sense. The trick here is to be in touch with feeling sensation and have the humility to stop trying to know.