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  1. You will realize very early on that this process will take years. The YT Market has a ton of people. If you go into yt thinking you can post a video and it will gain traction you will be disappointed. It will take effort. You'll realize early on that there is an entire market dedicated to learn about making videos online, from making thumbnails, to the craft of making videos, quality, recording, audio + the actual content you make + creating products that are monetizable. I live in Canada as well. If you want to travel and work at a hotel why don't you get transferred to another place you find interesting? This while you build your life purpose. Will keep things interesting and new. You are fortune enough to work online, if you move to a cheaper country youll earn in dollars and spend in cheaper coins. Id also recommend to not get lost into thinking that travelling is so glamorous. You will also realize it comes with its downfalls. Travelling is fun because you dont get to do it all the time, but if you were travelling all the time, just like everything, you will adjust and find its not so good sides. Regardless, focus on what you love doing in the present, what excites you, makes you feel passionate and can focus on putting effort daily
  2. I took the course and paid for it a few years ago. To be honest, it gives you the basics for online business which is great but it does not guarantee success in the online space. Currently the market is pretty competitive in relationship to those who wish to teach others meditation, shadow work etc. Soon you will realize that those who are constantly making big money are those who are teaching others the business structure, sales and marketing rather than the skills itself. I would only recommend it if you already have a very solid product you feel confident to sell and have somewhat of an idea of how you are helping others through your personal development methods. The price for a year of coaching is good to be honest, however the coaching sucks, I am a coach as well and have invested big money to learn and it was funny to watch the guy coach because he was doing 0 breakthroughs and just felt confident to coach because he had a "successful" conscious business, but that is more mentoring that coaching. Anyways, I WOULD recommend to get it if you're self disciplined enough to go through all the videos and have proof that you have successfully completed other online courses, and have already a solid understanding of your product and how you are helping others CLEARLY. If you are in the very early stages where you want to help others and coaching seems great I would not recommend this. You will be way more focused figuring out what do you do to pay attention to this. Again, the online space for personal development is super competitive these days, you will spend money on the marketing platforms that will do this, you will spend money on hosting your website, marketing, so tbh, if you invest those 2000 in actual marketing you are more likely to get success (in my pov). Hope this helps!
  3. Okay, I need some honest feedback and serious advice, I am willing to open my eyes to a broader perspective. I have been dating my boyfriend for 1.6y, and we are pretty serious, live together, plan a future together. This has been the root of our heaviest arguments in the relationship, he doesn’t want me to go out to bars without him. when we met,(we met in one on the first place) I used to go out more. I don’t drink nor smoke nor do any drugs and I am 24, I only now go casually, I would say once every month and a half, I am from Mexico City so I truly enjoy dancing and am social, (I don’t do that as much now). I am currently living in a small town (100k) canada so it is cold af and I find it a good way to simply have fun. I would also understand if I got hammered drunk and went out every weekend and had a bad rep, but I have mentioned I don’t do any of that. I like to go to the latin bar in town because they play music I enjoy and feel familiar with. he doesn’t want me to go because he says it’s a place where people go because they want to hookup. I have explained my pov but he says I am disrespecting him by going out without him. He doesn’t have a problem of me going with him, the thing here is he works outside of town on a week on week off basis so there’s been times where I have wanted to go out with him and he is not in town. I am the type of woman that is like very free so having to “ask for permission” drives me nuts and makes me feel restricted (also I have learned to reframe my mindset as I am being protected by him) this is what blew things up last night, we had made an agreement that I would go with him but if I ever wanted to do girls night (which is rare maybe 2-3x a year?) he would either go with someone or be alone. my friends wanted to go out last night, my friends are as sober as me, they are older and more mature, and wanted to go out and dance. He was in town so I said well, go and just be there somewhere if you insist, he made this big tantrum (in my eyes) and he left home last night. he said that I am not seeing how it hurts him that I go by myself and how it’s disrespecting to him. Now I am always submissing in the relationship and honestly pleasing but this is one of those non negotiables for me. I seriously do not intend to flirt, I seriously just want to go out with my friends haha. he also broke his word because he had agreed to go but now he didn’t wanted to go because it was a girls night and said he had no one to go with. I was 100% okay with him going and just being on the distance. but after he left i just feel like he is insecure and controlling and I desire more maturity but I might be missing something. male friends, could you support me with your views, experience?
  4. Sounds to me like you are doing a great job healing. I would encourage to think about in what specific ways is this past affecting you now? For example, having difficulty relationship with others, feeling safe and loved by x, difficulty staying in a loving relationship, socializing etc. etc. and work on creating in the now better results. Sometimes we are so focused on the pain that we forget why are we healing in the first place. Otherwise you will always prioritize and perpetuate what happen to you as an excuse of why you cant do x, be x, say x. When creating better results, I would always encourage you to include a somatic experience like deep breaths through the uncomfortable. For example, in my own healing process I worked through my shaman dad cheating on my mother and starting another family because he met his soulmate. Now in my relationships I used to run away perpetuating the wound of being abandoned because that is my learned behaviour. Through healing, you learn that whatever thing your parents did does not have to be the same for you, and you can choose different. Now when the patters show up and there is difficulty with my partner and want to run away, I learn to calm down. Sit with the uncomfortable, and choose to be loved and held by myself and my partner without needing to run away because it is too uncomfortable. This has healed me more than all the shrooms and meditations I used to do in the past. Relationship wounds can only be healed in relationships, through choosing a different narrative. I encourage you to view through what lens are your relationships being affected and work and heal there. They tend to show up strongly in our relationships and IN THE BODY. Focus on the somatics of not feeling loved + emotional abuse and you'll find gold. Hope it helps!
  5. I am so excited about this question. I would love to offer a more 'feminine' approach that might serve you. It is the new rising movement of energetics tied up to your financial success. This is not a manifesting money without doing anything. Its about doing the everyday actions I bet you do to be financial successful as well as doing the energetical, somatic work that will allow you to get precisely what you are looking for. Feel good within your relationship to money. A lot of people chase money in a subconscious attempt to find and create safety without actually creating safety within. That is why no matter the amount of money you will get you will always feel lack because you are tying that safety to something external. These concepts have been very beneficial for me and I have now incorporated in my practice the capacity to feel safety within my body, specially in my belly, to feel safe with money. To feel safe without money and with money and now increasing my capacity to receive money. Again, by no means this replaces the taking action towards your financial goals, being organized, outreach, strategy within your industry etc. etc. but it is a good complementary skill to have. Plus, it is to me, the new way of consciously creating where its physical strategy within the human world + energetics being more than our bodies, and have capacity to create within our energetical bodies as well. It is all about breathing techniques and within your energy body and light body. Hope this has helped expand your perspective!
  6. It was clear to me after reading the first sentence. You clearly do not respect yourself-others are a clear mirror and reflection. Observe the mirror and what is telling you, every person that disrespects you, is simply a mirror of how you disrespect yourself. Once you start pointing it back at you and the ways in which you do that to yourself, the reflection, the mirror and the people around you will change. Start with not calling yourself a "fucking loser", people can sense that energy miles away.
  7. @Ramanujan What do you mean? If that is what you want of course you are able to survive. Winters are rough for sure. they are soo cold and barely any sun. Nothing like your beautiful warm country for sure. To get the job offer you will have to network and position yourself as someone better than anyone else in the community. maybe even come first before moving for sure. Its not as glamorous as you think. What country are you in??
  8. I am from Mexico and moved to Canada in 2019. There is a huge housing crisis and food pricing is going crazy high as well. Maybe not the best time to come but if you want to i'd recommend two options. There is a Rural Program (RNIP) where you get to live in a small community (cities between 10-150k people) and they give you permanent residence right away. Its kind of crazy. It is pretty competitive these days but the only thing you need is a job offer from somewhere within the community. The other program is to do either a college program or a masters in University. Those are the most affordable ones, and after graduation by default you can apply for a post graduate work permit. It allows you to work anywhere openly. A college program as an international student is between 15-20k per year and it is reasonable. You can ask for a loan and pay it relatively quick if you know how to move your money. I recommend going to a smaller town because prices are not as high as in toronto or vancouver. If you have work experience that is the best for you. Id recommend to finish your degree and save money and then apply for a program here. You can work 20h a week a s a full time student.
  9. Sounds to me like you have a lot of limiting beliefs like "needing a car" to have a boyfriend. If you think that you will naturally attract people that in fact want their partners to "have a car, money etc" in order to date them. Which is not the case. A friend of mine who is gay had a lot of limiting beliefs for a while. We live in a small town (120,000 habitants) in Canada, doesnt have a car, the gay community is not huge, he was looking for someone spiritual and attractive physically. It took him a while to work on his self worth but he ended up finding someone and worked great. Work on what is stopping you from thinking it is possible and focus on how can you find solutions for your problem. Go on dating sites but work on your self esteem, value, and outlook on life first. Also get clear on why do you want a partner and what are you looking for.
  10. This is from personal experience. After moving to Canada from Mexico and experiencing challenging situations I started using Weed and Mushrooms somewhat regularly. I didn't have strong support system here that helped me get through the difficulties. My dad passed and I was far away and my only way to cope was to smoke, the winters are rough and there's not a lot to do. So drugs really "supported" me. I would feel great. I would have awakenings, and mind bending experiences. I would feel like my personal development was improving and I was doign great. The factor that really changed me was when I started wanting to quit. I would have this intuitive thoughts that I wanted to, but out of habit, or desire, I would go back. Every week. I did a "sober challenge" for 6 months and It was great, however, I went back after. I wanted that again. That is when I realized I had a true addiction. To me that was really difficult to accept and it was only through the help of support systems like my mother, my partner, and my therapist helping me recognize that it is indeed an addiction. So key questions I ask are: What do I GET from drugs and why do I do it? -Inspiration, Perspective, Calmness, Relaxation, Happiness, are all very common reasons why. Next question, how can I get these from other activities other than using drugs? Also, the fact that you are even asking this question, speaks to me about genuine contemplation of this use. Nobody but you can determine what is right or wrong, you get to decide! To me personally, I have decided now to explore these concepts without drugs, as I started using them very young, and havent really allowed myself to go through life fully without them.
  11. It happened to me. It might be different because I approached the guy and I am a girl but basically just saw him and found him very attractive and said hi. We went and talked outside about the universe and basically just started dating and it did turned into a very committed relationship! What I like to do is invite people to talk outside and its a great opportunity to actually talk and get to know people. It is fun!
  12. Find your people. I moved from Mexico to Canada 4 years ago and didn't know anybody. Find your community. Talk to locals about being new in town, they will show you the places to go. What I did was finding a social sport that you like where you can meet people (in here climbing is somewhat popular and a very social sport as you at least need someone else to belay you while you climb at all times). If you enjoy soccer join a team, go to a MMA Gym, crossfit, etc. I started going to spiritual events like sound circles and events and started meeting more and more people. I started doing my own events and expanded my community even more. Find a restaurant, bar, mall you really like spend time there and go regularly. Eventually you will see other regulars and spark conversations. I also started to network with Latin people as it is a big part of my community. This worked well as well.
  13. Look for Leo´s oldest most popular videos on YouTube, Id share those.
  14. @integral Damn man, thank you so much for all your responses. They are always really helpful and this comment truly supported me. I have been wanting to get the book about integral relationships for a while, what is the biggest impact it has had on your life? Our main love language is physical contact and there is a lot of good understanding there, I think it is simply a mismatch in "terminology". My partner is extremely open minded and in fact, we share some deep core beliefs like direct experience as fundamental in our experience of reality, and we love to philosophy, and expand each other's minds and concepts. I think the trap is I am definitively more new agey and its me "wanting" him to meet me there. I haven't been able to fully identify WHY do I want to be met in that sense, maybe I am overly identifying myself with those beliefs, and wanting to be comfortable in my own ideologies. Anyways thank you so much