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  1. On one of my recent mushroom trips, I had a profound experience. I grasped more the awareness of -this is everything that is happening. This is it. This is the absolute- however It felt so profound and ungraspable that I totally blacked out. Basically I don’t remember that part of the trip. I remember it was profound and pointed me towards deep understanding of truth but also my mind did not understand and blocked it from its conscious experience. After that, having deep conversations about existence triggers some strong emotions. When questioning the idea of self, extreme fear of death comes up. Part of me -the ego- feels so threatened yet another part of me knows there is a deeper truth. My chest starts to get tight, I get scared. I start to feel anxious and that I am about to die. one time I was shaking so much I had to tell myself I’m not ready and try to calm down and not think about it. It is a deep fear that I continue to experience. I am able to intuit that this is taking me somewhere I just don’t know how to push through this stage. I feel an awakening of some kind coming I just don’t know why it is so scary and how can I handle this at all? Any suggestions/work that can be done/deeper understanding that needs to be studied/concepts that will beneficial to know deeper etc all welcomed! thank you!
  2. I was in a very healthy relationship. The only main difference throughout our relationship was our views towards life spiritually. Him being completely grounded in science and skepticism and me being openminded to the spiritual world, energies, etc. At the beginning of our relationship it was very complementary and healthy but as we both grounded ourselves more into these beliefs, it became painful to be around each other because it was really hard to feel understood on both sides. If spirituality is an important value of yours and not your partner, it can definitively cause some chaos. Ground yourself in your values and follow your heart. Sometimes things don't make sense intellectually at first but resonate at a core level, and this can be confusing and triggering. Spirituality can have many shapes and forms, sometimes formless. I tried to "accept him as he was", try to understand him, and do my own work to deal with this, but continued to felt this feeling more and more. Eventually we had to breakup even though we loved each other and knew that the other was a great person, but simply we were not in alignment with our core values and what we wanted to get out of life at this stage. Take some time to really question what do you want to get out of this, why are you with this person in the first place, why do you pursue spirituality. Communicate with your partner as much as you can and try to communicate why is this important to you. You will see your partner's maturity and commitment, if you are in alignment with these values etc. Definitively tough to do this work but can be extremely rewarding and bring so many lessons about relationships, your authentic self, etc. Hope this helps! Much love brother
  3. I live in Canada and the West Coast (British Columbia) is known to be pretty spiritual. There is lot of places with access to nature, clean water which helps people connect with the land.
  4. As a girl, I think you did pretty good. Personally, I can't hookup on the first/second date or at least haven't felt comfortable enough to do so. Have to build a good connection first, the text she sent you is a good indication of that, from my perspective you actually have a good change, probably on the next date she will be more open. You can also be honest about you you felt, basically that you wanted to respect her space but still let her know your intentions, that works for me at least lol
  5. Definitively has to do with free access of information. Being able to research on your own and purchase books/programs that help you develop is a blessing in this century. Also, as a society having gone through previous stages of development allowing us to integrate this inner knowing easily, it comes quite "natural" I would say.
  6. I had an experience last night at a party setting that relates to this. I went dancing with my girl friends, we were having fun. A couple of male friends joined us and one of them approached my friend, we all noticed his intentions right away and we all wanted him to leave because he seemed desperate and just wanted to approach us for something sexual. He left and we kept having fun. Later we met a bunch of guys that seemed were having so much fun, we joined and danced together, they didn't show any signs of wanting something more than having a great night, IRONICALLY, that was very attractive and naturally felt drawn to them. Basically do not show your intentions right away, gotta be more subtle and act like you don't need it or are interested, and basically, subconsciously a girl will think, why he is not interested? haha I know this doesn't work with a direct approach but you can try this in a more casual setting.
  7. Yes, if the conversation is working well and both seem relaxed and comfortable, you will have the "I want to kiss her/him" thought. People feel what you feel and vice versa so she will probably feel the same way. You can be direct or you can come closer and see how she reacts, she will let you know by her body language if she is comfortable or not.
  8. Siracha, soy sauce, olive oil, smoked paprika, oven for 20 min, flip them halfway through. Add rice and veggies, yummmm haha
  9. I think being honest always works really good to build intimacy. Being honest and vulnerable, In your case for example saying things like " I am nervous right now, I feel vulnerable", etc. This way you can also see if he can be intimate as well, and hold the space for you to be vulnerable. It will help him to open up to be intimate as well. Its about feeling safe enough to be real.
  10. The contrast, experiencing these strong negative emotions is awakening the desire to go to the other side now. Look for less resistant thoughts to think that do not fuel these negative emotions. Thoughts->Create emotions-> These fuel your motivations Finding the other polarity will help you find motivation and joy on the other side. Riding the wave, embracing the journey. Maybe it's about reframing your belief system. You don't have to experience negative emotions to feel motivated, but is something that has worked for you in the past and now you want to experience positive emotions to feel motivated. But it can be a dance between both!
  11. My dad was a shaman so I grew up very "open minded" to these kind of things. There are a lot of metaphysical truths in these "magic" practices. However, I have noticed one have to be very careful on these because you can just blindly trust them putting them above your own criteria and in a way you give them your power. There are VERY ABSTRACT foundations behind things like tarot. I would suggest doing some type of research on some metaphysical "universal" properties. Like the kybalion.
  12. There is nothing that I desire more than to have a shift in awareness and becoming directly conscious of the TRUTH. I have noticed however, that I still need to "burn the karma" as Leo would say. I have been working on my purpose but can notice this burning desire to be "successful", have a really nice body, have material stuff, social status. I have the limiting belief that I have to focus on one or the other. Either pursuit the spiritual journey or the material life. I want to prove to myself and have direct experience that the answers are not there. But I also will like to pursue this journey. I cant bullshit myself thinking I don't want those material and "empty" achievements because I do haha, just don't know if I should just give them up, or somehow manage to pursue the path while burning the karma along the way. How do you deal with this?
  13. For me its about the overall qualities that will make you attracted to someone. Basically you do like an overall evaluation of all the traits where some of them will have more value than others. I am just speaking from personal experience myself and other girls I have talked to, and from what I have noticed being someone with good social and financial status is very attractive. It literally gives you a sense of stability which the feminine values a lot. Protection as well. In my own reasoning, has to do with your inner world (very emotional) which polarizes when there is a sense of security. Also evolutionary speaking it's literally how we evolved. Doesn't mean you as a girl cant be stable, and socially/financially successful but if you are, of course you will want your partner to be at least of your same status. It does matter.
  14. What type of sugar are you talking about? Do you eat chocolates, ice cream etc? What worked really good for me is to start baking my own desserts and started using fruits like dates or bananas as sweeteners. I used to add maple syrup at the beginning to make them taste better lol, but eventually you reduce your tolerance to sweets and you can stop lowering it more and more. I personally think is a gradual process haha and can be super frustrating at times. Be mindful when you binge and identify what is your though-process before binging, do you feel anxious and sugar helps you soothe that, or do you want to control something? Think that this is a life-long change so there is no quick way just keep pushing through!
  15. Thank you everyone for your answers!!! Will try all your suggestions