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  1. On my Android they are back again today so 20 Jan - 4th Jan = 16 days
  2. Why you made a footage of eating 20 McNuggets in the first place ?
  3. Nice to hear that! Please consider releasing them/one of them, if not on the youtube, just on the blog - this is very valuable for a lot of people. In fact your 3 the most valuable episodes for me are your 3 the least popular videos: I was coaching friends as a hobby for many years, and now they trying to convince me to start youtube channel and share my insights, I was sceptical first but after watching those 3 golden nuggets I changed my mind I will start from 20 insights and see where it will take me. Why you didn't release that footage right after the data recovery? and when you know if recorded video is good enough to release it?
  4. So all that time Leo knew...
  5. Hello Leo, @Leo Gura My curiosity - did you manage to recover recorded footage from the broken camera that you mentioned in one of the episodes like 10 years ago? Do not leave us with a cliffhanger PS It would be nice to see this footage if recovered
  6. Works also on android! Thanks!!!
  7. The guy in the video below saw ghosts, devils, demons, and monsters - his entire life had a wide variety of serious health problems and was considered crazy, ADHD, depressed, violent, and paranoid. He get to the point where he said - ok I'm crazy... and by pure luck, he get to the doctor that told him, nope, you're not crazy, probably you have a rare disease, and asked him to do a lot of different blood tests including vitamin B1/Thiamine. They realized that he is B1 deficient - Beri-Beri. After starting supplementing cheap and widely available vit. B1 he got immediately better. It turned out that he have a genetic mutation, as same as the rest of his family, and B1 from food alone was never enough for him. Insights: Intuition was guiding him to eat ridiculous amounts of food with B1 (illogical, but he felt slightly better) - awareness is curative Single vitamin deficiency can cause hundreds of different symptoms, and probably your 10 first bets will be false Doctors are looking for popular symptoms and will diagnose you with something that is most popular - if you have a rare disease you're just fu**ed and you can spend decades to get to know it by pure luck/coincidence while being treated for other diseases If something works for 99,9% of the population that doesn't mean that will work for you, because of just one single gene mutation Also if something works for you, that doesn't mean it will work for anybody else I'm getting more and more convinced that full genome sequencing is the only way to get to know those rare diseases and general info about our own bodies And most important - in some rare cases, vit. B1 is killing all ghosts, demons, devils, and monsters
  8. Exactly that's the case. Nearly nobody recognizes different kinds of sugar. Fructose can be only metabolized by the liver, there is no fructose in any of my cell, only glucose. Btw... white sugar - sucrose is made of glucose and fructose 1:1, and glucose goes to the bloodstream and fructose changes to fat. So fructose makes you fat - excluding the fructose from fruits because you have a lot of fibers there, so you feel full pretty fast. After eating 2-3 you are full, but if you drink apple juice without fibers you can drink the equivalent of 20 apples in that form. The fastest way you can get weight loss is to simply stop drinking soda and other sweetened drinks, just switch to water.
  9. Just an example of sugar vs fat, what we know for a long time (University of California):
  10. Hello guys, please share your examples of the high-yield techniques/deliberate practice that you use and find helpful
  11. That will be a waste of money as you will never know how much of those heavy metals are "fresh" from your water and food intake and how many are extracted from your body reserves (old heavy metals) that are usually invisible to tests without chelators. If you take a urine test before starting and the same day after taking a larger dose of DMSA you can compare what is the difference, if both results are the same... that means all those heavy metals are fresh from food/water and you don't need to chelate at all, as it will be waste of your time and money. But most probably you will see the result. For me, it was among others - 20x more lead excretion as I was soldering a lot through my life, as solder is 40% lead.
  12. Excellence study about mercury & Alzheimer's. There is a list of a 57 similar changes that occur in both Alzheimer’s Disease and Mercury Toxicity Full paper here:
  13. Hello Leo, please check your youtube channel: On you have Actualized Clips as Featured Channel, but on Actualized Clips, you don't have That could help some folks to navigate to your main channel
  14. It was so ridiculous that I made some side search for a male edition... And a New World of Possibilities just opens up! any volunteers?