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  1. Exactly that's the case. Nearly nobody recognizes different kinds of sugar. Fructose can be only metabolized by the liver, there is no fructose in any of my cell, only glucose. Btw... white sugar - sucrose is made of glucose and fructose 1:1, and glucose goes to the bloodstream and fructose changes to fat. So fructose makes you fat - excluding the fructose from fruits because you have a lot of fibers there, so you feel full pretty fast. After eating 2-3 you are full, but if you drink apple juice without fibers you can drink the equivalent of 20 apples in that form. The fastest way you can get weight loss is to simply stop drinking soda and other sweetened drinks, just switch to water.
  2. Just an example of sugar vs fat, what we know for a long time (University of California):
  3. Hello guys, please share your examples of the high-yield techniques/deliberate practice that you use and find helpful
  4. That will be a waste of money as you will never know how much of those heavy metals are "fresh" from your water and food intake and how many are extracted from your body reserves (old heavy metals) that are usually invisible to tests without chelators. If you take a urine test before starting and the same day after taking a larger dose of DMSA you can compare what is the difference, if both results are the same... that means all those heavy metals are fresh from food/water and you don't need to chelate at all, as it will be waste of your time and money. But most probably you will see the result. For me, it was among others - 20x more lead excretion as I was soldering a lot through my life, as solder is 40% lead.
  5. Excellence study about mercury & Alzheimer's. There is a list of a 57 similar changes that occur in both Alzheimer’s Disease and Mercury Toxicity Full paper here:
  6. Hello Leo, please check your youtube channel: On you have Actualized Clips as Featured Channel, but on Actualized Clips, you don't have That could help some folks to navigate to your main channel
  7. It was so ridiculous that I made some side search for a male edition... And a New World of Possibilities just opens up! any volunteers?
  8. @Leo Gura There is actually a computer game boss that was a reason of WTF players reaction due to breaking the 4th wall Psycho Mantis from Metal Gear Solid (1998) - he established the psychic link with the player, getting invincible by that - you could not kill him as he predicts all possible moves and dodge your attacks. Furthermore, he spoke not with the game hero but with you directly - started controlling your pad and telling you about other games you already played ( by reading your memory card). The only way to beat him was to physically unplug the pad and connect it to the second PS port to break the psychic connection with the player.
  9. That actually happens very often when people siphoning gasoline between 2 vehicles. A small amount in the stomach is ok, but the same amount in the lungs will cause extreme damage to the tissue. You can find more info here: Btw... @StarStruck what @Leo Gura said is correct. There is no point in eating that small amount excluding taste sensations if you really like the taste. As the same as you would not buy a Vitamin D supplement with 1 IU with a small amount of mercury when others have 5000 IU and you know that they are mercury-free.
  10. Nobody makes an alarm, as caviar is perceived as a luxury product, so the assumption is that you will eat only small quantities and you will be fine. The problem starts to arise when you are a heavy user of caviar or eat caviar from fish living in contaminated waters. Generally, fish eggs do not contain a lot of heavy metal excluding... mercury. Example from relatively clean waters: Caviar (fish roe of sturgeon) may contain high levels of contaminants. An inductively coupled plasma-optical emission spectrometer and a direct mercury analyzer were used to assess the contents of four heavy metals (Hg, Se, Sn, and Ba) in caviar of wild Persian sturgeon sea foods. The levels of Hg ranged from 1.39 to 1.50 μg g(-1), Se from 0.90 to 1.10 μg g(-1), Sn from 0.23 to 0.33, and Ba from 0.71 to 1.17 µg g(-1). Evaluation of these levels showed that except for Hg, the average concentrations of other metals are significantly lower than adverse level for the human consumption when compared with the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations and World Health Organization permissible limits. Therefore, their contribution to the total body burden of these heavy metals can be considered as negligibly small given that caviar is a luxury product. Based on this data if you eat 1kg caviar from those waters you will get 1500µg of Hg, where 1,6µg of Hg per kg of body mass is a limit in the European Union. Fish are living mercury treatment plants with millions of times more mercury concentration than the water they float in.
  11. The majority of your questions concerning Mercury are answered in this old, long, boring, brilliant video
  12. Please do not overdo the dosage or you will look like Paul Karason: 10oz/day is too much... More info here:
  13. A contemporary reference to the Ship of Theseus - thought experiment that raises the question of whether an object that has had all of its components replaced remains fundamentally the same object. For those who do not see WandaVision S01E09 Spoiler Alert. It is quite a theoretical discussion till you realize that human cells are generally no older than 7-10 years. Human cells replacement rate: Epithelial cells - 5 days Skin cells - 14 days Red blood cells - 70to120 days Cells on average - 7 years. So the question is... Are will still the same people that we were a decade ago? Now you can seriously contemplate the quality of food that you eat and all the heavy metals that stay with us.