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  1. Каким бы умным ни казался человек, Каким бы славным ни давал он жизнь идеям! Но все же в полном одиночестве во век, Он был и будет шалуном и прохиндяем! This one is actually kind of uplifting and meaningful imo. I like the idea of laughing in the face of hardships, sadness depression ,etc. Robin's flashback from One Piece comes to mind as well. It explores a similar theme Thank you
  2. @Lila9 I am glad you liked it, I was worried you will find it too weird.
  3. @Leo Gura okay, so it's not awakening. But what is it then? Could you explain in simple language what is a distinction between enlightenment and awakening? Is it correct to assume that awakening is like an insight / realization while enlightenment is a certain state of consciousness that you can be at?
  4. Correct? I mean, at least according to you?
  5. Слышишь, мама, голос разных кровей? Видишь, мама, эту буйную спесь? Дай мне, мама, сном забыться скорей. Моя родина здесь.
  6. One of my favourite songs ever. Whenever I feel depressed and like shit it helps to lift me up. I wish I could live by this song. I wish I was strong enough to do that. Honestly, I am ashamed of how I am living my life. That's not how I want to live it at all. I am being so pathetic it's honestly shameful. I've always admired Lou (the vocalist). She is so strong and cool. I don't think I would be able to look her in the eyes if I got to meet her rn.
  7. To be strong and brave To be loving and caring To be truthful and integrous To be deep and meaningful To be noble and beautiful I wish I could live like that.
  8. Imagine being able to rise above all the human dirt and be able to live a noble, meaningful life based on your own principles. Wouldn't that be beautiful?
  9. @Breakingthewall thank you. So it's kind of experiencing vs understanding?
  10. @Yimpa sorry for lashing out. But I just wanted to learn Leo's understanding of what enlightenment means in general.
  11. @Yimpa I read it. I was asking about what enlightement is.
  12. Disclaimer: please don't take this post too seriously. It's more of me being temporarily depressed and wanting to whine for a bit rather than making some serious statement about society... The Post I am kind of jealous of girls because they can be loved for who they are just by being there, just by the virtue of being a girl. I wish I didn't have to push myself, get out of my comfort zone, work super hard on my confidence, social skills, becoming a millionaire (exaggerating here for a dramatic effect), etc., just to feel like I finally deserve some love and attention. Even bad habits or "negative" personality traits that make a guy unattractive can make a girl seem even more desirable. For example if she is into computer games or anime or is kind of shy and introverted. I imagine it must be cool to be regularly hit on, told that you look cute / pretty / beautiful, to always have some people who want to talk to you, etc. Sure, it must have its downsides and can probaably even get tiring but still... And yeah, like Leo said in his pickup video it's great that a guy can increase his attractiveness a lot by working on himself. And I am all for that idea, sure. But sometimes I wish I could be loved the way I am right now.
  13. But what's the point of making posts about how nobody on this forum is awake if you can never know. Is it like a prophylactic measure against your students possibly getting distracted by those types of claims coming from other people? In that case. Does it have less to do with the Truth and more with sticking to good practices and principles? Because I agree that it's a good practice to stay humble, openminded, and wary of other people who claim to be awake. But it doesn't mean that it's true that there are no awake people on this forum, right?
  14. @Leo Gura do you believe any of your students could ever awaken? If you do, how would you know that? Like if someone makes a post tomorrow saying that they have followed your teachings and finally became awake. How would you know if it's true or not? Are you just going to tell them that they are not awake no matter what or is there a scenario where you would say: "ok, this guy is actually awake"?
  15. This one had me dead when Ibfirst heard it, haha
  16. @Lila9 this band was hilarious in general, haha. Their main theme was dark fairy tails. Some songs are funny, some sad, some creepy, some kind of epic Yep, absolutely👍
  17. @Mahdi El-Mirak do you mean something like tarot cards reading? Also, by "video" you mean recording a video or having a live 1 on 1 call? What kind of personal information / inpur from the client do you need to do the reading?
  18. @Lila9 haha, thank you ) I mean... You are learning something new, expanding your worldview, plus they are genuinely interesting, so why not.
  19. @An young being well, that's already an impressive achievement. Thanks for sharing.
  20. Just an attempt at developing a sense of humour That's an interesting perspective. I didn't think about it like this before.
  21. @Lila9 you thought I watched a few serial killer documentaries and was about to start hacking babies left and right? 😂 I don't think it works like that. I probably don't have a clue just like you but I imagined that you transcend pain and suffering by feeling deeply into it (as opposed to numbing) and fully loving and accepting it.
  22. I was just always drawn to and excited by stories like this. So I am wondering if I should set it as a long term goal for myself. Ok, thanks you for advise