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  1. I totally understand what you are saying! Trust your intuition and own yourself! You know better! You came here to leave Your life. No Leo will tell you how to live your life! Maybe you just need to socialize more and just to put your self deliberately in more uncomfortable social situations. Why only if you sleep with the girl you gain confidence etc? I don't understand. You can approach as many as you want, tell jokes, flirt and go into groups, even talk to strangers and tell them random things in the streets. If you do what others say you will loose self-esteem and self respect!
  2. I didn't see the above video about incels but I just wanted to post this short video about mindset in approaching girls! It is hilarious ? I'm wondering if it would actually help
  3. Yes I know Dr Ramani. She helped me a lot the last couple of months to break out from the delusion
  4. Thank you! Yes this is exactly what I have realized and I'm thinking about lately. That I should honor myself. Also, I'm thinking that I should not engage in an unconscious self-abandonment, support me, not allow myself to feel diminished and shrank in the face of disapproval by somebody. In general, I feel that my lesson is to trust and empower myself and the other things in life will come naturally at this point.
  5. I have felt pain and rejection in the attraction game too. I'm a good - looking woman but that wasn't enough to satisfy my needs.But lets start from the beginning.. I have a really strict father who didn't allow me to go to my classmates' birthday parties or to any after school activity. I would only go from school to my home and vise versa. So, i grew up shy, insecure, socially awkward, introvert, I didn't know my value, I didn't fit in and I was also rejected from the girls because I didn't have nice clothes as they said. But anyway, in my teenage years I had a few friends. In general, in school they liked me and respect me because I was mature, self-regulated, centered, I knew basic psychology and early on i had a love for philosophy, so that was reflected in my vibe. But that wasn't enough in order to gain popularity. So deep down I would envy the other girls that had male friends or they were more at ease around them. Meanwhile, I was really attracted to boys and I used to romanticize them and put them on the pedestal. After, I went to college so I left home. I got into serious self development. I was socializing a lot and I used to go to bars and clubs. Guys would approach my group of friends but my friends would get most of their attention because they were more comfortable and open around guys. I started studying pickup and the attraction game. I was frustrated because I wanted to attract a high value men but I couldn't. All I could see was some immature boys. Also, I wasn't willing to settle for less. So, I tried harder to be better in order to attract better. After 2 years and some interaction with men I had developed some skills. Also, I had a glow-up. I became really good looking, social and attractive. I didn't have the results that I wanted until I tried to let go the deep down neediness that I had. Therefore, I got into a 3 year committed relationship. Finally, I was satisfied and I wasn't into a soul draining search for somebody. I valued a lot this men and I was really grateful to have him in my life. I wasn't clingy or anything because early on in my life I knew that none can complete you or make you happy. Eventually,recently I broke up with him because it turned out that he is a narcissist. I had a heart break and it was shocking for me the outcome of this relationship but I could see the growth opportunity. So, now after 3 months I have got over him and I'm trying to create a new awesome life. I'm in the process also to change my social circle because I don't resonate with them anymore. So, now, in my mid 20s, I still want a deep relationship with a man ( I want to meet my twin flame) but I don't know what approach should I take. Should I take a more soft approach and work with myself? (for example transcend my need for a high- value man, work with my need for approval, self-worth, work with some trauma, transmute my sexual energy etc) ; or should I take a more hard approach( for example try to meet new people through groups, activities etc). Currently, I'm building my career and I enjoy a lot my alone time even though sometimes I feel lonely and I miss the romantic touch. Also, I don't feel like going out, especially in bars and clubs.. Anyway, I wanted to share my story. If you resonated with any of what I have shared I would be glad to read your comment. Also, if you intuitively see something that I don't see please post a comment below.
  6. In your YouTube channel and in your Forum you are promoting the pickup lifestyle for every guy with no exceptions. Your reason behind that is that pickup is a great opportunity for growth in many areas and I get it. I agree. But why you give that advice to everyone even if they don't have problem attracting women? And why that lifestyle has to go for years and years..? I'm mean lets say 1-3 years should be fine.. Aren't you projecting your agenda and " karma " ( burn through karma) upon others? If you chase sex like that after so many years of growth couldn't you be considered as sexonaniac , narcissist, stuck in the lower chakras? And what about women? They are getting manipulated and they give themselves away just like that for some attention.. That's miserable.. Deep down at some point almost every one of them want devotion, caring etc. Some male qualities that you don't promote at all.. you promote only f@ck boys that are emotionally unavailable, have fear of commitment and use women as objects (orange stage type of thing). I know that you praise values such as commitment, meaning, depth, devotion, passion etc to the other areas of life( eg life purpose) but why not to relationships? I'm really confused with that because I can see the wisdom in you but i don't see why you don't even give the perspective of growth through a meaningful, deep partnership that is beyond co-dependence. Maybe, personally you are not interested in that but why don't you even validate it as a transforming process that requires to build some qualities. I would be glad if you @Leo Gura and the others share your view upon my perspective.