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  1. Greta T at it again reducing toxic emissions, trying to clean up the world
  2. What discussion was that quote from?
  3. Maybe this is what it is. They hear their own words said from someone else’s mouth with someone else’s voice and then realise they were harsh and unfair…so they backtrack to self correct. I will pay attention to see if I do this too. But I guess if this happens again I will just nod. Maybe ask questions. But never sympathise.
  4. Spiritual gatherings are crawling with broken, dysfunctional people. They are trying though…
  5. I’ve got a few examples of people talking about others that I don’t know about (family, exes, flings, friends etc) and they highlight these other people issues, negative traits, mistreatment of them etc and after listening when and if I agree with their plight / judgement of the circunstance, character flaw of the person they are bad mouthing they then backtrack and start either defending the person or / and making excuse for their behaviour or / and comparing their behaviour to worse behaviours so the behaviour they were first complaining about don’t seem that bad. Why is this? I consider myself a good listener and just repeat / reinforce what was said in the 1st place. Who also had this experience before?
  6. I can't stand Sad-guru and TNH is the only spiritual leader I listen.
  7. You can learn anything. Think about how much embracing math will make you even more smarter and soon you will love it.
  8. I enjoyed great healing when I used to listen to him a lot but I outgrew his teachings somehow.
  9. Cheech & Chong
  10. https://youtu.be/ocFT9FDEF7Y
  11. I do vacuum my mattress sometime, it makes me feel good seen all the filthy gone.
  12. There is another documentary about Sheela, have you watched that one yet?
  13. Society is actually not expecting anything from you. This is just your perception.
  14. I've been into sacred geometry in the past, not through this guy but some other people. I used to be an obsessive seeker but now that I decided to have both feet firm on the ground and stopped looking for secrets and answers, my life have improved 100% and I am the happiest I have ever been. I still keep an open mind but what makes me whole at this point in my life is to pay attention and interact with the material, tangible aspect of life and being a human in a body more than an spirit having a human experience, god or whatever other spiritual woo-woo blurb. Sorry, I didn't watch the whole video you posted, few seconds is enough for me nowadays to know that is not where my time and energy should be spent and it feels so good!
  15. How to get it in London? Only high quality stuff.