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  1. Yes, but usually they can verify your degree through your uni’s registrars office. That’s how they verify your degree when you’re applying for a job in my country.
  2. Hm, I actually did hear of that kind of exercise, where people almost do it as mediation. I run on my own, and what I noticed happens is that my mind just wonders and drifts away and doesn’t feel as cleared as after a fitness class. In fitness class I am able to focus on the exercise more and the instructor keeps me engaged.
  3. @Carl-Richard but you can progress in classes too. For example in body pump class, you can put as much weight on the bar as you want. Or in body attack class, when they do non stop jumping lunges, I couldn’t do them at first, but now I can. Or in combat class, each time I can kick higher. Plus don’t you feel isolated when you work out by yourself? In the class there’s other people and the instructor to push you. Vs when you work out on your own you’re just in your head.
  4. Why would I need a whole body program to do on my own, if I can take a fitness class, that has that already and that has been designed by experts, not some 20$ per hour out of shape shady fitness trainer. (Not arguing, actually not sure why would someone do that. Also sorry for double post, I can’t do quotes twice in one post for some reason)
  5. I actually disagree. Solo workouts are boring and repetitive. You need to make your own program/schedule. With fitness classes you can do a different thing every day. I’ve been taking my classes for 7-8 years and still love them.
  6. I have been taking les mills fitness classes for many years now. My current favourite now is a class called body combat (where you basically punch and kick the air), I also do body pump (barbell workout), body attack (hiit kind of workout) and body step (workout with a step). Classes are super fun (depending on the instructor of course), I love the music, and I basically love my time there. However, I’ve been thinking, if I want to progress in my fitness, whether I should try doing my own workouts (weightlifting). I tried in the past, and I didn’t like it - I didn’t know what to do, I was in my head feeling isolated from everyone just listening to my own music, it wasn’t as fun as fitness classes. Also it looks like everyone is just on their phone chilling there, vs in a fitness class I workout for an hour non stop. People in the class aren’t super fit, I am usually one of the fittest, and it seems that at the gym, people are generally fitter. At the classes it’s also mostly women. Am I wasting my time at the fitness classes? Some YouTube video samples of the classes I take (note full classes are 60 mins) Bodycombat Bodypump Bodyattack Bodystep
  7. A few of my friends moved to US for work this year. They all told me they needed to submit their university transcripts when applying for work there. This is really weird because they are all pretty far along in their career. Is it a common procedure in US?
  8. If laws of attraction, higher power, all that stuff.. if it all doesn’t exist - then is life completely random? Note, if it is completely random then it’s just super depressing and there is no point in anything. I like to live my life thinking there’s a positive reason for everything to happen. That all the challenges all the bs I have to go through is there for a reason (well and partially my fault too). Is this why everyone gets depressed after they reach a level of enlightenment?
  9. Thank you, I’ll look into this. I remember looking into it a few years ago and for some reason I remember thinking it wasn’t available in my country. But I’ll check again.
  10. This is my problem, no matter what realizations I have, I’m back to me, with 0.00001% improvement… even after this post I went and did more stupid things that are typical “me”even though I was super determined to change my life 180 degrees…. This “me” is truly a gift that keeps on giving I need to get rid of her 😭
  11. @Average Investor but I do have a good lifestyle, my diet is good, I exercise regularly, I am addicted to caffeine though, but I did replace coffee with matcha. It’s just still very hard to focus.
  12. How were you able to do it naturally? Is it better now?
  13. @Tyler Robinson how long did you take it for?