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  1. What’s with the lashing out and the personal attacks? I never claimed to be anything at all. None of this is about me. I would assume the most enlightened person on earth would want to address the arguments and not the character of the person making the arguments. And then people are surprised this forum is a shit show.
  2. People who’ve had enlightenment experience sure can be whatever. We are talking about the most enlightened person on earth here though, so enlightened, that at most only 1 other human on earth may potentially fully understand his teachings.
  3. @Inliytened1 I don’t do any of that stuff. I am a mathematician actually lol.
  4. Obviously not all the people will get to reach a super “high” degree of enlightenment. He claims no one on this forum understands what consciousness is at all though. He also claims only a handful of people in the whole planet will understand his teachings Do you consider yourself to be one of the 5 people he is referring to? Because he clearly thinks you’re not one of them. Let’s do the math. Out of at least a 1,000,000 of his followers, only 5 will understand him at some point in the future. That is 0.0005%. The rest 999,995 (99.9995%) of you are just a bunch of clapping monkeys blindly following him. Like Christians follow Jesus, Muslims follow prophet Mohamed, etc. You are following a teaching you will never understand. How is this different from being a religious fanatic? You guys are so brainwashed at this point you read right through the literal context of the things he is saying. He has done such a great job at gaslighting you, you are basically programmed to gaslight yourself at this point. @Ulax is using “brainwashed” allowed on this forum? Or is it also inflammatory? Sorry, but I don’t know what word to use instead of brainwashed in this context and I think it’s an adjective that is civil to use. Also @Ulax he himself used the phrase “clapping monkeys” in the forum before, one of the great things I learned from him I guess, so can I use it in this thread too?
  5. I don’t have enough narcissism and grandiosity to do a few psychedelic trips and then claim I am the only person alive to discover the truth. Also, sheep will always need someone to follow and to tell them what to do. That’s why religions were created. Some people just need to have someone to idolize at all times, otherwise their world collapses. No one is telling you to listen to us. But please stop engaging with me. I’ve asked you too many times, you have these emotional outbursts that I don’t want to deal with. This is again your moralization talking. Why do you assume that my goal is to post quality stuff on this forum to improve other people’s lives? Maybe I don’t want to do that. Maybe I don’t want to collect brownie points on this forum and couldn’t care less what you or others think of me. Is everyone supposed to live their life the way you think is the right way to live? To post on this forum the only right way you want them to post? Don’t you see a huge stage blue moralization trip you constantly go to? You don’t do this and that and so you can’t be right. Do you understand how exhausting your “you should” and “you shouldn’t” are?
  6. @Something Funny you are such a lost fanboy of Leo and so entrenched in your believes, you’re not at all different from an extremist religious person.
  7. If that’s true, wouldn’t it just prove that you’re a really sh*tty teacher? Wouldn’t a great teacher have lots of successful students?
  8. I think people can discover it for themselves with meditation/psychedelics. You’re not unique in taking psychedelics and seeing stuff. You can’t reason out and logically explain enlightenment anyways, people need to experience it for themselves. What you’re teaching at this point is just your biases.
  9. Is your core teaching that you have reached the level of enlightenment that no one will ever reach?
  10. Please if you see my posts in the future, don’t comment anything under them.
  11. Lol, this is hilarious. FYI, I said he should be cancelled because he calls himself the “most enlightened person to ever exist”, that he has reached “levels of enlightenment no one will ever understand” - this is false advertising to the gullible minds, very toxic and manipulative. There is arrogant, and then there is Leo level arrogant. But if you’ve never studied enlightenment, haven’t tripped, and haven’t meditated even for 5 minutes, and are practically a naive child, you will believe what he’s saying. Look what’s happening to his followers and how emotionally triggered they are getting defending their god.
  12. I mean this is exactly why people say this is a religious cult ? I probably deserve to be stoned to death too ?
  13. What is the age of people at which this statistics what measured? I know lots of women who by the time they are 30 have slept with 10+ guys. And yes, I know it will seem crazy to you, but practically with all these guys they thought they will be together forever
  14. Again, this is not about the forum for me. There are some people on the forum I really like, and I don’t even go here unless I need something. If I claim to be a surgeon, but I am a garbage truck driver, and I have all these people come to me for my surgical services, trusting me with their lives - should I be held responsible for false advertisement? There’s even laws against that. How is this different?
  15. Exactly, and because they need a shoulder to cry on/someone else to pay attention to them while they are, for example, hurting.