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  1. Why is honesty so hard for women and men in relationships? My lady broke the same promise yet again, only this time I can't allow myself forgive her. Cheating to me is going outside the parameters of the relationship's expectations. The day I found out she was messaging other males to get fap videos, I was contemplating asking her if she wanted to have a child with me. After walking off from her I came back very apologetic for being so heated. I tried to see if I had neglected her too much, and asked what it was we could fix? I decided then perhaps I should stop gaming altogether and she also said she would commit herself to making it up to me for "the rest of our lives." My mind keeps saying that if the tables were turned, she'd of left without hesitation. I quit porn after she told me she seen that as cheating, but I grew tired of that some time ago. It was draining me from putting my creativity into other projects. I was on the cusp of easing back into trusting her again, but she managed to blatantly lie minutes after her promise about a mere picture frame. Something so mundane I still can't wrap my head around it. It was a seasonal gift from an ex. I seen it as a frame to possibly use around Christmas. I thought maybe it was from her family. I've felt irked every time she displays the same shit eating grin, that has always told on her when she will lie. She did admit it after asking three separate times. I had to explain that if she lies about stuff that doesn't matter at all, I'll never know what's real. This relationship has lasted several years and I'm extremely comfortable with her as a partner. However, I think the love has removed itself along with the trust I once had. She challenged me to become a better version of myself, but I fear I'm not making her any better.
  2. @Sparkist I'm simply astounded at the level of talent you possess. I must say, those are remarkable transformations. Spooky, yet brilliant artistry.
  3. Self discipline training. Discipline is your only vehicle toward achieving greatness. You'll feel empowered when you feel accomplished.
  4. I like the natural look in women. Makeup makes almost all women look older than they really are to me.
  5. Having a woman helps me. If you find a really attractive woman then porn doesn't take over your life as much. Key word is attractive. Have standards! I've had other women and they couldn't help me break my porn addiction. I was ruining myself by watching porn every other day for hours. My damn arms were sore as hell. I could not focus on the things I needed to do. I was so addicted that I would message those fake messengers on porn sites that "real" women would respond back to. That was when I was stuck in a relationship that I felt porn was necessary to get all the cum out because she couldn't make me cum. I've always felt that it has to get out or something bad will happen. It gets so much worse with stress. Calming yourself with work out plans and meditation helps. I could only quit due to the person I'm with right now. I hope you find someone, or something to calm you down.
  6. @TBurg82 Ginseng and zinc? I've never had ed but I've heard my buddies talk about it. That's all I remember of that conversation. I agree with the others on working out. It helps the blood flowww.
  7. I was going to say that naked is best. I see the biggest difference when I wear prep clothes. I don't know how else to describe it. I've gotten the most attention when I shave too.
  8. No fap helped me realize the potential in my own relationships. I'd fap to escape reality and pretend I was never in any kind of relationship. I messaged girls on porn sites and would sext back to fake women on the internet begging them to be real. I did some stupid shit as a kid.
  9. Good luck doing that bro. It shows a woman you are too cheap to pay for her meal. I would not let my girl pay when we met. She was stubborn and still got away with paying for her part a few times. Ironically she does pay for most our food now. ha. I cover the bills and she saves up everything for us. Teamwork.
  10. @ArabiaNytes I learned a bit from therapy sessions for struggling with bipolar. I have had this particular therapist for the past year, and it's working better than the last one did. Last year's therapist wasn't invested in helping me as much as she was into shoving pills down my throat. I do often undergo periods where I feel it's pointless talking to another human about my internal problems when it's really something I should figure out from within. Hypnotherapy was really helpful for me, and I am scheduling another session soon. Not related but your user name has me thinking of my childhood.
  11. My apologies on the negativity. I couldn't do it so I find it hard to believe that is is possible. I actually lived 4 hrs away from my girl. Having her near me was essential to both of our happiness. If we did not live together now then I am sure we would of gotten really tired of trying to drive back and forth. I have no doubt one of us would of gotten bored with not having someone around for fun. It really takes the joy out of life when you sit at home worrying if the other person you care for is out doing things they should not, or if they are dead in a ditch somewhere.
  12. Damn right. They should never hit us or even have the thought cross over into reality vice versa. I would classify myself as the white knight type at times. My strength is more than my own girls. I know I was born with more anger and more physical strength than any woman I was raised with. I was brought up to believe that a man that will beat on a woman who is weaker than himself is a pussy. That is all i can say about it. If she has a gun on her or a knife then it's game on son.
  13. Long distance relationships are insane if you ask me. Trust is important, but with that you have no real means to trust the other person. Trust is built best when you can see and speak with a person. Living a life with them and growing off of one another.
  14. @governor I did see one, and I've felt better about things that before I would have gotten a negative feeling towards. Better than any therapy session I've ever had. @Carrie You gave me enough to write a book on my experience with hypnosis. ha. I remember my session, but her voice was so soothing on my soul. I brought myself out of it. I was afraid of being "asleep", but like you said I was actually not sleeping at all. I can honestly say she is a highly professional woman who was able to pull out information I wasn't comfortable talking about before to anyone.. and this was before the session had started. It might of helped my mind realize that it needed to unburden itself a bit by letting go of my past issues. It's weird knowing I had anxiety before, but now I feel like it's not apart of who I am anymore. Really powerful work was done in my case. @Emerald Wilkins Do you know some tips on self hypnosis?
  15. I see.. !