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  1. @Carl-Richard forget my smoking Just go to kriya yoga megathread and read it from begining to end.u will see with your own eyes the stupidity of leo. My point is never fall into leos marketing like "i am the most conscious human" etc.because if u do then there are some problems with it.
  2. yes I took long time to figure it out .back in the days i was naive and got into lot of problems
  3. @BenG I got the false confidence that i can breake any addiction with ease because of watching leo.but u can easily say it is my fault.but a true expert on addiction will always take a lot of responsibility and make the informatio as detailed as possible.but i got misleaded from leo. If u r new here ,always take leo with a pinch of salt.always cross check what he says with other masters on the my opinion he is a middle man who take something and rebrands it .the information from source is always better than middlemen.but his marketing is very good.he market himself as the greatest or final authority on a subject.his video are his take on the subject.his video on law of attraction and karma are a barstardised corrupt version of orginal concept.because that is his take.
  4. a student goest to a master to learn things.he train under him for 20-30-50 the end the master check his personality and whether he is qualified to teach.if he is qualified then the master give him permission to teach But leo does the complete opposite of this.leo find a subject intresting.learn it 1 or 2 years .then he start to teach it.because he has no masterful undrstanding of the subject he mislead people.he only scratch the surface. Take a look at the kriya yoga mega thread.he mislead many people there.many people are misleaded there I also got hurt because of this.back in 2018 i watched leos video on addiction.leo was so confident in that video that i thought "man this guy has figured addiction out" because of his confidence i got a little cocky.i startes smoking cigeretts because i thought that with leos method i will not get addicted.and that is how i got into alot of harm.i had to spend the next 2 years to breake the was 2 years of hell and i suffered a lot.i got misleaded because of his confidence and lack of masterful understanding of subject.he only scratched the surface and got me misleaded and i got a content creator he has some resposnibility .i trusted him blindly and i got fucked
  5. In recent times,in every video leo gives himself award for being the most conscious human to ever exist and having the insights that noone except him can understand.this is not talked about enough.this is cringe as fuck.its like that child saying my toy is better than your toy.u need to stop this shit leo.u need to do more conscious marketing than this.
  6. @tuckerwphotography pdf looks intresting.thanks. Is it someone else who added the later stages
  7. Hey leo u said in 9 stages of ego development theory video that u r at halfway between magician and unitive stage.but in this forum u said u r half way between yellow and is this possible. isint magician=turqoise.i am still learning 9sedt but i understand strategist correspond to yellow and pluralist currespond to can u be at 2 different stages in 2 models
  8. How can u be in yellow when u said in 9sedt video that u r in half way between magician and unitive stage. Isint magician=turqoise.
  9. Yeah agreed india is very underdeveloped.the people who reach orange are those living near cities .the professors in my college were blue is the best stage an average indian guy can reach
  10. I am passionate about my purpose.but the work i have to do to actualize my purpose is ordinary work.but because i am passionate about the purpose i somehow managed to get to love the ordinary work
  11. I am passionate about selfhelp ,spirituality,martial art and relegion.but i cannot make money out of to make money i have to actualize a purpose.i plan to work 10 hours on the purpose and do what i am passionate about in the remaining time
  12. @Thought Art is ashtanga yoga learnable using youtube videos and books
  13. I am a dating noob but an armchair expert in dating.i donot want to date woman but i want to improve my interaction with is there a big overlap between those 2 fields
  14. I think intelligence=contemplation.if u contemplate more u will be more intelligent
  15. @actualizing25 do not bring iq to has nothing to do with sd