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  1. There is guy who put lahiris first level orginal kriya (from shibendu lineage) as back as in 1999 on internet Go there download the torrent which is 5 gb You can read about the report from hans kriya here Above link has a detailed link about the experience of a person who did this kriya.i recommend you read it From my understanding stevens first kriya is not orginal kriya of is edited version probably from pointed out by mountaincactus kriya should be learnt from a guru.because of covid you may visit the site to get a taste of orginal is very very simple compared to stevens or gamanas or even ennios kriya.i coudnt follow stevens techniques because it is very complex and require some skill to get the result. Hans kriya is very simple .all you have to do is locate chakras.see this video You need also jc stevens chapter om japa on the chakras. And you are set to go