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  1. @Leo Gura Also leo if u care so much about humanity , why dont u make a 3 hour video about balenciaga
  2. U killed 2 people U murdered people 2 people died because of your philosophy Today u r a liberal. So the elite will not come after u. Tomarrow if u go against liberalism , the elite will bring up your 2 victims and every cringe thing u said and make a propoganda campaign against u and basically brainwash every noobie and everyone that u r a cult leader and things like that basically. I mean think about it. Think of all the cringe things u said when u were a noobie in psychidelics. Wouldnt u think there is enough propoganda material out there to portray u as a cult leader, narcisst ,etc etc The only reason tate is attacked is beacuse he pose a threat to the elite and to liberalism basically. His cancellation did not work. So they are arresting him. Do enough research instead of attacking him based on propoganda and ideological differences. Read some history books on how the elite killed martin luther king , malcom x , micheal jackson etc etc. The way i see it u r a dogmatic idealogue basically. Making a video about ideology does not make u immune to it.
  3. Only 1 sect Ahlu sunnah wal jamah Rumi was ahlu sunmah wal jamah All orginal sufis were ahlu sunnah wal jamah But there are many different branches of sufism The sufi order rumi created has declined rapidly . u should not go for it Go for other sufi orders Also i heard that sufi orders will only accept u if u r a muslim I heard that they wont teach it to non muslim. So do the research Learn abour basics first . i am not initiated into any sufi orders. Islam as a belief system kept me happy. I have not joined any sufi orders. Islam as a belief system kept me happy. I will soon join 1. Imo u should read about islam first Also i only researched for 1 year i may be wrong .u can do independent research @Manusia
  4. I researched sufism for only 1 year. I am not perfect but here goes what i think From what i heard Sufis interpret it as "i am getting closer and closer to allah" They do not interpret it as "i am allah" There is no limit to how much closer u can reach to allah . sufis are all in different lengths and degrees in being closer to allah Also when u r in a high spiritual esctacy , u r not normal and u r just abnormal and sharia does not 100 percent applu to u. So a sufi who say "i am allah" is in an abnormal state(spiritual ecstacy) and sharia doesnt not 100 % apply it to him ibn arabi and rumi were all muslims. They were not pantheist There are many scholars , scholars who are experts in outer science who wrote greate works to defend ibn arabi. Many scholars defend him. Many book have been writtern about it.
  5. I am not qualified to give dawah Look into someone knowldgabele I know the answer but i am not qualified to explain it leos idea of god will not ideologically survive against islams idea of god
  6. Dont forget to check out other things also
  7. @tuckerwphotography I read it. I have some questions 1) how did u survive without money for 5 years ? 2) so it took u 5 years to move from green to turqoise ? 3) so u just used spiritual practice to reach such high stage and not through chasing goals. Was the spirtul journey that took u to magician and not chasing goals and having strong work ethic?
  8. I went to madrassah upto 8th class I never left islam.i was a muslim in name only. Never took it too seriously I researched islam before i returning back. Islam ideologically won me over. Other wise i would now be a muslim by name only and would not take it seriously. Why should i be a muslim if it never won me over ideologicaly Why should i follow islam if i think it is not the truth I can perfect my pickup game through years of practice and bang 100 woman. I can earn some good money using what i know. I can do psychidelics and get high fast. I can use kriya to get in ecstacy every single day. I just get rid of all of it and moved to islam for a reason Regarding sect The orginal islam is ahlu sunnah wal jamah It is under attack A movement by the name of barelvism defend ahlu sunnah wal jamah Wahabism and salafism is a heretic sect. If u ever reach islam dont follow it. Just look into ahlu sunnah wal jamah defended by barelvis Wahabis started attacking orginal islam ie ahlu sunnab wal jamah from 1700 A movement started from india to defend ahlu sunnah wal jamah. That is called barlevism
  9. @Raptorsin7 The colonialist and neo colonialist think tanks all tried to ideologically destroy islam but failed Islam is rock solid ideologically Whenever u hear bad about islam it is an emotional attack Like age of aisha Prophet muhammad sa being a war lord and pedophile Terorrism Barabarism Mysogyny Etc etc They never attack the islams core ideas or belifes or islams idea of god. They never attacks islams idea of god or things like that. Its always aishas age or warlord or mysogyny etc
  10. Only kriya yoga helped me in keeping my mind sane I used to practice kriya yoga and that kept mind stable Then i went to islam and islam as a belief system cured my greate depression. I did not do a single moment of meditation. Islam as a belief system just cured it . i did basically 0 meditation work and i am happpy. I am happy now more than i was when doing kriya yoga Kriya yoga gives u amazing ecstacy and psychidelic states. But i was ideologicaly unhappy. Islam just fixed my ideological inhappiness and othet things. I am not in ecstacy now like i was in kriya .but i am happy now
  11. ? If Islam is true then that means god allows us to have 4 wives which is pretty cool Did u ever read redpill? Men are ploygamous Men want quantity Woman wants quality Woman need the best quality man they can get Men want a lot of woman . they want variety In real life , woman just shares a high value man If u r a high value man , many woman will share u Men are polygamous by nature. They want a lot of variety. That is why porn are so popular. U will never settle with 1 model in porn. U will always look for multiple pornatar Islam just acknowledge this and put a limit on it. Islam says that u can have multiple woman but 4 is the limit. Islam just limit the sexual partners of The most high value man in islam I returend to islam before tate. I returned to islam before andre tate became viral. My return to islam has nothing to do with andrew tate. I naturally go against the peer pressure
  12. @omar30 dude I am a stage yellow muslim Return to islam brother Islam is perfect and is the only solution for mankind Watch daniel haqiqatjou ,hamza tzortzis, muhammada hijab, subbor ahmad to escape the mental colonialism u have been put through
  13. @Carl-Richard @Carl-Richard hey INFP did u check out socionics? Socionics is an improvement on MBTI It makes more sense than MBTI
  14. Practice kriya yoga Do 6 months of kriya yoga practice and u will forget what depression looks like Big pharma want u to be their permenent customer. Kriya yoga ended my greate depression while pills did nothing and doctors were milking my money through pills Practicing kriya yoga and returning to islam were the only things that ended my depression. Vipasana was not enough
  15. Can u name the specific book of ken wilber and tom campbell