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  1. Hey leo u said in 9 stages of ego development theory video that u r at halfway between magician and unitive stage.but in this forum u said u r half way between yellow and is this possible. isint magician=turqoise.i am still learning 9sedt but i understand strategist correspond to yellow and pluralist currespond to can u be at 2 different stages in 2 models
  2. How can u be in yellow when u said in 9sedt video that u r in half way between magician and unitive stage. Isint magician=turqoise.
  3. Yeah agreed india is very underdeveloped.the people who reach orange are those living near cities .the professors in my college were blue is the best stage an average indian guy can reach
  4. I am passionate about my purpose.but the work i have to do to actualize my purpose is ordinary work.but because i am passionate about the purpose i somehow managed to get to love the ordinary work
  5. I am passionate about selfhelp ,spirituality,martial art and relegion.but i cannot make money out of to make money i have to actualize a purpose.i plan to work 10 hours on the purpose and do what i am passionate about in the remaining time
  6. @Thought Art is ashtanga yoga learnable using youtube videos and books
  7. I am a dating noob but an armchair expert in dating.i donot want to date woman but i want to improve my interaction with is there a big overlap between those 2 fields
  8. I think intelligence=contemplation.if u contemplate more u will be more intelligent
  9. @actualizing25 do not bring iq to has nothing to do with sd
  10. Society made us believe doing any spiritual activity is a sign of weakness
  11. @Tim R just read way of men and u will understand Basic idea of masculinity is be more stronger than the other person, be more couragious ,form a tribe etc
  12. @peanutspathtotruth does doing yoga nidra reduce sleep
  13. Read way of men by jack book on masculinity.this book is a healthy stage red and purple.masculinity is a stage red thing.. If your goal is to be more masculine then this book is everything u need
  14. Yeah my browser is not properly loading this forum hence the wiered words My lifepurpose is to be police officer.but it need an exam to pass.but that exam select people for other jobs like accountant , typist i started focusing on getting job with less working hours.this change in mindset changed my daily work into a chore and the meaning is gone my mindset changed into toxic one. I started blaming my mom for all the problens i am having.i even blamed leo for this.and i put 1or 2 toxic comments in this forum scapegoating leo.i was living everyday with something empty in my life Yeah i am an unemployed male.i did not change jobs.i changed my mindset when working in same task.and change in mindset made me toxic .also when i reversed my mindset i become happy
  15. U need to focus on 1 thing that u will be the best in the world at it and then u need to master many things so that u r ok/mediocre at it