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  1. Good point
  2. Funny how the dating section debates have stopped but this covid debate hasn't yet lol.
  3. An example of something I would never do. My situation is worse, at least financially. And sometimes I do complain, get angry, lose motivation and hope, suffer from setbacks, etc. But I have pride, and that's all I need. You could take my freedom, lock me up in a box, torture and beat me to death. But you could never take my pride. And what is a man's worth without his pride? Men can be reduced down to two types: the killer, and the beggar. Choose whichever path you want in life. You're either this or that. There's no third option. Remember the first principle in life: Survival, and zero-sum game. Leo's advice is very practical. It gave me the motivation I needed to keep going down the path that I've already chosen. I've been suffering despair and lack of motivation in the past few days, and was hardly able to move forward. Somehow, and at some point, I started having doubts. Now, I know my efforts won't be wasted. I know that the harder I work now, the easier it will be then. Thank you, Leo, sincerely. Perhaps you should teach more about basic survival instead of the useless philosophy you're obsessed with.
  4. Exactly! Fucking hippies lol. Anyway, Been doing some serious shadow work, and was able to pinpoint some very first distinctions regarding women and music. I'm excited about that but won't talk about for now. I might make a new journal entry for each or both, or probably not at all. Need some more contemplation. I'm finally starting to see the end of this dark tunnel. I need to heal from those diseases asap. It's mandatory. I wanna return fully to my authentic nature.
  5. Good vs. Bad is the single best duality, ever. Nuance is for losers and idiots. Not gonna waste my time explaining this insight, how I got it, or why it is true. You're just gonna have to accept it as the absolute truth. Otherwise, you're just stupid. Smart vs. Stupid is another cool duality.
  6. In this case, slavery must be re-established first. But let's be realistic, many male celebrities marry one woman and probably keep a rotation, let alone the constant random IG gigs. That's the real world, not some fantasy land.
  7. Dude, that's probably not the issue. Think about it, why would a man want to legally bind himself (marriage/divorce fees and other expenses, let alone the headache, etc.) when he can already fuck any number of women he wants, effortlessly, and almost for free? It just doesn't make sense. He might want to marry one woman and keep a rotation. But he definitely won't go for polygamy. I'm not talking to OP anymore. If you're reading, don't reply. I'm not interested in teaching you kindergarten stuff.
  8. What is the phenomenon that you've observed? Higher percentages of being single and filing divorces amongst women? A select group of men getting laid more than most others? You can interpret these information in any way you want. You're responding in a way that tells more about you than about reality. But if you must know, the future is not gonna be like you're imagining. Yeah, so? Magic, unlike conspiracy theories, is real.
  9. @Raptorsin7 You're doing exactly like a conspiracy theorist here. They take information and misinterpret it, and then they imagine implications and ghosts that don't and won't exist.
  10. The world will end way before we reach that place. There's nothing to worry about.
  11. I guess some things/people are always just gonna be ugly and disgusting. Fuck stage Green, for eternity! It's the single most disgusting group of people that have ever existed and ever will. It's not the content itself that's ugly, just the people who create and consume it, and how they go about doing all that. Ugh, just imagining them gives me a headache and drives me crazy! I swear they're the only ones that physically stimulate vomit reactions in me. Their psychology is disgusting.
  12. Most people don't want to be happy. At least, happiness is not one of their top priorities. Otherwise, happiness is not really that hard.
  13. @Thunder Kiss Check out Emerald's YouTube channel called The Diamond Net. She discusses these topics in depth, with a style similar to Leo.
  14. You know the typical spiritual answer to this question? It's not "people" who develop spiritual egos and grow out of them. Rather, it's God who sleeps in a human dream and identifies as a limited human with desires and illusions. But the real answer is a lot more radical than that.