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  1. Awesome!
  2. I made two comments in the society section today; they were too revealing and insightful I had to delete them afterwards. My conscience just couldn't let me leave them. Sharing the highest wisdom with lesser beings is against my religion, and for committing this sin I am deeply regretful. I will stop sharing wisdom altogether for as long as I can to make up for this mistake. I seek atonement and refugee from myself, with myself 😂
  3. Can you imagine a worse place?
  4. The only people who follow politics or have any interest in it are the fools of society. What is political interest but mental masturbation to power/control shows?!
  5. The "You Don't Know JavaScript" book is awesome! It's the difference between scam and the real deal. There are many misconceptions that I've been taught in the YouTube courses. The book calls them out, apparently because they're fairly common amongst developers. And the reason that is the case is because almost nobody actually cares about understanding how JavaScript actually works. Most developers only care about learning the basics in the most simplified way in order to get a job, which is superficial and inefficient. And that's precisely what causes buggy and/or slow applications. A program that contains unnecessary code will more often than not be buggy/have low performance, as well as a program that lacks correct and precise code. The more precise and accurate, the best the outcome. Programming is all about detail. For me, I can't put up with less than mastery. When I do something, I do it perfectly. And when I learn something, I learn it completely. This is what differentiates world-class from average. I want to be world-class. But of course, that'll take some time, and I gotta start somewhere. So, I don't have to be a master to start working, but becoming a master will be my goal after getting the job.
  6. Soothing.
  7. I remember when I was in school, the teacher would shout at us and tell us that we were the worst generation that she saw. My father has the same memory. So, it's either that every generation is worse than before, or that reincarnation is real
  8. How can I use this insight to improve my life?
  9. Areas I currently struggle with: Finance; major struggle. Self-esteem; specifically, the confidence component, but it's minor. Lifestyle; not congruent with any of my highest goals, but it's temporary. Energy levels; due to poor lifestyle (poverty = low quality food, mild anorexia due to having to sit most of the day, etc.). Relationships; I rarely interact with people nowadays, due to, again, poor lifestyle. I absolutely believe that improving my finances will result in improving all the other areas, which is why I'm mostly focused on it at the moment even on the expense of the other areas. Money will buy me freedom, and I will use that freedom to improve my life. You don't know how limited and paralyzed your life can get unless you experience poverty. There are degrees to poverty, I am probably somewhere near the lowest tier. I know poorer people, but they're few. If I would have to guess, I would say I'm one of the poorest 5% people on earth. As for confidence, I would probably rate at 80-90%, but that's not enough for me. If it's not 100%, it's not real confidence. I can be confident on demand, but it requires conscious effort. Ideally, a truly confident person is confident on autopilot. That's what I'm aiming towards.
  10. We know life is such a heavy load!
  11. Manipulation technique for my survival.