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  1. Thanks for trying to give me an idea of it. I think that one has to experience something like this in order to understand it, otherwise it only leads to disillusionment and distortion.
  2. @WeCome1 Thanks for your reply That really sounds like something worth striving for. I still don't understand one thing... it still drives me crazy. The other people don't exist? How is that to be understood? Do you go through everyday life as an enlightened person and think that all people here did not exist at all? Is this a metaphor to make it clear to you that I am creating my reality? I probably can't understand this, but literally taken, it's of course hard to accept.
  3. Hello everybody, Maybe you have read my last post on this forum. The post is now about 2 months old. That is now as long as I am engaged in the subject of spirituality. So I am an absolute newbie. I have no problem admitting that. I came across the videos on advanced spirituality by chance, because I learned a lot from leo and I wanted to hear his views on god. I of course knew nothing about it and was shocked at what he said. (Mainly solopsism) Since the teachings from the videos I had seen from him before were always very practical, I (like many newbies) took his statements literally. Of course, this led to a lot of confusion and disillusionment, which is why I wrote the post before. What happened next is fairly typical, I demonized leo, watched videos saying that leo is a psycho leading a cult etc.... I spent hours going through the forum looking at similar posts about god and solopsism. I noticed that there is a lot of disagreement and even aggression within this topic. It didn't feel like the topic was "positive", at least not yet for me. I am just not sure if spirituality is for me. I have always tended to get caught up in things mentally and I could imagine that I am not "up to" spirituality. I am afraid of losing touch with reality and getting caught up in "mental stuff". Of course, I am absolutely not enlightened and I have never taken psychodelics. Nor do I have any idea what it is exactly. I honestly do not know exactly what kind of answer I expect here. What's happening is that I'm trying to fit the things I've read/heard/seen into my current understanding of everything, and I keep coming across inconsistencies that are driving me crazy. However, I would like to know what you think about it. Is spirituality for everyone? Can one "practice" spirituality? For beginners, so to speak. Are there any philosophers/teachers that I should read to get started with this topic? How did you came into spirituality? Or should I rather delete my account on this site and never stumble across advanced spirituality again? Honestly, I'm just a 21 year old dude who watched videos from actualized to improve his life (which always worked great). But this time I feel kind of trapped and don't really know what to do. Hopefully the post does not seem funny and I am happy about any serious feedback. Thanks
  4. God

    @Yimpa yes, I love them. I dont really know why you would ask that, but yeah that´s the answer.
  5. God

    @ChrisZoZo What my mind is constantly trying to do is to squeeze what little I have learned so far about God and spirituality into my current crumbling understanding of reality. Solopsism sounds very bad at first and it scares me. But I think I need deeper insights to understand this. What I can do now is trust that Life and God is Good. I try to trust only what I experience myself. Thx for your answer
  6. God

    @Theplay thank you. This helped a lot.
  7. God

    @Razard86 first of all, thank you for your answer. I think we both agree that with my contribution I was looking for an answer that I can't get. i wanted to hear: "you live in a material world and all other people exist just like you." For me the insights were shocking and made me very crazy. A not very developed mind can not cope with these words and views.
  8. God

    @JellyDogShoe_1Mil Thank you so much for your answer. I guess I got into this topic a little too early. My mind was not yet ready to not misunderstand the statements. As you rightly say, it is very easy to misunderstand these statements and get lost.
  9. Hey. I recently looked at both parts of your explanation of God. At one point you say that all human beings are imaginary and don't really exist. I am probably far too materialistic at this point to understand the true meaning of this statement. Yet I can't stop thinking about it. Last night I almost lost my mind thinking i'm all alone and all my family members don't exist. Can someone help me here ?