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  1. If I'm banned this time, I'm not coming back.
  2. You don't comprehend how seductive that sounds to me.
  3. You banned @vladorion for saying something along those lines.
  4. Not unless she's doing it out of hopelessness and desperation. Otherwise, I don't care if she sleeps with the guy even before the first date. In fact, that's even more attractive.
  5. In my experience, meditation does raise baseline level of consciousness. And the gains don't go away if you stop meditating, at least not as quickly as you might think. It's similar to learning how to drive, once you have the skill, you won't likely forget it. But if you stop driving, you might lose some of your drifting skills and become more of a basic driver. But it depends on how long you've meditated, the longer you've meditated, the deeper the effect. If you meditate for one week, you probably won't gain much to stay around for long in the first place, and you'll likely lose this minor gain, anyway. It's not BS. Just open up your mind to the possibility that I might have a point instead of dismissing everything that I say. It's not my claim even. Watch the series made by Leo, or read the original research paper if you think I don't have any credibility. About the worshipping thing, I don't dismiss a constructive feedback if there is any. If you think I'm worshipping Leo, please explain why you think so, and if you make at least one solid point, then I'll look into it.
  6. Like you woke up to it, that it is a dream, is something that you can wake up from, if you wish.
  7. There are things that you can wake up from (wrong information), and things that you can wake up to (correct information). And there's a shuffle that happens with time, such that you'll wake up from things you woke up to earlier (transcendence), and wake up to things you woke up from earlier (nuance).
  8. He's not completely wrong though. The problem is that he's stuck at the construct-aware stage. He makes a valid point, but only from that stage's point of view. But Leo is way past that. Leo understands what he's saying, but he's not limited to it. You, on the other hand, are not construct-aware at all. So, while on the surface, it might seem like you and Leo share the same overall perspective, Leo has a lot more nuance. His perspective includes and transcends your perspective, literally, and so to speak. If you want to improve in this area, you should study relativity and improve your understanding of how language works. Basically, you need to become familiar with post-modernism.
  9. It is posts like this one that make Leo say what he says, that nobody is awake, and he is right. Nobody understands the levels of Love that Leo has reached. Even I don't, but I can intuit. Leo might have some degree of narcissism, and he probably has a God/Messiah complex. But so what? Are narcissists and abnormal people not worthy of love? They're God('s creation) after all. Why can't you love them and accept them as they are? It's simple, your love and acceptance don't include what your ego doesn't like. Your love and acceptance are limited to what your ego loves, and that's the point. Hence, he says you are not awake.
  10. @Leo Gura Now I remember a conversation I had once with one of your previous mods after your 30-day retreat. They had experience with psychedelics and specifically 5-MeO. So I asked them about their opinion on your state at that time, because you seemed unwell. They basically told me that they experienced alien stuff too, like stuff out of this human realm completely, and that ungrounded them for some time, so they thought you were going through a similar thing. Anyway, and since I have no experience with drugs, I'll just assume that the overall awakenings of 5-MeO seem to be related to two main categories: Solipsism/God consciousness. Alien consciousness. Is there more to 5-MeO than these two awakenings?
  11. mad scientist figure appears,destruction of society and morality. This is super interesting! The battle between religion/conservatives and science/liberals is ages old. Scientists were hunted and killed for committing the sin of experimenting. Everything we don't know is sacred and we're not supposed to look or question anything. What an interesting turn of events that we're experiencing, haha!
  12. Like Frankenstein for example. Any insights into this?
  13. Yeah, they did some terrible stuff. I've also heard that the USA did or does similar experiments at least in the field of psychology.
  14. I guessed the same, WW2 certainly played a role in solidifying this idea. Interesting how relative everything can be. Scientists are currently considered amongst the most noble humans.
  15. No, they won't. Not even in the far future.
  16. Playing the game is as important as studying it. Playing teaches you what studying cannot, and vice-versa. Don't hate the players, and don't hate the game.
  17. Self-inquiry is reductive. But meditation is not. It took me less than a month of self-inquiry practice to reach its conclusion, but I've never gotten to the end of meditation. I've cut down a lot on my practice recently, but I probably will return to it after I move out of my country. Meditation is basically condensed mindfulness. Mindfulness is awareness throughout the day, or your base level of consciousness. Meditation concentrates all of your mindfulness into the timeframe of the session, and it produces profound awakenings. It depends on how you practice it though. If you just try to shut down your mind, it will produce very different awakenings than if you allow and observe. There is value to each, but the latter is a lot more vast and there's a lot to explore. Meditation is by far the single most powerful practice that I know.
  18. Reducing down can be very valuable for understanding reality, just not necessarily always down to the lowest levels. It's also not always the best idea to look at the biggest picture possible. Each level can give insights into things and how they relate to other things both on the same level and on different levels.
  19. Infidel Here we only pray to Leo