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    Share your personal dev technology hacks
    Well, i always liked those electric scooters and decided to buy one.
    There is this free app that can change the location or something on the Xiaomi/Ninebot scooters. German 20km/h, Europe 25km/h or US 30km/h.
    I bought the German version of the Ninebot and installed it to Europe. Saved 150e as nobody wanted a 20km/h vehicle and it was always on sale. The difference now is that the Europe version has yellow tires and mine has blue tires and now drives at 25km/h instead of 20km/h.

  2. Gluten
    Is gluten really that bad?
    @actualizing25 gluten is problematic if you are coeliac. That would be an extreme form of allergy and in such case gluten has to go for life.
    The modern thing called Gluten intolerance or gluten sensitivity, on the other hand,  usually marks gastrointestinal disturbance rather than any sort of genetic thing or an immune conflict.
    For example, you can test non-coeliacs who react to bread for gluten sensitivity and you will find that their anti-gliadin antibodies up. When you remove gluten and put something else like oats in and retest in a month, you will find anti-avidin antibodies going up. What this suggests is not that the gluten is an issue but that this stuff is making its way to the bloodstream, triggering an immune reaction and that's what you see on blood results usually due to increased gut permeability, the microparticles called antigens are small enough to fall through these "openings". 
    For people who are non-coeliac and who have no digestive disturbances, gluten is usually fine but it should come from natural whole food sources such as wholegrain breads, wholegrain pasta or gluten-containing wholegrain such as rye or teff rather than from highly processed foods like tortillas, white toasts or flour. Alternatively, you can always mix it up with non-gluten wholegrains like buckwheat, quinoa, amaranth etc. 

  3. Gluten
    Is gluten really that bad?
    Some people can tolerate it. Many cannot.
    There's nothing really good about it. It's basically empty calories and toxins. Wheat has a lot of pesticides in it and it is poorly digested by the gut because it was been so over-bred to be pest-resistant.
    The thing is, if you are young, you will feel like nothing can hurt you regardless of what shit you eat. Then, as you age it all catches up to you.
    When I was young I could eat wheat and drink 3 cokes a day without worries. Today I am paying for it.
    Optimizing your diet requires a very long-term view: decades. If you only consider how it makes you feed today, you will eat a lot of shit and still feel okay.

  4. Logistics for starting pick up
    How do I start pick up
    Realistically you should find a local wingman in your area who has some experience and can show you the ropes. Look online for one in your city.
    If that fails and you dare to brave it solo, you need to research areas in your city where lots of attractive women hang out: bars, clubs, cafes, malls, etc. You need to make a list of all these venues, visit them, double-check them, and find the best ones that you will be using in the future. Then start going then several times a week and start approach single women.

  5. repetition
    Does Learning Really = Repetition?
    Conscious repetition, yes.
    Unconscious repetition, no.

  6. Goal Setting & Productivity
    How To Improve Your Productivity
    Productivity is a subject that concerns us all. Between family, friends, hobbies, work. It's tough to get to do everything we want to do. Computers and social networks do not help the situation because they are both a source of distraction and an excuse to always ask for more.
    My Advice To Improve Your Productivity
    If I had to give you one piece of advice and only one to improve your productivity, it would be this: set yourself goals programmed in time.
    Goals are not exactly tasks. These are sets of tasks or projects.
    Here are some examples, professional or personal:
    •Have enrolled children in extra-curricular activities
    •Have up-to-date accounts
    •Have acquired X clients / Have approached X potential clients
    •Sell half of the cellar's stuff
    •Take plane tickets for the next vacation
    You will have noticed that these goals all start with an action verb. And yes, their realization depends only on you! Or almost ?.
    You may also have noticed Who can break down these objectives into more specific tasks.For example, taking plane tickets for the holidays can be broken down into the following tasks:
    1.Choosing the dates
    2.Choosing the exact destination
    3.Looking on search engines
    4.Checking on the airline website
    Why Will This Advice Improve Your Productivity?
    You probably already have plenty of to-do lists. But as they fill up, these lists can get more scary and disturbing than anything else (and I know what I'm talking about, I'm a list pro!).
    Setting goals spread over time will allow you to prioritize these tasks. what will therefore improve your productivity because:
    •You'll waste less time thinking over and over again what is most urgent to do
    •You will be less overwhelmed by everyday life
    •You will have a medium-term vision
    • who will strengthen your motivation
    •You will be less prone to procrastination
    And as someone we know well would say:  
    " A Goal Without A Plan Is Called A Wish"- Antoine De Saint.
    So to improve your productivity, develop your action plan!
    How To Do?
    There are several levels of goal planning. I have four classes, and I find that it works very well like that. So, periodically I set my goals at:
    Six months
    One month
    One week
    One day
    You take the time to do this exercise, and you will see that what will positively impact your productivity and peace of mind.
    Take 1 hour or 2, calmly to think about it. For my part, I do this exercise every Monday morning.
    •Start by setting your goals at six months or a year. Write them down! It may be the right occasion to open a new notebook. A task and productivity notebook, for example. 
    •Then break these goals down by month. Define what you need to do to achieve the six months / 1-year goals each month.
    Now that you've set your goals for the current month set your goals this week. Write down what you should do this week to move towards your monthly plan (s)
    Once you've set your goals for the week, what's left? Define your plans for the day!
    And if you want to be even better at planning and productivity, you can take your calendar and set daily goals for the whole week on Monday. It will significantly improve your efficiency because you start each day knowing what to do.
    Finally, what satisfaction at the end of the week when you find that you have achieved all the week's goals, Enough to go on weekends with peace of mind!
    Last recommendation: do this job in two stages: business goals (usually the longest and most important) and one for personal purposes (usually the part we neglect to plan).
    Happy planning, everyone, and let me know how you are doing below!
    Source:- Divine Life

  7. Sprial dynamics & being gay
    Frustration with other points of view that seem crazy and retarded.
    You are not appreciating the depth of the situation and what I said.
    Gayness has been a survival obstacle for men for thousands of years, which is why it is still so stigmatized around the world in nearly all cultures. The fact that some progressive pockets have advanced to a stage of society in the last 20 years where being gay is not a serious liability, that doesn't disprove my point, that proves my point.
    Today, in a highly advanced society you can be gay without much problem. But this was not true for most of humam history, and it still is not true in most parts of the world. Hence stage Red and Blue gay stigmas remain.
    None of this should be surprising to you. That you cannot see this shows how fucking pampered, entitled, and oblvious you are to the way most humans survive in the world.
    If you live in San Francisco, NYC, or LA and act gay, no problem. If you live in Russia or the Middle East and act gay, they might cut your dick off just for fun.
    Better yet, try acting gay in prison. See what happens to your survival odds.
    Being gay is a luxury only recently made available thanks to rising incomes and advancements in civilization. Which is why in countries like Iran the idea of being gay does not even exist. They think gays only live in America. Because to be gay in Iran is suicidal.

  8. "Social creativity"
    So befriend them or start your own parties.
    Stop making excuses. Do what is required to get results.
    Look man, you are not the first man alive picking up girls on campus. Guys do it all the time. Figure out how. Maybe even watch some videos of guys doing it.
    You can chat up girls simply in classes, hallways, and lecture halls.
    You can go to social events on campus. So many social events, networking events, sports events, study groups, gym, yoga, park, etc.
    You don't need to hit on them hard. You can start off by just being very social. Socialization is like 80% of pickup.
    Do pickup outside the bars/clubs on the streets.
    Or just wait a bit. By the time Covid ends you'll be 21 and ready for action.
    Have some patience. Your life has barely begun and you are acting like you're 65 years old.
    Find cute girls in class. Sit next to them. Chat them up. Grab their numbers. Invite them to social events.
    If you are clever, you can get access to frat parties by befriending a few hot girls and then telling the frat guys that if they invite you to their party, you will bring 3 hot girls and they will each bring 2 friends. The guys will love you and will want you at all of their parties. Build a contact list of 10 to 20 girls who you are not dating or fucking, but are "just friends" for purposes of party invites.
    Stop being lazy and uncreative about this.

  9. Visualization for beginners Audio
    The #1 Visualization Technique
    Thank you ?  Here's some fun and interactive exercises for visualization. Can be lessons too, for those who still operate in 3rd dimension ?

  10. Visualization Post
    The #1 Visualization Technique
    Whether it has been described by others or is solely practiced by me I am not certain.
    Warning: Over the years, this has, in a way, cost me the ability to perform mathematics and process "technical aspects" of life. I perceive consciousness, imagination, and "following the bliss" as paramount. The more I descend into this powerful, yet simple practice, the less value I project onto ordinary, restricted activities such as mathematics. (Although, paradoxically, this technique is more down-to-earth than any other if we assume the meaning of down-to-earth to be "tranquil in the moment.")
    It's suitable for artists, for self-exploration, and for visualization in general. Here's how it works: Your visualization is already massive, infinite, and it's only being held down by your psychological constructs. That's all. The process you should apply when trying to visualize is to eliminate existing psychological boundaries. You are free to go anywhere, in any direction, to pursue the "w" axis of this world. When you usually try to visualize something, you are working upon preexisting framework of beliefs, which "slow the system down" if I may use the term. Each limiting belief is an axiom which clogs the mind. Attaining a powerful, transcendental visualization is simply about becoming aware of your limiting beliefs and dropping them down. What are the limiting beliefs in this case?
    You believe that you reside in the third dimension. This is a mental construct holding your visualization down. Why? Because everything you visualize with this belief in mind will be subdued by and fall under the concept of "a third dimension". You believe that you are a human - this is another belief clogging the card's memory, which could be better used on visualization.  You believe that you are on Earth - this is another belief clogging the card's memory, which could be better used on visualization. When you let go of existing frameworks, your visualization will become a thousand times stronger. By default.
    You are constrained by useful survival notions. They bombard you constantly - constantly (notice the word) - unless you become aware of them and let them go.
    This is your golden ticket to Shangri-La; to visualizing and feeling whatever you need to. I use it in writing, but it can be applied in all sorts of fields.

  11. Shadow Work & Visualization
    Reprogramming the BIOS of my mind using visualisation
    It's possible, but it depends on your patience and persistence.
    There are some pretty good books in Leo's book list in the LoA section. I'm reading one of those right now.
    I'd also add that you should practise shadow work besides visualization. This is often underemphasized, but if you have shadowy desires and unsatisfied aspects in your psyche, then you're gonna sabotage yourself no matter how hard you practise visualization.
    If you're interested in shadow work, Existential Kink by Carolyn Elliott is az excellent book.

  12. Detox tips & the mystery of Mold
    How to kill black mold, detox from mold exposure?
    There are natural products to kill it as well that are not as toxic as bleach, you'd definitely find some on Amazon. 
    In terms of detoxing from it, the problem with mold is that we have very limited research so far on what it does, how to kill it and how to detox from it but generally, some tips that improve systemic detoxification: 
    Drinking a lot of water and avoiding any carbonated / sugary drinks Eating at least 40-50 grams of fibre (fibre detoxifies your gut) so that means abundance of fruits, vegetables, legumes and wholegrain products. What you are aiming for are 2-3 bowel movements per day.  You can add certain teas that support detoxification at the level of liver: dandelion, fennel, artichoke (not sure if available as a tea), milk thistle,  Add green herbs to your meals: parsley, cilantro, rosemary, oregano, basil etc. Fresh or dried as spices. Both work Add turmeric to your meals as much as you can (1/2 tsp per meal is a good start) Try to avoid eating ready meals that are pre-packaged and if this is not possible then stay away from ones that have: hydrogenated fats, margarine, nitrates, phosphates, E-numbers, microplastics (such as being packaged in plastic tray) and a variety of shit you can't pronounce or don't recognise.  If you have energy, exercise is extremely beneficial to detoxification because it gets your lympathatic system moving -> basically your main sewer channel in the body and also helps your cells to detoxify faster Eating enough protein-rich foods - this is essential for your liver to be able to process, pack and detoxify stuff. 

  13. Pick up Tips
    My Pick Up journal
    True, but some places will give you a much higher rate of success than others. Generally speaking, the more public the place, the harder it is. 
    Second tip, don’t just approach anyone, unless you’re willing to go through a very large number of rejections. The harsh truth is, most girls that you’re interested in will simply refuse, either because they don’t like you or are unavailable. 
    It’s much smarter to ‘test’ the girl before approaching. For example, make eye contact with her. If she smiles, and maintains eye contact, it’s a very good sign. However, if she quickly looks away, it’s very doubtful that she is interested in you romantically. 
    Be clever, and save yourself a lot of energy and grief!

  14. Explaining Mercury & Covid vaccine
    Will there be Mercury in the Covid Vaccine?
    Obviously traditional vaccines do contain mercury and in a mercury detox book you will be told to avoid them.
    A) Covid is a novel virus with novel risks that must be weight against the risk of mercury.
    B) Covid vaccines are novel, with what seems like no mercury.
    C) Once you have mastered the detox protocol, a bit of mercury will not kill you. You can just detox it away. You get mercury in your food and water every day no matter what.
    D) There is a big difference between getting dozens of shots when you're a developing baby vs getting 2 shots as a mature adult.
    - - - -
    The problem is not so much mercury as it is that you've never detoxed it in your life. Once you have a detox method, then you don't have to worry about it building up. It's like changing the oil in your car. If you never change it, that's a problem. If you change it regularly, a bit of dirt in your fuel is not a problem.
    Imagine not changing your oil for 30 years?

  15. Nuances/Issues of veganism
    Why are you not vegan Leo?
    A lot of vegans assume a moral high ground and it these kinds of arguments that turn people away. Because you are not talking from a place of love, compassion and understanding but from a position of arrogance and (self-perceived) superiority. I stopped being vegan because I used to become that and because I was judgemental and hateful of everyone who dared to contradict my opinion. 
    Veganism is amazing if it works but it does not for everyone like you have already been told several times. Some people cannot thrive on it without taking 10 supplements. We all come from different countries and would have historically evolved in a different way. We have genetic differences and lot of people have health conditions that cannot be cured by going vegan. 
    If the whole world went 80% plant-based we would have much better results than if 20% of the world went 100% vegan. 

  16. Generic Overview for Dieting & Energy
    Fed up of working on myself
    Agreed! The complex carbs are extremely beneficial but what I see is a complete carb phobia where everything containing any carbs is demonised and people then complain of having no energy. 
    Has it always been like that? 

  17. Generic Overview for Dieting & Energy
    Fed up of working on myself
    Forget all tablets, pills and fancy powders. Get back to the basics and invest your money in the high quality wholefoods. Real food is the cheapest option. 
    Make sure to eat regularly, avoid meal skipping and avoid intermittent fasting. Be prepared that with regular diet your weight will start going up a bit. I know you said you want to lose weight but you need to rebuild yourself first and then as you gain more energy and motivation and can start working out again, you will put the weight down by gaining muscle that burns more energy at rest. I would suggest you take next 2 months as a recovery and self-care period. Spend more time eating good food, meditating and practicing self-love. Dump working out for some time and only do daily walking. 
    1. Make sure that you optimise your protein intake. Look into purchasing large bags of dry beans and lentils. They literally cost like 2$ per kilo and the amount of nourishment in them is beyond anything. Add beans and lentils to all your meals. Just make sure to soak them. You can cook a large batch and freeze them afterwards and just use a bit whenever you need. Your body needs amino acids to raise an army of immune cells. Beans are also rich source of Zinc, another essential compound of immune system. If they bloat you, soak them longer and cook until they are easily squashed between fingers 
    2. Do not avoid carbohydrates. Eat them with every meal. Sweet potatoes, brown rice and brown pasta are relatively cheap. They are good source of complex carbs and they will give you energy. Oats are amazing for breakfast. You don't have to go for quinoa and other fancy carbs, start with basics. Wholegrain breads are also cheep and have much more fibre than white breads. 
    3. Eat variety of healthy fats from nuts, seeds, nut butters, avocados and some oily fish (unless vegan). Stay away from tuna thou. If fish is expensive, have a look in canned sardines and mackerel, they can be sourced fairly cheaply.
    4. Fruits & berries - available all year round. They are cheap and plentiful. Don't worry about organic in the beginning, just eat a variety and don't be afraid of sugar. Fruits is an immune boosting superstar, especially berries. They will also give you calories that you can burn at the gym
    5. Vegetables - available all year round. Also plentiful and cheap. Make sure they make 50% of your plates. Have a rainbow of colours and shapes. Try new veggies all the time. Add them to stews,soups, curries etc. Vegetables contains thousands of phytochemicals and polyphenols that act on al the systems in your body. Again, no need to go organic at this stage. 
    6. Always serve breakfast, never ever skip them no matter what you read on the internet. This is a critical mistake I see in people who become unwell. Make them large and make them dense in calories and nutrition. Your lunch does not need to be huge and neither does dinner. 
    7. if you have the option, expose your skin to sunshine for 30 minutes daily. Take a shirt of and lie on the grass. Vitamin D is an essential factor for immune system. When vitamin D is low, many immune cells cannot get triggered because they carry vitamin D Receptor (VDR) that is being unoccupied. You may also ask your doc to test your vitamin D. 
    And finally, I will say that make sure you recover and rebuild your body with good food before attempting any big workouts. Your body needs to be properly fed and nourished to be able to create muscle and become stronger. If you eat below your caloric requirement, it is impossible to gain muscle and you will feel extremely tired and fatigued. Also on low calorie diet, your thyroid will start slowing down, your cortisol will rise and these two make it impossible to lose weight. The more consistent your diet is the easier it is to lose weight. Consider doing only walking for the next month while ensuring that your nutrition is spot on.
    EDIT: Don't measure your fitness by the weight scale. Dump it for the next month and instead observe how you feel on daily basis. These are the most reliable markers of health: 
    1. effortless energy throughout the day
    2. sleep quality
    3. skin
    4. nails
    5. hair
    6. libido
    7. digestion
    8. stool consistency
    9. colour of urine
    10.  memory, concentration & mood
    Good luck !!  

  18. supplements advice
    Coffee - Addiction yes or no?
    coffee is definitely addictive.
    I've been on an off coffee all the time. I'm managing my coffee intake much better these days, but it isn't easy. Coffe fills your brain with rapid beta waves. It increases your pace, makes you chaotic and hyper. It's not a high conscious drug in an of itself and has some negative side effects. When you take it too much, it builds tolerance and you don't notice any effects, and when you try to stop, it gives you headaches and lethargy.
    With that being said, coffee can be used for its benefits. To use it properly, do the opposite of the mainstream. Don't drink a cut of coffee every morning and 3 more cups throughout your day. Have a cup every 2-3 days only when you need that energy boost. At those intervals, a single cup of coffee, before an exercise or a demanding project, will have x5 the effect of daily users, without side-effects and addiction potential. requires discipline tho.

  19. supplements advice
    Coffee - Addiction yes or no?
    Try alternating days with creatine monohydrate — like caffeine, it has a nice metabolism effect but it’s more subtle and much warmer and relaxed. And you should not take the 2 at the same time — plenty of evidence that they’re synergistic in a very bad way but when taken on their own they’re both fine.

  20. Heavy metals in food & spread
    Heavy Metal Foods?
    Heavy metals are mostly found in animal tissue exposed to industrial practices or to ocean/sea type of environment with high volume of volcanic activity that releases most of this stuff (no heavy metals in sea are not of a human origin) 
    However there are many other equally harming chemicals, endocrine disruptors of all sorts. Persistent Organic Pollutants for example are a massive category prevalent across all types of foods including fruits & vegetables. These are as problematic as heavy metals. 
    Medical drugs in water are another problem. If Joe X has a chemotherapy then he comes home and pees that shit out in the toilet, you bet that it is  going to stay there spreading far & wide. Same if Joe is on heavy antibiotics, cocaine or other crap. 
    If you want to explore this topic, this is an interesting read

  21. Heavy metals in food & spread
    Heavy Metal Foods?
    You will never know by category of food alone. Each brand is different and could be contaminated.

  22. Flouride tips
    Why do dentists love flouride so much ?
    Fluoride is a toxin and there's 0 proof that it protects the teeth, if anything it damages them. Simply don't eat carbs and you won't need to brush your teeth at all.

  23. Psychopharmacology
    Modafinil Dosage Frequency?
    a similar function, different pathway SSRIs are used for anti-depressive effect because serotonin is a key mood regulator. On the other hand selective dopamine reuptake inhibitors are used for disorders of attention as dopamine is more relevant in being able to sustain effortless attention. There are also conditions like Parkinson's that are induced by the destruction of dopamine centre in the brain called Substantia Nigra so the effects go well beyond the mental health. Norepinephrine is more related to drive & feeling of being awake and alive (bunched up with healthy levels of cortisol) 
    But it is rare that a substance only affects one because all neurotransmitters are intertwined and work together most of the time. 

  24. Leo's Tips
    I feel ashamed about being an Incel
    Fixing your inner game is crucial for success with women. You cannot attract women with your kind of toxic negative mindset.
    You must reprogram your mind with positive talk, positive vision, success, and positive beliefs. Removing all negative beliefs and self-doubt. This is huge part of learning game.
    You will only ever keep the quality of girl you believe you deserve.
    It makes no difference that you are an incel, all that matters is your vision for who you will become in the future.
    You should already see yourself as a player, not an incel.
    The girl has no clue you were an incel in the past, nor does she care.
    Incels and losers never cold approach hot girls. Only players do that. Only winners do that.
    You need to spend the next 6 months, every day, drilling into your mind positive visions for yourself as a successful player. And any time a negative thought enters your mind, you notice it, you catch it, you stop it, and you replace it with a positive one of yourself being even more successful than you first imagined. You have to reframe every failure and every rejection as success.

  25. Tech Hacks / Life hacks
    Share your personal dev technology hacks
    What speech to text software do you use?
    Do you take digital privacy into account? What about open source?
    ...the best technology I've found are psychedelics, hehe
    Air ionizer (cleans air and generates negative ions) has often made me feel fully focused. Diffusing essential oils can also be powerful. Vertical computer mouse has helped with wrist pain/sensitivity. Cryptocurrency investing as a safety hedge against "traditional" systems. Brave browser has spoiled me over the years, as I have forgotten how ads are displayed over the internet. Unfollowing people on Facebook to cut down bullshit posts. Searching facebook for nearby events and relevant groups for social purposes (good while traveling). Checking the repairability of an electronic/digital item before I buy it... iFixIt and repair guides for fixing parts, that are broken instead of changing the whole device (my phone has 3.5 years and my laptop close to 8). Fairphone looks to be the best phone company I've found and will buy their phone once mine dies.