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  1. An interesting question is how much of that behaviour is nurture vs nature.
  2. @Unlimited beautiful little guy- RIP. I'm sure they lived a great life thanks to you. Dogs really are little angels.
  3. I believe that being mindful / present in our day to day lives slows down the perception of time considerably. In particular, mindfulness combined with deep engagement with whatever task we're working on presently. I think this is one of the more practical benefits of mindfulness in general life satisfaction. The more resistance we have to the present moment, the more we tend towards escaping the present moment, checking out mentally and numbness. In this level of awareness, time oozes by without us realizing. Not ground-breaking, but wanted to put this here to discuss in case anybody has thoughts on this
  4. You should ask yourself why you need one guru / philosophy / teacher to idolize above all others.
  5. The truth is as an FOB Indian dude in the west, it's most likely gonna be tough if online dating stats are anything to go by. I see quite a few Indians frauding as Latinos as a way to dispense with the negative stereotypes / meme status Indians have attained over the past decade or so. It could be a good option for some. Indian dude who got tats, moved to Colombia and could probably pass as some kind of Latino now:
  6. @mmKay It's energizing for a psyche that is deep in apathy and numbness. Many people are like this and that's why Goggins is so popular. It's far from optimal in terms of life satisfaction and even performance however. Much of the resistance people are overcoming with this boneheaded approach of white knuckling & bulldozing through all your problems is self induced. Being aware of the deep suffering that exists is also very valuable as it can bring you into acceptance and gratitude for your own situation. This is part of the reason why I like keeping track of cartel activity in Mexico. The insane shit they are doing gives you perspective and gratitude. We spend too much time on social media looking at people who appear to (superficially) have everything.
  7. Here's a quote I like from Jonathan Faber (author of Life as Sport): In order to get them into a game mentally and to help them let go of the outcome, I encourage my clients to adopt the mentality of an ancient warrior. We succeed when we can act freely, when we do not allow fear to rule our actions, judgment, or our state of mind. The ancient Japanese warriors, the Samurai, went into battle with a complete acceptance of the possibility of dying. Their demise was of no concern; their focus was singular: to give their all in battle, to live in that moment. Neither victory nor defeat had any meaning, only the performance of one’s duty to the best of one’s ability
  8. Sports / performance psychology is very useful to study here. Some books I'd recommend are: The Practicing Mind: Developing Focus and Discipline in Your Life - Master Any Skill or Challenge by Learning to Love the Process Life as Sport: What Top Athletes Can Teach You about How to Win in Life If you can develop this process / present orientation towards your entire life, it will be transformative. In my opinion, this is very tangible & practical benefit of meditation that isn't brought up enough. For those who are just handling their fundamentals, it will serve them much more purpose than enlightenment or even just consciously trying to move up the spiral.
  9. It may sound cliché, but you need to focus on the process and stay in the present moment. All you can do is study the material- keep your focus on this and you'll find your resistance melts away naturally. Your attachment to a particular kind of result in your exam (and in particular, your belief you won't pass it) is the source of the resistance. Detach from the outcome as much as you can muster.
  10. For example, I'm really interested in how the narco world operates (yes, perhaps this is immaturity on my part- but that's besides the point for now). But I just can't bring myself to watch the entire Narcos Netflix series. I got to the end of the third episode and I was done. I've read countless books / documentaries on the narco related stuff- from the underpinnings of the economics of the drugs game to the history of military dictatorships in Brazil. These easily gripped me from start to finish. The strange thing is your average Joe would binge on Narcos Netflix, but wouldn't think about reading some of the books I've read. I just find TV shows tedious- anyone else feel the same?
  11. Does anybody else find it really tough to sit through TV shows (and some movies), even if it's about something you're interested in? I would much rather just watch a documentary or read a book about the topic, than watch a show that is based on it. I think this may be to do with how INTPs process information. Textual information is much easier to process than visual for me.
  12. @numbersinarow If you want to learn about non-violent communication, a high quality in depth 3 hour video is a gift.
  13. @DocWatts You're right- some may be able to handle games better than others. I may be the latter