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  1. Nahm
    Enlightenment cannot be the goal
    Those are not “things”, as in “separate” or “other” “things”...those are thoughts. 
    There are no “things”. Things, is a thought, about there being separate “things”, about there being “separation”. 
    (This belief is the belief you are a separate thing...which is thought attachment.)
    So there is no ‘thing’ to arrive at, only the realization of thought attachment, the belief in separate things...what’s ‘arrived at’ is No Things. But this is not ‘arrived at’, it’s what you already are, infinite being, No Thing. Try to think of any thing which is like awareness. It’ll ‘drive this home’. 
    “Empty your cup”.....empty of the belief in “cups”. Look at “a cup”, in the honest recognition “cup” is a word you learned, a label, the conditioning of ‘separate things’. ‘That’ is not “a cup”, it’s ‘perception’...and the thought ...“cup”. There are no “things” “in” perception. There is no ‘that’ in perception, only “in” thought. 
    “My mind” is also a belief in a separate ‘thing’.  Examine there a seeing of a my mind? Is there a hearing of a my mind? Or is there a thought....”my mind”? 
    Inspect direct experience. 
    “How” is just another thought. This thought, like all thought, is dual, or, based on there being separation, “two”. It implies there is a separate you....and the separate mind, or, thinking. 
    One can not pass what is not there. One can surrender the belief.