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  1. @Gesundheit Yes, suffering does exist. You as the suffering self, however, is an illusion. You as Consciousness cannot suffer, Consciousness can only know suffering through the lens of a suffering ego. If you are identified with suffering you still haven't completely dis-identified from everything that isn't you.
  2. @Javfly33 I emphasize with your suffering. Maybe try inquiring into the pain and suffering. Feel the pain and suffering fully and ask questions such as: Who is aware of the suffering? Am I the one who is suffering? Who is the suffering entity/self? Does this pain actually hurt who I am? Remember that the pain itself doesn't necessarily go away but there's a deeper realization that the pain and suffering is closer to the surface of your consciousness and deeper within resides an encompassing peace. Being dis-identified from the suffering entity will get easier and the actual emotional pain associated with the suffering ego will begin to dissolve.
  3. @Javfly33 This forum is all philosophy until you have direct experience with what is being said. This isn't just mental masturbation, it can have a exponential and quantum effect on your direct experience. Realizing these things are far more than just cute rationalizations and stories. You are God. You don't care about suffering either. What I'm telling you is that it's possible to realize that suffering isn't a problem because it physically cannot touch who you are. I understand your doubt because nothing I say has any validity until it's made conscious. I'm just telling you that it's possible to make conscious. The paradox is that in order for it to be made conscious is that it requires a lot of conscious suffering. It requires a lot of analyzing what is true while you are in deep suffering. After enough consciousness you will realize that who you are never suffered and you will never suffer, you are in a dimension which transcends all feelings. The human form cannot avoid suffering because it is impermanent. I'm not talking from the perspective of the ego, I'm talking about from the perspective of God. You in your unconditioned form is beyond anything that can suffer. The problem here is that there is a big identification with God and the suffering ego, if you are able to dissolve that identification you will realize what is being said. When hit with a hammer the human form and ego will indeed be in pain and appear to suffer. Who You are is far beyond the human form and ego, this is why You won't suffer from being hit with a hammer. Until a big dis-identification from everything that isn't You happens it will indeed feel like You are the one who is suffering, this is ultimately an illusion. After this realization takes place there is nothing left to surrender to anymore. There was never anything to surrender to, there is nothing that can be added to your being that would make you more complete. There is nothing that could be taken away from you. Ultimately there is nothing left to do and was never anything that had to be done. You don't even have to surrender to suffering anymore, you can surrender to the transcendent dimension and rest in peace. The Kingdom of God is within you. —Jesus.
  4. I have been contemplating and meditating on this insight. I have discovered in my direct experience that there is a dimension within which deeper than anything that can suffer. There is a dimension within which is in continual peace, this peace transcends any feeling. This peace remains during all pain and suffering. I have realized in my direct experience that the entire time I have been residing in this dimension of peace but didn't realize it. I have never truly suffered and will never truly suffer. Any "suffering" that I've experienced has just been content which is contained inside this transcendent dimension of peace.
  5. @Seraphim It's probably possible but it would take a lot of awakenings into the nature of pain and dis-identification in order to handle torture without suffering. It's more realistic to be able to dis-identify from lower grade levels of pain. The pain from our modern life can get pretty deep but I think the suffering could be transcended with enough consciousness work. At the end of the day, consciousness work doesn't necessarily change anything about reality it just allows you to re-contextualize reality which paradoxically has a profound effect on reality.
  6. If you want enjoyment in life gratitude is extremely important. Gratitude is simply the practice of becoming conscious of the innate value of things. You have complete control on where you put your awareness and where you put your awareness shapes your reality. Gratitude shifts your perspective in order to fully recognize the beauty of things. Practicing gratitude shifts your perspective on reality into one that brings more fulfillment and happiness. There are different levels of gratitude, its like a muscle that can be trained. It's possible to be so deeply grateful that you're completely content and ecstatic. It's also possible to have a spiritual awakening into the nature of gratitude. This post is primarily to introduce the idea that gratitude is far more closely connected to consciousness and spirituality than most people realize. I hope this inspires someone to start practicing gratitude.
  7. I think putting it as "Consciousness cannot suffer" might undermine a persons suffering. I think a better way I could put it is that who we are in our truest nature cannot truly suffer. Who we are cannot be touched. This insight might be helpful as a reminder to not get so deeply hypnotized by pain. @SoonHeiI like your way of putting it. A nightmare is only a problem when you are actively hypnotized by the content and forget the Truth. Once you wake up you realize you never truly suffered the nightmare, it was just an experience. Once we wake up from this dream that we call life, we will realize we never truly suffered.
  8. I had the insight while meditating that it's impossible for You to ever suffer. What you see as suffering is just Consciousness being aware of an illusory self or entity which is suffering. Consciousness can never truly suffer, the closest consciousness can get to suffering is being completely identified with an illusory suffering "self". Consciousness can experience the worse pain imaginable but not suffer because suffering is an illusion held within consciousness. Deeply understanding this insight has the possibility end all of suffering. Conceptually understanding this won't change anything. In order for this to actually effect your life it takes a conscious understanding. Try working on dissolving the identification between You and the suffering entity.
  9. This sounds true, thanks for the response.
  10. @Endangered-EGO Yeah, I have considered trying psilocybin but I don't think its a good idea for me because shifts in my consciousness from self-inquiry are almost too intense to handle. I plan on raising my consciousness gradually so I don't accidentally go insane or get mentally scarred.
  11. I've noticed that when I have a sudden large shift in consciousness it feels very alien and it generates a very strong feeling of existential panic. I don't know if this is common so I would love to know if anyone else experiences something similar or has any knowledge on this.
  12. @Leo Gura I know you're tired of people giving you advice for your health problems but your illness sounds very similar to the illness my brother had. My brother had severe chronic fatigue and could hardly function. He went to many doctors and nothing worked until he found a doctor who specialized in a rather mysterious illness called Chronic Lyme Disease. Most doctors completely dismiss this diagnosis because the current literature doesn't see it as existing as a chronic disease. The most common symptom of Lyme Disease is extreme fatigue. Chronic Lyme Disease is very tricky because of the current scientific consensus but I seriously recommend doing some research on it. https://www.lymedisease.org/lyme-basics/lyme-disease/chronic-lyme-disease/ PS: I know that Leo constantly gets health advice but I feel morally obligated to post this because how similar my brothers debilitating illness was to what Leo describes.
  13. @Mirko Your inability to feel regular positive emotions sounds like you might have a more clinical form of depression. Spiritual work can only do so much to certain kinds of illnesses. Maybe try to look into the western approach of depression if your situation doesn't improve.
  14. I used to have an app on my phone that blocked ads but it doesn't work anymore. Apple keeps removing adblockers from the app store unfortunately. I think there are some working adblockers on the appstore but you have to pay to use them.