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  1. Non-Origination is not non-existence for me, and yes as someone rightly said- EVERYTHING IS EXISTENCE-! And yes- Nothingness is existence, not non-existence.
  2. Why do we say everything is Consciousness? So one of the main confusions arises, when certain people starts alluding to the fact that everything is Consciousness, and that that the fundamental "matter" of Reality or Existence so to speak is— Consciousness. What happens is— There's this gap in understanding of the view or in the method of investigating into the very nature of Reality, since- "everyone" be it a living or non-living, being- present in this Universe is playing its fundamental role as a part of that Universal whole itself. A Human is a sentient being, why? because a Human makes sense of the world (Reality) it perceives through senses, that is to say that a human makes use of senses inherently to comprehend the world around it, or world in which it is living. So, can we say that a Human is actually trying to become aware of the world it is in? Yes, so the concept we can use here to identify this phenomenon of a human to make sense of Reality could be— Awareness. Now, this awareness can interchangeably be used by other words or labels such as Consciousness or the act of being Conscious. Now, one thing is very straight and clear which is that if I'm alive and my breath is still going on and heart is pumping blood and the brain is functioning as it should, no matter what I'm doing, where I'm at, how I'm existing, my intrinsic nature always asks me to be involved in some sort of sense making—Always, its just is the way it is, it's not me on whose "will" this thing is operating or acting, it's the Modus Operandi of being in a state of Human or being a Human. (And perhaps this true for every other animal or whatever you can think of-!) With that said, I believe this is the case with every single thing you can see or perceive as an object, thought, sense, feeling, emotions etcetras for that matter. Every individual phenomenon or the occurrence in the "fabric" of your AWARENESS/CONSCIOUSNESS, IS aware of its own self as well, because YOU are aware— of anything you can perceive or sense or even think about, and because you can think about it or feel or sense it— is the very reason for that particular thing being AWARE of its own self. How could it be possible, that if you are Aware of a thing and that it's not Aware of its own self? If it is not aware of its own self you won't be aware of it at all. It's just too necessary for both to be aware of their own-selves, failing of which in either one's case would result in "non-origination". "Habitually patterned consciousness" So is it HABIT resulting in Consciousness, that is in this act of making us being "aware"? Yes— Habit of not only physical action or reaction, but even the psychological processes, that are habitually driven. So, now let's say you are dead or lost your mental or even physical capacities to make any sense at all, the result would be non-origination— NOTHING. Cuz you are dead and whatever this world (Reality) was for you, went along with you, just as if you are watching a regular T.V. show and the moment you or anyone else switch it off, everything's just gone and vanished with a blink of an eye. Now my question is— Is this state of non-origination (let's say NOTHING) is Consciousness (a state of being AWARE) or not? Because if it is, then only prepositions like— Everything is Consciousness-! stands True. Bottom line is EVERYTHING— EVERY DAMN THING, IS AWARE OF ITSELF, THUS EVERYTHING I CAN SAY IS— CONSCIOUSNESS. NO MATTER, EITHER "I" AM CONSCIOUS OF IT OR NOT. Because Everything is Conscious of its own, it's me who got to work and explore this "MYSTERY" which is there always upfront and thus is no mystery at all.
  3. You've done the ryt thing, really! Dont worey. wwooppss ???
  4. Yepp indeed. More so, many beginners mistaken this as some discipline that deals with just theory, literature or just some other worldly mumbo-jumbo let alone something too similar to the History where you are just reading works of previous thinkers or philosophers of antiquity. Rather, Philosophy is a way of life, a life-style, a discipline that if you practice enouff and refine it, can give you a lot of clarity in variety of subject-matters and all facets of life, it helps and removes the veil from the many boxes (illusory) that are merely possessed by the spells of ignorance, it's like the counter spell a wizard/witch might carry to everything that leads to vagueness, illusion and foggy object of thought.
  5. Well-Explained, DocWatts!
  6. @Husseinisdoingfine ALSO, PHILOSOPHY- 101 AIN'T NO ACTUALIZED.ORG, PERIODT. And if you're expecting it to be, go get a reset!
  7. @Leo Gura Okay Sir~ Got it!
  8. Okay, this one was brilliant! What about Bret's other videos, are they worth listening/watching? Asking— if you are a regular listener to his show!!! Thanks.
  9. Thanks, It was much required indeed!!
  10. Seat belts in place— ready ta fllyyyy!!!
  11. Hooray~ Sir's back!!!