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  1. @Someone hereThe first place that Ramana stayed in Tiruvannamalai was the great temple. For a few weeks he remained in the thousand-pillared Without moving he sat deeply absorbed in the Self and was unaware of being bitten up by the ants and vermin living there. The youth was so absorbed in the Effulgence of Bliss that he didn’t even realize when some devotees finally came, lifted him out of the pit and brought him to the nearby Subrahmanya shrine. For about two months he stayed in that shrine paying no attention to his bodily needs. To make him eat, food had to be forcefully put into his mouth. Fortunately someone was always there to take care of him
  2. @Someone here I'm so blessed that my house is near Ramanashram. Every evening I meditate in meditation hall. Meditation happens automatically. Such a powerful place.
  3. @justfortoday @justfortoday @rudraksharatna Do You have power over imagination in your current state of consciousness.
  4. @rudraksharatna Shiva means no-thing. Shiva means consciousness. For Muslim he is Allah. For Christian he is jesus. The whole universe is dance of shiva. Lord shiva is the foremost yogi appeared on planet. He is an aghori. He taught 113 ways of attaing enlightenment to saptarishis. He has given the name shiva becoz he is the first one to become awaken. He is the first Guru who transmitted this knowledge. That day is celebrated as guru poornima.
  5. @Jay Ray sadhguru claims that he performed intense sadhana for his past 3 lifetimes. Ramana maharishi told he meditated for more than 100 years in arunachala Hills in his past lifetime. These people had spontaneous awakening in their present live. Don't know if it works in this way. One thing sure is that if you meditate wisely you will evolve consciously forward.
  6. @Fadl I'm feeling more anxious and depressed than yesterday😏
  7. @Chris365 @Chris365 @Fadl .@arlin@arlin it's exactly 365+365+ 347 days.
  8. Am I responsible for my chronic illness and suffering or its just the gods way of letting me to come home. In other words is it all just fate?
  9. @Fadl he asked me to do something to temple if I get well. He didn't charged any money .@arlin what surprised me was he exactly told me the date when my chronic illness started. He told 2years 12 months 12 days. I checked my journal and it was right. This one blew my mind.
  10. OK. I met him just now. The whole place has strange vibe. He asked me to show my head starred for 1 minute and asked about my personal history. He then looked at goddess devi and gave me a lemon and asked me to eat right now without peeling skin telling me that it will heal my condition. You will start noticing difference after 3 days, he said. That's it. I thought he will remove bad spirit from me. But im satisfied. Let's see what happens after 3 days
  11. Does 5meodmt has long term impact on your perspective inside the illusion of being human dweller?
  12. Yeah I'm suffering with chronic illness. People in nearby village told me there is famous occultist. People travel from other states to meet him. He remove negative energy in body, make ghost to talk to himself, many people has witnessed ghost in his presence. Sounds funny and terrifying. Let's see how it goes
  13. @Death_ accidently tagged. What happens to dpt megathread.
  14. @SageModeAustin I heard Hawkins healed his chronic blindness by accessing higher consciousness. Can anyone tell me about it?
  15. He is enlightened but not liberated right???