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  1. Made me think of this video, which pretty convincingly, shows that Star Trek Federation is an authoritarian regime:
  2. Binged the whole 6 episodes yesterday, absolutely incredible 100% Stage Yellow documentary.
  3. Really good video, the balanced and nuanced approach to a complex individual like Jordan Peterson was perfect. Something for everyone to agree with in it while considering the other side's viewpoints.
  4. Appreciate your explanation comments in this thread @Leo Gura, my first impression of the interview was that a normie wouldn't be able to understand anything you talked about and think of you as crazy, but it makes sense that you needed a lot more time per question to unpack. Perhaps memorizing and parroting off concise snippets like your Actualized Clips would work well in interviews like this, it seems that's how most famous people interview anyway ie. they always say the same things the same way - if the goal is to get people to follow you and explore your more long-form content. Just my 2c.
  5. Because most "enlightened" people would fold under real world pressure at the higher levels and they know it. Enlightenment doesn't give you superpowers or anything beyond the Truth, which is why they tend to teach instead. "Those who can, do; those who can't, teach."
  6. Self-help coaches are dime a dozen, and your level of technical skills (ivy league, winning competition, interning at tech firms - damn!) + life purpose is much more unique and useful for the world. Self-help is also not fulfilling after a certain point, when you realize that most of it are sort of gimmicks. IE. there are useful techniques like proper nutrition, good sleep, productivity etc. but someone can follow all of them and still not be successful. While Elon Musk eats like shit and barely sleeps and is driving the world forward. There are concepts that transcend all of traditional self-help easily, such as true life purpose. Why don't you keep following yours, start your own company down the line, and you can apply the motivational speaking and personal development to your own employees and fuel your life purpose even more?
  7. Debt is slavery, do whatever it takes to pay it off as soon as possible - go full minimalist, take the higher paying position, 2nd job, work extra if there's a bonus, save every penny. When your expenses are low, you have options, and can keep trying them for your happiness. Whether it's taking a job at a better yellowish company for less money - which there are now a good amount of (and you can use your corpo experience to get this job, and to help them), or doing your own business, or moving cities. Friends with similar viewpoints will appear as you get on your path and do the activities that help you be authentic - this one you just have to trust the universe on, and be okay with long stretches of solitude, which can also be beautiful.
  8. That was really good, thank you @Focus Shift!
  9. That sounds more like depression than awakening lol. At least that's how it was for me. The good news is if you make it to the other side you will rejoice to the fact that there's no meaning, since you can now create your own and it can be anything. But this has to be felt and internalized not just understood logically. "Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water." You'll be able to do the same things, (mostly) consciously, which makes them more fun. Also life is a game of finding your life purpose and achieving it. What have you always wanted to accomplish? Pursue that.
  10. It sounds like you're on the way there? I'd say enlightenment is half ability to go into observer mode at will, and half realizing the Truth which is that everything is infinite consciousness. Not logically, but feeling it on visceral level. I actually had a cool experience this past weekend, did shrooms for the first time in a while and while I was definitely tripping, it wasn't that much different from how my life feels now. Like my whole life is a trip nowdays. Yes. I had a convo with a friend about this and wrote a few additional benefits: 1) Ability to let go almost immediately of any bad feeling / situation. 2) Ability to chameleon with people. Since you’re detached from ego, you can make it any way you want for other people. Shapeshifter without losing your deep identity. 3) Ability to think&act strategically. This is a huge one. Literally not caring about what anyone says or thinks, just following your path. Making moves you need to make. This is one successful people do anyway, but I feel like I can reach almost sociopathic levels of being strategic now. 4) Feeling of bliss to use for rest. This one is hard to explain, but I feel absolutely bulletproof, death doesn’t scare me, nothing anyone can do scares me, I see life as a game. I fully feel/embody knowing that this whole thing is a dreamstate and a game, absolutely nothing matters in the grand scheme of things, so you can do anything you want to do, strategically.
  11. I absolutely agree. I'm enlightened but I'm still working the same job as I was before - for now. No magic superpowers either . Hence why I created this thread to see how I can apply it to improve my egoic life. I can see how I kind of derailed my own thread by not making that more clear. It's simply like acquiring a new lens for your life. I was asking other users of said lens on how to tune it best to enjoy the view. Is it a better lens than the default that my life came with? No question. I didn't know it was possible to feel bliss all the time, or on queue when you want it. I wasn't even looking for enlightenment. I don't mean to sound like I'm unappreciative of it, while others are still trying to achieve it. It's definitely possible for everyone seeking, and not even that hard in retrospect. It's one of those simple but not easy things.
  12. You are 'boundless' but you still have to eat and shit . I have zero fear of death, I experienced what happens after it on major psychedelic trips. Hence my earlier question to you of why don't enlightened people just off themselves and experience THAT, which is a million times better than earthly enlightenment. The answer is they still fear death, they aren't really sure what's on the other side of it, so they don't want to take that risk. I am 100% sure of what happens after death, and ironically because of it I choose to live this life to the fullest in the ego sense, because I know in this instance the infinite consciousness decided to inhabit this meatsack for a while INSTEAD of hanging out in its perfect blissful state of nothing, so I have to serve that universe-given purpose.
  13. If that's the point why doesn't someone enlightened just off themselves and really join the infinite consciousness then? By default being inside a physical body requires some ego to survive like eating and shitting at the very minimum. My answer is that since we're on earth inside the ego vehicles, we're meant to use them to the fullest, not get rid of them completely. That will happen after death regardless. In this thread I'm looking for ways to integrate my enlightenment into my ego and make it serve me better in the games I choose to play in the Maya.
  14. I did. I will admit perhaps I sound unimpressed with my own enlightenment because I haven't yet satisfied my egoic goals. Trite, but even Buddha got to be a Prince first before his enlightenment. Yes it's absolutely incredible to feel bliss of being the infinite consciousness behind the ego, but after that... what? If I wanted to feel it I'd just off myself, rejoin the infinite consciousness and feel enlightenment for eternity. I don't understand - though respect their choice - people who shun the world and just mainly chill in their human enlightenment. I am driven to leave a dent in the egoic world with my life purpose, that's just the game I feel called for, being that the only meaning available in life is the one I give it.