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  1. couldnt believe it until i saw for myself
  2. I saw Leos video about harnessing intuition in which he says that you should practice it more and like a muscle it will become stronger but where do i start ? can someone help . Thanks
  3. @KennedyCarter God does not have a gender , your ego wants to feel good with association of your gender with something higher and thus validate itself . God is much much higher than a concept such as gender or whatever material earthly thing you wanna associate it with
  4. I was watching video by Osho where he was talking about how he was able to help a person achieve his goal through hypnotizing him . I don't know much but it think hypnosis works by reaching a trance state through focused concentration and suggesting some affirmations that goes straight to subconscious and subconscious gets reprogrammed . As most things we do are already programmed it becomes tough for us to start a new habit . Hypnosis makes starting a new habit or just achieving whatever you wanna do easy and its not always someone else hypnotising you , you can hypnotise yourself as well Osho said its a shame that so many people can be benefitted through hypnosis as it holds so much potential but its not being used and I feel the same It would be great if Leo could make a video on self hypnosis for self help and personal development
  5. @Leo Gura please make some videos on paranormal stuff
  6. @InsecureAnon what is your age
  7. @Thought Art What bothers me is that , given that sheela was insane and osho was kept ignorant of her deeds why was she there for such a long time . Osho speaks the same things what you expect an enlightened person to say
  8. @Leo Gura i know you're smarter than this but i want you to research properly what incels are how they think , lurk on incel forums watch videos from this channel called faceandlms to understand their mentality
  9. To have a vision you need to vision something about that you would like to give to the world with your own skin in the game . I am having trouble to accept or understand why should I help people , at the end of the day they are just cruel and not helpful . Why would I do anything for such kind of people . This is my barrier . Any thoughts on how to get over this ? Also what does love based thoughts mean ?
  10. @Dodo what does that image mean about leo and it leading to white color?
  11. @Roy so from what i understand is it to make yourself realize that you're just a human and should not go crazy from the realizations ? also what does "If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him." mean ?
  12. Looks like not many people do this while in spiritual path , i wanted to know how do i ground myself and what does it mean
  13. @Preety_India you dont need to follow his book but develop a mindset or embody an idea , for me it was when i realized no one cares . No one will care if i am dying on the side of the road , no one will care to pay for my food if i dont have any . Not only that they will try to make my life more tough . I was always soft introverted guy , even softer , honest than a kid But when i realized no one gives a shit if you mispronounce something while giving a speech , no one cares if your clothes are not fashionable and they wont buy you new . It was a game changer for me . I instantly had this nihilism but beyond that i started doing what i want and being a go getter
  14. leo's self help work has helped me a lot , almost any problem i had i searched it like " self esteem " on youtube and i got video on it but i didnt found any video on how to be funny . Please consider it for a change , we love you
  15. @Frenk i use this because leo used this word in his recent god realization video where he said when you're infinite you are infinite so you as god fool yourself into believing that you have limits with this human form