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  1. @gambler Stop with the What aboutism. I expect better from the left. Left should not become the right. But they're doing the same but worse
  2. @Leo Gura This is the problem with the left. They radicalize people and those people think they're doing good by shooting at trump. If left doesn't stop radicalization more people will go unhinged like this
  3. Anybody experienced with Datura, can they help me with how to use itn
  4. @Brandon Nankivell wow your correct. Thanks a lot
  5. @Leo Gura Please make a video on Alien awakening as you're the only person with its experience
  6. So I was listening to Tao te ching and I realised that the thought of stress and fear were coming without my consent and This made me realise that I am not in control of my thoughts and I am not in control of what happens outside as well. I'm not the doer. I can only observe. But after few hours my ego is taking over and it wants to "do" things and become the doer. What's the solution for this?
  7. @DefinitelyNotARobot AI is supposed to free us from shackles of work as we know it. We would still work but it would what we like
  8. Daryl Anka been channeling bashar since even before i was born. And when i listen to him he sounds way ahead of his time. Thought?
  9. I want to meet bashar
  10. He's explains spirituality logically
  11. @Danioover9000 He's a fed i never trusted him. They needed a politically correct joe rogan and came up with lex friedman
  12. @Leo Gura Please please please release a videoooo i miss you