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  1. @Leo Gura India has different types of gods for different purposes. Hanuman for protection, etc. To invoke that gods blessing you are supposed to do their mantras and take sankalp (undertaking that you will worship that god for set number of days). Do you not think there is certain benefit to it?
  2. @Inliytened1 @Leo GuraGura After watching hundreds of hours of leos content i can confidently say he thinks about all possible angles. All possible scenarios and situations. If you don't consider him to be smart enough to have already figured this stuff out then you shouldn't be here. He has actually pioneered this stuff. And when he says what he says it's not ego boasting it's just stating stuff as it is for him. He has done years of work in here and it gets frustrating making people understand. You gotta trust him.
  3. @Leo Gura wow from meditation
  4. @Leo Gura I hope you get well soon. Praise lord hanuman
  5. @Leo Gura How were able to predict the age of aliens is upon us???
  6. @Leo Gura all these description of alien consciousness... Leo I can't wait till you stand in front of camera and make a video on it
  7. @Leo Gura True. I don't have the motivation to do more at my job because it's deadend. Even tho I'm Software engineer. You don't get paid more for more you do. You're discouraged from that
  8. @Leo Gura Yes but also The Players Handbook by Rollo Tomassi. It's mechanics behind game
  9. Sam Vaknin is the BEST person to know about narcissism. Can't recommend hik enough. Go straight to his channel and enjoy free content. Stop following these "narcissism influencers" they don't have the solution. Sam vaknin has it for free
  10. @Leo Gura happy birthday to the one who never took birth
  11. @zunnyman Stop it you guys are the reason we can't find anything on google anymore i hope AI takes this job
  12. @evgn Owen cook during infields when he faced rejections propped himself up by saying to himself "1000/10 no one would even do that" and over time his brain wired in such a way that when he faces rejection he starts getting better. I use this technique as well