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  1. Anyone Pls tell advantages and disadvantages of both ROA
  2. @Cepzeu can god heals incurable physical illness, congenital disorders through strong faith?
  3. @Cepzeu can god heal aids/ stage 4 cancer/ congenital disorders through string faith
  4. Yes, don't fall into this trap. Whatever is true in your state of consciousness it is the only truth. You're not gonna become infinite love after death. It all depends on your state of consciousness during death.
  5. @neutralempty the dream ends, new dream begins. The quality of new dream depends on your state of consciousness of your old dream. The dream continues until you know it's all dream. If you believe what I have said then it's then you're not getting it
  6. Your own sexual energy is kundalini as described in Hindu scripts.
  7. @Striving for more what makes you believe that you're having insomnia? What makes you believe that there is no cure? Your past(your karma) You are not your past, you are not your karma, the power lies in present moment. Creation is happening in present moment. It's upto you to work in present moment or believe in past. Don't believe in dumb articles, don't believe in science.. If you really want to cure your insomnia, if that is the only thing you want in this life then it must happen.
  8. Heaven and hell depends on your state of consciousness at the moment of death. Psychedelics smash u at higher consciousness, so death may seem like joke for you. This is the problem in psychedelics, once the trip is over you'll start assume things with your lower state of consciousness "We'll make death heaven for believers'' Quran
  9. Is the thing loa works? Then why holy scriptures talk about faith, belief? And all things, whatsoever you shall ask in prayer, believing, you shall receive.” – Matthew 21:22. .. 'O believers Pray for your wish at night. Allah alone is sufficient to fulfill your desire' quran
  10. @No_thing__ I'm a allopathic medical doctor from India. Please consider alternative method for your healing. Cancer cells gets energy in anaerobic condition. Deep breathing exercises will greatly help you. Chemotherapy will make you body numb and destroys microbiome which in turn cause more depression, anxiety. 80% serotonin is produced in gut with the help of microbiome. Fasting, deep breathing exercises, yoga, satvic diet, meditation will greatly help you... If you haven't watched this video pls watch.
  11. You can manifest anything if you have ability to transmute your sexual energy but that requires higher consciousness.
  12. @Preety_India Just do fasting it will raise your immune power. If ur new to fasting try Intermittent one and eat mucusless foods, green juices, fruits. Take care of your microbiome. Sleep well I worked as a duty doctor in chennai covid ward. There is nothing to worry if you have healthy immune system. People get sick because of preexisting medical condition, poor immune system,
  13. @aurum @aurum physical healing? Is that possible instantaneously?
  14. @Leo Gura @Leo Gura sadhguru told he had done intense tapas for his past 3 lifetimes. He is an ordinary human. He reached this state with meditation. There is nothing you can't achieve with persistent sadhana.
  15. I'm non american. I wanna know why there is so much hatred towards trumph
  16. @PurpleTree @Leo Gura Even though she says aya healed her chronic illness, mooji trying to be silly