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  1. Look at this smiley face . Zoom out, look at the screen you are looking at. Zoom out, look at an object next to your screen. Zoom out, look at the eyes that are looking at the screen. Ask your self, who is zooming out? Turn around bud, you need to deny your subjective POV to miss what is being said. That is what you and everyone around "you" is doing, isn't it? Denying their own POV, and looking outside of themselves for external authority. YOU are a POV that is happening RIGHT FUCKING NOW. Stay with that for as long as you can, and you will realize what god is. To answer your question; God is not an experience. No one can explain what god is. Leo is pointing to it, Open your eyes
  2. Now, if this sentence was coming from a solipsistic worldview, It would mean the whole world is not real and only me is. The "Me" in a solipsistic worldview is the person's body and the mind, so it is saying "My body & mind is the only real thing here, everything else is not". If this sentence was coming from a self realized person, the "Me" would not be the individuals body & mind. It would be everything. A self realized person recognized that there is no difference between "his/her body" and "another body". This is where solipsism is different. A solipsistic person identifies with the body and will ignore any evidence that claims otherwise. Why is that? Fear of Loneliness. Fear of the void. Fear of nothing. No self, call it what you will. It fears being alone, hence that is exactly what it gets. There is nothing but nothing. lol
  3. @blessedlion1993 There is nothing but me
  4. What you are saying does not make any sense. After no self, there is nothing left. Even saying there is "Highest truth" does not make any sense at that point, because there is no point. After no self, there is no after, no before, nothing.
  5. @Roy It means you are not being true to your self. It is a by product of the lying
  6. I am aware. as simple as that What am i aware of, i cannot speak of
  7. You are claiming that there is a "leo" out there that knows. You are projecting outwards a character called leo onto your self. I honestly think most of this forum is doing the same thing without realizing it. Notice that you do not know who leo is, you have never met him in person. He could be an npc disguised as a person for all you know. stop projecting, you are looking in the wrong direction. Turn around and look inside of your self instead of starting useless arguments in here that'll get you nowhere
  8. @spiritualryan Thats a great leap, you can try contemplating that you got no head. Your currently headless.
  9. Not coming at you from a contradictory perspective in any sense (important), only a transcendent one There is no transcended selfffff
  10. @The0Self @EntheogenTruthSeeker @Someone here @snowyowl ♾
  11. @EntheogenTruthSeeker @Someone here so your saying that a state of consciousness is a place existing here within space and time?