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  1. let us all just take a deep breath, and appreciate this moment we are witnessing together. With that being said this message is to you. I am thankful for your guidance, Nahm, and it is to you whom i owe this, for i could not have understood half of who i am, the i amness that i am, without your robotic, simplistic, objective descriptions of god. As a thanks, i am leaving this forum, for i am done with my journey on it. Any words that are said, that were uttered by me, are not the truth but a part of it as you are, reader. I hope you come to realize this precious gift, that you are, and to have the guidance you deserve. Much love to leo, for being a truly honest, master and a person of integrity, which is something that i admire in you, and have adopted it and will walk by it throughout the remainder of my living life. Good bye, and who knows, maybe we will meet again, eye to eye, someday, in this vast infinite, existence, reader. ? ❤️ ✌️
  2. i don't recommend this work for anyone who is not mentally tough. this means, if you are not ready to take a dive into the #1 thing you currently fear the most, whatever that means to you, personally, don't do hardcore spirituality, that is, self inquiry, contemplation, psychedelics, or zen practices. instead, do some mindfulness or some basic visualizations
  3. can't you see, how blind can one be? The only thing that you know is you. I can tell you about how conscious i am, even if god appears infront of you and reveals how conscious he is, you can not confirm it accept the truth, grow up, mature. I am 22 years old, and i am slowly coming to accept this raw fact. There is only I am. deal with it and become an adult love, turn pain into love. turn your misfortunes to love and spread that love to anyone who dares come near it. Cuddos,
  4. Once you awaken, you realize there is no one there. There is absolutely no one to be there with YOU, once you awaken, let that register through. There is NO ONE, "LEO" is not there once you wake up to your truth. You are misunderstanding what truth realization is.
  5. no, you lost them because you did not execute fast enough you don't want to be playful and mysterious and all that over text, you want to be that over a date, face to face. you are overthinking texting as something important, it should be the least of your concerns, only a way to set up dates via execution, logistics, and just a liiittlle playfulness every now and then, but not to much. Remember, you got a life, spending hours a day texting a women sub communicates that her life is much more interesting than yours. Apply what i said above, and the tables are turned 180%, and that is what you want.
  6. next time you meditate, give up trying give up trying to observe your thoughts give up trying to get out of your thoughts let thoughts take you on an insane journey if that is what your mind wants to do as long as you know that you are the awareness behind thoughts, give up everything for that
  7. ?, ?... you are missing the emojis part of that, learn that too it adds spice to it if you use it correctly, with right timing, as combined with direct clear and logical texting ?
  8. my cat is exactly the same as your mom. I am legit a dog barking at you right now, you are stuck in mind.
  9. you did not imagine his body, you are imagining his body right now, your body, my body, everybody!
  10. i have had it, and i have dealt with it, and it was a bit hard. exposure therapy. Make 10 people uncomfortable through eye contact. it could be someone you know, or someone you do not know look into their souls for 10 seconds straight, without blinking or looking away, and then increase that 10 seconds to 11, the 2nd time, and from 11 to 12 the 3rd, so on, until you are not so uncomfortable with being uncomfortable you can blink if the discomfort is hurting your eyes though, ?
  11. learn how logic works you type using words words are communicated through a certain logic so you hi will portal game now sun. this sentence makes no sense, to anyone, because there is not logic to it. learning how logic works instantly improves text game
  12. you tell yourself: they are probably projecting their rubbish onto me Because that is probably what is happening 99% of the time The thing with projection, though, is that it is like a trash can. if it is opened, trash will enter. if you close it, trash can not enter and will slide right off. If your mind is open to their rubbish, you have it within you and you suffer for that if your mind is closed to rubbish in general, its over.
  13. it sounds like you want to stop watching porn and jerking off, but your mind is looking for "valid reasons" to do so. sperm cell is what is causing you to read this sentence and interpret it the way you are right now. if you stop ejaculating for 2 weeks, you will notice a difference in how you perceive and interpret everything. going to porn now. Your mind, is affected by what you provide it with, that is just the way it works. if you are around people who are always complaining, it so happens that you will probably also be one of those people. if you are around some of the hottest, most erotic, sexual photos and videos, it will also affect your mind. it will affect the way your mind perceives and interprets women that you see in your life, and the way you interact with them. The real bummer in this one is that women can really sense into these things, because it so happens that they are more sensitive creatures than men, and so when they sense how you are perceiving and interpreting them they will usually avoid you. science is just bullshit your mind has created so that it can keep you hooked onto the dopamine spike you receive from watching porn and jerking off, evidence is just a word you are using to get some motivation to stop doing what you are doing. WAKE UP! ?