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  1. I don't know but since humans don't have access to each other's experience I can't know one way or another.
  2. @Mason Riggle Everytime you do something you change reality.
  3. This post is only being made because I am making it. I can stop making it which I will prove by ending this post right here.
  4. I generated this sentence by controlling my body in a particular way and typing the necessary keys on my keyboard.
  5. @Mason Riggle No it was generated by me just like this sentence. It only appears because I made it appear.
  6. This sentence comes from me. I am literally making a part of your experience by inputting this sentence into your brain. I am outside of your body. Thus, this input is coming from outside your body. How can I be a dream if I exist beyond your body?
  7. @cetus You claim it came into existence. What caused it to come into existence?
  8. @A Fellow Lighter Words with hands. Never seen one.
  9. @A Fellow Lighter How could it type itself since it doesn't have hands?
  10. Inside and outside are creations that depend on boundaries. When we make a boundary we create an inside and an outside.
  11. Not sure if this will be helpful but consider the idea that you are aware and unaware simultaneously. For example you are aware of this sentence but simultaneously you are unaware of what's behind your back.
  12. @Mason Riggle Creator and creation are two parts of one reality. But they are not the same. Parts of reality are not all of reality. Creator creates creation. Creation does not create the creator. In other words this sentence didn't create you. Creator and creation coexist.
  13. @Kksd74628 It's important to know his stance isn't it?
  14. In your own words do you consider yourself to be imaginary? Or do you consider yourself to be real and everything else imaginary?
  15. This sentence did not exist until I typed it. In other words its existence began. That which brought this sentence into existence calls itself the creator. It exists prior to creating this sentence. Why do you equate the creator and its creation? Do you really think this sentence typed itself and why?