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  1. When you say "And this entire cycle repeats itself FOREVER AND EVER." what do you mean?
  2. This is probably redundant but still. Generate a thought. Try this one: "If I am this thought then when this thought ends I will die so I guess I'm about to die." Did you die? No! (but the thought did) So you must be more fundamental than thoughts.
  3. Supposedly the same regions in the brain that are stimulated by sensory input (such as the visual cortex) are also stimulated in dreams. So in both cases the same region is generating visual experiences. However, in waking state the primary stimuli is light and in the dreams the stimuli come from other regions of the brain.
  4. @thisintegrated Don't you need something to sense with your senses (sensory input)? Isn't the primary distinction between the waking and dream state that one is based on sensory input and the other is conjured up in the brain?
  5. @thisintegrated I don't think its appropriate to equate your reality with something created within reality such as video games. The way video games function says nothing important about the rest of reality in my opinion. I'm willing to have my mind changed on this with a good argument. Could you please address my question about the computer?
  6. Or both? Or neither? If you and I are imagining each other then that means we both don't exist which means this conversation doesn't exist... But from my POV it does exist so perhaps if you think you are imagining me then you're simply wrong.
  7. How do you explain the fact that I'm providing you input with my post that you are accessing using your eyes? Where am I?
  8. The burden of proof is on you since you claim definitively that it is imaginary. In the defense of sensory input there are reasons to think it exists. One being the sensory organs you are aware of. Another being the various things you come into contact with that are outside the body. How do you explain the computer that I'm typing this post on? You are unaware of it but if you claim it doesn't exist then I know you are definitely wrong from my POV. It is outside your body and I am typing the post that you respond to on it. So in a sense I am literally providing you your input.
  9. I added more to the OP. Also I don't think I have posted anything about sensory input before nor are there any posts about it in the forum. What is your proof that it's imaginary? This seems like it could be a gross oversimplification of reality like people used to be convinced the sun revolved around the Earth.
  10. What are your views on sensory input? Where is it being generated? Where is it coming from? What is it at the most fundamental level? If there is input coming into your body (via the sense organs) from outside of your body then why do you consider your life to be a dream (if you do)? And if there is sensory input how can you consider what you are aware of to be "all that exists"? Aren't you excluding the rest of the universe that you are unaware of? Why do you think (if you do) that what you are aware of is all that exists? Couldn't there be things that you are unaware of that exist such as the computer I'm typing this on? What other questions are pertinent to this discussion?
  11. You claimed that thoughts make themselves. Thoughts don't exist until they are created so I was wondering how something that doesn't exist could create itself according to you?
  12. So you gave birth to yourself? How could something nonexistent create itself?
  13. What makes these thoughts according to you? And what is your reasoning?