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  1. Curious to hear some views on this. I'm asking what is responsible for the movement of the body? What causes the body to move or what determines the body's movements?
  2. I see some people say the body is unconscious or insentient. I think this is incorrect. Parts of the body are unconscious but the body as a whole is conscious. Look back at old photos of your self. That body is conscious/aware. This applies for all people in the world. The people themselves are aware.
  3. I would say everybody is conscious because consciousness is everybody.
  4. Thus create a distinction between the description and the described and know that the description is not the described. The named is not the name.
  5. Your past and future (other people) are as aware and alive as you are.
  6. why do you think this I will die? Perhaps it is immortal and indestructible awareness
  7. so I'm claiming just one creates this. And therefore also not 2.
  8. not two has nothing to do with 1. if you want to negate 1 then say not 1.
  9. so are you agreeing?
  10. the answer is 1 creator.
  11. I feel like this is a very simple and practical understanding. Your parents and you created your body. And potentially you and your parents created your parents body. And if so then everybody is truly one.
  12. Is there 0, 1, or 2 creators of this sentence?