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  1. The problem is you assume we exist as separate bubbles at the same time. Rather try to think of all bubbles of conciousness as being superposed outside of time as pure potentiality/nothingness, with only one moment being actualized at a time: the one you are experiencing. There's nothing outside of your experience, neither outside of my experience, and there's no contradiction.
  2. Other people's consciousness exist in the same way your own ten years ago consciousness does right now. Not as an actuality, but just as potentiality. My consciousness does not exist somewhere outside of your perceptual field right now. We're not alive and conscious at the same time as two separate bubbles. I, or anyone you can interact with, am not any more conscious/real than your own 2 year-old self, or people you think of as being dead. All posibilities exist superposed beyond time as infinite potentiality, but only one can be actualized at a time, and it's the one you're experiencing right now. You call call this solipsism or not, that's irrelevant and it depends of how you define that term. But if you think there's a contradiction beetween your experiencing being the only thing that exists right now, and me also having a conscious experience, it's becouse you don't get it.
  3. Having a bunch of underdeveloped apes freely killing and raping doesn't sound like "light" either. That's naivety, not wokeness.
  4. @justfortoday I have had the same insight about "solipsism", for me it has been the most mind-blowing and hardest to accept by far. What psychologically and emotional impact did it have on you to realise you REALLY are all alone? Becouse it feels very different than still having the "I'm God but God is experiencing other things right now" delusion.
  5. Did you just give a sermon about giving sermons? Projection never ceses to amaze me.
  6. I feel it's connected, soul history causes you to be born with the right genetics to progress further.
  7. Exactly! As I have said in other posts, there's no difference beetween people you interact with and "dead" people. I am not more alive/real/conscious than a million year old dinosaur or Hitler, or you own two year old self, from your POV. We naively tend to think "other people's" bubbles of consciousness exist somewhere outside of our experience as an actuality that's happening right now, but it's not so. It's all superposed in Infinity beyond time as a singularity. Total oneness. This is Non-Dual Solipsism. One of the biggest mindfucks you can have for sure. Even if you know you are God, you don't REALLY get it's only you if you still believe "God is having separate experiences at the same time".
  8. In order to do PUA you need to be strong and not let your self-esteem be affected by opinions of random assholes just becouse they have vagina. Who determines you were the one who did something wrong and not her? Completely subjective. So root your self in your own judgament and power and fuck random girls opinions.
  9. Yes I understand the parallel you are making, but you are not adressing the difference. Do you think of your subconscious as an actual bubble of consciousness just like the one you are experiencing? Is your subconacious a real separate partition of consciousness just like the present moment but which you cannnot access? And I'm not strict solipsist BTW.
  10. 1) There are people who actuality claim that. I'm not using nor care about the strict philosophical definiton of solipsism, there are many flavours of it in practice. 2) Still, for some people, doubting about the existance of others may not give them the same motivation for caring about them. If for you it makes no difference I respect that, but don't asume is that way for everyone.
  11. Maybe that's true for you. For some it would make a difference wether they think others are real or not.
  12. For practical life, caring about the suffering of "others" for example. And at a higher level, just desire for truth.
  13. Well, you are basically saying that you either don't care or believe it's not possible to know. I disagree, but there's no point in trying to logically convience you. Nice respectful conversation anyways
  14. @Mason Riggle And BTW, I'm not arguing for the version of solipsism I feel you are thinking of. There are many perspectives which God's Mind imagines. Just not in the way it intuitively seems. We're not separate bubbles existing at the same time. Its all superposed in infinity beyond time as pure potentiality. Total oneness.