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  1. Damn, this is so accurate. The biggest steps forward, especially in self-inqiry, have been after I get so pissed off and frustrated that I take a break for a while and then come back. Yes, you are right, and this actually is one of my recent realizations that there really is no meditation, however this is a lot easier said than done, because in our every day lives we get sucked and forget, especially if you're in the rat race, like I am. How exactly do you advise to achieve this? Because If these thoughts arise and I notice them, for me not to listen to them there has to be a counter thought that says "Don't listen to those thoughts" which itself is a thought and then I'm supposed to listen to the counter thought. In my experience trying not to think about something always leads to actually thinking about that thing even more.
  2. Yes, for me loneliness stands right next to boredom. Thanks for your input, I've actually been inquiring on "What is boredom?" but that hasn't really helped stopping it from occurring, but giving into the feeling and surrendering to it sort of dissolves it for a while.. however it always comes back. Anyway, I guess I'll just continue inquiring and giving into it.
  3. I assume that you already know that this is way easier said than done. What meditation technique do you use?
  4. Hey everyone, I was wondering if there is any point to force yourself to meditate if you don't really feel like it? is there any point forcing yourself to meditate for longer periods of time when it starts to get boring?
  5. Depends, you'd probably wouldnt want to say anything if you're in prison. TBH I don't think that breeding is the time for talking...
  6. Yeah, If I ever get to 100k in my lifetime this would be the thing I'd go for, but don't forget that money tends to run out/inflation so you need to find a way to make money with your money so that you don't have to return to that 9-5. But yea, focusing on enjoying life is what I'd aim for as a priority.
  7. What did he say? Faster "cyka blyat?" lol.
  8. Damn, he makes it sound super easy, and the product itself actually is really simple & practical
  9. If I had 100k I'd wait for a correction (drop in price) and just but 1 Bitcoin for ~40k USD (hopefully) thats assuming that you already have your own place to live in, if not - then an apartment/house first. No, bro, a gram of coke is 100 pounds and that's considered expensive, its way cheaper in some parts of the world including Netherlands. (~ 50 EUR) Personally after having my own place to live and some invested in cryptos I'd probably quit my 9-5 and go on some insane ayahuasca rituals around the world, travel to India, Thauland and shitton of other places, and focus on spending that money on quality things like private asian kung-fu trainers, boat trips in amazon and shitton of other things, they also of course would include some coke and hookers lol.
  10. You would probably want to avoid talking about non-dual nature of reality & God especially right during the intercourse. I remember I once started to sing a song that I heard on the TV the other day about going on trips on rocket ships right before anal ... my partner was not happy with that.
  11. I usually use binaural beats when I meditate if my neighbor is noisy, I really like this one:
  12. muahah, happens a lot. I'd go for it anyway even if there are others already doing it, but try to make it better if you're really in to it, add/change something about it that others don't have/do. It would suck a lot more, like it was for me, when the project is innovative but it just doesn't go, no one really uses it and the project eventually dies.
  13. IMO it all boils down to intention of why someone asks a "why" question. For example one might ask "Why is the sky blue?" out of curiosity, so being curious/genuinely interested about it is the trigger for asking the question here. If a person does not really care about much, doesn't really feel the need to know/learn more, doesnt really do anything much in his/her life, why would such a person even bother questioning things? That's your average Joe in a nutshell, and yes, that of course could be a 'problem' of the system.
  14. So how do you see this could be applied practically? To go live in the forest, grow mushrooms, hunt/gather & wear animal skin as clothing?
  15. So what is it?