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  1. Taking break from site. Still writing and uploading (to channel) to the schedule I set out. Will just share links, etc when back. For anyone that has ever had a loved a pet you'd understand. If they've passed, I recommend taking at least 5 minutes of your time to remember the experiences you had with them. My love relationships have always been very important to me, virtually the definition of my own existence which is why I really connected with this and want to devote that time away really reflecting on the experiences I had with them. Send this person some support if you in any way feel inspired to do so and if you have had any pets that you loved which have passed/passing sending you/them the best as well:
  2. @GreenLight Sending some love. This makes me think of my beloved Truth and Poppy (didn't name the second one but it suits her she was so sensitive). Both labrador cross breeds. In fact I'm going to take a 7 day break from this site just to honour them and your experiences here as well. Wishing you all the best.
  3. @SQAAD I don't see anything wrong with it; thousands of years. You should be asking, "why can't I provide resources?"
  4. This piece is a great one for me to analyse: ps not using any art books to guide me, I'd like my insights to be natural I'm starting to build a vocabulary for what I'm doing; syntax, etc. For example: The larger zombie head should actually be much larger if its to fit into the rest of the narrative of the visuals. This is because it is a "key visual target" that serves just as much value as the larger targets in the visual focus. Especially because the zombie really stands out anyhow but you're almost asking "why isn't it playing a larger visual role if the goal was to stand out?", this is more the case as well because it has more "image" relationships than any other image on screen. It has a relationship to the bullet, the wandering zombies, the Hitman character, the gun and the words within the camera lens. The following will be re-uploaded to include the changes later tonight to include the above change along with a couple of other minor changes (erasing false horizon line right middle high and planet middle bottom) Key words/insights: Balanced visual focus, key story objects, spatial relationship/s between objects in the context of the story they paint, image redundancy (remove things that don't need to be there/distract from the story) In short: The importance of simply studying ones own work from an objective angle will be even more beneficial when applied here and everywhere else with the same regard
  5. your perceptual advancement in the subtlety of vision and creating visuals will aid in your perceptual advancement in the subtlety of sound and creating sounds; vice versa. Perceive. Create. Perceive better.
  6. Okay so I've added the wolf sounds now, they sit neatly in the background. Slightly better than this is the minimum standard from now on, I'll do my best to create a maximum of one per day (combined with the other two add on's I mentioned). Make sure you 1080p it. Completion time: about 2 1/2 - 3 hours (need to cut down dramatically) for both sound and visuals going to re-upload with just 2 final edits by the end of the night 1: notice the horizon one just above the open mouth of the zombie (to right and left) 2.: notice the saturn/planet to the bottom left of the tornado Both scrapped. After that, peace of mind and something slightly better every day from here on out, I won't settle unless its slightly better than the previous day.
  7. What I'll do from now on as a template: 1. MUST CREATE VISUALS (as above) 2. MUST CREATE AUDIO (as above) 3. MUST CREATE POEM + SHORT AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL SENTIMENT (have yet to do) 4. MUST DO ALL OF THESE TO AT LEAST AN 8/10
  8. FUCK PATCHY!!!! I'VE FUCKING HAD ENOUGH I WANT THAT SHIT PERFECTION MORE OR LESS FROM NOW ON AND EXPECT NOTHING LESS Going to fix up the lens in the above piece and a few other things not going to stop working on it till those edges are refined will reupload in a few hours or so ========= ENTERING NEW STANDARD FOR THESE TRANSCENDENT VENTS
  9. It's a bit patchy I know, I'll take some masking tutorials. Love it regardless. Here's the re-upload. Title: Shoot to kill (inauthentic worlds) Slightly better than this and that's my fucking minimum standard from now on and no less given what I see I can do here now with Photoshop and Ableton. -- audio and visuals took me about an hour and a bit, maybe close to two
  10. Photoshop/Ableton: So when doing my photoshop art, what I do is create the music first now and listen to it over and over while constructing the visuals so that I'm influenced by the music (which in turn influences the visuals I choose to construct the rest of the art)
  11. as stated, pattern will be observed
  12. feeling better now, god I hope that guy doesn't step one foot closer to me in any sense unless he speaks from a completely true space
  13. this is just to replace the thread twitter comments I hate that name, it reeks of sickness that platform contributes to the downfall of humanity like the rest of them in my opinion this is my more sophisticated version of twitter however that manifests god everytime I hear that word it just brings up so much anger t-w-i-t-t-e-r, disgusting
  14. @Lyubov You need to get better at judging microexpressions or just anyone. You can tell by the picture he's not a "real" person, he's a fabrication. He's like wood veneered board (same as how laminate works but is wood and you glue it to MDF board), slaps on the real thing to something that's a fake foundation, tries to "look real" in a "trying to look real but not world" trend of the world. Brian Rose can suck my dick after I'm dead, probably would for some $$$.