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  1. Here's my first one created just now - Psychological Reset Points (that's what journals /journalling has the potential for) Firstly this was originally conceived of as Identity Reset Points but to be honest I don’t really understand what identity really means in the tangible sense, what make more operational sense to me is the relationship between psychology and the minds relationship to its own movements and corresponding behavioural developments. Psychological Reset Points are not what you think they are, they can come from anything, a film, observing an animal from a distance, a feeling, an intuition, an observation, anything, they’re simply the outcome of insight developed from effectively processing a situation, and effectivity is merely measured by how many psychological outcomes were changed in ones perceived sense of self and or sense of boundaries within the architectures that make up that word self or what can be glued as a kind of Sense of Mind within Self of Mind made by the mind of consciousness. To me it's a powerful mindset to have when creating a journal as well as being a powerful way to go about behavioural change because its behavioural change that’s developed from true insight, not just the desire of behavioural change. I notice that if I don’t stick the insight to the behaviour I didn’t even know I wanted to change and may only be as a result of the insight anyhow, I won’t be able to change the behaviour. This is simply because only memory has the capacity to re-orient automatic behaviour, without memory the behaviour will automatically occur without foresight or hindsight about what’s coming or what just happened. Memory coupled with insight then, given in-sight is to see-into or sight-within thus there’s also a kind of mindful emotional connotation, is the best movement forward. So if I wanted to quick smoking, sure I can have the memory “quit smoking” (not a smoker here by the way) but if I don’t not only have the imagery of the reasons for quitting smoking but also the insight into the imagery to give the imagery nuanced meaning, it’ll be much more difficult for the mind to send an impulse to the body to stop activating the same craving. The mind is constantly in communication with the body and vice versa, by understanding the mind better we can improve the communication we want the mind to have with the body and in doing so, move our body in the way we want say either towards smoking or away from smoking, whichever our choosing. Psychological Reset Points are impositions on the present moment of creation, they impose from the actions of the observational intrigue you were enveloped by a will of change that corresponds to the insights generated from that preoccupation. This isn’t insight from reflection as much as it is reflection of the right information in the right way. The right way is merely to the extent that insight is what flows from the river of perceptual nuance that should follow your motivation to perceive said unfoldment of potential wisdom. The unfoldment comes from as initially noted the effectiveness of processing the situation either in a new way or improved way. An example for the former relates to say a scientist in a laboratory looking at the same bacterial specimen under a different coloured dye or lens and an example of the latter can be simply inventing the means to look at specimen under a microscope. By understanding that the same relationship can be applied for how we examine our memories or just any phenomenon to derive personal psychological insight that enhances our existential positioning in time and space, we’ll not only be more incentivised to examine experiences, perceptions and so on a little more carefully and dutifully but also feel more confidence that there’s something to gain from it the more we devote ourselves to improving our ability here. Insight of course is just the first part, the second aspect involves transforming said information into a shift in how one conceives of themselves in the mental realm and the boundaries that they unknowingly reinforce to govern the parameters of what they perceive as their psychic energy and what they would or might do with said psychic energy. Let’s take the following Omaha Beach scene in Saving Private Ryan, one of millions of other scenes we could develop insight from. Films are a great way to simulate how we can look back on our own autobiographical memories to discover insight as well as how we can apply said observational reflection to our present perception outside of spontaneity, which can too, be its own source of wisdom. Through the principle of contrast this very simple excerpt from a scene reveals so much information about the nature of how we have been interacting with existence to date and the separation between those actions and the new actions we can inform and reform ourselves with through close insightful observation. And it’s nuanced, it’s not easy to gather these insights and translate them into improved behavioural outcomes, especially long term changes that are based on highly nuanced perspectives not just bumper sticker perspectives. Spend some time brainstorming and reflecting on all the ways that this Omaha Beach Scene reveals information about existence, human nature, the nature of life, comparisons with present culture and more, the wingspan of the potential insights you could draw from is comparatively limitless compared to what I could fathom given we have very different life experiences. Don't let those insights be automatic either, observe potential prejudices you might have and instead observe the following as if you've perhaps never even experienced reality ever so you're unable to impose those prejudices on what you see before you. That's meant merely as a practical measure though to avoid stifling creativity so don't let that mindset block the creativity you can utilise by reflecting on the scene based on your life experiences. This is why you have to know how to break the habits of the former mind (regarding prejudice on the present moment), see the mind is primarily composed of habits in the realm of the Boundaries of the Mind, not in its pure essence nor not necessarily in its foundational psychological aspects, and those boundaries have been informational to the mind up to this point, thus you’re now entraining a new kind of boundary or even a series of new boundaries that will now unfold from the insights you draw from your examinations. This is where the employment of pattern streaming (explained near end of this paragraph) in the context of reinforcing the insights themselves will play a major part in implementing not only the direct behavioural outcomes of the insights themselves but also the boundaries of the insight outside those initially perceived. The realisation is that those former insights not only no longer live in reality but never even corresponded to reality, that I had something wrong about the way that I was responding to and perceiving reality, incorrect/misaligned memories (i.e. programming/conditioning is a kind of memory) loading into my consciousness to dominate the manner in which I was to perceive the present moment. Pattern streaming is the simple process of living in observational awareness combined with noticing as rawly as possible the patterns in our environment inclusive of what we phenomenologically interpret as our inner environment, pattern streaming then in the context of the realisations we garner from insight from memories and films like this for example is the process of doing exactly that but in light of noticing the patterns that run contrary to our newly discovered insights, especially with respect to our own behaviour so that we can make adaptations with greater ease towards our new desired end. Our insights may not be correct, but they're progressive from our former state that informs the experimental actions we could take to either validate or invalidate those insights through reality testing thus at the very least said insights can go through a learning feedback loop. Be sure to keep a separate journal for your insights so that you can compare your progress with those insights with the past. Finally, The principle of contrast (as noted above) and I may bring up in the future has a few different tiers: Case studies —> Simulation Nature —> Analogy (meaning across all of nature, and this is based on the case studies) Imagination —> Scenario Building (this last point describing the original point that any perspective lives in, it lives in imagination which is built based on the former steps and scenario building is based on) Contrast is how our brain generates perspective on the present moment, light and those degrees of light allow us to by relative measure make sense of our visual surroundings, the contrasting sound between a bell and silence makes us here the sound of the bell more compared to if it was amidst other high pitched but not necessarily low pitched sounds, thus as it concerns how we exist in and categorise the contents in our minds of the present, we're entirely constrained by the contrast that's been loaded up in our brains at any given time. By controlling or at least having a learning feedback loop on the contrast that aids our progression versus contrast that doesn't, our minds will be able to perform simulations on the environment based on case studies that are actually of relatively higher importance. Case studies are at the top of the tier of best content that could be informing the minds perspective at any given moment, this is because our existence is mostly operational, we do things, we take actions, especially if you're a goal orientated person. So a great example to tie in the principle of contrast, Case Studies and higher goal setting would be simply pre-loading loading the mind with as much content relative to our actual goals relative to being case study examples. I mean, the closer to the goal is more or less "good enough" but case studies often inform actions and our goals are often achieved as a consequence of our actions, so for example, if I wanted to win a basketball championship I wouldn't just watch random basketball games I'd study in a very specific way both winners and losers here, why they won and why they lost move to the results former and away from the results of the latter. From here you could expand this analogously on an incremental level, moving then to study Ice Hockey championships, Football Championships, World Wars, further away now to successful businesses versus unsuccessful businesses, expanding the analogy all the way to the relationships between successful species and unsuccessful species on the planet to even cultural memetic movements say around Climate Change and Animal Rights. This is the essence of the next step, Nature --> Analogy, from here we move to the imagination phase because now we're confident the mind has been filled with the right content to begin scenario building and simulating from there which would otherwise happen automatically outside of our strategic manoeuvring here but because we've tailor made our content we have automatic simulations that are more related to our goals. This is an extension of the psychological technique of priming. Films are actually case studies then depending on your scope on life at the time, because on a subconscious level that’s what the mind is interpreting them as which is why some people are more vulnerable than others when it comes to confusing them with aspects of reality, so they’re at the first tier, the difference here is that films are also providing you with the simulation, so there's not as much cognitive effort as there is with simulating a novel or composing simulations based on sparse data points about a particular real life scenario you have to reconfigure in your mind to make sense. Further films can be an interesting way to explore the relationship and overlap between imagination and autobiographical memory because by say imagining the films in alternate ways, say imagining a scene play out differently, that’ll put perspective on the film regarding the fluidity by which you can entertain it in your imagination as well as put perspective on your own memories and their perceived rigidity outside the scope of playing with alternate outcomes. This process of imagining alternate outcomes for the past will be a great cognitive skill as it concerns imagining alternate outcomes play out for the future, something which can be an extremely useful creative tool when processing an experience through journalling or simply journalling about our observations.
  2. Interested in conversations with the creative ambitious that have "both halves" of their brain going. Being open minded about the quality of folk on this forum don't worry about your position, as long as you're creative and driven in this sense I'd like to exchange ideas with you. What systems have you created / are creating? What kinds of books do you read outside of cliche books (i.e. art of war, overly popularised books like 48 laws of power that the misled villagers buy and religiously pray to)? What is your intersectional industry focus? (i.e. which changes from industry to industry --- i.e. for music - if you're just an artist, you just need music and you can sell your soul to an "agency" that will advertise you as an "artist", this agency may be good/not --- at the industry dominance level we have the intersection between recording base, streaming base, creativity base, contract base, fanbase, product base, leap industry base (i.e. film, advertising). Those are the main 7 pillars / bases. If you dominate on all 7 levels you most likely dominate the industry) what is your mindset prioritisation (again changes from industry to industry - i.e. for music - broadly: fanbase instead of customer base, competing streaming platforms instead of store, merchandise instead of external products, brand image more than consumer perception, trend setting more than trend finding, creative legacy more than brand legacy)? if you don't have strong ambitions here and you're not creative feel free to just follow this discussion though if you're still interested in it keeping it casual, better to talk via PM though happy to discuss here doesn't matter how foreign your industry is just as long as you're able to creatively relate or creatively elaborate because then i'll at least be able to connect it with my industry
  3. Be prepared for nuanced questions back and fourth so we I'm able to work through it with you relative to how you personally experience it more than how I'm merely guessing, depth of course all depending on the circumstance. best. ————- remember to always quote my name so it’s easier for me to see a notification etc
  4. Taking break from site. Still writing and uploading (to channel) to the schedule I set out. Will just share links, etc when back. For anyone that has ever had a loved a pet you'd understand. If they've passed, I recommend taking at least 5 minutes of your time to remember the experiences you had with them. My love relationships have always been very important to me, virtually the definition of my own existence which is why I really connected with this and want to devote that time away really reflecting on the experiences I had with them. Send this person some support if you in any way feel inspired to do so and if you have had any pets that you loved which have passed/passing sending you/them the best as well:
  5. Replacing venting/related with art, the intersection between the freedom to feel and be unstifled while also disciplined but only purely towards the creative act of the artistic self expression itself. In personal growth we can easily have this inner battle between being stifled on the things that we wish to change ourselves with the disciplines we introduce versus feeling the freedom and progress we want to have in that endeavour. Art to me is the epitome of allowing ourselves to vent, rant, related without having to worry about not making any progress because the application of our artistic intention from poetry to music to visual art, especially when its spontaneous, take those potentially frustrated inner energies and contents and puts them on a canvass in such a way that they're forced to evolve. They evolve through the cathartic act itself of self expression in the form of creation, which is really at the heart of any problems we have with not just saying whatever we want, when we want to however we feel to do so, its because it doesn't feel creative at the end, especially when we look back. We look at the energy we've expended and we ask ourselves what is it that has manifested as a consequence of me enduring the expression of my own pain, suffering or just any of the psychical elements we have within us from the neurotic and congested to the expansive fluid. And if there's the realisation that our expression has not resulted in some kind of progress for us, for all that we gave to it, we feel like we've short changed ourselves. That's how I feel about my rants journal anyhow haha. It simply isn't creative enough, why exert that form of expression when I can feel the same kind of release through art and get double the payoff in the long run? Inevitably then, this is how this journal will be dedicated, venting that is art and art that encapsulates the rawest elements of my psyche however they are without prestence, without any motivation to be anything other than myself. It doesn't have to be amazing art, it just needs to be representative of the motivation to not repress and instead express through a medium of exchange with reality that results in a return on investment. We're forever involved in this game of creation vs destruction with reality whether we wish to be or not, by identifying those areas of life that we don't have to think about which give us a creative return on investment, like not having to think when we're having a rant or vent, we can live in the comfort of knowing that what would otherwise be an action that negated our own existence is instead what provides us with insight that creates our higher future for us. Rather than say feeling drained by a past we just wished would leave us after our venting, venting through art forces the past to evolve through cathartic expression that we can self introspect on after we've shared the dreams that wished to surface in the conscious mind from the subconscious. You can very much think of it in terms going to sleep at night, experiencing a dream, recalling it the next morning and then processing the experience. The dream in this sense is what you're venting about in conscious waking life through art, the art here being representative of what our subconscious is already doing through dream states that we later ponder about and seek the truth of. This endeavour is no different, you vent in the form of art it then becomes a dream to contemplate and learn from which invents the future dreams that you will pursue through that creative expression. Here's to not saying no to expression but instead saying yes to a truer form of expression that is at least getting us to a higher truth of the contents that wish to come out. Outside of this of course we have conversations with our friends, hitting walls, throwing pillows, contact sports to vent our frustrations, etc, etc, even therapy conversations, but if its continually cycling in our subconscious, those contents need to be transformed in some way, the contents need to become more creative because there isn't a natural release and relieved valve, in fact sometimes the more we do it the more worse it can become because it can feel like we're giving too much energy to that. This is where I came up with the idea of venting through art. So here I'll share poems that I later reflect and learn from as opposed to ventful writing, visual art that I reflect on as opposed to visualising images in my head and becoming attached to those images which make what I'd vent about likely worse. Etc, etc. I've learned that in order to have a good vent, first and foremost we have straightforward emotional intelligence strategies that can improve related brain regions with time, it requires a good process, especially if the thing isn't a simple "release and relieved" valve. I have plenty of things that are like that, and then with other things I don't, I find that the representations tend to maintain their objectification within the subconscious mind, where instead art forces consciousness to make those contents more fluid, to transform into an artistic representation which in turn changes the original representation to take in both the new creations you've formed, the re-representation plus any future insights you draw from those artistic images, sounds, words, etc. Whether conscious or not this has traditionally been the role of art in general across cultures for millennia, its just lost its flavour there among the majority of the populace which is why for example you might say mental health is the largest problem its been across the planet especially in the USA since we first established civilisation and thinking about one another's and our own health in this regard became a thing. In the most totalitarian of countries, we have the least psychological growth but the least totalitarian country isn't going to create the most psychological growth either, its probably going to be a society that encourages the individual to turn their inner experience into as much creative expression as possible. War and social friction was much more likely in earlier periods of history and not just because survival was so much more at the heart of our experience, we also had far less space to turn mental contents into creative contents that encouraged us to reinvent our known world of frustrations. Our artistic endeavours in earlier periods literally became the artistic expression of a civilisation and so in turn created a large part of the culture of said society. Art was culture, culture was the art. It created social classes and through that various social reforms and corresponding norms which both segmented and brought together the fractions of a given society through stitching together the artistic fabric within a collective unconscious. Any one society, group, dynamic has a "collective unconscious" and its through art that we can unravel the hidden values, dreams, problems, etc of said relation and begin to transform the creative hidden into the visibly creative through artistic expression. My hypothesis is that this will not only improve emotional intelligence within me but also various forms of social and psychological intelligences. I predict a kind of brain protective plasticity to be furthered here as well. I won't be taking any creations here as "the thing" just representative of what was occurring underneath as well as something to reflect and learn more insight from regarding understanding myself and the nature of the object created about the inner objects we have. Finally it's not music that's good when it comes to venting or perhaps any state of being, it's simply "music that hits the spot", "visuals that hit the spot", etc, etc relative to said rant, vent. Which is why simply creating the art yourself has the highest return on investment, this is how we created a culture, we shared inner expressions through the medium of art as a social currency that developed the individual and the whole together. Instead of being a monetary or indoctrinating commodity or ever remotely conceiving that it may turn into such, art was purely used as a vehicle for transcendence itself via the transformative enterprise we saw it brought by releasing the minds unconscious energies through this medium of creative exchange with reality.
  6. @GreenLight Sending some love. This makes me think of my beloved Truth and Poppy (didn't name the second one but it suits her she was so sensitive). Both labrador cross breeds. In fact I'm going to take a 7 day break from this site just to honour them and your experiences here as well. Wishing you all the best.
  7. @SQAAD I don't see anything wrong with it; thousands of years. You should be asking, "why can't I provide resources?"
  8. This piece is a great one for me to analyse: ps not using any art books to guide me, I'd like my insights to be natural I'm starting to build a vocabulary for what I'm doing; syntax, etc. For example: The larger zombie head should actually be much larger if its to fit into the rest of the narrative of the visuals. This is because it is a "key visual target" that serves just as much value as the larger targets in the visual focus. Especially because the zombie really stands out anyhow but you're almost asking "why isn't it playing a larger visual role if the goal was to stand out?", this is more the case as well because it has more "image" relationships than any other image on screen. It has a relationship to the bullet, the wandering zombies, the Hitman character, the gun and the words within the camera lens. The following will be re-uploaded to include the changes later tonight to include the above change along with a couple of other minor changes (erasing false horizon line right middle high and planet middle bottom) Key words/insights: Balanced visual focus, key story objects, spatial relationship/s between objects in the context of the story they paint, image redundancy (remove things that don't need to be there/distract from the story) In short: The importance of simply studying ones own work from an objective angle will be even more beneficial when applied here and everywhere else with the same regard
  9. as stated, pattern will be observed
  10. your perceptual advancement in the subtlety of vision and creating visuals will aid in your perceptual advancement in the subtlety of sound and creating sounds; vice versa. Perceive. Create. Perceive better.
  11. Okay so I've added the wolf sounds now, they sit neatly in the background. Slightly better than this is the minimum standard from now on, I'll do my best to create a maximum of one per day (combined with the other two add on's I mentioned). Make sure you 1080p it. Completion time: about 2 1/2 - 3 hours (need to cut down dramatically) for both sound and visuals going to re-upload with just 2 final edits by the end of the night 1: notice the horizon one just above the open mouth of the zombie (to right and left) 2.: notice the saturn/planet to the bottom left of the tornado Both scrapped. After that, peace of mind and something slightly better every day from here on out, I won't settle unless its slightly better than the previous day.
  12. What I'll do from now on as a template: 1. MUST CREATE VISUALS (as above) 2. MUST CREATE AUDIO (as above) 3. MUST CREATE POEM + SHORT AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL SENTIMENT (have yet to do) 4. MUST DO ALL OF THESE TO AT LEAST AN 8/10
  13. FUCK PATCHY!!!! I'VE FUCKING HAD ENOUGH I WANT THAT SHIT PERFECTION MORE OR LESS FROM NOW ON AND EXPECT NOTHING LESS Going to fix up the lens in the above piece and a few other things not going to stop working on it till those edges are refined will reupload in a few hours or so ========= ENTERING NEW STANDARD FOR THESE TRANSCENDENT VENTS
  14. It's a bit patchy I know, I'll take some masking tutorials. Love it regardless. Here's the re-upload. Title: Shoot to kill (inauthentic worlds) Slightly better than this and that's my fucking minimum standard from now on and no less given what I see I can do here now with Photoshop and Ableton. -- audio and visuals took me about an hour and a bit, maybe close to two
  15. Photoshop/Ableton: So when doing my photoshop art, what I do is create the music first now and listen to it over and over while constructing the visuals so that I'm influenced by the music (which in turn influences the visuals I choose to construct the rest of the art)
  16. feeling better now, god I hope that guy doesn't step one foot closer to me in any sense unless he speaks from a completely true space
  17. this is just to replace the thread twitter comments I hate that name, it reeks of sickness that platform contributes to the downfall of humanity like the rest of them in my opinion this is my more sophisticated version of twitter however that manifests god everytime I hear that word it just brings up so much anger t-w-i-t-t-e-r, disgusting
  18. @Lyubov You need to get better at judging microexpressions or just anyone. You can tell by the picture he's not a "real" person, he's a fabrication. He's like wood veneered board (same as how laminate works but is wood and you glue it to MDF board), slaps on the real thing to something that's a fake foundation, tries to "look real" in a "trying to look real but not world" trend of the world. Brian Rose can suck my dick after I'm dead, probably would for some $$$.
  19. @Jaccobtw apparently "our version" (can't believe we're collectively doing an "our version" theme like its some Nike brand) turns you into a solitary blood clot to be consumed by a hundred screeching vampire bats in the night. The caves called democracy are a dark, dark thing.
  20. @SamC There's a lot of inner turbulence. If you stick to this technique ( It won't let you down, only any lack of awareness can let it down. That's a promise Sam. You'll have to fight through the difficulties though, however, they will become resolved if you stick to it. It'll be extremely difficult but all it will take is your grit and consistency. It's not easy to accept solutions. We have a lot of cognitive biases that turn against us. But here it is. Let's see what you can do with it. This would work for you, I don't know if it would work with others it really just depends on their makeup. The moment you've prioritized another when they haven't earned your respect, you're automatically lowering yourself. You have unresolved issues around self respect. Best. There's no need to say thanks, the thanks is in you becoming you. If you find something better, all the best for you. P.S - you would need at least 2 hours every day on it. Eventually those problems will subside though and by then you can make it a regular part of your processing.
  21. @Jacob Morres Can you explain this further? Also how that would transition from your technique. Thanks @hyruga Interesting. So how do you feel your social fears are related to your parents disciplinary measures? @ilkjnkh No problem.
  22. @DIVINATOR Creativity = lack of toxicity Even if people interpret it toxically, that's due to a lack of creativity on their part.
  23. @Someone here Social networking = new tribes New tribes form outside of traditional society all the time. It's harder for introverts that don't come together thought of course.
  24. 36 minutes and a touch left This is all I pretty much want to do with my time now ha just completely heal my energy body and gain full mastery over being it’s so liberating to be able to notice my patterns on an increasingly more subconscious level via conscious awareness, and to be able to release them as well through the same means, it feels very good