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  1. Quick and possibly my last update: In short for now, my father has been a complete nightmare to be around recently, in a humorous way though because everything is pleasant but it’s not like his cognitive empathy has gotten better as he’s aged into his 80’s, no almost zero cognitive empathy has now gone below zero. I’ll be right behind him helping him on the computer and he will start yelling my name, “Michael.. Michael where are you?”, which will obviously induce a spontaneous startle response that can lead to frustration the more it happens. He doesn’t have alzheimers I know it’s easy to read too much into things I say. Anyhow it’s gotten me thinking more deeply about cognitive empathy and how I take other peoples cognitive empathy for granted because I’ve had to actively use mine so I can strategically interact with him without getting angry. Between now snd the end of the year I want to make this also about the pursuit of understanding and extends cognitive empathy at the deepest level, in so saying as much, as it concerns each new introduction, I will be sharing my insights on cognitive empathy. Whether or not I will be contained to this end is a different story. Cognitive empathy is the other side of affective empathy, both have equal importance in maintaining our sentimentalities because in friction points our affective empathy doesn’t help us only our cognitive empathy outside of using information from affective empathy when instructing our cognitive empathy. In times of harmony and balance, we take our cognitive empathy for granted and just rely on vibes and energies. My intuition is informing me that there’s a grand intersection between energy, cognition and experiential reality here that will be detailed moving forward in my introductions with corresponding advancements no less included in both theory and weekly examinations. The capacity to simulate what’s going to happen before it happens so I can plan the way I’m going to respond is really helpful. You can imagine how well it would go down if I held my father to the same standard that I say held a 30 year old version of him to haha. In the not too distant future I will be sharing case studies of people that I admire and respect that have shown me in their example how their cognitive and emotionality works so that I can understand how to action those same patterns in myself and expand on them further in my own unique way as far as my abilities can extend. This is… going to be… very interesting moving forward. There are so many areas of “mental toughness” that people don’t realise, empathy being by far the least talked about faculty that is actually one of the most important in some regards, more over mental toughness is looked at with such a myopic eye, at least with this journal so far we’ve been looking at the indirect effects of growing the heart as it frees up so many aspects of yourself up, further though, we’ll be learning how to interface with it both internally and externally, with cognitive empathy here reflective of more of the external component, especially if we’re considering both simulation and planned actions, that makes an environment easier to thrive in, aka more oil in the right areas, internally it relates to utilising brain more with respect to anticipation and adaptation there, with respect to the heart, tuning in to what our actual desires are with respect to the situation from multiple perspectives, so in short “Truth Signal”. All of these have unique markers that have been previously discussed in prior introductions and will be all mapped out in their exacting nature moving forward and certainly with the as described final release by the end of the day. Now back to my 80+ year old father yelling my name out while I’m right behind him haha, and no he doesn’t do it on purpose at all he’s not that kind of person. Personally, because I haven’t had this congruence between heart and brain like I’ve vastly improved on now and look forward to seeing the end points of, this being an incredibly important aspect to it, I’ve lacked congruence within myself in terms of aligning the mapping of reality with the mapping of the heart in terms of my actions. Moving forward is going to be a great learning journey for me at mastering I’m this aspect of myself and I have no doubt that it’s going to positively impact others inner signalling wi try in themselves concerning these subjects and their own self orientations as well. Best, lxlichael
  2. Re-Creating “The Energetic Field”: Re-creating the field of awareness here so that no one lives by any words that I have created here, so that their cells are revitalised with inspiration as opposed to any other cell that takes away from their Liberty to live life with the full force of their most natural will, love and wisdom. May all words be forgotten and all actions be redeemed with the true love and learning that we give to our experiences out of our deeper relationship to the intrinsic essence of life we feel at our core, that is of greater continuity than any words we have ever expressed and by this same core will, the Liberty to live the sovereignty and essence of its experience.
  3. I have to keep trolling you all until you become desensitised to the idea that I'm going to be sharing a new comment, I'm not, this is the last until June and I mean it. With every false update to this journal, your conditioning will slowly to quickly disappear: An expression of appreciation to my fellow courageous combatant via PM, both of us former head counsels in Philosophical Rome once upon a time, one of his shared contradictions, may the merciless but ultimately, bravely civilised heart-brain intellectualisations commence. Much love and wisdom to everyone here while I'm gone: The end. I mean it this time. I. Meaning. Time. Time of meaning. Meaning of time. Meaning of "I"... This time. It's yours.
  4. May Officially Concluded This is a good ending to this journal for now. Just speaking with a friend:
  5. Here’s one for you: Mind is (simply) consciousness turning against itself.
  6. Yeah I feel that mind is pure delusion. The same with ego, they seem isomorphic to me. As soon as we get caught in mind, we get caught in the delusions produced by consciousness or just become more susceptible to them. Consciousness, brain and awareness are suitable for resolving the nexus that is produced by them combined with heart. Unless someone wishes to take a crack at seeing where it fits? To me it genuinely feels like a weakness, like a false safety measure because we were told throughout our lives that Santa was real so it felt good to believe it and from here we personalised it like we personalised this idea of mind, much worse, minds.
  7. This is a healthy point for me to just take the rest of the month off from journaling, to really integrate everything here and start at a new threshold for next month. Laters.
  8. @Nivsch Being obsessed with “mind, ego or subconscious” isn’t going to get someone to the next level in my opinion. And there aren’t any levels when we’re on the wrong hierarchy, of words which like mind and ego are from my perspective. For me I go for words like heart, being, communication, brain and consciousness. “Mind” is such a weird term to me, I get it, but it just feels like someone is simply rolling around in the mud or shuffling cards to get something new rather than changing the deck completely.
  9. @Identity Hey man, yeah just gotta work on that inner communication. There isn’t any room for a way out in these situations. We don’t act integrous with our values sometimes and then not, you’re a bright guy you’re very capable of putting yourself in situations with novel possibilities where you don’t have to bend your integrity. Best wishes, I know the difficulties of working through my own inner experiences and have developed a bit by starting a journal on it however I’m looking forward to achieving a lot of inner work that’s still to come. Let me know if you want any resources or whatevs can take this anywhere you like. Peace
  10. @Someone here Wishing you well man. I wrote something that touches on my own dysfunctional family and happiness. No need to read it just stopping by hope you can pick yourself back up. Peace
  11. Thanks dude.
  12. Introduction #16: Misunderstanding the heart and its greatest complexities and more has by far been my greatest failing in life, but to what do we owe attention to the idea of failure in our lives? Well let me convince you for a moment that it is worth considering. To live in the moment in bliss and everything that can accompany that ecstatic experience, for the mere moment in which it exists, is sublime is it not? What about all the things that we did in our lives that took us away from this point? Let's argue for the moment that "bliss" is a desirable state in the objective sense that we should try to obtain and apply it as an analogy for states that we want to move towards vs away from, inclusive then of this work, the functioning of the heart in relation to the energy body of mind and spirit or arguably to its mirror brain and body. It is of great regret for me, let's just put aside blame for a moment, that I did not personally did not discover the value, purpose and instrumentality of the heart and its relationship to the rest of the functioning of being. It has undeniably caused me great issue with myself, my loved ones and everyone I have come into contact with in my life to the extent that my heart was not fully enlightened. Does this mean that I do not live in opposition in any respect by having an enlightened heart (to coin the term, maybe someone can google that and see if its new or not, so too an enlightened brain (let's lose the term mind for a moment)), or that any of us wouldn't? Not so far as saying that we wouldn't rebel outside the circumference of our enlightened hearts, an enlightenment that continues to grow with the experiences that we have been afforded with both physically and mentally, in our travels of body and in our travels of imagination. When I have loved someone, I have not fully understood not so much the reasons but just the feeling interface upon which this love has been projected into and out of me again for its own lifespan, by the same extent, I have not understood the intensity of my own past hates, and deficits in either are a deficit in both, arguably. There was always a hidden responsibility that for whatever reason I was never taught let's put this aside for the moment, but that I did not personally learn to fully unearth the propensities of the heart and for me this just seems quite unusual, to go so long as to not realise such an important aspect of our being and our brain included in this reference, in fact, to be positively reinforced to live in contradiction of it, seems like a disaster has occurred in my fellow social influences and myself communicating with this aspect of reality. To its opposite in fact, much was instead to the positive affirmative, the irresponsibility of the heart and the rest of our beings faculties was disproportionality favoured more than encouraged responsibility. To know our hearts in full just like to know and understand love in full, by the same measure, is the same responsibility we have to knowing our brains in full and how love can be actualised from the perspective of the endless imagination of the human brain. Little example is needed for me to convince anyone here of this truth in our society, we merely need to note down all the positive reinforcement we received in subtle ways to not learn, to drink, to spend money, to have toxic relationships and so on and so fourth, all to both the detriment of our responsibility to our brain and heart, much more, the connection that binds them together which sows the key to us forming as whole, unified and fully expressive beings. To not understand the love I have had for another and the various impulses it has brought inside of me is a mirror to any other misunderstanding I have ever had from an emotional sense with respect to not just another human but society as a whole. The heart is thus an endless gateway then for me, combined with the perception of mind, that as I shift from a state of healing to a state of growth as it concerns the heart and brain, progress can be more or less endless here as I continue to advance the way I interface with this energy which has been the intersection of decision making for all love relationships in my life, including with life itself, in the greater, most expanded and deeper sense. May my mistakes around this area now mirrored to you, be as best as possible a mirror for looking in your own life and seeing your own relationship with these faculties where in turn you can be inspired to take on a higher level of positive responsibility, and in turn, allow your life to finally begin as far as you have faulted here, as have I, in this past that lives so closely to the scars that we carry in this life, but transmute, as our understanding and wisdom grows of these forces of nature, and the great nature they can produce. To a fully enlightened heart, that continues onwards and upwards, with a fully enlightened brain and the connection between the two. To my mother, when I was a child I did not understand your rages, pains and forms quickly enough, I did not know how to sooth my wounds deeply enough. To my sister, I protected you but how could I have shown you what was most important and that was to teach you how to protect yourself as early as possible, most of all, in heart? To my brother, the amount I needed you corresponded with the amount of pain that I had in my heart, to these defined limits I wish I could have known myself better as a little boy, without instruction. What more I could have done to help you from my mother and more if I had of resolved these within myself, even though you were nearly 10 years older. To my other sister, it was my lack of early understanding that made me positively reinforce your own inner invisibility within our family network, the quiet force within you that should have grown stronger, that I could have made stronger, if earlier than 5 I had learned sooner to see what was happening in our family home and how to make it right. To my second eldest sister in our unit, how could I have seen you, heard you and known you to the fullest respect so that you did not experience the injuries that you did from life, so that you too, had strength that was designed greater than the chaos created around you? To my whole family unit growing up, what more I could have done had I recognised the importance of these faculties and aspects of being, what more I could have done to lead our family to our truest potential, by showing all of you how to guide yourselves and one another. And to my father on the perimeters, what greater compassion could I have had towards you at this young age instead of confusion, pain and a lack of acceptance? And so too for all those I loved which lived on the perimeter but that I could not reach? What more could I have achieved with you, with a full heart? I have learned all of this too late for this, I have learned all of this too late for this. It is for this I have great misery and to the flip side of this, great inspiration. It may come as irrational for one to have this kind and level of responsibility, but as your heart becomes stronger and stronger you will learn that the heart only wants to have more and more responsibility because it is always too busy bringing about creation to the rest of your being at its potential, it is all about seeing what more positive, goodness and truth can be created and so when the heart asks itself about the past, eventually the more healed and grown it becomes it asks itself, what more could I have done at the first moment of birth? It does not do this out of self-punishment or literal misery, but a true appreciation and love for the goodness and truth of life. Much love and wisdom. Exit to this Session: This loss and pain Death I have created in this life even if I have not partaken in any physical death Death to potential Death to potential It only makes sense that we live this life Life to potential Life to potential This loss and pain now, with balance and respect for the natural seasons of life Growth and Joy Growth and Joy Growth and Joy
  13. Leaving this comment right here - I fell, now it’s time to rise again: So I got “beat”, I got my ass handed to me in the last few hours post the above. The post just above was created from pre-piano heart-brain communication as I’ve talked about, which activates different parts of the heart and brain. My training that followed though which is just aligned with the previous sentiments, that is, “typing out the heart”, I ended up being taken to the processing of several traumatic memories. In the end I went into “avoidance mode”, decided to take a break and that break turned into unintentionally falling asleep on the job. I’m now awake and I’ll attempt things again but I just wanted to remind myself and others here for future notice, especially after a post like the above, that it’s thus a good time to compare and contrast the different effects that pre-priming is going to have on what gets produced in my writing, that one instance may show me to look “perfect” and then in another based on the training I undertake, certainly not based on what aspects of the heart and brain are activated in that communication between the two. So I feel a little down, it’s okay though I’m putting my above theory and otherwise into practice, something I too have to become a master of, and overcoming this little set back by going to work straight away to get my second intro and session done before I head to sleep again, #16. To cap, so yeah, you’ll have good moments and bad moments, your goal is to make sure that your ratio overall is filled with more good than bad because then you’ll still be improving every day in the long run, it won’t matter that you fell off the wagon sometimes that’s normal, that should happen eventually if you’re doing this work right. All in all regardless, we gotta do our best to stay on that wagon, process things right and all the way. Have courage, perseverance, patience and resilience without self-punishment, treat yourself with love (i.e. compassion), the love inclusive of all these positives. All in all it’s important to understand how we respond to both success and failure, so that again, we can take the path that leads us down the truer end, however slightly more successful, it only needs to be a tiny nuanced improvement but if you can get that each time, eventually they start to add up into something big and we go to the next level, very naturally as well. It’s analogous to observing something beautiful in nature and paying attention to all of its subtleties that the less we have nuanced perception we aren’t able to appreciate and therefore miss out on that greater beauty. Best.
  14. Introduction #15: (all typed in one go on iPhone) To continue our discussion, I have realised that every aspect of our body is a conduit for the hearts expression. We always were, are and will be expressing our bodies (inclusive of the human brain) through the heart, it is simply a matter of whether we are silencing the heart and causing damage in this respect or listening to the heart with the greatest of sincerity. The heart is in constant fluctuation of inner narrative and it is desiring for this constant fluctuation to be heard as an extrinsic creative surmise with the entirety of the body as a vessel for its changing underlying forms. This is why the human brain is so important and perhaps why it is so creative because it was designed to be the canvas by which the heart could paint on using the brains sophistication also as it’s composer relative to its present capacities, which modify according to the intensity and longevity of this expression. With all great creatives, we have always been listening to their heart. Perhaps with this newfound knowledge, you can become one of the creatives that we listen too, with diligence, practice and true alignment with the truth of the heart and holding the sturdiness of this. Now when I say your whole body I mean it, I mean how you use your eyes, ears and all other portals to the rest of your senses and abilities, the heart upon full activation in this respect, is like the never ending heart beat of the universe, your body will forever be in expression of its wonders. Now you know the secret to “motivation” when in reality this is of course just a naive screenplay we were told by society was a bible, that is, this thing about “always having to be motivated” and if we weren’t we were somehow bad, when in reality, for true motivation, where that motivation is the truest, not artificial like the minds phantoms and projections that control and regulate the wellbeing of most people indoctrinated in these and related ways, when it is truly from and with the heart with the lens of the felt-aware experience, this is when we don’t even think about or consider motivation, we just are, we are motivated to listen to and act as the unfolding creative source of the universe there is no time really to waste thinking about it. Another, “the eyes are the windows to the soul”, sentiments like these can now be understood through the lens of when someone is listening to their healed growing heart, they are looking into the eyes of another and seeing how well they are connected to their hearts and in what ways. The heart paves the way to the expression of the otherwise imperceptible with all of its nuances, which is why we can tell so much when we look into the eyes of another, as one example. Because in listening to our hearts on how to see the world around us, when we come at it from that healed and growing sense, just as we have beauty in the heart we see the world through this more truthful lens and not just beauty, but the simplicity and purity of the world too. This is all experienced in subtlety and nuance, just as we see more of the subtlety and nuance of another in the expression of their hearts through their eyes and the rest of their being. Now you’re ready to build a feedback loop between how your heart feels in relation to your bodily movement of any sort (including the brain, eyes and anywhere else) and the learning of the heart and in turn the learning of the body to modify both its movements and signal based on the movements of the heart. Notice how there’s greater fluidity in your self control, the greater ease by which you accomplish your strides in whichever direction, notice the nuance and leaps of learning that feel more spontaneous, youthful and discovery like. In short, your heart will teach you “how to walk and where to walk” and you will get better and better at applying this in every area with practice of the hearts expressions. It is false to assume that a heart is “wild and irrational” when too, even if it is in this state, it is using the brains intelligence and in doing so developing this intelligence in its ongoing expression. So when you take in this wisdom and introspect on it to the point of personal change and empowerment, to the level that you’re able relative to the time spent, make it a part of your training to see the hearts of people through their expressions. In every bodily movement, in every pupil dilation, in every laugh and in every heart felt cry out of love and outpouring of love itself, so too, notice the opposite to this and where your heart has reached this level of development, perhaps intuit if it is appropriate to do so, add subtle signs for the other on how they can heal theirs, without attachment to their following of them, just a maintaining of the greater love you have found with life in the ongoing unfoldment of your heart using your whole being as a conduit for its ongoing and great expression. Session: The moons standing up so high, looking down on me. Of what do I owe the pleasure? To hear your movements run through me, to be eclipsed with the ignorance that I face when I look away from you, about you, a symbol for our ignorance of the world. To “reign in darkness” is what fear we have become in society, our norms so deluded and thus so contrary to reality and it’s pervasive existence, that if it acted on any part of its predatory nature, in an instant, we wouldn’t be able to defend ourselves. Our lives would be… Eclipsed. To this I owe words to the sun and my communication with you, how we can we work together to raise my being to a continually higher level and in that sunny-rain, whatever level of depths I must travel to in order to accomplish this, even if such suffering I now believe is a transgression to my newfound knowledge of the hearts beauties in the context of aligned striving, how can I listen better? What do I have to do? As I look up at the night sky now I see clouds overhead, covering the moon but bright shiny lights below reflecting my city with a long line of lights adjacent either side of the road symbolically might I add hitting the horizon line of darkness, the epitome of my initial statement here regarding how we as a species as a consequence of our technological fruits, “reign in darkness” rather than “spread the light”. In 10 hours or less I will begin to see the sun rise, may this sun, as it spreads through me as I encompass it when I stand with my shirt off while eating my breakfast on my balcony, taking all of life in, have life speak through me… speak through me… love is the light we must spread, and this light is not just the light of sentimentality but the light of the hearts highest beat and so too in this, it’s highest knowledge, of itself and the life that comes from it. Exit to this session: There are many wishes we can have in this life But in this life I breath May my breath be all that I wish outside The truest most heart felt wishes For I will sing again after this body has withered away Again and again so goes reincarnation Again and again then, “make this one truer, make this one truer.” ( will have another intro and session completed later tonight… and… you’re welcome! )
  15. Will watch the rest of the vid bout 22 min in say next month or so, it makes me feel out of sorts to listen to it for more than that time. Looking forward to.