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  1. A mere glimpse into the described perspectivism that would turn this place into a wonderland that I'd love to be a part of but unfortunately I roam around in with only the few, and some would say, exceptional:
  2. @Preety_India I don't really connect myself with the models of others other than a narration of my own perspective (good share though @Michael569 ), its at the very latest the second or third step when it comes to truly understanding a perspective of the world outside our own. We all know everything is connected, however the fields within science are often too sparsely connected and people do not strive for connecting their understandings because they do have these related difficulties. Confidence of course can mean different things and is often confused in many ways when its applied socially and in a scientific context, as well as even across scientific contexts which brings about contradictions that are often unresolved but still used as examples when we're loaded with confirmation bias. So with your questions, what is it that you're precisely asking, simply what else I have learned or what other adaptations I have made or could come up with? Otherwise I agree with the relationship in part you've drawn between this effect and the capacity, as it is chosen to be applied whether internally or externally, for empathy, the limits of which does not define goodness but creates the space for it relative to the nature of the qualities that are expressed in the person, some more dominant than others. Empathy as a whole has solidarity in perspectivism and perspectivism the contrast that generates the insight we need to further our knowledge as we need to apply it in the moment.
  3. @Preety_India It's like going to a visual-linguistic art gallery. It can be as simple as an adjustment in perception to rounded perspectivism. I learn unique things from many men and women's shares on here. This is also the kind of value system I'd like to contribute to outside of a more rigid closed minded view. We need more people like Loba, they inform the perception of others to take in a greater multidimensionality. In this sense, she is a part of growing universal consciousness, this I believe if we were to choose, should be the primary endeavour of humanity. She shouldn't lower herself because she feels overcrowded by mainstream ways of looking at, conceiving of and expressing the world she experiences.
  4. @Loba Nothing wrong with a little, you see things so differently to most other people. That's more than just a peculiar thing you know. You've generated many unique perspectives.
  5. @7thLetter An important neurological mechanism I want you to be aware of as well 7th letter that I figured out is as follows. When we're younger we see our parents as godlike and we see our parents through our lesser needs as opposed to projecting into the future regarding their weaknesses in their ability to provide for our deepest needs (learned from a book). An analogous mechanism occurs in our romantic love interests, not to deny love but to understand one of the contexts that is highly affected is our perception outside of them and of them themselves regarding their ability to fulfil our needs vs others in a relationship. Emotional investment is so important when it comes to establishing an enduring relationship between two people especially in the case that they're going to create life together, however it comes at a cost. We're unable to see them for who they truly are or more accurately just less able to sort their strengths from their weaknesses in the context of how they will be able to support our offspring. So the same mechanism that occurs for us as we are children because we have no one else to look up to, occurs pretty much in any investment and it occurs in one of the most important investments of all when it comes to raising a child. This is why really determining whether someone is right for us is such an important process to go through, even if you don't want to have a child, because your reality will become skewed. You'll begin to see your partner through your lesser needs and overvalue their capacity to give you your deepest needs. If you have a deeper understanding for why you're emotionally investing more than you need to, you'll be able to move on more easily. Your reality is literally being obscured, you cannot see her for her weaknesses because you want to have a child with her on a subconscious level and your mind is blocking out the rest of the world in that pursuit. If things work out I'm happy for you but they're doomed to fail if you carry this mindset with you into the future. You must learn from this situation and ensure you never do this again. At all costs. This is your life.
  6. For whatever reason this is just one of my favourite topics ever. Obviously my genes are like "yes do it!" : practicality though.
  7. @7thLetter Listen to what people are saying. You're in a dream of your own creation here and its eating you whole. The more you fight the more the vines will take you over.
  8. @Rishabh R It's because for whatever reason you've got a seed planted in your brain like you're going to marry her and be with her for a long time. No. You're deciding on these things based on your chemistry and step by step that's something that you find out slowly.
  9. @Chris_Esoteric No problem and if my great wisdom above wasn't enough to be graced with from the high mountains of rock hard abs I have more that is staring you straight in the, pun, eye (see below). Focus on the understanding of any one of those three quotes in your signature or in combination with as much God like intensity as you possibly can and I assure you, Christ himself will come knocking on your doors of perception touching you with his compassionate femininity graced by the great Mary herself. Focus on the true meaning of that "I" by the way, which hardly anyone knows but I do as I figured it out myself without having to read any books I just know by intuition it wouldn't mean anything more significant or their significant is less, which is simply, you have an "I", consciousness, that is precisely synonymous to the reality "I". The all seeing eye is synonymous to your single eye, reality sees itself through you. That triangle would be analogous to representing the house of the psychology within the eye, that sun, representative of the truth that the eye is in relative to of course, reality (as best as we can the all seeing eye and single eye is a path of life mastery : I figured this out by myself, again with zero research so take it with a grain of salt but I doubt I'm far from the right answer). DO THIS. I FUCKING MEAN IT (it will work - this is a variant of mental alchemy). I say that with passionate inspiration for you, zero anger. If you do this for 30 minutes with all your might and the calmest mind and come back to me saying it had zero positive effect on you I vow right now that this will be my last message of any sort on this site. Mary's virgin Jesus slain by God of the 21st over and out (this version is more cut throat and ruthless as they say it, I don't parse with those words in conversation usually though).
  10. @Giulio Bevilacqua One word: Conviction (but not behind bars) Conviction determines the flow of energy which generates the charge that changes the state which rewires (or analogously energetic cellular reformation) the systems that create the feeling of regret. You're energetically linked to the associations that create the regret, so you of course you have to energetically unlink yourself through the power the mind has to master the regulation of its movement, shaping and creation of energy. Force creates momentum which turns that pumping action into the pruning of vines and generation of new vines that separate you from perceptions that created and held you to a past fractal that kept you chained outside your ability to adequately perceive the present moment outside your own biases. You use that tool, after you've determined the lesson, of course. Denial is like gun powder left on a black concrete floor waiting for the police to do a sweep. Don't let it go, address all addressments consciousness is making, that's why it's sounding the sounds it makes, regret is just one of the louder alarms depending on its intensity and what it's contrasted within consciousness at the time. The path is energy mastery. Almost no other. The more we betray ourselves on our path of mastery, the more we're unknowingly unethical inwardly in our direction of energy and it does catch up with us so we will go to prison for it. When it does though, and we feel the inescapable crushing bars tightening against the living space within our consciousness through feelings of regret or whatever it is, this is the only key out outside of pointers and subtle influencers we're lucky to experience (much of the entertainment industry unfortunately is a reality escape for people rather than being the thing that helps them process their experiences towards higher integration, though some films and artists do operate towards this principle). There is a certain inner authority you will need to grow overtime in order to achieve this which is why I question some of the advice I give and whether I should give it at all because of how premature it can be for the level that most people are on in areas of self awareness and the ability to use this reflector of consciousness engineer activity based on more sophisticated directions it learns via experience. My motto from now on is people will just get it raw from me even if they don't immediately understand because who knows perhaps it'll be useful to someone else that does understand in the moment or via my profile history in the future. Parole officer tuning out now, back to prison until you work through this. All the best with that, let's make your prison sentence the shortest we can because we've got some crims in the yard (aka other emotions that may spring up which create a worse downward spiral) that likely going to try and pick a fight, while you're there just keep to yourself or stick with the biggest guy (aka honing energetic frequencies that will enable you to deal with regret and otherwise well).
  11. @flowboy Oh hero flowboy is coming to inform us what's true. Go on mate, here we go don't even have the balls to quote me. Let's do this. Haha this will be good.
  12. @Chris_Esoteric Fuck this made me laugh haha. Take a breath. Everything is okay. Universe in, universe out. Now pause for a moment before you chase the cheese. Stay grounded. Stay firm. Done. Dominated.
  13. It may seem like the mind has a structural interface, logical orders that we're capable of comprehending to their depths and at the heights of that comprehension, there is a sense of safety and security via the repeated exposure to our successful adaptations to the environment. It is the grasping at security though that will inevitably create insecurity, the desire to comprehend and supersede past comprehensions however is what will move us into previously invisible vistas that enable us to see our past consciousness as mere old clothing in our wardrobe. It is what will enable us to see that the idea of seeing all states as doorways, portals and windows is something that cannot be merely thought but is what ultimately needs to be experienced on an energetic level in order to truly understand. Understanding, must be understood as something that exists beyond merely the intellect. The goal is no goal that doesn't lead to resonance with inner alignment in this sense. It is strange, that the mere combination of inner connection up and down the energetic lines that make the perception of beingness possible is what makes understanding of what is true in reality more possible than the mere goal of intellectual understanding. Not strange though, when we put in context the psychological anatomy that make up our perception of the architectures that we interpret as key to the illuminous mental forms we experience as self and forms running through self, which mislead us into the hard judgement that the only pathway is through our mind, that we somehow exist independently of everything that exists outside the surface of our conscious awareness which is still us. Surprising to understanding when we understand, frustrating when we're stuck though in those illusions of course. My personal cord for you is to strike with softness, between the centre of your eyes all the way down the rest of the centre of your being and run about and down this energetic field, understand that mind is no mind and you will see windows into areas of the mind you've never perceived before, the same too with all other aspects of your energetic experience of being. Come into the realisation that energy is of first reality, even if its not what we first perceive, we might first perceive our thoughts or even sensory stimuli, but it is our energy that creates the thoughts, thus, it is energy resolution, dissolution and transformation which is what will enable us to perceive and experience new states, thoughts and energies outside the circumference of what we believe we know. For we believe we know for certain, aka dunning-kruger, after the energy exists to know, but if you are not attached to the thought that creates this stance, the ever-changing and adaptable force called your energy within being can be directed in multitude to a myriad of alternate attiitudes that give you the flexibility we often associate with the experience and mindfulness of freedom and the paradoxical certainty and beauty of truth as well as the paradoxical chaotic and rebellious nature of truth. In direct answer to your last question, it came as I practiced inhabiting the reality of other beings. This has become pronounced these last few days as I've had to pay much more attention than usual to the existence of another human, being my nephew (I'm on holiday looking after him, present with other friends and contacts). His world, a gestalt in mine, so to what I add and subtract in that gestalt paints my present responsibilities and future behaviour towards his world which is far more sensitive to mine to influence and any other person I'm around so its something I remain vigilant about in a teaching and mentoring sense. To truly inhabit the world of another, if it does not make you question your own world ten-fold, you have not done a very good job at putting yourself in their shoes, if your goal was depth as opposed to mere expedient efficiency, the latter is great for the business world, terrible if we want to be relationally innovative. So continue to do so many times after absorbing this understanding, instead of becoming an insecurity it will more and more be seen as an enthralling challenge that puts you in a completely different viewpoint, repeatedly, of the war of life. Including your subsequent triumphs as a consequence of achieving this higher energetic resolve of not just being, but too, a mere part of that, mind as well and the emotions it creates from those illuminous mental forms, avoiding the erudite that is not merely superficial here, aka when you falsely believe you've reached the top of the mountain simply because you're facing with your back towards it.
  14. @Gabith Oh and learn to filter out trolls . Stick to your principles while also remembering who really matters and creating the space for that.
  15. I find it humorous that pickup and enlightenment are like the biggest topics on this forum haha. Like that's the furthest the norm here has taken things. More outliers are needed to establish new norms. People get so triggered and confused by them as well because there's vampires and so many misled people in both areas. I'm like, my own norm ha.