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  1. Okay that's that, knock down Mt. Everest and erect my statue for people to climb instead I'm done with this journal for at least a couple of days. I'll come back then and rework the template so everything is organised better at the top of my crown here. Person claims they were the first person ever to climb my statue just as they would Mt. Everest, "No you weren't the first, my secret lover and I were fucking each other senseless at the top long before any other human even started to realise its existence let alone begin to track it to the crown".
  2. I plan on murdering someone fluent in Italian, preferably non-native. This will solve everything.
  3. Fuck the X, I'm just going to do something more in line with my personality. Which would be to create my own language and thus completely my own symbol. That's more me and so that's how it has to be.
  4. I need more colour... So. Now searching for said variants. Topic begins here:
  5. More logo ideas - beginning starts here -
  6. Compiling a sweep of X logo's then designing my own. One's I have so far. Will likely collect tens to hundreds more. There's lots of interesting dynamics from story to subtlety behind the logos that is interesting to analyse.
  7. Haha. Baritone/Tenor or something, I can get way up there and way down there. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Note to self: For this months artwork as a part of the presentation of the songs I'm simply doing 5 pieces of photoshop artwork, 1 per album, that I slap on every song within the albums set to paint the theme / set the tone. Otherwise skills I need to build overtime regarding presentation: Adobe Premiere + Photoshop (at least 10-15 min for each per day) As my skills improve there the time it takes to create extra art as a part of the presentation of the music will take less and less time, for example if I were to create a music video for every song we're looking at an increase of at least 60 hours and for photoshop art I'm looking at an extra 30 hours at least. So naturally its a better idea to just devote the latter's 30 hours towards 5 good photoshop art pieces and use whatever leg room I have left there to polish the edges off on everything.
  8. I'll just be solely focusing on this journal for this month. Template 1. First Album - Classical - Italian Arias - 6 self composed - I don't speak Italian so that's going to be a tough one. Decided today. Here's a random improv just did for sneak preview at progress of voice (still got a lot of growth because I haven't been training for too long so just objectively speaking it'll be really interesting to see where things go there). Wanted to share this just to force myself to make the commitment to the ball busting challenge of creating these Italian arias. I guess it brings a little anticipation as well haha. 2. Second Album - Rap / Hip Hop - 6 self composed (tackling Ableton properly for the first time so this will be interesting) - My end goal is to find a smooth creative blend between the first two eventually. 3. Third Album - Ableton Creative (so no idea where I'll take it) - 6 self composed 4. Fourth Album - Indie - Acoustic guitar - 6 self composed 5. Fifth Album - Blues/related - Keyboard Piano (still working out creative angles there) - 6 self composed
  9. French; Chinese; German and Greek (the latter having sentimental origins - fathers side).
  10. @Barbara Exactly some of the effects that you're meant to experience from sex. Energetic transference describes the transformation; biopsychosexual emotional timing. When we look into a persons eyes, there is this energetic vibratory relationship occurring that is invisible to our naked eye but the more vigilant we are to our own inward gaze at existence, the experiences of the quality of that connection begin to open up. Notice when you walk down the street how casual people are with how they pay attention to one another, they're as oblivious here as they are with their sexual acts, being truly moved by the raw power of their underlying sexual energies by mere happenstance and coincidence rather than a force they've come to understand and use as the vehicle of magik they were always meant to. Recall the experiences you felt, seek an intuitive understanding of them and overtime you will begin to craft your own finely tuned heightened sense of energy, a hypersensitivity that will carry over into how you view all people and their interactions around you that is invisible to most, and vice versa of course. Your presence will be different than there's but most won't be able to understand why, the difference being that you've understood the true expression of sex to be found at the energetic level rather than the physical level, the physical expression motivated by carnality with energetic intelligence rather than just being a random physical act for someone to get their rocks off. If you have a partner that understands the significance of the sexual act beyond PornHub this is something that you can both explore to an increasingly more intimate level overtime; it will add completely novel dimensions to your relationship that are both hidden and seen, invisible and transparent. Phenomena will awaken between you and your partner you've never seen in yourself or them before and then suddenly they've vanished in an instant, others like what you've experienced here may last noticeably after your expression, experiencing completely new forms of consciousness for periods of time until they too subside, others may generate unexpected seemingly permanent changes or intuitive leaps in life directions because you released or awoke something in the subconscious, and overtime, this magik once it is understood more can become more creatively designed with purpose and intention. An understanding of energy in this way brings us home to what we are at the core of our being, an unmistakable presence in awareness we all experience that with increasingly greater wisdom and understanding we can use it for our own sketched out powers, exploring the full spectrum of sexual energetic expression and transformation beyond the often sexually antisocial confines of simpledom. A universe of play, when we understand how to play. You will learn to master so much more than just passion through sex, but most will barely even do this, believe that you can incrementally overtime if you have a partner that understands how to really walk down this path.
  11. Well, turns out no matter how much will power I have it doesn't just make a dislocated shoulder injury go away. I can play (music), practice and compose which has been a massive plus for me however well naturally (at least now I realise this) its just going to take a little longer than expected to get the smoothness I need to do decent recordings. Yesterday morning I felt great and I wanted to up my physio into boxing so I plan on getting a punching bag next week when I have the time but anyhow I thought a good substitute would be some styrofoam (I have heaps) that I could just lay into. Which I did. Felt so fucking fantastic. Tore that shit up. Thought I was doing my shoulder some good. I wasn't. Felt pretty tender later in the day, the same today but now feels better after I've given it more physio. [I know my theory is correct in the long run it just means I'll have to wait an extra week or so] I'll be spending some time with my physiotherapist over the weekend so that'll be good. My personal motto is you have to learn to play with fire in order to tame it, that's just the way I live. So although it didn't workout for me I still consider it a creative act. Injury teaches us lessons. Never be afraid to step out into the darkness of life, that's how creating anything great starts at all. Naturally there's going to be a longer than expected delay on my release date but I'll be still fucking going at it, making sure I stay on track with keeping in with next months release. Anyhow, it's given me more time to focus on other important things I find value in as well as discovering a broader perception on preparation vs fire. I've been smashing the treadmill lately as well seeing I can't do any weights. Just fucking gunning it (this time with good prep as opposed to what I did with my shoulder).
  12. @NorthNow Listen you're just playing mostly with projections of your own mind outside the natural spiritual psychic space. So what's to let go of other than the images you have? You must focus on connecting with who they truly are and who you truly are then what will be will be. You must contemplate this. So deeply. So fucking deeply. Get right to the core of your awareness. You connect with RIGHT fucking now, leave the projective mind on the table like you would leave your keys and forget them as you go out into the world and feel at the visceral level the essence of existence. Finally, what are you letting go of other than the fear of letting go? Are you afraid of not having love in your heart? What the fuck does love have to do with an image you have in your mind? When you see a person you truly and deeply love you don't connect with them purely through the image you have in your mind, you can feel it as you search in your mind there's something deeper. So how is that something deeper ever going to come into conflict with the trauma you've experienced? This layer within your psyche can be overcome by stretching limits of your being on a single point within awareness which is the centre of awareness itself. This shows you all of reality that you will ever have to deal with, this shows you all the love you will ever need to have in your heart and you can confidently say fuck off to everything else. Because right there, that's where you feel truth, that's where you make something at the beginning of existence which is creative, because where the fuck was anything else other than a memory of being the beginning of existence? We experience snapshots of time, you experience this in snapshots of time, who the fuck were you when you started reading this comment eh? No body to you now, just a memory, you're right fucking here. So what are you letting go other than the fear of letting go of something false? Be right here, be true. Then however anyone not just your family comes to you, like me after I press the submit button, you will experience them with all the love you're meant to give, because you're sitting with the truth of who you really are at the centre of your awareness in that moment. Who knows where the fuck this shit comes from, get out of your head, sit in your body and we say it comes from feeling, but fuck the labels as well, its your awareness. Does your awareness hold onto things? Or does it experience them as fully as you are aware? Do you think when your family sees you and let's say everything is good, do you think they want you to experience the memory of them or as they fucking fully are right then and there as your awareness if they're coming to you purely? You've got it. You're on your way now. The rest is your puzzle. Now you're a fucking real spiritual being, before you were just a wandering soul lost in the circus that was injected into your consciousness through the tunnel and social funnel of time perceived through the limitations of our growth up to this point. You've found yourself through these words. We use language to create worlds and here I am teaching you to get out of the one you've created for yourself to keep you a prisoner of your own mind about how you think not truly feel about the people you know. You may say, "but I feel!", search a little deeper in awareness, like really push it in your being, you will say that there is a boundary beyond that point that completely, totally and utterly understands where I am coming from and needs no further explanation after this full stop.
  13. @SamC I have to like someone though to take a bribe haha. So I wouldn't bother at this point. It's called the liking bias. Otherwise I'm viciously sticking to what I believe.
  14. @SamC No. Absolutely zero correlation. There is a correlation between awareness and awareness. Don't confuse personality at all with awareness. If you want to do so, make a case for it and i'll genuinely listen but don't make shots in the dark because the boogey man (me) will pounce on them.
  15. @Preety_India Hey Preety I've been having a lot of progress with the Wim Hof method there are various levels of course here's two just thought I'd share maybe useful maybe not, absolutely though for me. Blessings to you girl you can so get through this one step at a time! Here's an explanation with Russell, extremely credible stuff. You know me well know I'm a straight down the line no bullshit kind of guy, I wouldn't at all be suggesting it if I wasn't very passionate about its legitimacy. Best. h