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  1. How to deal with ego backlash
    Dealing with Ego backlash
    1) It will happen, just accept it. This journey is often 2 steps forward, 1 step backward. Sometimes 2 steps backward. Sometimes 3 steps backward. The key is to just keep going and re-commit yourself every new day.
    2) Have a strong vision and think about it frequently. So you have some noble beckoning you.
    3) Pace yourself intelligently. If you bite off too much too fast, you're actually slow down your progress. You need to learn -- through trial and error -- just how much change you're able to stomach in a given week, month, year. The more noble and compelling your vision, the more change you will be able to stomach. When my vision is really HOT, I find myself able to make lots of changes and they stick pretty well. When my vision is weak, I find myself backsliding a lot.
    4) Learn to be your own cheerleader. When you fail and backslide, learn how to console yourself, reassure yourself, and cheer-lead your spirits back up. Learn positive self-talk rather than dumping all over yourself.
    5) Mindfulness is huge
    6) Psychedelics are huge. I've found that nothing gets me in touch with my authentic motivations better than psychedelics. They clear out all the extraneous materialistic crap. Although they too can have their own backlashes.

  2. Crypto
    Respectfully disagreeing with Leo about Crypto
    The key is not to fool yourself into thinking that you know what these coins will do in the future. Much of crypto investment is based on self-deception. The deception that you know what is gonna happen in the future. The truth is that you do not know, no one knows, and you are just guessing. You could guess right but most likely you will guess wrong.
    I see many crypto people decieve themselves that they are doing something more than guessing. That is what makes this so dangerous and unsound as an investment. With crypto you are engaging in wild speculation but you rationalize it to yourself as something more than that.

  3. Consciousness of a fork
    Seeing Beauty and Infinite Intelligence everywhere
    Lately I have been experiencing a weird phenomena. I can see the intelligence of Consciousness everywhere, this intelligence is becoming manifest as Infinite Beauty. A tree, my sandwich, a fork, the sidewalk, my computer screen, are visually beautiful and perfect.
    I don't know how else to explain this phenomena by saying that everyday objects are being shown to be infinitely beautiful and aware, everything is coming to life. Imagine seeing a fork and being able to see infinite intelligence expressed as a fork.
    Imagine looking at your body and instead of seeing your body, seeing the intelligence that is pervading your body as infinity and beauty, just like in this image:

    I ain't complaining, since it's a beautiful phenomena, just trying to understand if anyone else here is having this kind of "visuals", while completely sober.

  4. Is There a Way to Unwire the Need For Socialization?
    Is There a Way to Unwire the Need For Socialization?
    I understand how you feel. I used to be very similar. I tried very hard. I tried 3 months of purely meditation and limited human contact.
    But eventually I had to come back. I then just came to accept it as necessity part of the adventure of human life, which includes the need for food, sleep etc. as well.
    I’m sure there are a rare few who can actually skip or limit socialization very much.
    But I would also argue that some people who supposedly ”dont need socialization at all / need just a bit”, are just very unskilled at it and it’s easier to accept it than go through the pain of learning the skill.
    And the same case was with me. I had periods where I was very against socialization but looking back, mostly it was simply because I didn’t know how to have fun, be charismatic and make friends.
    And so, perhaps if you also had a ton of fun (it’s a skill to let go of our seriousness, and tap into the fooling around part of ourselves - especially since we are so serious and logical on actualized), while socializing - maybe you would also enjoy it much more 😊

  5. for fucks sake it's been 4 years and i'm still randomly having reactivations at night
    for fucks sake it's been 4 years and i'm still randomly having reactivations at night
     more like a consequence of playing russian roulette with my brain with a random hyped drug that i thought could solve all my suffering, all it's one is give me more issues to worry about all day
    not the most ideal situation to be in, i'd be better off clean without it but i wouldn't know that back then that's the irony of buying into the hype
    @Keryo Koffa  rubbish doing that for years now, used the mantra of this too shall pass plenty, it's just an unstable mind no thought can fix a panic attack in a moment but just watching it through, at least in my experience
    @Yimpa acceptance of cult sheep thinking of this so called *awakening* mind land delusion? i still have bills to pay at the end of the day and take care of this body's wants and needs, it wasn't even worth pursuing seeing infinity at this point
    the irony is i wouldn't have known it wasn't worth it since i've witnessed it and get it now, but the detrimental factors have more cons than pros at this point

  6. Message this guy
    Leo's Geography Challenge - Mega-Thread
    We can help each other navigate the challenge.
    I can help with Brazil 😁

  7. What Is the Most Valuable Experience I Can Expose Myself To?
    What Is the Most Valuable Experience I Can Expose Myself To?
    I've been thinking about writing a post answering this question for a long time.
    In my exploration and as unbiased as possible opinion, I'm solid to say that Martial Arts are the one activity that will grow you the most if you are a young masculine man.
    I cannot express how different your body and mind will be if you give jiu-jitsu, taekwondo or boxing a serious opportunity into your life. You will have an amazing time, you will become confident, you will make amazing man friends and a great sense of healthy camaraderie in the gym, you will become comfortable in uncomfortable situations, you will become body aware and grounded, you will become powerful and non violent, you will become a warrior. It will humble you by being beaten and teach you patience and perseverance through time. So many things... If you are really interested tell me and I'll write the post 

  8. Netflix Documentary "The Family"
    Netflix Documentary "The Family"
    There's some groupthink here, but no it cannot get out of hand because I control it and I have no interest in using it for such purposes. There's not really an organization here, just people posting random stuff.
    "The Family" has a deliberate mission to spread their ideology. They are basically doing covert missionary work at a geopolitical level.
    Funny enough, I had actually considered a similar plan. What if we took the world's top 500 richest and most powerful people and took them through a full course of 5-MeO-DMT? Giving them legit awakenings. That could transform the entire world overnight. But it could also lead to a lot of devilry so I'm not foolish enough to try that. It's not a good idea to force spirituality on people.

  9. Netflix Documentary "The Family"
    Netflix Documentary "The Family"
    Yes, that's precisely that challenge of evil. Eradicating evil is so hard because one cannot see it in oneself.
    Everyone is quick to see the self-biases of others but not oneself. And thus the Greater Jihad degrades into the Lesser Jihad.
    You must be ruthlessly truthful and objective with yourself.
    This is comes at the cost of emotional labor.
    This is an important point which needs to be underscored.
    The devil does most of his work in a collective. A collective allows for the near total masking of self-bias, since if you manage to surround yourself with 1000 people who share your self-bias, you will look out at the world and it will seem like you have no self-bias because your self-biases are perfectly reflected back at you. This is why people in conformist groups do some really evil shit. The collective absolves them of responsibility. It's like becoming a minnow in a school of fish. No one minnow controls the entire school. They all just go with the flow until they drive themselves off the cliff.
    Collective spirituality is a very dangerous game. It's almost guaranteed to be co-opted by the devil.
    Which is why I don't grow into an actual organization with staff.

  10. Netflix Documentary "The Family"
    Netflix Documentary "The Family"
    Of course they are totally ignorant of what they are really doing. They have no idea how the devil works through them. They have no consciousness of self-survival, self-agenda, or self-bias. The ego is designed to do all of these survival manipulations automatically below the radar of one's awareness. It's only by doing a lot of the kind of work that we do here at that you start to see the sneaky nature of your ego.
    From an ego's POV, everything it does is for the greatest good. The ego creates justification and stories to make everything look good, truthful, and innocent. The ego is good by definition. How can that be? Because the ego said so and there was no one to question it. This is precisely self-bias in action. The person is not aware of his self-bias, and neither is an organization like this Family. They truly believe they are doing God's work and that if everyone on Earth became a follower of Jesus the Earth would be saved. This looks plausible from their POV because they don't care about the POVs of other people nor do they care about religious freedoms of others. "Jesus + nothing".
    Yes, it works just like with Hitler. Hitler thought he was going the greatest good for his people.
    The whole tragedy of stage Blue is that it simply cannot see outside its own paradigm. It's absolutely paradigm locked and it's in denial about it.
    But don't forget, you do this too. It's easy to see others doing this sneaky shit and get outraged, but your own mind does this sort of stuff every day in ways you don't yet realize. After all, don't you believe you're a good person? Why is that?
    If everyone is such a good person why is there so much cruelty in the world?
    There is actually not such thing as conscious evil. All evil is unconscious, even though it may be very strategic like in this documentary. Even the leader does not really understand what he is doing. He has fooled himself into thinking he's spreading the will of God. But actually he's spreading his ego.
    This documentary is a textbook example of "spiritual ego". That's how bad it can get. Which is why it's so important for us to study such things in detail. Lest we become like that ourselves.

  11. AI won't happen in out lifetimes
    Artificial Intelligence
    @sarapr Google has a hard time fighting online spam because it cannot even read human words.
    So it will be a very long time until any kind of serious AI gets developed. The mind is far more complex than tech-geeks and scientists imagine. It's not going to happen in our lifetimes. Not even close.
    You have more to fear from real stupidity than artificial intelligence

  12. Foundation is very important
    Followed Leo's advice, landed in mental hospital. My internet addiction story.
    @Gryner Sorry to hear of your suffering. What you're describing is definitely highly unusual. Although not unprecedented.
    The human mind is a very complex thing. Not all human minds are alike. Some people are much more spiritually attuned and have access to psychic and paranormal realms that very few other people can access. Of course some people are also mentally unstable. Something like what you're describing is pretty rare. You could be legit mentally unstable. Or, you could just be very paranormally attuned and you're discovering this realm for the first time in your life and it comes as a shock and your rational mind does not yet know how to navigate these realms. You could also be repressing some kind of deep past trauma like abuse, molestation, rape, death in the family, etc.
    If I were you I'd read up a lot more on other people who've had similar experiences. Don't expect quality answers from most Western doctors / scientists. They will just think you're crazy. You need to research transpersonal psychology, psychic stuff, the work of Stan Grof, New Age books, etc. You will probably find some answers there.
    There are paranormally gifted people you could find who can help you understand what is going on with you. Try searching for some in your area through
    Don't be to quick to judge this experience a negative. It might turn out to be a blessing in disguise, a gateway to a whole new dimension of reality and the beginning of a powerful life purpose.
    Do a google search for "vipassana psychosis" and other similar phrases that might describe your experience. You also want to be very careful and precise in describing what happened to you so you and others don't jump to the wrong conclusions.
    For example, some of my deepest psychedelic trips on 5-MeO-DMT were so deep, with insights about the nature of reality so profound, that if I did not have a rock solid theoretical foundation, I could definitely see myself feeling like I went insane. If most ordinary people were exposed to such insights point-blank with no preparation they would start to lose their grip on reality in a negative, dysfunctional way.
    You could also read books on psychosis to see what that means and how it works. Make sure you read a diversity of books from different perspectives, not just the standard Western academic perspective.
    Your ultimate intention should be to figure out what happened to you and why.
    P.S. Traditionally, many shamans in native tribal cultures develop their abilities after a traumatic psychotic break. So fear not. You are not alone.

  13. 18g truffles trip report - Absolute solipsism, Insanity, Shadow
    18g truffles trip report - Absolute solipsism, Insanity, Shadow
    @nistake Very good! This hard work will set you up nicely in the future for some deep God-Consciousness, Love, and higher things.
    It's important to get the freak-out out of the way so you can focus on appreciating the beauty of God.

  14. Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life. Not you.
    Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life. Not you.
    Right… but that’s not the end of the story.
    That’s the problem with being stuck in a religious paradigm. You are blind to story being INFINITE. Then you get lost defending your “one true story” like this sheep that can’t get up on its own:

  15. Heavy metal detox without DMSA
    Heavy metal detox without DMSA
    If you develop a solid detox protocol, then one of the upsides is that you don't have to worry about eating toxic food as much because you now have a regular and easy way to detox it.
    It's basically a must for all people because you can't avoid heavy metals in food and water even if you are extra careful. The solution is not to eat perfectly, but to develop a good detox protocol.
    If you gonna eat a big meal of fish, just take a teaspoon of zeolite alongside it to mop up the heavy metals.

  16. OSR --- Miracle Heavy metal chelator?
    OSR --- Miracle Heavy metal chelator?
    @mmKay I would rather have heavy metal poisoning than use Facebook.

  17. Applying Leos Nootropics video
    Applying Leos Nootropics video
    That's true, we love shortcuts. Then again, not all shortcuts are automatically bad. The whole point of human society is to invent technological shortcuts for stuff that used to be impossible or really difficult. A car is a shortcut for walking to work. A farm is a shortcut for hunting migratory packs of animals. etc.
    Is it sustainable? I don't know. The research is still pending. What were are doing here with is on the cutting edge of human knowledge and technology. There is both risk and reward for being on the cutting edge. The discoveries we make, our children will take for granted as obvious. But right now it is not obvious.
    I would not recommend taking modafinil every day for months on end. Use it occasionally and stop if you feel like it's becoming a crutch. I don't use it much. Sometimes I just forget to take it for weeks at a time. I can function without it. But sometimes its a nice boost to my creative or meditative work.
    As of this writing I have not taken modafinil for over a month. Simply forgot it even existed. So to me it has no addictive quality at all. If I felt it had an addictive quality, I could probably not take it at all and I definitely would not recommend it publicly. My standard for recommending stuff publicly is that it must be non-addictive. For example, I do not recommend ketamine because it has some addictive qualities.
    I think modafinil can be very helpful to people who are new to this work. After years of meditation and so forth, you will probably outgrow it. Some people really struggle with ADHD, for example, and it's not just in their head. ADHD can cripple one's ability to self-actualize, which is a great shame. So it's nice if we have some tools for helping people to combat that.

  18. The importance of values in relationships.
    The importance of values in relationships.
    Simply because the higher up the Spiral you climb, the fewer people exist at that level in the world.
    There are simply much more Blue and Orange jellybeans in the jar.
    It's just a subconscious biological force.
    That's like asking why you prefer chocolate ice cream vs vanilla. Every mind has its preferences and you are never going to logically explain them.

  19. The importance of values in relationships.
    The importance of values in relationships.
    Values and Spiral alignment is hugely important.
    But that doesn't mean your partner has to be doing a specific thing like some precise spiritual practice.
    But if you are at stage Yellow and your partner is at stage Blue, that will never work.
    You should probably be looking for a stage Green partner at least if you follow my work. You can work with Green.
    Ideally you'd find someone at your level or one level above you.

  20. The importance of values in relationships.
    The importance of values in relationships.
    Spiritual festivals, yoga centers, Tai chi classes, Buddhist centers, art exhibitions, spiritual forums, psychedelics festivals, TED talk events, meditation workshops, Zen centers, these teachers or gurus who are on YouTube like Rupert Spira, they hold sessions with people or events where you can meet and greet them, you can come across a lot of like minded people there. 

  21. Thoughts on Sam Harris
    Thoughts on Sam Harris
    Sam's image of a "neuroscientist" or "researcher" is laughable. He does no research and practices no neuroscience.
    Well, I would call someone like Jordan Peterson calling himself a psychologist misleading.
    A title means whatever you think it means.
    I challenge any psychologist with a PhD to a debate about the workings of the mind. Let's see who has a deeper understanding.

  22. ADD is Yellow
    Thoughts on Adderall?
    In one context, it feels like the brain is functioning properly while on the med. In another context, it is a PED. Both are true. To me, you seem tilted toward the experience of proper functioning and disregarding PED aspects - which can lead to dependency and various side effects. I would be more strategic with it's usage. For example, 20mg IR is a flood to the system and you say it gives you 5 hours of intense focus. Is five hours of intense focus "proper brain functioning"? Very few people can intensely focus for five hours. There are some major alterations in neuronal pathways occurring to turn on a switch of five hour intense focus. That five hour of focus is amphetamine-induced and is not "free". There is a cost to it. 
    I have experience with adderall and ime, I would consider cutting the dose in half and try XR - which gives a slower release. Five hours of intense focus is not normal for a mind. People literally train their mind for years to achieve five hours of intense focus. 10mg of XR would likely bring you to what is actually normal - where you are able to focus yet it takes some effort. Learn how to focus with just a little boost. As well, I would recommend no more than 4-5 times per week to allow the brain to recover. Or perhaps only taking 5mg a few days per week. Or taking Modafinil, rather than adderall, a few days per week. 
    I would also consider adding in coping mechanisms. 
    Over-use of adderall will make the come-downs worse due to dependency. If a mind is on 20mg adderall each day and takes a few days off, the mind and body will be very scattered and lethargic. The person may think "Oh, it's may ADD". Yet much of that scatterdness and lethagy is due to adderall dependency. If a person took three months off, there would still be scatteredness, yet not as dramatic.
    The side effects of adderall go beyond things like having jitters - for example, alterations in dopamine signaling pathways, the endocrine system and the cardiovascular system. Taking coffee and weed is adding in another drug to mask the side effects of the first drug. It may be working now, yet you may be putting your health at risk in the long-term.
    Yes, it's fine to meditate on Adderall - yet I would be careful with dependency.
    I would also consider that ADD is also a gift - IF one can master it. Minds with ADD often jump around a lot. This can be a curse in certain contexts, yet it is a gift in other contexts. If you learn how to control the jumping around, you can use it to make inter-connections of dots in the bigger picture. Yellow level SD stuff. 
    I find it useful to increase focus, energy and productivity. Not much for Self Actualization / Transcendence. Something like Modafinil or psychedelics is better ime. 

  23. Modaphil
    Modafinil is Amazing for Consciousness Work
    @Wisebaxter If you take it too often it will become less noticeable as you build up some tolerance.
    Best to cycle it on and off, using it when it really counts.
    The ultimate solution is to develop yours consciousness to that state naturally through stuff like Kriya yoga. If you like Modafininil you will like Kriya yoga.

  24. She Stopped Mid Sex
    She Stopped Mid Sex
    I never said you had to date multiple girls at once. One iw fine. But realize that you will get attached and needy with her and this will cost you hot girls.
    The hottest girls are attracted to the most detached guys. And realistically the only way you can become that detached is by sleeping with so many hot girls that none of them matter to you.
    It's really hard to just attract one hot girl and call it a day and keep her. Realistically the only way you will be able to keep her is if you've slept with even hotter girls in the past, and plenty of them, to the point where you are not clingy with her and her hotness doesn't make you go crazy.
    Even if you get super lucky and land a model, you will quickly lose her because you don't have enough masculine groundedness to be the solid man she needs you to be for her.
    If only it were so easy.

  25. how to transcend sex and the desire for a pretty girl?
    how to transcend sex and the desire for a pretty girl?
    @Shaun You are full of shit and using enlightenment as a beautiful lofty cover, to rationalize your being a pussy.
    You can't just 'skip over' fixing your self esteem issues because it's uncomfortable and you're afraid, and head straight for enlightenment. I mean the way you talk, it seems you don't even value your life purpose. This is called spiritual bypassing and it's harmful. You could become a very distorted and repressed person with a huge shadow. And now also a huge spiritual ego added on top of that, due to all the enlightenment work.
    I mean do you want to end up like this guy:

    And remember this thread:
    Now I phrased this strongly to wake you up. You are free to disregard this and call me an asshole for pretending I know anything about you.
    If you truly want to become a monk, more power to you. The reason I call bullshit on that is this phrase:
    Much love, brother.