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  1. You are so good at teasing us 😂
  2. @Gregory1 Are you buying 1p-LSD on the clearnet? I had a hard time finding it there.
  3. @diamondpenguin and? Kid and adult are just arbitrary labels, I know adults that are just old kids.
  4. I just recently started taking psychedelics about 6 months ago and I am currently 17 y/o. So far it has been nothing but good and has really helped me grow and overcome certain personal issues. Of course I am very safe about it though, I only take small doses like 1-3 grams of mushrooms, which is plenty for me because they hit me harder than most people I think. I also take a lot of safety precautions, do research, and only trip for personal growth. @Leo Gura what are the reasons for not recommending psychedelics under the age of 21?
  5. Or just actualized.org and then some other major which is what I’m doing
  6. well that's the whole point, they don't have any preconceived ideas about what "deconstructing the mind means". So I can then explain it to them, what it actually means but it's just spirituality.
  7. This is why I don't tell people I do spirituality, I tell them I am jailbreaking or deconstructing my mind instead.
  8. put psychs in her coffee
  9. I think I am just going to do 1 week where I trip then the following three weeks do 3 rounds. hopefully this is safe.
  10. Does anybody know if it is safe to microdose mushrooms in between rounds or even during the rounds?
  11. Does anybody know if it is safe to microdose on the days in between rounds of the heavy metal detox?
  12. You could also work at an apartment complex as a maintenance person because some offer really cheap rent for their employees. Then you could find someone else to live with you and have them pay you.
  13. I am going to add rum is that okay?
  14. I think I lack the experience to actually understand the replies I am getting. All I can say is that I feel as if the way I am experiencing reality has changed in a very subtle way. It feels less materialistic. @Inliytened1 Thank you!