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  1. I personally don't think tests are that important especially if you feel like you are toxic. Just do a few rounds and see how it affects you. If your symptoms get worse during a round it's because you are moving the heavy metals around. I believe the problem with provoked tests is that if you are highly toxic and you consume a ton of DMSA that can cause problems. In my experience after doing about 15 rounds, it has helped my concentration and insomnia tremendously.
  2. I often ask people about their dreams and most people tell me that their dreams can be very vivid, sometimes as vivid as real life. My dreams have never been like this at all for as long as I could remember. My dreams tend to be bizarre and fantastical, but not vivid. They mostly consist of just visual content, no sound or other feelings, and the visual content lacks a lot of detail. I'm not sure why this is, is there anything I can do to change this?
  3. yeah, I give up I'll just have to wait till I can do many 5 meo trips, I have faith that solipsism is a good thing not a bad thing. Thanks for all the responses though
  4. Oh I actually haven't watched that video, ill check it out though. This only just makes me more confused.
  5. Do you have your own perceptions, experiences, thoughts, and emotions?
  6. I want to preface this by saying I am not enlightened and I am only a noob to this work, but I have watched many of Leos youtube videos on God, enlightenment, love, consciousness, etc. So far everything has remained consistent and sensical until I watched Leo's recent video on solipsism. In this video he explained that no other mind exists besides your own, you are the only being that exists. However, in Leo's video on "What Is The Point Of Life?" he explained that there are many different probes that God uses to probe himself with, isn't this implying that there exist different/separate minds (atleast in the relative sense)? Also in the video on the radical implications of oneness, he talked about how there is my mind and your mind, and that I am you (due to oneness). Doesn't this imply atleast that other minds can exist in the relative domain? Not from God's perspective but the ego's perspective? After all, why wouldn't God be able to divide himself into a bunch of different ego minds that don’t know they are actually one? (I am determined to answer all these questions for myself but for now, I ask these questions to you guys)
  7. Even if you need to trip 200 times on 5 meo thats worth it.
  8. Weed and mushrooms will probably synergize better, or weed and LSD.
  9. I chew one of them to make sure the fish oil hasn't gone bad.
  10. The one you linked to has a prop 65 warning on it, does that concern you at all?
  11. Did you know the dangers of kundalini before starting these spiritual practices? Have you read any of the books that Leo has on the booklist that tell you how to troubleshoot this problem? Have you talked to an expert in kundalini that could help guide you?
  12. I'm not sure about this guy's exact experience, but let's just say some person who meditates goes on a meditation retreat and gets a kundalini awakening and then gets kundalini syndrome. How is that misusing using spirituality? I don't really know too much about kundalini but don't some people just randomly get kundalini syndrome? if this is the case then how can you say that they are using spirituality foolishly? Or are there things you can do to prevent it and manage it if you do get it? Is kundalini syndrome only the result of misusing spirituality? Or using spiritual techniques unwisely?