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  1. How to have Sociopathic levels of detachment with girls and dating
    How to have Sociopathic levels of detachment with girls and dating
    In practice this is solved simply by over-satisfying your needs.
    So if you're needy with girls, go sleep with 10-20 girls and your neediness will drop significantly.
    You cannot just wish your neediness away.
    The process you go through to successfully sleep with 10-20 females will cure you of much neediness. But it will be challenging process. Don't expect it to be easy. You will fail a lot. And that's exactly what will beat the neediness out of you. Every girl you lose will teach you a valuable lesson. You will come face-to-face with the ugliness of your own neediness.

  2. she just rejected me im dying help
    she just rejected me im dying help
    @AlwaysJoggin The solution is to stop being needy and develop abundance.
    The harsh truth you don't want to accept is that you're needy. Which is why this whole thing bothers you. And she probably smelled it off you and ran away.
    The only thing that will lose you girls faster than neediness is creepiness. Girls know how to sniff out neediness the way pigs sniff out truffles. She sniffed you out for a week or two and found you lacking.
    You will keep losing girls until you bite the bullet and grow into a stronger man with some balls.

  3. Obsessing over one girl
    Obsessing over one girl
    Root problem is neediness, over-investment, and failure to close.
    You should have slept with her by now. Instead you are being her gay friend and she can smell your neediness and lack of leadership.