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  1. Second Girl To Bed, Still No Sex
    Second Girl To Bed, Still No Sex
    By the time I am done seducing a girl she is literally begging me "Please fuck me!"
    I make her say Please again and again.
    It ain't rape.
    Then again, I also get girls asking me to rape them. Also not rape.
    If she's in my bed she wants to be there. So please spare me the rape accusations.

  2. Second Girl To Bed, Still No Sex
    Second Girl To Bed, Still No Sex
    Yes, it seems that way because detachment from outcome is very counter-intuitive and paradoxical.
    It is a larger point than just dating or girls. In life the best results come when you have a very clear and strong intent to achieve something, but at the same time you're detached from outcome. Yet even though you are detached from outcome you will work like hell to make it happen. And if you should fail, you immediately let it go and move to the next thing.
    This isn't just the secret to getting girls. It's the secret to running a business and many other pursuits. So you would be well to learn this lesson.
    Guys shouldn't chase after girls. But once you got a girl in your bed, you should move mountains to close her. She didn't get in that bed to play patty-cakes. If it takes 5 hrs of foreplay to get her to open her legs, that's what it takes. If you want her, you do what is necessary to get her. This is not neediness. This is getting shit done.
    I gamed from 12am to 10am to get that girl. 10hrs! That's how you get shit done. Apply this attitude everywhere in life and you will see great results.

  3. My bf has herpes type 2
    My bf has herpes type 2
    @somegirl If you plan to stay with him for years, I would assume you will get it, even if you are careful. Condoms break, slip, stuff leaks out, etc. It is foolish to expect all those stars to align for years and years. You've already rolled the dice many times and at some point you will roll snake eyes. Its just a matter of time.
    Given your age, everything I said is twice as relevant because at your age there's little chance you'll stay with him forever, even if there was no STD issue. You have to be realistic that relationships at that age are immature and tend to fizzle out rather quickly. Maybe if you were 40 years old and had no other options and you wanted to finally settle down you might have a case to make. But at 21?
    And living with herpes for the rest of your life from age 22 onward is really a bummer. The bulk of your sexual life is all ahead of you. Your prime years are 20-35. Don't squander it.

  4. How to stay confident when you are competing with more attractive guys
    How to stay confident when you are competing with more attractive guys
    You should be working on raising your value every day for the rest of your life. Pretty soon you will be in the top 1% of guys and you will be so unique and valuable, no one will be able to compete with you.
    This is not for girls, this is for you. The girl just gets to feel the glow of your inherent awesomeness.
    This is not about girls! This is about self-actualization!
    Ground your confidence in self-actualization and self-realization. Put your nose to the grindstone. Other guys are irrelevant. Actualize yourself.

  5. Beware of Psychic Readings
    Beware of Psychic Readings
    @MM1988 She predicted I would win a major pending legal case.
    There was no way she could have known I had a major pending legal case.
    She told me, "Don't worry. You will win it." And so I did, a year later.
    Real psychics do WAY more than cold-reading. They actually have paranormal powers. The nature of paranormal powers is that they are intuitive and therefore vague.
    While there may be some scammers, the whole "scammers" thing is overstated. That's just an excuse the materialist paradigm must make because that model of reality cannot account for any paranormal phenomena.
    After the levels of consciousness I've experienced, to me, anything paranormal looks quaint and quite normal. I have experienced things that are more radical than getting anally probed by an alien. So if an alien ever tries to anally probe me, at least I can think to myself, "Well, at least this is still not as radical as a 5-MeO-DMT breakthrough."

  6. MDMA and Nitrous: Being pure Consciousness (Trip Report)
    MDMA and Nitrous: Being pure Consciousness (Trip Report)
    Mostly existential issues such as the sense of going insane or losing one's mind.
    That is especially problematic until you realize that there is no material reality and that everything is Infinite Imagination.
    And a few times the trips just felt "off" for some unknown reason. Like they had a bad, negative body vibe to them. I'm not sure why. Maybe it was interference from certain medication I was taking or just something in my mind going sideways.
    And sometimes if the dose is too strong, material reality melts so much that it can become scary in itself.
    In total I've had maybe 6 "bad trips" out of 80+
    One I attribute to early arrogance and too high a dose (with mushrooms), which led to sense of going insane One I attribute to interaction with a medication I was taking (with LSD) One I attribute to eating some food right before the trip (with 5-MeO-DMT) One I attribute to simply very deep existential insight which creates such deep mindfuckery it becomes uncomfortable (with 4-AcO-DMT, although I don't really consider this a bad trip) One I attribute to a panic attack reaction upon first time taking 5-MeO-DMT, fearing it might be terrible One I attribute to taking a new research chemical which had an awful body load Some other trips were uncomfortable or shocking, but I wouldn't call them bad.
    And in the big picture, all of them were necessary and perfect for my growth. Especially my worst trips.
    If you get a bad trip, that's God trying to teach you a lesson. You only have to figure out what the lesson is and obey it next time. Then the punishment stops. For example, you dose too high because you are cocky and aren't patient enough to ramp up doses, God punishes you. You learn your lesson and never do that again. Everything goes smoothly.
    If I dosed less carefully I would have a lot more bad trips. Moderate dosing is crucial.

  7. Do you have to Be a Psychopath To Become a Billionaire?
    Do you have to Be a Psychopath To Become a Billionaire?
    Billionaires aren't doing it for money. It's about ambition. Live life to the max.

  8. A Question For Leo
    A Question For Leo
    @Annoynymous See that's ego talking. That's selfishness, fear, and neediness. You are projecting your own selfishness and fear onto others.
    The correct attitude is to give your love freely, without expectation of return. True love is not about getting, true love is about giving.
    True love requires enormous courage and groundedness. Which requires that you grow and mature as a man. You have to be willing to experience loss, heartbreak, and rejection.
    Hint: you could die at any time. Why aren't to scared of death every day you wake up? Life could leave you at any time.

  9. A Question For Leo
    A Question For Leo
    I don't do pickup much any more.
    I have no problem with flirting with girls per se. My complaint was the ideology that many PUAs adopt and their stage Orange attitude towards sex and life.
    Flirting with girls is not necessarily at odds with long-term relationships or emotional investment. There is no relationship without flirting.
    All dating is a sort of manipulation and getting your own needs met, even if you never do pickup.
    99% of relationships of any kind are just you trying to getting your own needs met. You don't really care about anyone "as they really are", you care about how they can fit into your life and serve your needs.
    Dating and flirtation is a skillset. All skillsets are a set of "tricks" in that sense. If you want to get good around women you need to learn the rules of how that works. Pickup teaches some of those rules of attraction. How you then use them is up to you.
    Good pickup is not really about controlling girls. It's about controlling yourself.
    Controlling people is not something I recommend. You can become much more attractive and confident without having to control women.
    Rather than thinking of pickup as stuff you do to the woman, think of it as changing your own inner game and how you view women. Think of it as becoming a stronger, more authentic man.
    There are many versions of pickup. Some of it is very dysfunctional, some of it is great. You have to learn to sort the wheat from the chaff.
    As a man, dialing in your own inner game is great stuff. Learning to be charismatic, bold, and authentically expressive is great stuff. Elimimating various kinds of limiting beliefs about women is great stuff. Gaining lots of experience talking to women is great stuff.
    You have to remember, most women are very social and flirt and socialize non-stop. To them it is like breathing air. They develop a lot of this experience naturally in a way that many nerdy guys do not. Which is why many guys require extra training in a way that women do not. Guys have responsibilities with initating the flirt which women do not.
    And in the end all dating and relationship is a distraction from awakening.
    Dating is a survival function. Dating is brutal whether you do pickup or not. People are very selfish in relationships by default. Women are also very selfish when selecting mates. Reproduction is a ruthless game which people tend to be in denial about.

  10. Men Insecure About Women Cheating
    Men Insecure About Women Cheating
    If a girl cheats on you it means you're pretty much a loser of a guy.
    Ain't no girl gonna cheat on a winner. That's like throwing away a diamond.

  11. Insecure & depressed about my height. Considering suicide
    Insecure & depressed about my height. Considering suicide
    It's so hilarious how guys use "unless you're rich" as an excuse.
    If you truly believe that being rich gets you hot girls, then your path is so easy: go get rich!
    The excuses are endless with you guys.
    You expect hot girls but zero work to get them. This is fundamentally why you're miserable.
    You will get from life exactly what you put into it.

  12. Insecure & depressed about my height. Considering suicide
    Insecure & depressed about my height. Considering suicide
    Exactly! Girls who want to attract the most successful guy, work on their value, by investing in their looks, body, mind/psychological wellbeing. 
    Why guys want to have a hot babe doing nothing? 
    Just get it in your head/scull that hot babe has plenty of options, understand what her criteria to filter these options are and go work on those areas to better yourself. 
    What's so hard about it? I don't really understand. Why spend countless hours on this forum discussing theory and complaining, when you can just stop the nonsense and go improve yourself to become more attractive? 
    For example, in my case, I already have good genetics, thanks to mom and dad, but I am proactively trying to improve my looks to be able to attract more guys, so that I can pick who I like. 
    Things I do to be more attractive to the opposite sex:
    1) weight training/swimming almost every single day. My body is firm and tight and looks better than that of many women in their late 20s who don't do any sports. 
    2) financial independence - I work for myself, increasing my income, saving a ton, so that I don't have to go for guys who are not equally well off or less successful. I make it a big point actually. 
    3) psychological wellbeing - there are a lot of womem out there with psychological disorders, self esteem issues, unstable/immature emotionally. I proactively invest in developing my empathy, maturing emotionally, psychological health and personal and spiritual growth. 
    All of the above I am doing regularly and continuously and so I feel like I would want to date me. And of course guys see all these and want to get a piece ???❤️
    Become the best version of yourself so that you want to date you and then see what happens! ?

  13. How to have Sociopathic levels of detachment with girls and dating
    How to have Sociopathic levels of detachment with girls and dating
    In practice this is solved simply by over-satisfying your needs.
    So if you're needy with girls, go sleep with 10-20 girls and your neediness will drop significantly.
    You cannot just wish your neediness away.
    The process you go through to successfully sleep with 10-20 females will cure you of much neediness. But it will be challenging process. Don't expect it to be easy. You will fail a lot. And that's exactly what will beat the neediness out of you. Every girl you lose will teach you a valuable lesson. You will come face-to-face with the ugliness of your own neediness.

  14. she just rejected me im dying help
    she just rejected me im dying help
    @AlwaysJoggin The solution is to stop being needy and develop abundance.
    The harsh truth you don't want to accept is that you're needy. Which is why this whole thing bothers you. And she probably smelled it off you and ran away.
    The only thing that will lose you girls faster than neediness is creepiness. Girls know how to sniff out neediness the way pigs sniff out truffles. She sniffed you out for a week or two and found you lacking.
    You will keep losing girls until you bite the bullet and grow into a stronger man with some balls.

  15. Obsessing over one girl
    Obsessing over one girl
    Root problem is neediness, over-investment, and failure to close.
    You should have slept with her by now. Instead you are being her gay friend and she can smell your neediness and lack of leadership.