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  1. Microdose with an intention and goal in mind. Then, do it as much as you like until those goals are met. Then take a break for a few months (or lessen it significantly).
  2. @RamPhoenix It's just a name I've given you to describe variations of dark consciousness. What's directly experienced is far more powerful and profound. At the highest level, it's your playground. Consciousness can do whatever it wants.
  3. @Schizophonia Yes, of course, it's possible. Take lower doses of the psychedelic you want to use. Also, try many types of psychedelics to see which works for you. Don't listen to too many people and see what suits you the best.
  4. If you have intention, you can tap into childhood memory. But, be careful for what you wish for.
  5. @funkychunkymonkey You're drinking magic. I recommend taking a small dose and seeing how you feel and ramp up from there. You can deconstruct reality and tap into the valve of illusion. For me, it does extreme inner work and I usually cannot operate and fall asleep.
  6. @RamPhoenix Please don't elaborate too much on the word 'side.' Essentially, it's consciousness being dark. It's nothing short of Sith Consciousness - but this is just one aspect of consciousness being 'dark'. The whole point is to realize that consciousness is truly infinite and that's something I've realized multiple times on Ayahuasca / DMT. There is truly no limit or boundaries.
  7. Ayahuasca is overrated with a Shaman, underrated taken by yourself.
  8. Yes, consciousness has a dark side.
  9. Ayahuasca is a beautiful mind-fuck.
  10. LSA is one of the most beautiful psychedelics on the planet. I agree that it's a truth serum; LSA gives you want you need and want to know very precisely. You can also use a variety of techniques to extract it without the side effects, including cold war extraction or cherry wine.
  11. Just thinking about a bad trip here means you will have a higher chance of having one. Once the mind fixates on something negative, psychedelics can expose it by pulling it right from your brain socket and forcing you to face your fears. You can have this fear pre-consumption, and it can escalate during the consumption and trip phase. This also depends on the person, psychedelic and overall experience with psychedelics—the more experienced the user, the lower chance of them ever having a bad trip. Noobies are also obsessed with a bad trip because of reading others' bad trip reports. It would be best to ignore them, as your bad trip will differ from someone else's. A very high chance of having a bad trip is using too much of the chemical or combining it with other substances. This is pretty much a guaranteed bad trip. Instead of focusing on not having a bad trip, let go and learn what adventures are awaiting you! My last 'bad trip' ended up teaching me a wonderful lesson: respect the chemical--it can kill you!
  12. I think this is a trap, something I've fallen into. Psychedelics done for personal growth could help you or lead you nowhere for personal growth. The result appears temporary and nothing long-term, but it varies for each individual. However, using psychedelics for spiritual development can lead to profound personal change and long-term effects. It's a beautiful contradiction. Understanding consciousness and the truth can significantly improve your inner game. The pre-requisite for such experiences requires facing your fears, anxiety, and traumas with the utmost love to let go. And, of course, these psychedelic adventures are profound and jaw-dropping and have improved my inner game to deep levels. If I had done psychedelics just for the 'inner game,' there wouldn't have been such a significant advancement because I would have overlooked consciousness and the glory surrounding us. The moral of the story; you cannot trip yourself to personal development without God interfering. Just be prepared to face its glory to develop yourself and your inner game to genuinely amazing, superhuman levels.
  13. You need to stop taking psychedelics, find a mental health professional - either a therapist or psychiatrist- and seek emotional support. This forum will not help you recover from your downturn. Seriously, seek support from an expert.
  14. @Jowblob No, Sincerity is correct. This is not a self-projection but a fact. You sound like a weak male using spirituality and psychedelics as a crutch because you are too scared to approach and close woman in the bedroom like a man. This is a common trap among men who don't think they are good enough, physically or mentally. This is also a typical ego backlash where men tend to fall into the trap of using spirituality to manipulate and attract women. None of these are necessary if you dare to approach a beautiful woman in the street or nightclub consistently and put yourself out there because you are ENOUGH. Men with confidence don't need SPIRITUAL POWERS to attract women. Only weak men think this way, believing they need outwardly powers or skill sets to attract women. That is also a typical red-pill virgin mentality. Lastly, women are just as capable as men of awakening. The issue is that they prefer social activities, connections, and relationships. They don't want to feel or want to be alone. Truth requires a damn near existential crisis and the willingness to go at it alone. Most women don't want this.
  15. @Squeekytoy 'Iboga sister' may not work for your genetic profile, so you may need significantly higher doses. If it still doesn't work, move on and don't waste time. Find another psychedelic that fits your genetic profile and stick with it long-term.