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  1. Literally, when getting my testosterone back up to speed, my sex drive and horniness only increased after jerking off for the 5th time with great orgasms. These guys have libido of a rock. Most of these NOFAP guys have low testosterone levels. With higher T, you'll come to find out how stupid NOFAP and NO-EJACULATION is. Sexual Transmutate by jerking off and talking to women!
  2. I've mentioned this before and usually if you are experiencing lag / low-energy from fapping, you should almost always get your testosterone levels checked. I was diagnosed with low T and T-levels are declining every year. Since getting on TRT, jerking off is essential just to keep energy and libido levels at bay. Otherwise, I'd be a fucking savage. Jerking off should make you feel good, not worse. It's a biological issue you are having.
  3. 1 girl per day is stupid, especially if there is not an intent to at least close. Then, you're just approaching with no goal. It's like doing sales but with the intent to interact with the customer, instead of closing the sale. This is why these modern dating coaches are absolute garbage, because they push for no-results and a "mass approach" strategy. Save up some money and get a dating coach. No point in doing it alone and stupid.
  4. This situation will be slightly impactful in the short-term (generating attention), but eventually will die off and nothing will result of it. The problem is, WSB cannot be taken seriously enough. They will get trashed by major publications and have its reputation tarnished to oblivion as wanna-be daytraders that caused a storm. The public will take note after a while, but eventually forget and move on. WSB has too much of a “bro” humor that will eventually get itself quarantined by Reddit, like many other of these male-run reddit groups like r/TheRedPill. This is r/TheRedPill of Daytrading and this type of behavior will just give Reddit all the excuse to eventually shut-it-down. Whether it’s a month from now or a year, it will happen. Fact is, Reddit is owned by Advanced Publications Inc with millions tied in investment and basically a hedge funds itself. So, as WSB trashed hedge funds and investors, they are being monitored by one of the largest Privately Held Companies in the world. They own a large stake in Discovery, inc and Charter Communications, as well as several other companies. I highly doubt the capitalistic elites that owns Reddit with investments and/or connections possibly tied to the investors that are being screwed over by $GME will go silent. I doubt they will continue to allow a bunch of redditors to determine the market without major consequences. This will cause a very big backlash because once you get rid of WSB, traders will begin to sellout and the average-nooby investor that bought into the hype will suffer the consequence. People who are buying into this as some green shift doesn’t see how deep corrupt capitalism go and how challenging it will be to change it. Not some Reddit group with dirt up its ass. The irony about this is all is they are going against Wallstreet by causing chaos in enemy territory: The Elitist Who Owns Reddit!
  5. @kras That proves you don't know ALL the theory or applying bad theory. Unless you have terrible logistical issues (which I do have), the first date should be back to your place, which is the MOST ideal and is preferred, even without a lockdown. @MrBON You obviously don't know women- there are many guys in a private group taking girls back to their place. Even with my bad logistics, I get invited to their house.
  6. But, I wouldn't do that many approaches without having a system. ' Go buy a PUA course, then do that many approaches. Otherwise, you'll be a deer in headlights. If you have a career, than buy PlayingWithFire or John Anthony Occams Razor. Even Bradicus.
  7. Hey, no worries. Game is hard and only true warriors go down this road for massive self-development. So, I'm with you on this! Regards to your skepticism for online dating, it still requires game and working through volume. Yes, having great photos will help and will most likely require you to have professional photography. I'd even consider professional photoshop to give yourself extra points in attraction. The reason why online dating is great in conjunction with cold approaching, you're developing multiple ways to generate leads. The more ways to generate leads, the higher chance you will get laid. More Leads = More Numbers = More Dates = More Lays. You will still suffer through short-comings if you don't have proper game and ability to text. Even when you approach a girl in real life and get her number, you're still put right back into online game (i.e texting). No matter how much you cold approach, without a proper way to text, you can still lose the girl. Because most of the time, it will route back to you texting her, so understanding how to manage your leads via texting is always better to have than not. It's still an up and down road, that's apart of the game. I feel the way you feel most of the time, but it's apart of the development process. Occasionally, I'll get girls super interested in me and then ghost. Other times, I'd make a mistake and they'd ghost and/or not respond. I used to delay on dates, which is bad. I learned that the hard way. Always setup dates the week of (or as early as the same or next day). Also, don't take the advice of men who has less than 100 lays and/or hasn't made at least 1,000 approaches with some success. I only take my advice from guys who been there and done that with a track record of success. Otherwise, you will be getting shit advice from How To Be Wise.
  8. @Striving for more Hey man, it happens to the best of us. I've been mostly online dating and pussied out a few times. I also had multiple DTF girls that went MIA as well, felt like garbage. I also haven't been cold approaching like I want and focused mostly online due to COVID (but that is also an excuse). I'm also realizing that anxiety is very subtle and the ego can destroy any opportunities you have. You would literally need to approach within the first 5-seconds (at least for me) before the brain starts to make any excuse It needs to not approach. Then that's when anxiety appears and you completely bitch-out. However, it's not YOU, but the EGO. Also, I recommend Paul Janka course for day game. He's married now, but in his prime, he's considered a legend in NYC. After completing his course, he suggest to be IN and OUT quickly. Never carry-on a conversation and get her number, swiftly. Basically, it's all a volume/numbers game to be successful. If a women gives you objection, you need to learn how to handle them and push through. But, also know when it's a dud. Anyway, I expect to put a journey here as well. Look forward to pushing through this together
  9. I had this issue, until I got my testosterone levels checked and it came back to that of an 80-year old. I'd say, before making any judgements, get your test levels checked. Fapping shouldn't affect your masculinity or ability to close. After getting my testosterone back into range, fapping actually makes me more horny/hungry.
  10. I agree, online dating can be ridiculously hard. But, mostly due to bad game and pictures. I simply use Occams Razor text flow chart (by John Anthony), which is yielding good results. I highly recommend his course (not affiliated btw). I'll try Playing With Fire w/ professional photography. PWF will teach you how to text properly, but most of it heavily relies on improving SMV significantly and being sexual. I'm more of a close + date kind of guy. But, girls still ghost and/or flake if I don't game properly or for whatever reason, either way. Personally, I've been converting at a high-rate on Hinge / Bumble. Most number closes turn into dates (or potential dates) so I'd say experiment on the dating platform you're on and track your conversions. If you're yielding good results within a month, invest into that platform (i.e paid subscriptions, boosting, etc..). Most of my issues is just logistics and being lazy. Tinder is mostly garbage and most women are looking for the highest SMV guy (coming from someone with 200+ matches rn). But, I still haven't done professional photography or made changes to my pictures, so I cannot rule out Tinder completely until I make the proper changes.
  11. Red Dead Redemption 2 is worth the playing time. It's an amazing game.
  12. @Raphael Yes, it was Devilry and I'm not ashamed to admit it. It was a sales copy on steriods. During those days, I did whatever it took to succeed. But, we did care about the clients and getting them results. Basically, what I did was cold emailing, but less-targeted and in mass. We did make them targeted with other strategies. That wasn't a sustainable strategy at all and at the time, I was immature in business. However, I've learned so much, that it cannot be taken away from me. But, yes, cold emailing can help you generate clients. You want to personalize the emails as much as possible. You can also do a free 5-minute video SEO audit with a simple script to help get initial clients. I don't recommend E-commerce as an ideal client starting off, without other strategies involved (instead of cold emailing). E-commerce is also very difficult to do SEO for and takes a lot of time explaining to owners about the benefit of SEO. Local businesses are the way to go and you can find who owns these businesses easier. I do predict that local businesses will be back looking for more growth as the economy gets back up and kicking once the pandemic settles. Otherwise, you can target other niches such as real estate agents, doctors, lawyers, etc.. Always personalize and potentially add some facts about their business. I wouldn't even pitch SEO, but a "lead generation system". SEO as a whole is a ruthless, cutthroat business. You'll probably be spending most of your time convincing other businesses why their current agency sucks and why they should go with you instead. There is almost no way to run a 100% ethical SEO Agency business unless you find a market and niche down as the "go-to" guy in the industry. Never be a general SEO specialist, always niche down. Even then, you'll be finding yourself competing with major agencies- who are just as ruthless (or far more ruthless) than you. Niching down will allow you to attract clients organically, without having to fight for them with other agencies. But that isn't 100% bulletproof. Right now, I'm doing a local-service business with independent contractors as a way out of the industry. Will use all my personal SEO strategies to grow my service-based business. This will allow me to give people value and be less of a devil
  13. @Raphael For some reason, I don't get your notification. I'll fix that. So, for getting clients, I did mass-emailing, which was a blackhat strategy. At the time, we were so hungry and determined for clients, that we went all out. I created a sales-funnel and sent emails to a bunch of e-commerce stores and we converted on 14 - 30-day free trials. Some closed, some didn't. The ones that closed, we made a bunch of money- but we also made a bunch of mistakes and eventually got banned from Mailchimp. We've sent over 1 million emails. This was a bad long-term marketing strategy, but it fucking worked in the short-term and allowed me to pay bills, etc..The worst thing we did was not reinvest the money. I thought I was going to get rich, but there were missed opportunities that we didn't leverage. If I had to go back, I'd reinvest into a real marketing funnel to create sustainable leads. The niche was Shopify stores.
  14. Did you get your overall testosterone tested? Both Free T and Total T. You can also test LH and FSH. See if your testosterone is in the normal range (or even low-normal isn't good), which could be the reason why you feel depleted after fapping.
  15. Yes, SEO is constantly changing, especially now with Google's December broad core update and not allowing webmasters to request indexing of their site and pages (it's been paused since October). But, what I can tell you is, SEO is very simple. I like to stick to the basics, such as ensuring each page has meta's, ALT text within images, proper internal linking and quality-backlinks. Once the basics are understood, you're basically intermediate once you get yourself or clients results. I've gotten clients six-figures in SEO results just by fixing their metas and ensuring they have great product descriptions (E-commerce niche). But, I just don't like SEO much anymore as a agency model, where you need clients. Sorry for bombarding your thread.
  16. I see no problem with it, as long as he's treating her well and not abusing her. But, as her brother, you should meet him in person and speak to him man-to-man about his overall intentions in dating her. Regardless, they are two consenting adults, so nothing much you can do but accept it.
  17. How's being an SEO consultant working out for you? Note: Fellow consultant. Anyway, great job so far!
  18. You're human, so you're prone to speak out of ego. But, what I've said was relevant to the thread with a very strong premise that has yet to be refuted. How can you question something and engage in mental masturbation about God, when you have not put in serious work. All of it is just word-play and not actual work. It's like being on an electrician forum and questioning its validity and best-practices, while constantly questioning members when you haven't even finished the classes or attempted to go. Most of this is mental masturbation at best. You're on a spiritual forum, with several ways to access God-realization (i.e DMT, LSD, Self-inquiry, 5-MEO), with entire threads dedicated to realizing TRUTH. But, you would rather troll around and speak in "what if's", "why that", etc... It's a waste of time and energy for anyone that at least attempted to do the work. It just goes to show that some members here are completely disrespectful to the information that is here that took hundreds of hours to provide. That is far more self-righteous and egotistical. Most of these questions are can be answered with psychedelics or basic self-inquiry.
  19. Blame God for all worldly problems, but has given humans the tools to end hunger tomorrow. But most people who complain that God allowed hunger are those who sit there and do nothing about it, as God. You have access to the internet, philanthropists, agriculture, and communities to fight hunger. You can build a donation page/website, grow your networking or marketing channel, and do what it takes to fight hunger. And if you're God (and everything is God), wouldn't you be God fighting hunger and not "allowing" hunger to take place? If you cared so much about innocent children starving to death, you won't be here complaining about it on a forum, but creating an efficient plan of action or putting your money where your mouth is and donating. But, you don't care because you're an egotistical human that is allowing hunger to take place. But, God "loves" deeper and "deeper", so God loves hunger because it's also the children starving and the humans fighting it. Of course, you'll deny this-- not out of putting in any work in terms of spirituality but out of being a fucking lazy, wanna-be caring human that sits there and do nothing. If Leo cannot get you to put in the work to see you're God on a spiritual forum, then those children shouldn't expect a damn nickel from you.
  20. Quite honestly, none of their products are that good anymore. Their original stuff is good, you can find that online. Their current courses will provide some value, but not enough to help you get laid. Stick to their old shit. The flashy stuff gets in the way and you don't need all that bullshit to get women. I personally recommend Occam's Razor by John Anthony Lifestyle, which is a more practical, step-by-step approach. All the fluff and bullshit is thrown out the window. But, he's a fucking-dick and trashes RSD as much as he can. However, the course and advice are legit. Otherwise, I recommend Systems by Todd, but it can get really complex. It should level-up your verbals.
  21. Learn the broad scope of digital marketing, than focus on a single skill (ie SEO, Facebook ads, Native advertising, landing pages, etc..) and become an expert at it (essentially, provide the skill as a service). To be a digital marketer is too broad imo. But, being an expert at X is far better.
  22. Get your hormones checked and see where your testosterone levels are at. Usually, physical exhaustion doing something like work comes from low-test levels (including depression and anxiety, etc..), this is why NO-FAP is so popular because it can cause an increase in levels within the first seven days and significant energy increase thereafter. But, it doesn't defeat Testerone Replacement Therapy (TRT). Otherwise, you can meditate more often and find natural supplements that can boost energy (for me, that would be maca root and ashwagandha).
  23. The problem with TheRedPill (from someone who's been reading it for nearly 5+ years), it has become extremely dogmatic and toxic. Yes, it does help get your feet wet into understanding how women operate in the dating marketing, how to improve yourself, and getting out of your shell. But, it has many many downfalls. For example, it has dogmatic ideas on how to be "alpha" and what "beta" is. They glorify dark triad traits and being manipulative. They have very conservative views on relationships and their standards. Also, there is a REDPILLWOMEN - so, it's not JUST men. TheRedPill = A Conservative Movement on how dating and relationships used to be. However, many women are also ignorant and won't take any responsibility for why it exists (same with men when it comes to feminism). Many men who turn to the TheRedPill were divorced and/or going through a hard breakup and/or looking to find a girl. They turn to self-help (PUA, dating/relationship advice) and eventually find themselves on Reddit looking through redpill content. The community consists of guys who can relate to each other, which reinforces many of the different beliefs that are held within TRP. A lot of the guys simply lack self-responsibility and just consume the information and never really practice any of it. So yes, it does enforce a victim mentality by not giving realistic advice to young men. The advice tends to be very basic or vague (i.e be an arrogant asshole, have confidence, read these 10 dating "laws", etc..). But, some of the advice DO work, as it stops men from being needy and to grow some balls. Many are just looking for love, but get caught up in wanting to spin plates for abundant mentality or being a player. A lot of the time, they just don't want to get hurt (or hurt again). Some guys have very false expectations and terrible game. Most of the community now is just filled with complainers and most of the reputable members left. Some are just angry at women for the lack of overall rights for men in the legal system (i.e false rape allegations, child support, domestic violence, etc..). Also, some were a victim of this. TRP does educate men on how to avoid toxic women and protect themselves. Overall, TRP is obsolete and most who are successful with it are usually lonely.