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  1. @Rafael Thundercat Let me know how that goes, I'm interested to seeing what happens to you. This is an experiment I don't think anyone on the planet have the balls to do besides me and possibly, a few others. With hauntings, most of the spirits aren't inherently evil. These spirits also appear obsessively loving the space they are in and living some conscious loop. Spirits can also follow and love humans and their space. Evil spirits rape whoever is within their space, for whatever amoral, satisfying reason. And the fucked up thing is: it's love. I don't know if anyone seriously contemplates ghosts, spirits and evilness. And a side note: most ghost hunting shows are full of shit and dramatizes every house as evil. With a truly evil haunted house, you will not be able to stomach it for more than a few hours (or days, or months, depending on the ramp up). Once you start deeply contemplating this, you could open up a pandora box for yourself.
  2. @Water by the River I have experienced such evil consciousness states on ayahuasca and its not suffering. Now, you could suffer when you are experiencing such state, but the state itself is not suffering. It's just loving itself and its evilness. But, you are speaking of evilness here, on earth - so karma may not apply. I'm speaking of absolute evilness experienced in an altered state of consciousness with psychedelics. And I'm sure these states remain mostly unexplored, unless done accidentally; we still don't know the permanent changes or dangers that can occur when accessing these states. But, they do exist. I also offer a challenge to anyone in doubt (or believe they are god realized): find a evil-haunted house with a known evil-spirit and take DMT. You may suffer, but the evil-spirit wouldn't.
  3. @Water by the River i wholeheartedly disagree with a portion of what you are saying. Evil is not suffering; that's a human conception of evilness. Evilness can be absolute; a net negative of human morality. It's infinitely Immoral, but also very very loving. It's fucked up. At this point, I'm absolutely positive there is demonic consciousness and entire webs of absolute evilness and different kinds of absolute evilness. Take some DMT and find out yourself.
  4. You can spend a few hundred bucks for a good mentor with current or prior success.
  5. There is a TEK that uses Sherry Wine (instead of cold water) to extract the LSA from the seeds for a pleasant trip without much side affects.
  6. @Asia P Great job! I just read it. Looks like it was a pleasant and profound one!
  7. @shree Not a noob question at all. Psychedelics can affect everyone differently: some people need higher doses, some need lower doses. You usually know that you are genetically gifted with a certain psychedelic when you can take a low dose and feel the effects (almost immediately). You don't need a heroic dose (a relatively large amount) and can have a trip on a light dose (a relatively small amount), even feeling the effects of a microdose. Another way to tell if a psychedelic is suitable for you is: are you having consistent God awakening(s) and life-changing insights? How's the quality of tripping? (Are they helpful? Are you gaining anything useful? etc..) and the Radicalness of your trip: are your trips leading to radical/mind-altering shifts of consciousness? Are they life-altering? These are some very important questions to ask when using psychedelics for spirituality. Usually, you know when a psychedelic isn't for you when it's making you feel weird or strange and not producing positive results for your spiritual awakening. And that's where people who deny psychedelic gets it wrong: The biggest issue with some previous (or current) psychedelic users (particularly those that deny the power of the substance for spirituality) is they project their experience with X substance to everyone else. So, they end up making absolute claims; such as psychedelics cannot lead to awakening or permanency. Non-psychedelic user claims are also worse: psychedelic users are not genetically gifted (which is the most devil claim of them all). Contrary to beliefs, genetics play a critical role in psychedelics and the user's overall experience. The best indicator of a genetically gifted psychedelic user is being able to have a radical, revolutionary, and life-altering (yet, exhaustive, draining, and deprived after the experience, potentially other negative effects during/after the trip) and still live to tell the story. That's a genetic gift and those people are rare.
  8. @puporing You are making false assumptions. Also, my message was a general statement, not geared towards anyone in particular. Jesus wasn't very insecure in the bible, to say the least. But since you may: No one here is special because they've reached Christ's Consciousness; it's simply a segment of infinity. There are other states of consciousness, unexplored (or to be explored) that you or even Leo have not accessed. It's called: Infinity for a reason. Lastly, the biggest misconceptions here are: Psychedelics cannot reach sober awakening(s) - False. Psychedelics cannot help you reach permanent states of consciousness - False. Psychedelics cannot lead to permanency with spirituality - False. Not only are these false but the reasons you may have not reached permanent states of consciousness with the usage of psychedelics are below: Lack of genetic potential with psychedelics (overall) Lack of genetic potential with current psychedelic(s) Lack of understanding of psychedelics and how to properly use them. Lack of consistent psychedelic usage (not pushing boundaries) Fear-based psychedelics usage to avoid a trip (most fall here) Lack of access to a wide variety of psychedelics to find what genetically suits them. Wanting to be a spiritual teacher and demonize the use of psychedelics I have reasons to believe you fall into one or more of these several categories. Because you have not reached permanency with psychedelics, that does not mean no one has not reached permanency with psychedelics. And because you've also used psychedelics does not give you authority to make such absolute and exaggerated claims. I've reached permanent states of consciousness with psychedelics and witnessed Christ Consciousness and beyond IT. But, this is not a dick-weighing contest. Lastly, Delusions are a sign of reprogression not progression.
  9. This is probably the best advice for gaining back motivation. I recently stopped taking Ayahuasca + TCH as it was causing me to melt into pure consciousness and lose sight of reality. I would wake up in purity and see reality for what it is: until now, I realized how dangerous this was to human life and mere motivation. Psychedelics do not just give you trips, but change you deeply and metaphysically. This change can happen bit by bit without you even realizing it and you may even lose focus on recent or past projects, friendships, family, and relationships.
  10. @pablo_aka_god To overcome the fear: get the Ayahuasca first (initial fear, you don't need to take it), but simply having it near you within the household will give you confidence. Once that step is complete, find a trip sitter (or do it yourself). You can microdose it first and see how you feel (take little steps) and eventually, you will take more (over time) and come to realize it's not so difficult. You'll love your first trip, I promise.
  11. Psychedelics, in particular, (depending on your genetics) can have a gigantic shift on your consciousness where you fall into a deep, delusional trap of believing you are something you may not be (such as an occultist Jesus) and this trap can lead to harmful behaviors and strange misconduct. However, psychedelics can also lead to an entire awakening where you can become Jesus (or whatever spiritual being) that you have in mind. It's a strange contradiction: to have a beautiful awakening as an entity and to fall back into a human. Either you become deluded, cause harm, or look insane. The truth is: that consciousness can become anything, at any time, at will: a healthy mind does not fall into a deep trap. Christ Consciousness, for example, can be a beautiful experience (particularly on psychedelics), you can shift your mind to become an angel, Jesus, or as you please. But, once this starts to trickle down into trying to convince others of your belief with a sharp ego and absolute agenda, that's where the trap begins.
  12. @OBEler NN-DMT, at a low dose, can ease anxiety, and mind fog, increase clarity, and improve social awareness. But, it can also have an adverse effect, if you have trauma - which makes it a bit silly for partying. You could also have insights that may you hate partying. NN-DMT can cause a complete personality shift and change of mindset. I don't necessarily recommend partying, although, I went to nightclubs with a small gulp of Ayahuasca (confidence went through the roof), I also witnessed a long-term personality change and even delusions.
  13. I think you should find a way to take something more appropriate, like a common psychedelic that has a history of positive trips. Based on the thing(s) that I hear about Salvia, I don't recommend it and don't think you need it. Unless you are Leo and want to experiment with how different substances affect your consciousness, I suppose you can. But, if your goal is merely God's consciousness and spirituality, find a common one that suits you genetically.
  14. @zurew I think it's a forum alter-ego; I think most are subject to it. I think an Ayahuasca user was claiming to be Jesus as well and that others should follow him. So, to rephrase what I've said: it appears anyone seeking spirituality has to watch falling into delusions that could hurt themselves or others.
  15. It's funny how deluded non-psychedelics users are becoming: it's a bit eerie.
  16. @Javfly33 Consciousness being powerful, yoga and meditation being imaginary isn't the issue here. Consciousness is infinitely intelligent to differ from the two spiritual practices; Yoga will never be superior to psychedelics, especially the one classified as 5-MEO-DMT. Yoga limitations are the aging human body and mind, as well as genetics, survival, interest, etc... This is why you still have students glorifying Yogi's and Guru's pictures at night - Yoga failed to awaken them or even give them the slightest spiritual experience. It's all covered in bullshit, 'hidden secrets' and stupid rambling. Psychedelics leaps and bounds above yoga and all forms of meditative practices. And of course, no one can live on a baseline of 5-MEO-DMT, but also, no one wants to live in a baseline of not having clothes and being butt naked. Just look at how we humans glorify other humans' spiritual awakenings, when you are capable of that, and much more. I rather date hot girls, put on deodorant, wear clothes, and take DMT for spiritual awakening vs. the typical butt-naked yogi and its student.
  17. Based on my experience, continued micro-dosing can still resurrect a spiritual backlash. You go from benefits to realizing inner trauma. So, I'd say that is a potential downfall.
  18. @OBEler I think they are all full of shit, but in a good way too.
  19. @OBEler At some point, if you take enough psychedelics, you will get a glimpse of transhuman consciousness. By definition, transhuman consciousness is abilities and powers outside of normal human levels of consciousness. And surely, I've glimpsed this on Ayahuasca. Just take note that there is a difference between Transhuman Consciousness and Alien Consciousness. Transhuman is still 'human' and alien is radically not. Transhuman consciousness can be considered anything supernatural/paranormal but at a much higher scale (essentially, states that are higher than human, but still feel 'human' - which can be paradoxical in a way). For example, summoning and conversing with entities, combined with other glamorous supernatural powers can be considered transhuman consciousness, whilst on psychedelics. But, there are much higher states than that, surely. Alien Consciousness would be, by nature, at a much more radical degree than none came across. It's a completely non-human version of consciousness, above even that of transhuman. So, we shall see what's in store for us soon from Leo's course as we are still in blind.
  20. Combine some Ayahuasca with THC. And bang infinite aliens.
  21. @Francis777 No point in arguing with a hard head. Literally, everything he does is to be a wanna-be Leo without the psychedelic part. So, he spends his time demonizing psychedelic substances because of his lack of confidence and balls. Imagine if you had an idol who copies you and spends his time saying you are not spiritually gifted while repeating everything you've said for years. It's insane. Some people here after 5k posts become very strange and develop some acute spiritual-teacher ego or weird personality. Not everyone, of course.
  22. Also, where there is fear, there is God's realization. That red tunnel that freaked you out could have led right to God. Ultimately, DMT taught you a lesson: don't take a big hit by mistake. Have some respect next time.
  23. @Mada_ The only horror is the price they paid to be there. Becoming Jesus on DMT is normal. You could literally imagine whatever you want to be.
  24. @Richard Purdy The root chakra isn't going to steer you clear of a bad trip of DMT. DMT is on another monstrous level. So, you'll need to have some deep respect next time. What you need to do is to have balls and dig in deep into the bad trip and face your fears DIRECTLY. Or, stop taking DMT.