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  1. @Jacobsrw Putin's got the english speaking world by the balls. All thanks to American monopoly on social media. Go figure...
  2. The rise off the conspiracies is mostly driven in the anglo-american sphere. You can clearly see the consequence of this in the infection and death rates for covid-19 in the UK/USA compared to the rest of the world. This will only get clearer as time goes by. The real conspiracy for you fools to study is Russian Active Measures.
  3. @LaucherJunge Conspiracy theories are SO mainstream, even old man Trump is into them. Better get hip and quit that shit, Laucherboy
  4. Yes! We are all trapped in our human bodies. Humans are fragile bodies of muscle and mind. You are not the mind, nor body. Control the mind, let the body follow. Elevate yourself from mundane human life, and use mind and body as the materialistic vessel towards immortality.
  5. Don't worry, I can clearly see you are learning on your way. You're still a young man. Pro tip: The sooner you forget about your undeniable above-average-iq, you will do better in life. @28 cm unbuffed
  6. Step One: Grow up, change your user name. Is your IQ 28?
  7. I quit smoking with WHM a couple years ago. I feel it's like a shortcut to a deep mediative state. Got my retention times up to 4min28sec after aprox 6 months practice, but it was hard keeping the habit going after getting into a heavy powerlifting routine. This thread inspire me to get back to it. Thank you!
  8. Fully agree. It should also be a great guide for Leo's banning hammer.
  9. I checked him out about 20 years ago, and saw straight through is narcissistic, greedy soul. I hope you will someday, too. He's clearly a very gifted charlatan, since he still keeps his shit going after all these years.
  10. But David Icke is fine? Don't you have any critical sense?
  11. Bodigger, you are a just swallowing all the propaganda raw. Fauci has served as the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) since 1984. Please seek out a remedy. The Trump is your poison.
  12. The so called MSM just reported what the murican (yours?) government told them about Saddam's WMD. Same goes with your ranting anti-china bs. China will come out on top after this without any conspiring. They are the industrial masters of the 21st century, and they will resolve this for all of us. Better learn to bow to your new masters.
  13. Maybe it's time for you to update yourself. The Asian countries are showing themselves to be supreme in solving this situation. America promised up to 500,000 tests for next week. A few hours before, one Chinese guy donated 1,000,000 tests to the Muricans.
  14. @Hansu No. When, for instance, a city major is recruited to a position in parliament or other political positions. Or they can be members of some boards etc. They have kept their salary from the major position for a time even when they get their salary from the new position. And even with their extreme salaries, they still get busted all the time with exploiting their very generous benefits for travel etc. The pension rules they have are all legal, although very corrupt. They make the laws, so they fixed it good for themselves. A quick search led me to the number of 10.772 paid politicians in Norway. To be fair, they do not all get the salaries spoken off, but the number of people that do get them is way beyond 169. Each one of those 169 have many people under them that receive same level of money, and then you have the state and city levels.