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  1. I'm not going to bite dude, keep it moving.
  2. I think they mean when cops blast an entire clip into an unarmed black man, who isn't resisting and has his hands up.
  3. Like everyone else said, some clubs are just straight up garbage. That’s why when going clubbing, it’s super fun to jump to a different club where the atmosphere can be a complete 180 and you might end up having a blast. Start with lounges since it’s more chill btw. Clubs can be way too crowded and the A/C could be busted = awful fucking time
  4. I’ve seen some copes typed up online before but good God man you really went all out! This is one the most ridiculous things I’ve read specifically on this forum, no offense.
  5. I used to say yes but now I'm beginning to believe that the viewer making the judgment call observing them (aka you, me, etc) are the actual narcissists. You can realize this by meeting that person and they turn out super cool. The whole time you're just making concepts in your mind about how other people are 'like this' or 'like that' and then falling back on the comfort of 'not me though, I'm definitely not a narcissist!' The classic narcissist mistake!!
  6. TYT giving Joe Rogan a taste of his own medicine (echo chamber circle jerks, assumptions about people he doesn't know, parroting the same talking points of right wing garbage) and of course the Rogan fanboys are foaming at the mouth saying how ridiculous it is lmfao lowkey it is brilliant and it does make you wonder...
  7. “Hey a friend of mine is coming over, her name is _______”
  8. OP it would probably help if most people didn't have such a two dimensional taste in humor. Ironic humor would blow your mind. What if that person is being ironic in saying something purposely cringey, as a jab at people who try hard to be funny? That's a joke that has layers like an onion. Very juicy. A person that's too dumb to understand irony, would label that as 'cringe' and the people who understand the irony behind it, would laugh at the people who think it is cringe because they're so stuck in the 'hurrdurrr DATS FUNNY HAHA I GET THE JOKE' paradigm of humor. Which is the worst and lazy type of humor IMO. Cringe doesn't exist because it comes back full circle: if the person laughs, it is funny.
  9. How long do you believe these changes and liberal minded realization will take place? 5 years minimum?
  10. Ok? Lol. So you're specifically talking about the extremes here and not across the board? There are also the majority of "normal" people who do bad things and have to deal with such things in their mind.
  11. I believe Leo did address this in a video, my mind is kind of blurry on this but it goes something like: There's no actual 'karma' per say of like if you commit a devilry act, that your car breaks down or something. The 'karma' you pay is in your mind. In your thoughts, you have to carry that around with you like a massive anvil. Just non-stop thinking and thinking and thinking about it. It'll never end.
  12. I'm glad we've arrived at the OP smearing shit cream on his just-raped girlfriend. Fives all around gang.
  13. City-Data… the forum? If yes, good lord get away from that toxic shithole.
  14. He seems very happy lmao
  15. Probably one of the most fucked up things I’ve ever read on here OP, that sucks so bad. HOWEVER, there’s a very good reason on why you feel things are incongruent and why your gut is telling you this. Trust your gut and explore this bad gut feeling. Do NOT run away from it and sweep it under the rug. Because it will continue to keep popping up later on. What people ITT don’t realize, is that we subconsciously scan and interpet things when another person is telling us something. Micro-movements, facial movements, vibe, mood, body language, tone of voice, how the other person usually acts, etc. If one or a few of these things are off — our gut goes OH HELL NAH.