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  1. Because there’s a camera filming. Youd be surprised what your confidence level would be at if you know you’re being filmed to get good content. Take away the camera and the confidence plummets, unless you’re already a confident person to begin with.
  2. Lower but relatively high views means more loyal watchers vs extremely high views from clickbait and elaborate titles designed to grab your attention. I'll let you figure out which one lasts longer
  3. Take care of your teeth by flossing and brushing daily
  4. Instead of writing paragraphs, posting links to youtube and sharing fearmongering screenshots of why not to take COVID vaccines--I got my COVID vaccine Arm was pretty sore the next morning but it goes away fairly quickly. No side effects in my case thankfully, except a little tired the day of the injection and I got pretty hungry for some reason. 10/10 would vaccine again.
  5. I just find it funny that the very same people who said that COVID-19 is barely fatal, only 1% of people get sick, it's just the flu, "masks do nothing!" and would take the chance of just letting it run rampant.... are the very same people who can't grapple with the fact that less than 1% of vaccines could have side effects and they refuse to take that chance. How can you choose one over the other? Oh right, they're cherrypicking whiney children.
  6. *looks at the state of America right after a 4 year Trump presidency* Ah yes, absolute utopia and nirvana we're living in.
  7. Lmoa... just have fun with it. Just tell her the vaccine you're getting is also fake because you made an arrangement beforehand to fake getting a vaccine shot and you're doing it so the cameras at these vaccine clinics can see that you did it and society can finally get off your back about it. BOOM, checkmate.
  8. I was kind of a bully in high school myself because I had zero filter, I was a troll and I hung out with expert roasters. I wasn't a full on bully though, I befriended kids that couldn't defend themselves too lol OP, it sucks for you but keep in mind high school ultimately shapes who you are going forward in a more permanent way than say--you changing yourself/your views when you're 25. Sure, you can get new friends and completely change your life to avoid assholes but assholes will spring up at you ANYWHERE; family, dinners, vacations, neighbors, etc. You'll get obliterated again and again. Stand up for yourself now and break that cycle at the root, or you'll be the same loner person getting roasted on in college, then till your late 20s at work, maybe in your 30s, etc. In a funny way, what your friends are doing is basically trying to save you from being so passive/pushover but in a very blunt manner. It's a very hamfisted way to get a strong confidence core about yourself if you can develop thick skin and have a poison tongue by being quick with the "clap backs". I say fight for 2 weeks just to change things up and see what happens Surprise them and get vulgar. Good luck.
  9. One time I got high and I realized: I don't think the UFOs would have actual aliens inside driving them--because aliens that are capable of that type of technology that we witness, would probably just send out a drone-type of ship that they can safely monitor from a very long distance and send data back with what I'd assume is super fast "internet" speed back to home base. An autonomous drone. Maybe we've always just been seeing alien's drones monitoring us all these years from a distance. Considering our current technology in detecting things so far away into space, could you imagine what aliens would have? They probably already have our entire species and planet mapped out from the first organism to now.
  10. This is absolutely insane lol
  11. I think we should honestly realize the context in the word being used, than further fragment language to say the same damn thing in the end lol. Some girls really like to be called girls, it's endearing to them. I can see some women hating "gals" because it makes them sound old. Like if I go up to a woman and start to call her "lady" or "ma'am"--it means the same thing but not in context. Well, I've heard boy being used by women like as "I hope there are some cute boys out tonight" when they're going out. Or describing to their friends that they "have a crush on this boy" or something like that. But trust me, most men* don't care and won't kick in your door in for calling them boy. Sometimes boy is used in a flirty manner too. *some men do have a problem with their masculinity being threatened to take that as you will.
  12. "Girls" is used in the same context as when women use the word "guys". Guys and girls. I'd imagine men won't give a shit if you call us "guys" if we're over 18. We're not going to flip out and demand you start calling us men. Even "boys" doesn't really bother most guys lol. Whatever weirdo mainstream woke idea you got that from, maybe you need to pay attention to the things you consume online and realize you might be the middle schooler you're so judgmentally pointing to in this thread.
  13. #1 is because the character James Bond is hot, as in very attractive. #2 he's also funny, smart, rich, dangerous, classy, rebellious, charisma through he roof, extreme luck, etc etc the list goes on. If a guy has to do a "James Bond approach" in the first place, he is cosplaying as someone he's not lmao. It's over before it even began. It's similar to the saying "if you have to ask..."