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  1. I almost never just post a link to YouTube videos but this one really “answered” it for me in a way:
  2. It’s never too late. But you actually have to go DO IT and not just day dream and theorize about it. Perspective. People in their 50s would kill to be in their 30s.
  3. Run for the hills and never look back. Get yourself someone worth a damn that would allow you to go to a barber shop.
  4. Some extremely weirdo energy going on ITT defending what seems to be a confirmed sexual predator but it’s okay because he did an apology video online. Fucking lol, never change Actualized.org.
  5. Look, I don't know your grandpa and I'm not going to dunk on him on this website because he's a boomer, a christian or whatever. You made this thread because you intuitively felt a wisdom behind his words specifically said to you, right? Even though your "beliefs" are at odds with his, correct? I'm assuming your grandpa wouldn't want to sabotage your happiness because he most likely knows that he's at the final chapter in his life--and he knows you're a young buck with the world ahead of you just starting your first chapter. This is an assumption on my part, so if what I said here isn't true then disregard what I say lol. As much as people like to dunk on boomers, some mean no harm when they give advice to you, even though it comes across as harsh or at odds with your beliefs. He doesn't want you to suffer and be poor in the future. You could be sad or depressed about other things in your life in the future, but if you have lots of money, a fulfilling career, nice house, etc. It's much much comfortable to cry in a Porsche than in some shitbox in a bad part of town. Keep in mind, this forum has a tendency to have completely narcissistic people (me included lol), so everybody has to be right and he has to be wrong. So people are going to call your grandpa an idiot but they weren't there when he told you these things. You're at an advantage with his advice because you can morph it or evolve it into something beneficial to only you. He's not telling you to literally just become him or anything--he wants you to not suffer financially if shit hits the fan. I'm assuming COVID-19 shocked him and everyone else around him (duh) so he's giving you cautious advice to have a parachute in case anything happens. A hybrid of your life and life choices and his advice could be very beneficial to you in the long run.
  6. OP you sound like my friend lol. He got mad at me one time for just being a social butterfly at a party and hitting it off with everyone, especially all the girls (I didn't know anyone at that party and he invited me there). I called his ass out on it and he admitted he felt like he was a loser, too "quiet" or doing all the wrong things to not end up getting laughs and praise or whatever. I told him I could see he was in his head the entire time at the party.. analyzing, thinking, trying to come up with the right things to say, weird body language, etc. You can physically see what a person is thinking inside--even if they think they're doing a good job hiding it. In a funny way, he was acting differently around those people than another group of people we mutually know--so it was interesting watching him change his whole personality just by a shift of being around different people.
  7. LMAO, suckers born every minute. That phone is just going to be a low-end, reskinned Android phone with a marked up price for people who are sluts for "MERICA'S FREEDOM!!!". China themselves threatened the USA that they were working on their own OS for their own phones (like Huawei) but they ultimately completely failed. Turns out they were just reskinning Android. If China themselves were unsuccessful in building their OS without ripping off Android (and actually using Android but reskinning it and calling it 'HarmonyOS') then how is some fuckwad with bad highlights like that guy going to do it? Bwahaha. Building a stable, new OS from the ground up in 2021 is an unprecedented task that boggles the mind. It's like flying a kite and then saying you're going to land on the moon soon.
  8. A LOT of people fear God or the wrath of God much more than the devil. Some cultures even say things like “God willing” or something similar in a serious manner just to avoid jinxing their hope of outcome
  9. Lol when I was a kid, I’ve always wondered that if the devil is so powerful and smart, couldn’t he pretend to be God and become worshipped by everybody, and make God the devil to be feared and avoided? Of course, when I would present this “theory” as a kid I would get weird looks and responses from adults like “that’s impossible” lmao
  10. That’s the crazy part… we’re just playing the spirituality game. Until that cosmic slap in the face happens to you and you snap out of it and realize “who/what” is really watching your life story unfold behind your eyes, then it’s always a game
  11. She's good at Mario Kart
  12. While I do like making fun of incels, no posts here have proved the OP wrong other than anecdotal evidence or underhanded insults to the OP lol
  13. Posting outliers as examples doesn’t help the OPs dilemma btw that just confirms it even more
  14. I had a long period where I willfully abstained from any drugs (ie: alcohol & weed, I wanted to see what it was like to be 100% straight edge for a few years) and it was great but you have to find the right people. I’ve had luck with finding people who don’t do that stuff in hobby/clubs like painting, rock climbing, dance lessons, video games etc. You make friends with them and if they think you’re cool they’ll hang out with you and most of the time it won’t involve alcohol since you can tell them from the beginning that you don’t drink—so your new friendship won’t be based on drinking from the beginning. Other times, I would chill with people who do drink (like old friends, their friends, etc) but I’d get like a Coke or like some tasty drink that wasn’t alcohol (nobody is going to check your drink anyways) and then leave before they would get too wasted and annoying to be around lol. It’s easy to balance all of this if you’re an extrovert for sure.
  15. oh I am dumb as hell no doubt about that