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  1. Brand deterioration is ultimately what Musk wants to avoid (other than burning 44B). If he continues fumbling this Twitter acquisition that he got himself into, his brand will start to deteriorate; Telsa, Boring, SpaceX, etc. He is the Tesla brand mascot, he's like Ronald McDonald except even more of a clown. He is the mascot and that's part of the equation of why people buy his shit. If Twitter flops tremendously, his other brands will deteriorate. Who would want to drive around in the divorced guy's car who managed to fumble Twitter? Less people. Society's psychology will kill your business faster than actually burning money. Investors ain't happy.
  2. So many of those citizens are going to disappear without a trace.
  3. Kanye is such a genius, being impressed with and hanging out with somebody that wants him and his entire race eradicated. #genius
  4. “Bring me some snacks” or like “bring me a drink”
  5. It will help but that’s assuming you won’t cave and run to a desktop/laptop to use the internet. The best way I’ve found is to go on vacation to a place where there’s no WiFi or internet and spend a few weeks there. Easier said than done but when you come back your perspective is shaken up a bit and you’ll realize how much time you spend staring at screens like the rest of us
  6. How do people fall for Musk, Trump, Kanye, etc so easily these days? Lack of critical thinking?
  7. I think the spiritual bypass thing isn't necessarily to escape life. No one on this forum is a monk on a hill, just neglecting their every day life to achieve enlightenment. It was most likely neglected anyways if that were the case. A lot of the problems people have (especially non-spiritual people for example) stems from believing their life story as concrete, real and what they are is the product of their own doing. Suffering. Wether that manifests into low self esteem/depression, or mania/grandiose and everything in between. Emotional control and having a more balanced baseline is priceless in this life. This can be achieved by meditation... it takes a while though. At the same time, you could also be elevating your own life while you're on your journey and not take things so personally. I think Leo's technique is attempting nipping it in the bud, which isn't a bad angle to go with. It's akin to getting rid of a polyp. Sure, it wasn't necessary since it's benign but what happens later down the road when shit hits the fan?
  8. "Cheapness" is too much of a blanket term. There are things that you can cheap out on that's okay and then there are things that you shouldn't cheap out on that is not ideal (car tires, car parts, insurance, the roof of your house, food etc) vs things that you can cheap out on (AAA batteries, a tent you won't use much, a tool that you needed only once, paper clips, etc) If you buy something that you will use sparingly or don't care about - cheap is king. Also for actually cheaper items, cheap is great because the competition is so close to each other. These phrases are usually true: You get what you pay for. Buy once, cry once.
  9. I have to admit, it's crazy how effectively Andrew Tate farmed so many losers in a short amount of time, to tempt them enough to sign up to a course named Hustlers University. Lmfao - you can't make this shit up!
  10. If you cannot surrender to the rat race, you will forever be a hamster on the wheel. And there's nothing really wrong with that. However, the things you currently worry about right now in your life, will not be the same things you will worry about if you end up "on top of the social hierarchy". In fact, those very same things you're worried about might get piled on by everything else by being at the top. Hell, most of those new problems might be extremely stressful. Exploring life? You mean traveling and trying new food, buying expensive things and trying out new hobbies? The typical normie shit? Sure, it's fun but eventually you have to lie down on your bed with your own thoughts before going to sleep. What then? Let's say you get to the top of the social hierarchy in whatever manner you believe would be the case. Then what? Another airport, another country to travel in. Then you're back home with your mind. Then, you have to manage all that money and success to keep it and to keep your image looking good for everyone to see. Then you're back home with your own mind. New hobby! Wow this is fun and interesting. Then you're back home with your own mind. So back to this question: If you transcend your "ego" (the little "i"), there's a possibility that you will see that the you in your life was never truly there. Therefore, you can attain success in the social hierarchy in a manner that is playful to you, genuine and you don't take it so personal (because YOU are a fiction) It's essentially a game and you know you will be "alright", no mental anxiety. However, there is also a possibility if you "wake up" that you could do away with the whole success thing and become like a farmer or a surfer or a monk or something. Something simple. Can you live with that possibility? Would being a 'nobody' to your friends and family and society as a whole, scare you?
  11. Coronavirus pandemic.
  12. No. I am fully aware that our dicks only have a finite life of working optimally without help (like viagra) and being able to cum. The day that stops working, I'll at least be happy knowing I took full advantage of being a sexual being. The last thing I'd want, is to regret the times I didn't experience orgasm when I'm too old to be able to and can't go back.
  13. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  14. It's like you're describing the beach and ocean to someone like you've been there before, even though you've just read about it online. meanwhile, Leo is laying on the beach with a pina colada in his hand and he's telling you to go to the beach where he's at, but you're now asking him if it's true that the beach is _____ and ______. Lol.