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  1. If I were you, I'd continue playing your character as best you can. Maybe try another form of work or friends or discover other cool versions of you! I'd try to stay out of trouble and not risk going to prison. Why? Because in prison, you won't have time to think about consciousness/nothingness when your mind will be working in overdrive trying to survive in what many deem as Hell on earth. Not to mention, there's no reset button and your experience will just be the same place with even LESS variety in your 5 senses.
  2. Basically this ^ I've been there before briefly and "I" have "seen" it. Can confirm. Also, everything immediately clicks and makes sense in that moment/realization, especially the non-duality jargon we all already know. It's so absolutely simple though, it's almost like you have to be dumb and to the point of drooling to get it. Once the smart brain kicks in, you're thousands of miles from it again.
  3. I guess that’s where “chop wood, carry water” comes from. It would be wise to continue your character’s roll in the dream (working, socializing,etc) and then slowly branch out a different path post-awakening that you feel would suit you better.
  4. Lmao I have to come back to this dogshit post again a year later. Wonderful. 🫵😂
  5. Get an Android so you can be nice and cozy with spyware, viruses and lack of privacy.
  6. I’ve read somewhere where they succinctly described what you are speaking of (you, us, life, the “world”) as it being a “world full of phantoms.” I wish I could remember or find out where I read that.
  7. It's all one big ass COPE. Dude is pointing fingers and unironically using words like "simpy" in one direction, all while he is being called creepy irl by women. Lol, get out of town. Imagine if you printed out the OP, handed it to a woman to read and ask her what she thinks. Guess what would be her first thought about the author?
  8. I mean... you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink. Many guys like the OP end up stuck like this forever. You can't really help them unless they have the 'eureka' moment themselves -- they'll forever be spinning their bald summer tires in the snow until their death. It's so simple yet, their Very Smart Brain is whats ultimately holding them back. It's kind of funny how it sort of mirrors spirituality when it comes to enlightenment huh?
  9. I've never seen so many losers in one conference call, this is amazing
  10. ^Bro is straight up deepthroating the Fox News/right wing anti-LGBTQ talking points lmao
  11. Elon Musk is the richest loser in the world. His billions cannot buy him being cool and it's been eating at him. Like a narcissistic loser nerd in high school, except he's in his 50s. Compound this with the internet rotting his old ass brain, you get this twitchy stumbling weirdo you got at the NYT interview. It's almost polarizing to see a normal human being (reporter) and the guy who obviously has brain rot (elon) in that interview lol.
  12. People who are online a lot tend to get radicalized
  13. For the first time, I don't know what the truth is when it comes to this war. It's been so saturated with misinformation and garbage that I don't know if the US is backing Israel because that's the right thing to do (terrorism) or because of mAiNsTrEaM mEdiA is purposely manipulating the media to show Gaza in a bad light. Then there's the history of bombings and killings of Palestinians before this war by Israel. I've been out of the loop about this situation since it started as I had to do things in life recently, so imagine my surprise when idk what the hell is going on lmao