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  1. I'm going to guess the school system + capitalism.
  2. Sheesh, talk about not sugar coating it. I love hard truths.
  3. The more I meditate the more all these youtube videos linked look like soap operas to me.
  4. I don’t really like the guy but no one deserves cancer man. Shit is fucked up. And people who are cheering his diagnosis and are saying he deserves it, hopes he dies etc - are truly terrible human beings. There’s a line I won’t cross and it’s wishing death on people fr
  5. I had a Vine account when it was at its peak popularity. It was amazing tbh, no ads, infinite scrolling and the vines were 6 seconds for the longest time. It was SUPER addicting I’ll admit though. Which is why when TikTok came out I refuse to download it. I’d be on that stupid thing all day and who knows what the content would’ve done to my brain. Those who had and browsed Vine many years ago will understand this.
  6. That’s exactly what Russia and China would want. Nice try, Marge. They don’t call it the United States of America for nothing. It’s the political clowns like MGT, Ted Cruz, etc etc who fuck everything up.
  7. Even though people suggest to not look at porn: I say go look at porn and jerk off. You need to jump start that libido because your dopamine was fried from all the weed. Were you having sex and jerking off when high? Why do I say to watch porn and jerk it? Because I know this half limp dick situation with low libido is now eating at your mind since you've posted a thread about it. It'll be a never ending cycle of you being anxious before you have sex due to you not knowing if you'll get it up fully or be in the mood. It'll be a cycle you'll have a hard time getting out of because it's psychological. Don't give yourself a permanent complex. Jerk off to porn once a night and keep it going and watch your libido go up. Just don't get addicted to it.
  8. sometimes I don't even do it for a week or two, so when I come back it's even better
  9. What's wrong with having friends?
  10. Yeah it really sheds light on how many lonely, unattractive, sexless men there are out there who followed this fool
  11. Lol this forum is going down the shitter
  12. 21,000+ dead… may they rest in peace 🙏🏻 I can’t imagine how scary that was ugh, just the videos themselves were chilling. 😔