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  1. And I was asking you to prove to me that it was about 'culture', I was asking you what you know about culture and what the 1 guy did differently from the general trend of the culture. You didn't answer me. What am I supposed to infer from that?!
  2. Fine, then. Mods? Please look into this. You don't get away doing shit like this on my watch. Is that clear?!
  3. You have to, to prove to me that you're not racist. To save your own face. Says the person giving the orders right now. Do you know there's a forum-policy against racism?! You have to justify your comments and prove that you're not being racist here.
  4. You have to. It's not an option for you. And, what did he do differently from the other guys?
  5. Prove it to me. Have you seen Indian guys who aren't 'misogynistic and entitled'? Listen, ma'am. You have made a racist comment and I'm asking you for an explanation. I don't give a fuck about your opinion when it comes to 'feeling better about myself'. Is that clear?!
  6. It was a racist stereotype. If you're unable to come up with counter-examples of individual Indian guys who aren't 'misogynistic and entitled', how am I supposed to believe your points about the culture? Definitely comes across as ignorant about the culture and lacking in just knowledge and exposure to it.
  7. You should thank your lucky, privileged stars that people are taking your racist opinions seriously.
  8. There are open-minded cis-people who will tell you to your face that they support you. There are also people who will call out transphobia and condemn transphobes just to sound 'cool' to the woke crowd. Now, here's my point - these people cannot create sustainable change for you in the cis-community. The reason for it is this - the real problem you're dealing with in the cis-community isn't the open-minded people. They're on your side, actually. And you should accommodate for them. The real problem is the closed-minded bigots in the cis-community. These are the people who will defend the bro-code to the death. And, as supportive as the groups of people mentioned above are, they also have an ego of a cis-person. And, the closed-minded people, who are religious for the most part, will be able to put enough pressure on their egos to not show up for you when you need them. Which is why the supportive people will turn out to be shallow. And this could reinforce your resentment towards cis-people. Do not make the mistake of trusting a sweet-talking cis-person. Even if they're well-intentioned, they most likely won't be mature enough to be able to show up when you need them. I would prefer that you trust a cis-person who is willing to admit to the ego-issues in the cis-community. Cuz they will show you the obstacles that'll come up when you create change. To question your cis-identity requires serious inner-work. And, that takes incentives. Cuz you're playing with your ego here. It's not trivial stuff. There you go. One big thing that the LGBT-community has to offer to cis-people, is the knowledge that masculinity and femininity do not have to link to gender. I think it would be a much more fruitful endeavor for the LGBT-community to focus on offering this to the cis-community, than to directly fight bigotry. Cis-people who benefit from these teachings, will then get the right tools to break out of the control-structures created by the fundamentalist bigots. It's not sucking up. You don't have to pretend to be cis or deny your trans-identity in doing this. It's just being on good terms with those cis-people who are on good terms with you. HTH!!
  9. It is possible to find principled individuals, for sure. Having said that, this is not the majority of open-minded cis-people. Most open-minded cis-people are decent people and are open-minded to you telling them about trans stuff but when push comes to shove, will they support you?! I'm not sure whether it's realistic. Again, you're saying that they should, and I agree with you. It is the right thing to do. But, will they?! There are consequences for them too. Why should they risk losing being on good terms with their in-group? Why should they crusade for trans-people? Do you have a solution to these problems of theirs? The LGBT-community should think about this. If you do, you're set! If I stand up against the bro-code, the cis-people will be like 'What is your problem? What are you losing because of the bro-code?! Just relax and be on good terms with us, we'll be nice to you.' The average (decent, by the way) cis-person does not have an incentive to stand up against it and every incentive to enable it. Someone has to say 'I have a problem with your bro-code, this is wrong, this is how it actually hurts me' for them to actually take the possibility of changing it seriously. If you want an explanation for the (irrational, as you correctly say, but real) backlash that you're getting on this thread, this is it. This is the reality of open-minded cis-people. And, I think that if you want to get anywhere with this, your first goal must be, to get on good terms with them. Because, as well-intentioned as they are, they need an incentive to take these kinds of risks for you. HTH!!
  10. When you say you don't think it's pretentious or savioristic, I agree with you. Having said that, it's very easy to build that kind of reputation in your own in-group when you go against the collective ego of that group and call out transphobia. Because no victim, no crime. And people don't like to admit to the existence of a victim if someone (like a trans-person who has been a victim of transphobia) doesn't claim to be one. I'll give a very relatable example. Why is it so hard for a man to call out other men's sexism? Women look at that and they're like 'Just hold other men accountable! Step up and 'be a man'.' It's not that easy. You will build the reputation of a 'simp' among men if you try to 'hold them accountable'. But, women don't get this, cuz they don't understand the bro-code or the point of it. I am not trying to discourage your solution in any way, shape or form. It is the right solution, in fact. I'm just showing you the depth of the problem that you're dealing with in cis-dominated spaces. I believe in your ability to come up with something better to raise awareness about LGBT-issues. Because, and I'm sorry to say this, this responsibility falls on the shoulders of the LGBT-community. It is an unfair deal for you. It's not your fault, it's just the way things are. And, before your ego resists what I'm saying, I'd like you to consider this - most transphobes don't wake up one day and say 'Okay. Should I hate trans-people or should I accept them? What ideology serves me and my community the best? Is it transphobia?! Alright. Transphobia it is.' That's not how a transphobe is made. It is unconsciously conditioned into them and they simply go along with it. Which means, that this is a powerful opportunity for activists (you may or may not put yourself in this category) to educate open-minded cis-people about what it means to be 'trans' and what your lives are like and what rights you lack, etc. To someone who really wants to resolve this issue - I'd recommend that you really understand religion and the origins of transphobia. It will help you pick your battles well. And create an impact that actually matters. You will need open-minded cis-people on your side. And, I'm showing you how you can do that. HTH!!
  11. @bejapuskas Here's my 2 cents on this issue - the root-level solution to transphobia is to question the cis identity. People do struggle with this. Most cis men and women struggle to even build a cis identity to begin with! Let alone question it. If you ask me 'Where's the help for trans-people?! That's cis-privilege!', I agree. It is cis-privilege. We don't have our own shit figured out yet. So, it's going to be very difficult for us to help trans-people and all of our help will be riddled with 'benevolent transphobia', so to speak. And, I think that trans-people would benefit a lot more from trans role-models than from cis-people actively doing stuff for them. Yeah, fine, cis-people can help you. But, we barely understand the problems that trans-people go through! It's actually very difficult for us to empathize with trans-people. We do not want to be arrogant enough to assume that we know more. And, please excuse our ignorance as it shows here. This is how educating ideologically stubborn adults works. Edit - I understand you have an issue with cis people looking at this thing from a cis perspective, being unable to set aside their cis-identity while doing so and being given air-time to do so. Here's the thing - on this forum specifically, the emphasis will be placed on using this air-time to questioning the cis-identity and ignorant perspectives. I think explicit transphobia will be moderated. And, the fact that Leo himself is cis and not trans does play into this. The issue is that cis people have literally no experience of being trans. If you just have a problem with being on a forum headed by a cishet white male and those biases showing themselves, which they inevitably will, feel free to start your own community for trans-people!
  12. Here, in India, we have the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). It's known as the best engineering-university in the country. They have a MCQ entrance-exam that's known as one of the hardest on the planet. Because it's ultra-tricky. And, I'm planning on coaching students to crack this exam. I'm able to take the freedom to experiment with a new model of education-system precisely because the exam is not a subjective test, in which they memorize stuff. They have to deeply understand the concepts and apply them to solve tricky, complex problems. And, there is a massive gap in the coaching-industry and I have found a way to meet this need because I watch Leo's videos and I understand some epistemology. This is where I get to convince the parents. Because, an education-system that believes that 'the map is the territory', fails miserably to help students think and deepen their conceptual understanding! Let's see what happens!
  13. Yes. But, I don't think that having a debate-video about a racist talking-point creates more racists. I think it brings to the surface people's pre-existing racism and addresses it. I don't know much about the topic, to be honest. This was not a discussion about racism to begin with. I just gave an extreme example of a BS claim that people genuinely believe and rationalize to themselves and that those rationalizations should be directly addressed.
  14. Fair enough. Here's how it goes - the debaters like to 'pretend' that they're debating in good faith and the audience, because they have their own intellectual egos, like to 'pretend' that they're watching a debate happening in good faith. We even have different definitions of 'good faith'! And, every individual intellectual caters to their audience's definition of 'good faith'. That's why they have an image of an intellectual and that's why they have an audience. I'm talking about the bigger, fairly respected players here. The Sam Harris types, the Ben Shapiro types, the Jordan Peterson types. Controversial to the woke audience, but respected by their audience. Not trash-talkers who pop off huge today and are nowhere to be seen tomorrow.
  15. Yeah, I mean, that's what today's good manners are, right?! Be PC, don't judge people off the color of their skin, etc. Yeah, fine, you can be a rebellious teen and become racist in that process. Because, say, their high-school friends were racist. But, as they grow older, become more mature and understand their PC parents more, I think they can stop being racist! Racism as a reaction to PC values is definitely a step backwards, not forwards. The real racist people inherit that stuff from their parents. Their parents were racist. As a parent, your morality can make a huge difference. This is a much harder problem to solve. I really don't know the solution to this one.