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  1. Hi, on April 7, 2021 a sudden pain appeared in the left side of my head, I freaked out, I did MRI scan of the brain but everything looked normal, after 1 year of looking for info and asking doctors, i made my own diagnosis: occipital neuralgia. It's been 2 years now. I did MRI scan and X-Ray for the neck, everything looks normal (which is normal for occipital neuralgia). Is there anyone here who knows how to reduce pain, for things related to nerves? I tried almost everything, except the heavy medical procedures, and i haven't tried pills neurologists can prescribe (antidepressant, opioids...) which i might do soon... Pain is between 3-4 and on a scale of 10, this week i have a flu so it's 7-8 (i just lie in bed). Any suggestions or experience with nerves pain is welcome (also related to trigeminal neuralgia, since it's very similar). I did chiropractors, without improvements.
  2. @Giulio Bevilacqua What country are you living in? Do you eat meat?
  3. Is raw cacao powder concerned as well? (I use some on my smoothies)
  4. Röyksopp did a comeback 3 weeks ago... amazing tunes, and music videos
  5. I Googled "Are sardines poisoned with heavy metals" and found out sardines mostly have arsenic. I then found an article which links to a website for hair sample testing: Sample result: Does anyone have experience with this? (or similar websites)
  6. Thanks for replies
  7. What do you think of the carnivore diet? @integral I didn't watched Leo's content for over a year, I'm left behind i don't know what happened, I just saw that he went for a carnivore diet following a 15 days water fast.
  8. I haven't watched Leo's content for over a year, because I was busy with work and health issues. I recently checked the 3 parts episodes about game, as it was a long time awaited "come back" topic on, this put me back in the mood when I was reading "The Game" by Neil Strauss when I was student... Anyway, I just googled "Why photographers are attractive" and found this study:
  9. I jumped into Discord on 2016. In 2020 I went back to gaming (when covid pandemic kicked in) eventually I got exposed to internet culture. As a late millennial, I wasn't sure at first what makes this humor and generation different and unique.
  10. Joplin is similar to Obsidian but simpler (it's markdown as well). If you just need text, I'd rather go for Notepad++ For anything "Mind Mapping" I use Windows Explorer, folders, pictures and .txt files with naming convention (date...) Have a good snapshot tool, for capturing things from the internet or documents (I use Lightscreen). And a dark theme for everything to reduce eyes strain.
  11. i got one of those, love it! there are probably other brands, i don't know them all:
  12. Javier Livas Cantu
  13. I use this Add-on for Firefox : "Unhook: Remove YouTube Recommended Videos Comments by Unhook" It was a relief when I installed this... You can switch on/off in options.
  14. hello, i hope you're well. i would like to ask you 1 advice, regarding knee injuries. it's been 2 months since i've stopped running, and it seems my knee can't recover. i just do a little bit of bicycle, this hurts anyway. the questions is : do you know medicine/food supplements for knee repair? i don't eat animal products, do you think gelatin would be beneficial? flax seed is my go-to omega-3, and i don't think there is anything wrong with that (i mean, whole foods plant based diet / michael greger). in case you know something about supplements, i'd be happy to know your view on this. i did something wrong : 15 kilometers + 600 meters sprint + 15 kilometers, in a row peace 2 u @kieranperez
  15. i didn't watched leo's 20 or so latest videos guys, i got no time. (i used to watch, and didn't missed a single time since 2013). what's up with the smarties
  16. hi @Chosendeer Microsoft's C# tutorials are known to be the best if you want to use the .NET Framework (which is useless for Unity) that's why i've decided to learn C# directly in Unity. i know someone who made a full game with visual programming in UE4, Unity have "Bolt" dunno if that's good i'll give it a try. Unity is an engine, therefore you just have to make the "game" and most of the annoying stuff about programming you never think about it : creating an engine is soul crushing and valuable for a resume, but if what you want is to get your game/app out as quickly as possible then Unity is the way
  17. @Vignan I just didn't wanted to drink "Gatorade" (owned by Coca-Cola) so I made some research (it's my assumption). For the topic of diet, I look for Michael Greger. Yeah, if you plan longer fast, you have to longer prep (easy in & easy out) proportionally to the time you fast. I have never done this, but for a 14 days water fast, you want to do 1 week to slow down & 1 week to recover. From an healthy diet, carbs is eliminated first, then solid food...
  18. I don't know if that's true, potassium (and electrolytes) are meant to reduce dry tongue, headache, stiffness etc. on the 3rd day. Now i maintain a good level of these minerals by adding seeds in my daily smoothy (sunflower, pumpkins, sesame + more importantly flax seeds for omega-3). I think when you maintain a healthy diet for 1 week (with enough of these minerals) then you don't need to supplement during sports or when entering a fast.
  19. i don't have time to follow leo at the moment, didn't watched the blog bost. isn't 14 days too much for a first fast? when doing 5 days (water fast) several times, i've learned a lot and would know what to expect for a longer fast, 14 is a lot! also people have different amount of fat stored, to fuel energy when fasting, leo seems skinny at first so i don't know if it's enough to sustain 14 days. aiming for 14 days is good tho, even if you do half of it. this is how it worked for me, i took some notes: at least for 1 week : from a whole food plant based diet (no salt, no sugar, no alcohol, no caffeine, low carbs). during the fast, i have backup in the shelve just in case, with juices & carrot juices. the last 2 days or the slow-down (food intake) will be only soup, and then 30g of glauber's salt (on the 3rd day). glauber's salt is diluted in 0,5L of warm water, and drink alternatively with fruit juice (because the taste is awful). ---> trip to the bathroom (purge). after that, i'll have coconut water + water for 2 days, to avoid negative effects when entering ketosis. now you can fast "x" days, i'd start with 5, then 7, then 10, then 14 (with at least 1 month between each). last time i've stopped on day 5 because i was hungry, but i was feeling great. expect ego backslash. food intake have to start slowly after that (1 week) start with cucumber, also yeah bacterias in the guts are totally gone so i eat fermented sauerkraut. when building up bacterias in the guts, AVOID yeast, it can cause auto-brewery syndrome.
  20. @integral i think my motivation is to experiment with new things... keep what works. (optimization in general)
  21. @integral there is nothing wrong with eggs, it's just not designed to be eaten by humans. you probably like eggs (emotions) tho the cortex is sitting on top of the limbic system so you're trying to find justifications. number 1 cause of death in usa is cardio-vascular diseases. number 1 cause of cardio-vascular diseases in food industry : trans fat number 1 cause of cardio-vascular diseases (non-industrial) food : the yolk in eggs (michael greger says, eating 1 egg a day for 10 years = smoking 5 cigarettes a day for 10 years) tom campbell says entropy is quite low when it comes to health, which means consciousness have a great impact on it. there is too much money, too much information, everyone is lost and that's on purpose. have you heard, drinking 1 glass of wine a day have health benefits? if your diet is the "default" choice in the western world, then you're most likely to be in trouble at some point. peace
  22. the person who made this video clearly have a bias against vegan. vegan community can be toxic, it's mostly about not killing animals no about health, so yeah i think this thread is a reminder not to give into non-sense conversation i haven't been eating meat for 10 years, i climb 7a and run marathons (the past 2 years i removed eggs and dairy).