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  1. @Windappreciator I'm guessing you haven't seen it. It's not just a personal diary sort of thing, you know. https://actualized.org/insights Leo's Blog: Infinite Insights Miscellaneous bits of wisdom about personal development, philosophy, epistemology, nonduality, life purpose, psychedelics, etc. Published randomly throughout the week.
  2. @Windappreciator Check Leo's Blog.
  3. https://apnews.com/article/john-mcafee-dead-spain-prison-extradition-c39cc0f375a975946fb83b60cc2bf3d3 He allegedly committed suicide in a Spanish prison after recently being sentenced to be extradited to the U.S. He was potentially facing the rest of his life in prison. Weirdly, I've stumbled upon some supposed John McAfee fans/conspiracy nuts denying that it was suicide and trying to paint him as a martyr. Their proof: McAfee's own paranoid tweets warning that U.S. officials are out to "whack" him and that he would never kill himself. Guess he was also taking lessons from the Trump guidebook to getting people to buy your lunacy.
  4. Open-mindedness required.
  5. I would classify this as a Stage Yellow critique of Toxic Green Spiral Dynamics.
  6. @Eren Eeager I think that's been posted on this forum before. It's still unforgettable nonetheless!
  7. My God. . .So BAD, it's GOOD! Turning Point USA, a conservative propaganda organization, embarrasses themselves trying to appeal to women. 33 minutes in: "The Left is trying to remove our right to FART!"
  8. Really funny video making fun of online right-wing idiocy. (Some of these can be Stage Orange, as well)
  9. That sucks. I don't think I've posted anything in the past 2 days, though.
  10. It's a shame. Even David Pakman recently misused Occam's Razor to say that it's more likely a hoax enacted by either the US or some foreign government using top secret technology just to create a sensational media distraction. That requires the least number of assumptions apparently.
  11. Oh man. . . that Vice Documentary. "We are all reasonable smart people, I have a PhD. . . also, liberalism and communism are the same thing!" *Whole room nods in agreement*
  12. "Are UFO's Real?" Actualized.org episode when?
  13. If only they held that same attitude towards their own beliefs. Demand proof for "new age woo", no proof needed for materialism.
  14. Oh GOD. Can't get more Stage Orange than this in the context of intellectual/philosophical pursuits). Again. . . *sigh*. . ."Naturalist Nuke". How pretentious can you get. . . Natural Scientist tries to argue that science is not a social construct. His argument in a nutshell: The survival strategies of animals counts as doing science. Therefore science is an objective existential force of nature. Actual quote from the video: "Science is not an invention of society. Science is an evolved cognitive process". So coincidentally, its something mentioned in @Leo Gura's most recent video about survival strategies but weirdly twisted in a way to try to say that "Science is a Survival Strategy" proves that science is actually real.
  15. That's some real Prager U-level made-up graphs deja vu I'm getting.