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  1. It's funny how it's an educational talk on "Bla Bla", literally.
  2. I can relate. Even before I learned of psychedelics from you, I already had little playful ideas in my mind involving psychedelics (and rainbows too, for some reason). Now that I do know about it, my imagination is still pretty much the same but I am yet to actually take psychedelics for myself. Maybe I'll do a little "Before and After Psychedelics" comparison with my art to show the results when it happens.
  3. I think you got a typo there. You probably meant "with a sense of hollowness and lack of fulfillment".
  4. I got an article from a newsletter in my inbox today about a form of meditation I've never heard of before, Trataka meditation. It's meditation that focuses on calming the mind through the means of calming the eyes. It's pretty cool. Check it out.
  5. I'm still a new recruit. But I'm interested. . .
  6. @Arman @Anna Konstantaki Thanks, I guess. . . .
  7. <01-13-2017> Turned 20 Today It's my birthday today. I know it's not a personal development topic so . . moving on, business as usual. I've been encountering the term 'illusion' a lot in the personal development content I've consumed today. I read it in some of Leo's posts today and also in this Sadhguru video. I've also been studying a lot of the board games that my parents have bought but barely played out of curiosity and found myself connecting the illusory nature of the games with my own so called "real life". And of course, I did another 1 hour self-inquiry/self-observation session and the term 'illusion' kept coming up in my mind. Maybe reality really is trying to tell me that it's not reality at all, it's all illusion. Business as usual. . . thanks for reading. . . see you tomorrow.
  8. <01-12-2017> Using Pre-Mortem To Help Me Graduate I'm getting really close to something I've been waiting for for a very long time, graduating out of college. I'm not really that excited about graduating on its own, I'm just tired of all these college work that has been holding me back from working on myself and my life purpose for several months now. I decided to sit and do a pre-mortem on the remaining work I need to get done before I graduate. It's not too difficult but there is still chance of me messing up if I'm not careful. Also, I finished reading 'The Law of One' Book 1 today. I plan to start reading other stuff now and leave the remaining four books for another time.
  9. I personally find it slightly depressing that we're happy that Leo's content is free when he provides the kind of content that should just be a part of school and mainstream culture in the first place. But I suppose we should just be happy that we've been extremely lucky to find one of the rare water sources that aren't contaminated instead of thinking of the fact the majority of the population is drinking dirty water. Should we?
  10. I'd personally refrain from calling Tai Lopez's business a scam although I myself don't find his content very useful. I believe that his business is genuine and that his intentions are genuine but in the end he's a (relatively) shallow guru with some relatively shallow content. Even just the average kid who likes to make self-help material for a hobby does a better job at giving valuable information than Tai. Case in point, this guy's channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUizzYFAqgwZxuHnEfNWHFA/videos
  11. @Leo Gura How about if I define perception as "having content in direct experience"?
  12. @Leo Gura Would simply not perceiving an entity be the same as it reverting to a state of nothingness? You know, the classic "if a tree falls and nobody hears it, does it even exist"?
  13. @Mattylonglegs I don't walk around. I just stretch my legs while still sitting down on the bed.
  14. About half an hour to 45 minutes. . then I let my legs stretch out for about 5 minutes before going back.
  15. @Mattylonglegs My personal method of combating sleepiness is just to meditate cross-legged. Although if you already do meditate cross-legged then, welp, I don't know how to help. . .