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  1. @Patrique Stop focusing on those dumb corporate ads as your main source of art. I mean c'mon, have you visited art galleries often enough? Have an account on Deviantart.com? Have any good artist friends? Read or watched various content on the lives of famous artists? Have a pretty broad experience of art first and then we'll talk. Right now, you are like one of those blind men in the Indian fable below who only knows part of the elephant yet thinks he can make a statement of the entire thing.
  2. @Principium Nexus Modern society's idea of reality is the only thing that is an idea/concept. There is still the absolute reality that you can only attain through the practices of non-duality. So while that may be true, it doesn't explain everything.
  3. @Principium Nexus How do you know? Like, how do you ACTUALLY REALLY know? For all we know based on our limited perception, we could actually be puppets controlled by invisible ethereal strings controlled by some mystical masterminds in the sky. Don't just assume that it's all thought.
  4. @Principium Nexus Oh well makes sense to me. Oh I didn't walk home from work, I thought my way there. Oh I didn't just see you arrive, I thought my way to seeing you. Oh I didn't smell your body odor, I thought my way to smelling it.
  5. @Principium Nexus The world is a concept that hides the world. When thought disappears, world disappears, leaving the world. Meditate on that. Potrzebie
  6. Life Purpose Life Purpose Life Purpose and Potrzebie
  7. @Patrique I noticed that most (actually, all) of your expectations of how art should shape the world is shallow and materialistic. Caring more about gross obvious traits of reality and not able to tap into more subtle nuanced parts of it like philosophical aspects or existential parts that art can bring to the forefront of human consciousness. If it were the case that realism was all that mattered, Picasso and others like him would have been homeless. It's up to you to really shape yourself to desire the subtle. Stop normalizing your self-identity that you are a low-consciousness human being especially if you're aware of these concepts. You ain't gonna get better if you keep normalizing low-consciousness in your life. Have the desire and do some real effort to pursue high-consciousness living. You're like a self-aware donkey that chooses to remain a self-aware donkey because "donkey's gonna do what a donkey's gonna do. That's just life!". LOL. You know artwork that showcases pain and suffering exists right?
  8. For the record, I have not yet watched Game of Thrones or plan to anytime in the near future. But Leo's occasional criticisms of it combined with its massive popularity makes me think about it every now and again. What exactly is about this particular TV show that's so interesting? I'm interested in finding answers to this through a personal-development perspective. What are the social and psychological values that Game of Thrones espouses/aggrandizes? Some comedy shows I've seen like to joke a bit about nudity , beheadings, and sex when they talk about Game of Thrones and I kind of see that as a red flag. But I'm interested in a serious analysis. 'course, I could just watch the show myself but I ain't got time for that, mate.
  9. http://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Other_ways_of_knowing I think the article linked above really presents a good example of how closed-minded rationalism really puts your head so far up your ass that you're not able to discover anything new beyond the paradigm you've locked yourself into. It presents an entire list that the writers think rationalists simply shouldn't touch just because they're "not scientific". Some of the items on the list really are likely to be hokey. But other things they listed actually turn out to be very valid ways to explore reality like: Meditation Psychedelics Ancient Spiritual Scripture (at least if you actually truly understand what they talk about) Intuition Contemplation of one's life Studying The Philosophies of Tribalistic Societies Shamanic Journeying Epiphany But of course none of these things have anything to do with rationality or logic so they must be false! Contemplating my life and inner emotions? Nah! That's pansy New Age woo woo shit. I'd rather waste my time being lost in thought.
  10. Dunno. Interesting question, though.
  11. @TJ Reeves Cool. I'm still a rookie kid as far as spiritual development goes. I'm still not even close to where you're at. in fact the most recent spiritual insight I've had today is that I really do have tons and tons of spiritual purification work that I still need to do before I get anywhere deep.
  12. Regular people are MAD! Stay away! Hide in a cave and meditate there for 50 years until they all inevitably destroy themselves.
  13. @SFRL Spit on a person's face. Their reaction is a good litmus test for how mature they are. No, seriously.
  14. I don't really like to post much about my enlightenment work (or even results on much of any personal development domain) because I'm extremely introverted and don't have much desire to share them. However, I think I've made enough progress with enlightenment after the past few months of doing self-inquiry for an hour a day that I thought it'd be a good idea to share them. Nothing mind-blowing yet but there are noticeable changes. I now notice that there is no experience that is outside of me. An experience of a far-away mountain landscape occurs "within my head". And the experience of my head/scalp is itself not outside of "me", or not something that "covers" me. There is no difference between nothing/something or existence/non-existence. All moments of experience are something and nothing at the same time. And Nothing (with a capital N) is not "nothing" as people would conventionally conceptualize nothing but Nothing is synonymous with Everything. "You" are a lot easier to find if you just stop seeking. But the stopping of the seeking is more of a passive event rather than active decision but also feels like a bit of both. Like the active decision was a passive event. I now notice that enlightenment has no value. That's kind of why it's the most important thing for humanity right now. (Additionally, that also made me realize that nothing has value. Even things that have "value" have no value) I believe that I still have to climb a thousand Mount Everests stacked upon each other to get into some really deep shit, so this isn't me bragging about how far I've gone. In fact, it still feels like my enlightenment results are pretty shallow. I'll be pushing myself further to the best of my abilities in the future, or maybe play some video games or whatever.
  15. Why not hold both mindsets? Know consciously that success will never make you truly happy. Pursue it consciously anyway.