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  1. June 26, 2017 - Monday Looks like I couldn't go back to regular routine today. i forgot that I still had college graduation ceremonies to deal with and it ate up quite a significant chunk of my time today. I still managed to get some creative work done but only a little. I've been learning to feel okay with it regarding the fact that I'm also going to be pretty busy with other occasions as well this week like my actual graduation ceremony and an annual Fiesta tradition my culture has coming this Friday. But that's Friday, tomorrow I will find a piece of chewed gum under my shoe, I will name it Alfred.
  2. June 24, 2017 - Saturday I decided to take a little break today. I was feeling both stressed out and bored with my game project so I thought I'd just lay back today and play some video games all day. I do, however, still have that new music-production practice I started this week so I did spend more time learning from internet videos and directly working on a new track. I still feel a lot of resistance when making music because I don't have much experience so I keep encountering problems with deciding what to do next and how to do it when making a song. Tomorrow I'll get back to my normal routine. Today felt good and was really effective at easing out the stress so I plan to try to do this once a week to avoid burnout. Oh and tomorrow JKG, stop liking my posts you annoying worm! (it's a joke. . . you may now laugh hysterically).
  3. June 22, 2017 - Thursday I've decided to begin replacing my daily drawing habit with a daily music production practice habit. Yesterday, I've decided to break the routine which I started on August 2016. Almost made it a year but that wasn't exactly my goal. I started it because I thought it that getting good at drawing was one of my greatest passions and it still is but I found that I enjoy listening to and creating music a lot more and I just don't have much time have both routines in place at the same time. I'll still be drawing, though, I'm just not making it a daily habit anymore. Anyway, what happened today? Spent about a couple of hours working on my game project. I wanted to spend a lot more time on it but I spent the morning studying for a Basic Engineering Exam which I will be taking on October and part of the afternoon with my family at the mall. No drawing or reading today. Spent more time learning and practicing electronic music production. I'm essentially making music purely through a computer rather than through any kind of instruments, not even a MIDI keyboard. What happens tomorrow? Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming. Today, I live. Tomorrow I live some more because go away!
  4. June 20, 2017 - Tuesday Overslept today. Felt pretty frustrated about it. It can be hard for me to get up early I really to have as much time as I can to do what I want to do everyday. Hoping that it doesn't happen again although it probably will. What has been done today? Didn't have the time to spend working on my game today as I was pretty with some college-related stuff. I'm already graduating but I still have some clearance issues to deal with. I do, however, plan to work on it for about a half hour or so after writing this entry. I did actually, spend some time working on this: That's about it actually, didn't have much to do anything else. What to do tomorrow? Same plans as yesterday. I just hope I don't oversleep this time. Have you seen the news lately? They say that tomorrow Voldemort will rise back to power!
  5. June 19, 2017 - Monday Pretty boring day, not much interesting occurred. I'm still working hard at my game project and I haven't really had much simply quiet time to just ponder and reflect. For now, I'm just a busy bee. Kinda waiting for my graduation ceremony, though. Can't wait to get this absurd college stuff which has plagued me for 5 years behind me for good. Your homework, Kevin? Spent more than 3 hours doing level design/coding work for my game project. I'm getting close to having enough to make a new preview video again, this one's going to be of the first level. More digital artwork for the game as usual. Read some more The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius. I still can't follow 80% of it so I'm hoping a book summary will help me understand the book. Haven't had much motivation to do anything music production-related lately. Probably because I want to be able to focus on one thing at a time and right now, that's being taken over by my game project. Your homework to be submitted to tomorrow involves. . . Continue working on Level 1 to get closer to making a preview video of it. Continue drawing more digital art for the game Read more from The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius and also part of a summary of it. (Optional) Do anything related to music production. Oh how I love sleep! Tomorrow THERE WILL BE NO SLEEP!
  6. Why are we talking about this?
  7. Your cognitive style is... Intellectual Your organizational style is... Balanced Your energy style is... Introverted Your stress management style is... Resilient Your interpersonal style is... Competitive Your Scores on All 30 Personality Traits Openness Traits Your level of imagination is high. Your level of artistic interests is about average. Your level of emotionality is about average. Your level of adventurousness is about average. Your level of intellectual interest is high. Your level of liberalism is high. Conscientiousness Traits Your level of self-efficacy is about average.. Your level of orderliness is low. Your level of dutifulness is about average. Your level of achievement striving is high. Your level of cautiousness is low. Extraversion Traits Your level of friendliness is low. Your level of gregariousness is low. Your level of assertiveness is about average. Your activity level is about average. Your level of excitement-seeking is high. Your level of cheerfulness is high. Neuroticism Traits Your level of anxiety is about average. Your level of anger is low. Your level of depression is low. Your level or selfconsciousness is low. Your level of immoderation is low. Your level of vulnerability is low. Agreeableness Traits Your level of trust is low. Your level of honesty is about average. Your level of altruism is low. Your level of cooperation is about average. Your level of modesty is about average. Your level of sympathy is low. Bonus Traits Your level of cooking is McDonalds-quality Your level of The Force is The Dark Side Your favorite color is blue Your famous pop-culture icon is Harry Potter Your level of fried chicken is wait. . . what? If you read this, your level of gullibility (You as in 'YOU, the reader') is high.
  8. Many things are distractions from self-actualization. Nothing particularly special about TV but giving it up completely would be a huge benefit to a lot of people, just as long as they don't replace it with something as equally time-wasting or worse.
  9. June 17, 2017 - Saturday Today felt pretty smooth. Nothing too troubling and I managed to get stuff done. I encountered a few troubling emotions over the past week although that is to be expected when you spend most of your time in a closed room. Hardly higher consciousness living but I'm taking babysteps. Today, what was done, did I? Spent about 3 hours working some more on my game project. Mostly on the animation shown below. I also spent a fair amount of time drawing more digital art for the game. Finished Chapter 3 of the Meditations of Marcus Aurelius. Although because I have difficulty really following the book because of how it's written. Most of my notes were copied directly from a book summary. Tomorrow, what is to be done? My goal for tomorrow is much of the same for today. Today was good and I want tomorrow to be just as good. Tomorrow can be seen through the crystal ball which I totally have.
  10. @2000 You'll never know until you've tried it out consistently for years. Take a leap of faith!
  11. June 16, 2017 - Friday I encountered some very serious internal emotional problems today, mostly stress and lack of motivation but I managed to push through and do just the average level of work performance than I usually exhibit in a day. I think part of it might be coming from a subconscious desire to become enlightened. But the busy nature of my schedule is preventing me from pursuing enlightenment very seriously. I tried facing the desire directly but I also encountered fear of neglecting my work. Oooh well. . . speaking of which. . . How was work today, dear? Spent about 2 hours (I think) doing more work on my game project. Mostly coding today. I drew a new but simplistic enemy design Not much else done today but I may do some reading before going to bed. What are you going to do tomorrow, dear? I want to do the same routine tomorrow but hopefully I am able to better handle the difficult emotions I experienced today, if any. Is this journal helping me? I'm not fully sure but I'm not willing to give up on it yet. What I am sure of is that tomorrow is not Saturday because I say so!
  12. @Ryan_047 Just because you don't know your passion doesn't mean you don't have any. This is just part of the journey. Seek and be very patient.
  13. June 14, 2017 - Wednesday Another day, another tiny step has been made. Actually it's more like a shuffle, or maybe just a slight bend forward, I guess. I shot another duck today Spent about 2 and half hours mainly on level design work on my game project Worked on a background for the game Read a bit more from "The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius". I really have a hard time following the book's type of language so I've tried reading a summary of it. I'll probably taking more notes based on the summary rather than the actual book. Spent some more time learning and practicing the basics of Trance music. I ain't perfect but I've become more and more focused on learning more than just making a good track. I wonder how many ducks I will shoot tomorrow Still have a lot of work to do in my game project and I'd like to keep moving forward but I feel that I'm going to need a serious break soon. Draw some more art for the game as usual. I've even renamed the 'Textures' folder in my game project to 'Art' Read some more from the book I'm reading and take more notes Practice more Trance Music Production in order to 'git good' Tomorrow Hahaa! Thought I'd write something weird and nonsensical again today, did you? Well, you're wrong!
  14. @kieranperez It's funny how you act as if you're so highly motivated and focused but can't seem to help yourself from wasting your time and energy trying to attract eyeballs for the sake of it.
  15. June 13, 2017 - Tuesday Felt pretty lazy today but I still did my daily work. I also managed to find the time to not only watch a video on Music Production but also to practice a bit more. As I mentioned in my previous entry, I would rather have a daily music practice habit than a daily drawing habit. But I still like my drawing so that's probably going to stay for a while. Whad'dya make for dinner today, hun? A little bit of coding/level design work in my game project. Spent about 2 hours I think. Only spent half an hour working on the artwork for my game. Spent 15 minutes watching a tutorial video on the basics of a Trance Bassline. Didn't find the time to read from the current book I'm reading however. Time for bed, sweety. . . I want to do much of the same work I did today but better. Shouldn't be too hard to beat. I also want to make sure that I get into the groove of practicing the art of music production by actually practicing the art of music production. My music practice for the past two years have been pretty inconsistent and that's probably why It's taking me so long to really improve unlike how much I've improved with drawing (Although admittedly, I'm still an amateur there too). Oh yeah, and some reading as well. Today was just okay, I wonder if tomorrow I find out that I'm actually a shark using a computer!