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  1. I don't care about achieving the kind of success that Elon Musk has. I'm a simple moderate self-actualizer.
  2. I'll just go and outright admit. I'm still at Orange/Green.
  3. Whoops! Forgot to post the last two episodes. Well, Here they are: Episode 14: Genre: Techno Pop Episode 15: Genre: 90's Happy Hardcore
  4. I worked on a Chiptune track for this week's episode.
  5. I'm not as advanced as I seem, though. Still haven't taken psychedelics. My meditation practice ain't that deep yet. And I haven't even begun to read lots of books because I'm still saving up money for it. I'm still an actualization amateur.
  6. Meh, been there done that. Multiple times. . . . hehehe. . . there's still a lot more for you to discover about life, yourself, and reality.
  7. Here's a recent one: To be quite frank, it astounds me just how little Ricky Gervais has changed / grown for the past several years. He's basically been the same arrogant vocal materialist almost his entire life and career. I've consumed a lot of media involving him especially his podcasts and his closed-minded attitude, as opposed to his beliefs, sort of rubs me the wrong way.
  8. Yes, I believe it's called 'Loco Roco'
  9. Hang in there. . .
  10. I agree. But perhaps that doesn't apply to everyone. I'm only 21 and I'm fairly confident that I'm mature enough to handle some coaching.
  11. For this week's episode, I made my first Electro House Track This the last episode for my 2018 Halloween Special.
  12. Hello There. This is actually my third attempt at starting a Self-Actualization Journal in this forum. My past two attempts failed because I would eventually lose focus on it, get lazy, and just stop doing the journal altogether. This time I hope it will be different. Because instead of talking about general personal development activities I tried doing during the day. I want to make this journal specifically about what I've recently discovered my life purpose to be. Which is, to become a musician. Of course, I'm still trying to work out the kinks as to how exactly I want to be a musician but for now I'm quite clear about this career path and am extremely passionate about making music. What this journal will be about is a side-project that I've been working over the past few months called 'Cookie Rhythm OvenBeats'. About a month before I started the project, an online friend of mine introduced me to a mobile game franchise called 'Cookie Run'. The gameplay involves simple runner mechanics with many unique twists but what truly makes Cookie Run unique is its entire plethora of playable characters that has a lot of variety in design and personality types. Being that one of my greatest values in art is variety, I came up with the idea of starting a YouTube series of unofficial theme songs for each character every week. The main purpose of this series, for me, is not to provide theme music for the Cookie Run community. Primarily, I see this an amazing way to get a lot of practice in producing music in many different genres. I'm hoping to keep this series up for as long as I can then eventually start working on more music projects in the future. Even though I no longer play Cookie Run, I still feel very passionate about this project and I hope to post and share every new episode with you guys when they come out. For now, I will post all the 11 episodes that I have currently made so far. Please give them a listen, yeah? Episode #1: GO GO BE BRAVE [Happycore] Episode #2: OVENBREAK LOBBY DANCE REMIX [Techno / EDM] Episode #3: Pink Pop Rock [Electronic Pop Rock] Episode #4: LIME TIME [Beach Pop] Episode #5: Bright Marching Band [Marching Band] Episode #6: WHO AM I? [Dramatic DnB] Episode #7: The HooHoo Song [New Age] Episode #8: HooHoo Rock [50's Rock] Episode #9: Blackberry Fever [Violin Hiphop] Episode #10: Zombie Night [80's Funk] Episode #11: Devil Speed [Hardcore]
  13. Amen