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  1. Basically a summary of Nietzsche's concepts of 'The Last Man' and 'The Superman'. It's quite something.
  2. I've been making satire comics recently And some other stuff
  3. What about them religious types? The ones who believe in an eternal afterlife? Not that I'm advocating for their mindset but wouldn't their beliefs completely change the way they reflect on their life and past actions?
  4. Silence
  5. That's really good. Just making sure 'cause I had no way of figuring out whether you we're just using foreign languages as filler for your life or had an actual purpose for it. You could do with a more ambitious life goal, though. You'll be dead someday, ain't much room to be fuckin' about without a truly profound Mission Statement.
  6. So much done on the exterior, the interior is ignored. Actually, you do seem to have some work done on yourself, it's just that it's mostly peanuts. Why are studying foreign languages daily anyway? Do you actually have a really big ambitious goal with learning those skills? Or is it just a hobby of yours? If it's the latter, then it's probably a distraction. I mean, what are you after in life, really? Just living the life you have now or are you pursuing a Life Purspose or Enlightenment? Meditation don't mean jack if you ain't using it to pursue enlightenment or to better your existential pondering skills.
  7. I only hear about the news from late-night satirical comedy shows. I like the jokes but the news stories themselves normally don't interest me. Most news stories are actually quite inane, even so-called 'significant' stuff like stories about Trump's presidency or North Korea's nuclear program. This ain't shit you're going to care about on your deathbed. You're much better off aiming for a more holistic perspective on life than being a slave to the bureaucratic, attention-grabbing, and highly-opinionated world of the mainstream news media.
  8. @aniss Smoke some cigarettes to make yourself feel more mature. Because they bring you closer to death.
  9. <Insert groundless assumption about Leo's state here>
  10. @zenjen Do Nothing Technique is a very good way to maintain spiritual insights and positive states. Although it is a paradoxical method. Essentially you have to completely let go of all desire and intention to control your mind, body, and external circumstances. Basically, you should be able to allow yourself to feel suicidal again and be okay with it. If you feel good, you make no intention to try to maintain it. If you feel bad, you make no intention to try to change anything. If things do change, that's fine, make no intention to try to maintain any states.
  11. @CuteCornDog You know, you really should have a far more positive attitude. Funerals are actually very good socially stimulating gatherings! Hopefully you can see that you can be suicidal but still want a funeral. -------------------------- Okay okay, jokes aside. Suicide is a very serious issue. . . yadda yadda yadda. . . .should be an issue taken with careful understanding and genuine compassion . . . blalalala whatever who cares? -------------------------- Okay Okay, jokes really aside, now. Seems to me that what you really need is deep self-reflection. Really deep self-reflection. Ask yourself why exactly are you having the emotions and thoughts that you're having. Do you actually know why you're suffering? I mean REALLY know why you're suffering? Really, Actually, Literally, Existentially. Don't start with asking yourself how you can stop the suffering. Really all that will do is target the symptoms and not the root. It also helps to know that everyone suffers. I'm even willing to bet that I've had more suffering in my life than you've had but that's something I can't really know for sure. The only real difference is how we each deal with it. The question is: How effective are your ways of dealing with suffering? For example, I see suffering as completely unreal and always ego-based. I find that that helps me deal with suffering in such a powerful way. In summary, try to find the root of your suffering and try to think of ways you can improve your relationship with suffering. Also, eat fruit 'cause they're healthy and delicious Yum yum.
  12. Your forum title makes it sound like you were asking about how the ego tries to resist enlightenment practice. But you're actually talking about something completely different. Actually the phenomenon you described is exactly how egos react to their belief system being threatened. This is greater seen in people who avoid enlightenment than does who do. Surely you've seen how a religious fundamentalist or militant atheist behave in relation to their beliefs? Y U SINGLING OUT SPIRITUAL SEEKERS???
  13. LOLZ How interesting the life must be of a regular supermarket employee who is actually a speck living on a speck surrounded by trillions and trillions of specks separated by many billions of miles of space. Maybe you just lack the perspective to see that most knowledge is quite inane especially through a cosmic lens. Maybe try focusing your awareness to the fact that mental information is very irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. We mostly gather information for pragmatic purposes. Or at least I do that, I guess. Can't ignore the fact that far too many people love unpractical philosophies and mental masturbation. In summary, hope you build a healthier, more practical relationship with gathering information some time in the future. For now, here's a random wikipedia article on Chess Grandmaster, Tigran Petrosian (Read It! you know you want to. . . )
  14. @Damir Elezi For me, Meditation and Self-Inquiry are the most important. Perhaps Eating Clean, Exercise, and Visualization are secondary. Everything else is extra. But that's just me.
  15. @Leo Gura Two years ago, some stranger online criticized and insulted me for trying to make radical changes in my life that involved moving out of mainstream culture (Giving Up TV, Meditating, Reading and Watching Personal Development Content, Getting Into Spirituality etc.). Of course, a debate ensued because I was still in a very naive and low consciousness place and that really got me pissed and frustrated at the time. It seems so so petty but now I still feel that my mind still hasn't let go of that memory completely even after 500+ hours of meditation and countless hours of life purpose work and such. I know that it's all just monkey mind but it's embedded deep within my subconscious. I don't even like to argue with anyone anymore, I'm a hell of a lot more pragmatic and results-oriented now rather than concepts and beliefs-oriented. Still, the negative emotions and memories just keep cropping up and cropping up everyday and I was wondering if you've ever dealt with something like this. If you have, how have you dealt with it?