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  1. @Leo Gura Yeah, but I made the point to underline the word "directly" because P2E games have their own internal economy. You don't get your money from ad revenue or audience donations. From what I understand, you get your money from other players. And it's a lot more profitable for players from the poorer countries to get money from players from richer countries because of the exchange rate. So maybe in some games, you'll have "poor players" grinding to get a bunch of in-game items for free and then sell them to "rich players". Or in others there could just be outright competition to get the best items. I'm not yet completely sure how this whole thing works, to be honest, but something about it just doesn't feel right to me. At least on Twitch and Youtube, you're giving entertainment to people at the very least. You're still contributing to the larger economy even if it's in a shallow way.
  2. Long story short: Earning money through playing video games directly through NFTs. So I've known about these for a little while but I decided to start talking about it now since David Pakman unexpectedly uploaded a sponsor video for one of these so-called "P2E Games". It's a rather uninteresting video so I decided to look for a more informative video which I've posted at the very bottom of this post. So about 3 weeks ago, a close relative of mine messaged me on Facebook just to talk about NFTs. I thought this was an odd topic of discussion but eventually they mentioned that they were earning by playing P2E games. So eventually I decided to look into it and from what I could gather, you could potentially earn a decent living playing these NFT games granted you live in a poorer third-world country like I do. So people I know could potentially get sucked into one of these games perhaps thinking they can make good money doing it. But they end up not providing any value to the world. And they're certainly not gaining any valuable skills outside of the game. Not to mention, the price of the NFT items you earn can fluctuate a lot so you may not even be able to earn money consistently. (And it just turns into stock-trading) Right now, this market is pretty young but I'm curious to see how much this will grow within the next year or so. Maybe it will grow big enough that we will start to have larger discussions over it. Or maybe this will all blow over and we can just forget about this as if nothing ever happened. Either way, I'm certainly not getting involved in it. It just seems like the sort of thing that's deliberately trying to attract fools. Earn 100$/Day playing games! You could make a living just sitting on your ass playing video games! Don't deeply think about your life choices! You can make money the easy way!
  3. Qanon, Anti-Vaxxers, and Trumpists are basically the Nazis of our time, relatively speaking. It's just that society has advanced to the point where the worst most deluded people of civilized first-world society don't seem so bad when you compare them to actual WWII-era Nazis. It's all a matter of perspective. That's easy to say almost 100 years after WWII ended. Yeah I can show them compassion too, but not when they're trying to invade my country. Likewise with the point I'm trying to make with anti-vaxxers, maybe when this is all over I'll look back and show compassion over them. But for now, they're being reckless and dangerous. It's all perspective. You could call Trump a "victim" of misinformation and bad up-bringing if you want. WhY sO VeNomoUS TowArdS TrUmP? ! ! hE'S JuSt A vICtIm! ShOw sOMe ComPaSsiON! Give me a break.
  4. Ehhhh. . . It's a little tricky. Considering the possibility that the virus could mutate among the un-vaccinated to a point where it is able to infect the currently vaccinated bringing us back to square one, causing more deaths and suffering for everyone. And besides, we all just want lockdown to end. Anti-vax skepticism is just prolonging that. I've personally felt very frustrated at how long this has all lasted (more than a year!) and now that we have a free and easy-to-get technology that can easily end the pandemic, I'd rather be forgiven for feeling amusement at the death of someone making things harder for everyone around them. Is there a lack of compassion? Yes. Is it justified? I dunno. The Nazis were technically just misinformed people. Is it really a good idea to tell people they should also feel compassion for the Nazis who died in battle, while WWII was still happening? P.S. And just as an additional point, I wouldn't feel compassion for the libertarian-types who get themselves arrested for violating vaccine mandates at this point. Some of them are genuinely insane and believe that not getting a vaccine is an inherent human right.
  5. @Preety_India Give it a few days. There's still editing and potentially long upload and processing times.
  6. Your score from primary psychopathy has been calculated as 2.6. Your score from secondary psychopathy has been calculated as 2.2. You score for primary psychopathy was higher than % of people who have taken this test. You score for secondary psychopathy was higher than 34.17% of people who have taken this test. (I don't know what happened with that first percentage but it literally didn't show up.)
  7. I absolutely love this guy's smug attitude while looking at the most idiotic (and ironic) memes of our time.
  8. Half the stuff on it is made-up. Also the article is mostly just petulant ranting and the rest are literally just comments on random forum posts. I sorta know what it's like to make that kind of content because I went through a phase of my life where I was sorta at that mentality. Beyond just having a rationalist worldview, there's sort of an addictive high that you get when you feel like you can just outsmart everybody because you think you're such an highly-intellectual individual. I put individual on bold because a big part of it is feeling unique from everyone else and definitely superior in some way. It actually feels empowering to think that way and intellectually "owning" someone becomes a source of fulfillment in life. Being a rationalist/materialist ideologue is one thing, but the sense of smugness I get from the article leads me to believe they could still be in that state of mind. The biggest delusion is when you're in that state and you think you've got reality mostly figured out. A deep admission that you actually don't know what reality/Truth is would swiftly end that.
  9. He should have saved the random seed of his life. Minecraft joke. I'm sorry.
  10. @Nos7algiK Also, certain "comments and opinions" that he expressed on social media did not help.
  11. I wish there was a vaccine for stupidity.
  12. Here's David Pakman video with the same two people:
  13. Late Show with Stephen Colbert made fun of him lol. You know you're doing something really dumb if even they make fun of you. Not that I don't like their show, they just tend to appeal to more mainstream audiences.
  14. It's cringe because of the emphasis on "Best Day" in US history instead of just being a significant statistical event. Although, I do get a wiff of irony from that tweet so it's probably not best to also take it seriously. Probably just joking around.