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  1. I think that's pretty cool, actually. Hopefully worth the wait.
  2. Bendito Machine: A series of short films portraying mindless capitalism. (Except that last one which was really more about war)
  3. Very Stage Orange hating on Green
  4. I don't post very often, let alone start topics asking for help. So when I do make one, you know I'm feeling very down about something. So just a quick background, I'm a 21-year old guy from the Philippines. I've been unemployed for a year. I've never had a job in my life. And I have received 5 different rejections after interview processes and some of my initial applications have just been outright ignored by multiple other companies. Too vague? alright. . . a little more specifics. I am a fresh grad with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science. I am looking for either a Game Development position or just a regular Software Developer position would be nice. My main passions are Developing Games and Composing Electronic Music. And even without work, I work on personal projects by myself as a solo creator. I would consider Music to be my main life purpose. But right now, I'm don't feel that I'm that skilled at it yet. So I'm hoping to get a job as a Programmer in the short term because I feel it would be easier since I already have a degree in Computer Science and I have had a lot of practice with programming. I do have ideas in my mind why I've had these rejections in the past and what I need to improve. My resume originally sucked, it doesn't suck as bad now but I'm still working to improve how it's presented. I keep applying at companies I don't feel very passionate about but I can't help it because I feel very desperate to get employed. I find it hard to tell what exactly the company really wants so I keep fucking up the HR interviews despite passing the technical exams. Right now, I'm still living with my parents. They support me very well but not enough to allow me to able to construct the life I really want. I think that's what getting the salary for me is mostly about, being able to live independently from my parents because I've lived with them for 20+ years and I'm tired of their dysfunctional lifestyle. In summary: I need a hug
  5. This is not a video. But I still think it's very relevant.
  6. Err. . . was that PDF about a scientific study or was it a 6-year old's first time with MS PowerPoint? In all seriousness, this just sounds like pure bunk to me. You can't enjoy music fully unless you really know how to surrender yourself (i.e. become egoless). While there is some egoic pleasure involved in the music industry today, most of it involves either only wanting to listen to specific types of music (especially mainstream ones) or listening to music so much to numb yourself from boredom. But if you know how to surrender yourself to the experience of music, it can bring you profound non-dual states.
  7. Why can't you use any other Windows DAW?
  8. Why not? In all seriousness, though. Meditation has been the greatest thing I've discovered so far. But you're not going to see it with out hundreds of hours of direct practice. Just do it.
  9. @littleBIG Drop it. Drop the "benefits" chasing. Just do it.