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  1. This post was 8 hours ago. No video yet. Does it really take that long?
  2. Unspirituality's channel is way way above my 'threshold for bullshit media'. Basically, anybody above that threshold I never watch.
  3. @Maarten The f-ck? He looks so much like George Carlin.
  4. Just a mind-blowing video. A head-scratcher, this one. . .
  5. @Giulio Bevilacqua Ehh. . . just do whatever you think feels right and see what sticks. Confusion is usually where the hero's journey / Life Purpose journey begins.
  6. @Leo Gura Working towards Life Purpose by faking a Fake Life Purpose LOL.
  7. Cut off distractions as much as possible and focus on letting your creative imagination guide the creation process as directly as possible. Kinda hard for me to do, actually. My mind wanders off a lot.
  8. My background isn't exactly massive yet but I have gotten through tons of deliberate focused practice within the past few months. I'd like to hear your stuff too, by the way. I pretty much only use FL Studio for my stuff. I love composing with MIDI and I currently don't record with real instruments at the moment.
  9. I make instrumental music and post I make instrumental music and post it on YouTube. Here's my latest demo reel:
  10. @StarStruck Just finish the LP course, do the suggested book reading and documentaries and things should become mostly cleared up for you. Then comes the tricky part of actually putting it into action. And for the record, I was a programmer myself before I realized that it wasn't what I truly wanted. I've been able to find what I truly desire through the course but making it real is still a huge challenge. (And I'm still in the process of reading the books.)
  11. I actually do happen to have a bachelor's degree in Computer Science but sadly, I've since given up on programming and instead am pursuing a career in music. Thing is, I don't have a degree in music but I'm doing what I can to learn as much as possible from whatever sources I can find right now. A video like this would really help people in similar situations as I'm in, though.
  12. @Leo Gura I'm guessing this is a fairly recent problem? Hopefully, it gets handled soon.
  13. What's this? It still failed to process! That's what the question mark means right?
  14. @Leo Gura Same thing happened to a video of mine too a few days ago. But it was a small video and just easily uploaded it again.
  15. Everything seems fine and dandy for me so far.