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  1. @bloomer Andy Ngo LOL Yeah, I know him. The guy who deliberately provoked and caused trouble so he can report on it and pretend to be an innocent "journalist".
  2. ??? Look, dude. I bothered to Google it. Antifa hasn't killed anyone. Not gonna deny they've done unneccessary political violence, personally I don't agree with their tactics at all. But still, you gotta get your facts straight bro.
  3. @bloomer I didn't mean to imply that they no longer exist. Just that they were never really a relevant threat. I was mostly just pointing out the hypocrisy of MAGA conservatives fear-mongering about Antifa. As far as I know, nobody from Antifa has ever broken into somebody's house in the middle of the night and personally attacked them.
  4. Good Luck, Guys!
  5. You can only go so far being creative with a pogo stick. One has to move beyond gimmickry to create deeper forms of creative value. Life Purpose isn't just about doing what you enjoy, it's about that and also elevating others to higher conscious experiences. Dolphins in a pool can do tricks and spectacular performances. Doesn't change the fact that they're still aquatic mammals with no higher purpose in life. Linking this back to the issue of chess: A good example of transcending chess but still remaining true to your obsession is aligning your passion with ALL of board gaming. Most people don't even know how rich and diverse the modern board gaming scene is. I myself have been spending more money than I probably should on new and innovative board games with rich variety of game mechanics, artwork, and even stories. There's just so much potential there that professional chess players miss because normie society has deluded them to thinking Chess or Go or Monopoly or whatever is the height of board gaming genius. Edit: For anyone interested, this is the YT Channel that got me interested in board gaming: https://www.youtube.com/@WatchItPlayed
  6. I hope you'll make an episode someday on Deep Authenticity. Especially for those on the spiritual path.
  7. Though in practice, anyone who frequently watches drama-type video content are shallow mouth-breathers. I wouldn't trust them to understand how to raise a child let alone raise themselves.
  8. @Leo Gura It is precisely because solipsism is so obviously and undeniably true that it is dismissed outright. The more obvious a truth is, the more painful it is for an ego to admit.
  9. This specific guy has a history of making false accusations in the name of being "edgy". I remember when he called another YouTuber a pedophile just because he felt like it. To be fair, he apologized when said YouTuber told him he can very well sue him for that if he wanted to.
  10. Turkey Tom. Very Popular "Drama" YouTuber. Their entire schtik is just attracting audiences and viewers with the most toxic stories regardless of whether the stories they tell are even told in an accurate or unbiased manner. Their the YouTuber equivalent of sleezy tabloid magazines. Rule of thumb: Avoid watching low-integrity sources of media.
  11. I plan to eat a 100g bar of Dark Chocolate (or some other chocolate) once a week. Is that still unhealthy?
  12. OH SHIT, IT'S HAPPENNED LOL Twitter App is malfunctioning globally. I myself have been forcefully logged out and unable to get back in. https://www.sfgate.com/tech/article/twitter-website-down-elon-musk-17682225.php Update: Twitter working for me again. Actually, it was sorta working on my Android this whole time but I heard that notifications supposedly wasn't updating there. But on PC is where the site wasn't working entirely for a while.
  13. @Ramzi08 Dude, I'm like in the same situation as you. I'm from a third world country and I resent my uncreative and mediocre peers. I don't know how Algeria compares to the Philippines but still... But I don't get this feeling of demotivation just because of that. If anything, I'm way too motivated to the point that I tend to burn myself out. Unless your external circumstances are deliberately conspiring to keep you stuck where you are, why all this unecessary frustration and talking about taking your own life. The only thing that seems to be different with me is that I tend to be very comfortable being alone. What is THIS nonsense? What? why? Why are you deliberately wasting your time with people you clearly don't like? Just find out what you love to do and focus on that. Seeking socialization for the sake of it is largely a distraction when it comes to Life Purpose. Besides, get enough fame and success from your work and you could earn the luxury of being able to hang out with anyone you like and choose to be with.
  14. I know these AI are still primitive but that doesn't mean they should cannibalize each other.