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  1. Woof. This is what happens when someone who doesn't get involved in politics decides to dive in without thought. Only hopped up on psychedelics.
  2. Wait, she's a REAL person?!! I always thought she was some weird AI chick. Oh God, what if Zuckerberg's real too?!! What a world!
  3. 46:30 Everywhere, wisdom creates permanence. Ignorance and stupidity destroy permanence
  4. Is War difficult? Yes Is Life difficult? Yes Therefore Life is War. See also 33 Strategies of War by Robert Greene
  5. Just because AI can be a genius at Go doesn't mean AI can make great art. Art requires a good understanding of culture, creativity, and love, a lot more than the need for theoretical understanding. If AI becomes advanced enough to create human-like art, they would just become like other humans.
  6. Being online most of the time, I and many other people can fall into illusions that the demographics online are a good approximation of how the demographics are in real life. But this video shows that in practice, it can actually be the precise opposite. The internet, especially YouTube, is still a small bubble despite how global it is.
  7. This feels like a fiction story. Not saying it is, it just feels like the sort of ridiculous thing an amateur suspense writer would think of.
  8. How stupid. He should be using screws not nails!
  9. As bad as tinnitus is, it's nothing compared to idiots blaring audible music outside your room or house. 'Course I do it myself sometimes, but at least nobody else I know meditates.
  10. So hilarious yet sad at the same time.
  11. Now here's a guy who really gets it. True rationality comes from recognizing that emotions affect your decisions, you cannot blindly appeal to "logic" in order to become rational.
  12. I don't think he's a Trump supporter. But he's still a moron politically.
  13. The tweet I posted suddenly disappeared. Maybe it was because of the server crash. Anyway, here's the image again posted directly
  14. I'm reminded of something I read from some random rationalist online: (paraphrasing) "I'm open to the idea of God. Perhaps not a conscious God. Just some force we can call God."