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  1. Your position is simply nonsensical. Everything can be explained. Pure randomness could not possibly create the universe we live in. And be careful with your rhetoric. From my experience, this forum isn't for people who don't think before they post.
  2. @Nak Khid I was referring to "Worst Philosophy Ever" That's hardly the kind of title that sparks a reasonable debate. Not to mention, you haven't even elaborated on your position so we don't have anything to go off of when talking to you about it.
  3. Try this: https://mynoise.net/NoiseMachines/clockTickTockNoiseGenerator.php
  4. I'm predicting this thread will get locked pretty quickly. Not because of the topic itself but because of the way you presented your position. Also, clickbait title. This isn't just your regular forum.
  5. His shirt did a Micheal Jackson.
  6. to my Father You never figured the guile of this world. But still served with absolute devotion to all you could. You were always stumped by the many things that your children became But did not fail to support or celebrate their success As a Husband, our Beloved Mother said there could be no better. Your innocuous Presence has been Impressive With Much Love, Sadhguru
  7. <This comment has been removed by a moderator>
  8. Lazy bum
  9. Yes he does! Freedom of Speech: "I'll say whatever I damn want!" Family Values: That means Nepotism, right? Human Rights: He certainly loves people on the Right.
  10. Don't compare them to mosquitoes. These massive companies are even more blood-thirsty, disgusting, abhorrent creatures.
  11. Low Quality Art has its places, sure. But it doesn't have a place on literally every platform available. Certainly not Steam if Steam would actually exercise some damn quality control.
  12. There's another video of hers (she's trans) that also tries to advocate for almost complete freedom to post anything you want. It's less about copyright but the attitude is about the same. Again, her intentions are good but I think some of her points are horribly misguided. She basically tries to argue against quality control because it's hard to objectively judge works of art. Therefore, Steam should just allow any games of incredibly low quality because. . . they shouldn't be allowed to make subjective judgements as a platform holder? Jesus. . . this video is. . . bad.
  13. @Hansu By the way, I don't think the videos are 'Shitting on Original Artists'. They're really more about having more tolerance for smaller, less talented artists. A very common theme in the video is "Freedom of Speech" which always gets me a bit queasy because people on YouTube generally don't understand the nuances of freedom when they talk about it. And this particular Youtuber, while their intentions are good, definitely doesn't understand how freedom works in the big picture.