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  1. @Harikrishnan It depends on what YouTube decides the kids watch. There's a very good chance they were watching those dumb musical alphabet or number videos. I doubt they're a positive influence to toddlers. It really hinders their development as they form an attachment to bright and colorful images on a screen.
  2. @Leo Gura Nah, the game is very silly and simplistic. The video reviewer himself critiques it by explaining how a cult should actually work. It almost becomes sort of an educational video more than a game review.
  3. You can build your own Rajneeshpuram at the comfort of your home. I haven't played it but from what the video says, it may have some flaws. It doesn't really care much about accuracy (or maybe the creators have not actually looked much into cult psychology) but it's still a pretty solid concept for a game.
  4. @Scholar Admittedly, yes he doesn't really rant about socialism and communism. I should have phrased it better. I do hold the opinion that advocating a lofty ideal of a socialist society is still better than defending contemporary capitalism. That's just mostly why I don't side with Destiny on this issue. Capitalism just deserves more critique nowadays than socialist idealism does.
  5. @Joel3102 The guy only understands communism as its terrible Stage Blue incarnations and somewhat denies the systemic workplace oppression of capitalism. He's more of a left-leaning centrist imo.
  6. There's a political streamer named Destiny who used to be popular among the left-wing community. He debated a lot of pretty far-right people and even I honestly got a lot of entertainment from those videos. Nowadays, the lefty community hates him because he spends a lot of his current videos ranting about communism and socialism especially since it's quite clear that he doesn't have a very good understanding of the current anti-capitalism culture. Before that, he was pretty vocal about calling minimum wage "stupid". I guess that was a shape of things to come.
  7. STRATEGIZE, man. You're putting too much on your plate. Focus on a few things at a time. If you think that you need to pursue getting a job and dating first then do that and still do your music production on the side when you can. You should definitely be able to stop thinking about going on a psychedelic retreat for a while at your age. If i were you, I'd set that aside until my thirties. Focus on what you can realistically achieve first. At your age, it's probably best to be an avid book reader and get really into contemplation so you can get a high-quality understanding of the world and yourself. All these stuff are good but you have to a follow a path to get to all of them rather than thinking about them all at once. It'll be incredibly tough and require a lot of patience but it's worth it. I myself am at your exact age and also have music production as my main life purpose. I've had my own mistakes that I don't have the time to lay out here. I've pretty much realized on my own that I can't really focus solely on music production and expect success right away. Even after 8 months, it's still not going to be enough. Life works in counter-intuitive ways. You may find golden nuggets in completely unexpected places.
  8. God works in mysterious ways
  9. @TheGreekSeeker Kurzgesagt isn't high consciousness. They're pop science drivel. Here's an even worse video mistaking consciousness for survival mechanisms. They're not a terrible channel. They just tend to oversimplify things too much to gain a really deep understanding. That's the main problem with popular science culture.
  10. @Leo Gura Okay, then. I sorta get what you're trying to say. I still think it should have been at least mentioned in the video. It just seemed like a pretty important point that's worth bringing up. I see. I'll keep that in mind. That kinda resolves the paradox/contradiction for me. To be honest, I haven't yet read that much about Law of Attraction so I still don't have a very nuanced understanding of it.
  11. Title says it all. . . I feel like this is a sort of contradiction @Leo Gura failed to address in his Letting Go video. They honestly feel like completely opposite techniques to me that are also supposed to help people get what they want.
  12. Man, that sounds like a real circular waste. A college degree whose only practical value is to help others get the same college degree. Edit: Whoops, I just realized that you were talking about Masters and PhDs in general and not just Philosophy degrees. Sorry, my mistake.
  13. A really high-quality commentary on men in society.
  14. That almost sounds like nihilism to me. That you can create anything and it doesn't really matter what you choose to create.