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  1. @Leo Gura LOL, I honestly thought you were spending your birthday with your family or something.
  2. Nope, we're doomed. . .
  3. @a e l i Two of the best techniques I've found with getting along with people is. 1. Just talk to them. Talk to random strangers. You don't even have to be friendly. Just be you. 2. Don't talk to anyone. Sit in a quiet room by yourself and do nothing. Learn to sit and be calm just by yourself and accept reality exactly as it is.
  4. It's very simple. People fail to see the big picture because they already think they have the big picture.
  5. @Leo Gura Most people don't act like people. More like robots wearing people skin.
  6. @Emre 'Life is meaningless' is only a negative thing through the perspective an ego. 'Life is meaningless' is itself literally meaningless! Ego hates void because void reveals truth and you can probably already verify that for yourself to be true. And truth reveals that ego doesn't exist. So there's nothing it can do but continue to trick itself to avoiding truth which could be why you've ended up in such a bad state. It's ego getting a small taste of truth and then trying to run away in fear. Your job is to face it head-on, stop trying to run away from it.
  7. @nightrider1435 Things can go way deeper than that. And the deep existential stuff you discover will completely change your life. Just don't get so lost in your spiritual path that you neglect "regular human life". For the past month I've been spending one hour of meditation and one hour self-inquiry per day so that's 2 hours spent on a spiritual practice per day but it's been making it harder for me to work on my college projects as they require a big time commitment (My major is in computer science). So I decided to temporarily set my meditation and self-inquiry down to 30 minutes per session to give myself 1 hour of extra work time per day. You know, decisions like that can help keep a good balance balance between spirituality and practicality.
  8. @NutellaTC Just keep calm and don't make any rush judgements or actions. Be relatively dormant until you're able to function back into your normal life.
  9. I made this one very recently. It's not a static image nor is it a gif. Just see it for yourself. http://sketchtoy.com/67977731
  10. Let's get digital!
  11. @Evilwave Heddy I wish! That's going to take a lot more work.
  12. I am NOT the field of vision I am NOT the sense of hearing, feeling, or emotion I am NOT thought nor its creator What I used to believe was me was never in my direct experience at all! EVER! It was just never there! I was just never there! It's so obvious! But yet, I am everywhere in direct experience! Not just everywhere, but everywhere SIMULTANEOUSLY! How can that be? it's IMPOSSIBLE! Being everywhere simultaneously as opposed to being a single point in space. I am not my experience but simply am AWARENESS of it. When "I" have a thought, I am not its creator. Simply, thought arises and I am awareness of its existence before it inevitably vanishes back to nothing. Same goes with everything else. And this awareness is not anything, but it is PRESENT! It does exist! Because it is me! I AM empty I AM pure bliss I AM being I AM ------------- I AM not yet enlightened, though. Now I see the illusion of myself that I used to think was real just doesn't make any damn sense! Enlightenment makes sense to me now. But I still have tons more work to do. 'Til next time.
  13. @Ariel Nobody ever told you to follow Leo based on blind faith. Verify things for yourself. I recommend you put in the effort to study personal development from hundreds of different sources over the course of a few years. Look at it through a dozen perspectives and then contemplate for yourself what is best for you. Leo himself has outright said that what he speaks is never absolutely true.