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  1. Amen
  2. @Caterpillar I spent the majority of my life ages 6-18 playing video games and watching TV. I deeply regretted it, and I'm only 21. You're talking bollocks.
  3. He's triggered by the video because as an unconscious deluded ego, he wants to control his life to a high degree. Leo's video is basically trying to sabotage this. Ego doesn't want to let go of control. That's what the kind of Happiness that Leo is talking about is about. It's basically Detachment (i.e. Letting go of control). If you can let go of control when you're depressed and just feel that depression exactly as it is, no control and no judgements. The feeling of depression will just flow through you and you can, if your level of spiritual purification is deep enough, feel a deep sense of joy in the experience of depression.
  4. That claim goes nicely with my own post.
  5. @Leo Gura I think I recognize that guy. I might have gotten to an argument with him a couple years back on an old Actualized .org video. It ended when he made a super long response that I simply didn't bother to read. I remember it actually started along the lines of "I've been wanting to make this response but I've been busy but here it is now." And I just didn't bother to read further than that nor did I respond. Because why read stuff by an idiot who spends most of his time thinking about how he's going to respond to a dumb YouTube argument. Like, "Jesus Christ, dude. Don't you have better things to think about?"
  6. Thou art mortal
  7. @Leo Gura But isn't Stephen Colbert mostly Stage Green? Why does he ridicule Goop then?
  8. I'm glad you never actually became a science fiction writer like you once said you wanted to be.
  9. Oh yeah, of course! "Living with nature", I forgot about that one.
  10. I noticed a common theme among some tribes is that they tend to have a deeper spiritual connection to reality than people in most developed countries. I just can't help but wonder why that would be the case since they, by definition, have much more limitations than people who live in more sophisticated environments. I understand why it would be difficult to pursue spirituality in a busy urban setting, but I'm curious as to what exactly are the things that put these tribes at an advantage. Of course, I'm not 100% clueless, I do have some ideas as to why this is the case. - Perhaps they have easier access to psychedelics in their area - Maybe their simpler lifestyle means they have less distractions - Perhaps their difficult, raw survival, way of living gives them more opportunity to mature as people. But I'm also interested in reading what other people think is the reason for this.
  11. Aside from Lynda.come, ya' got: - Skillshare - Udemy - Coursera - Google - YouTube - More. . .
  12. If I were you, I'd just keep going. . . how long have you been feeling this way exactly?
  13. It's fine. It's cool.