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  1. I sometimes like to think he's just trying to teach us the value of patience.
  2. I didn't know a new video was expected to be released. I kinda just thought he took a break for the New Year.
  3. A YouTuber's transition from Stage Orange to Green
  4. I don't care about achieving the kind of success that Elon Musk has. I'm a simple moderate self-actualizer.
  5. I'll just go and outright admit. I'm still at Orange/Green.
  6. Whoops! Forgot to post the last two episodes. Well, Here they are: Episode 14: Genre: Techno Pop Episode 15: Genre: 90's Happy Hardcore
  7. I worked on a Chiptune track for this week's episode.
  8. I'm not as advanced as I seem, though. Still haven't taken psychedelics. My meditation practice ain't that deep yet. And I haven't even begun to read lots of books because I'm still saving up money for it. I'm still an actualization amateur.
  9. Meh, been there done that. Multiple times. . . . hehehe. . . there's still a lot more for you to discover about life, yourself, and reality.
  10. Here's a recent one: To be quite frank, it astounds me just how little Ricky Gervais has changed / grown for the past several years. He's basically been the same arrogant vocal materialist almost his entire life and career. I've consumed a lot of media involving him especially his podcasts and his closed-minded attitude, as opposed to his beliefs, sort of rubs me the wrong way.
  11. Yes, I believe it's called 'Loco Roco'
  12. Hang in there. . .
  13. I agree. But perhaps that doesn't apply to everyone. I'm only 21 and I'm fairly confident that I'm mature enough to handle some coaching.
  14. For this week's episode, I made my first Electro House Track This the last episode for my 2018 Halloween Special.