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  1. Hi, on April 7, 2021 a sudden pain appeared in the left side of my head, I freaked out, I did MRI scan of the brain but everything looked normal, after 1 year of looking for info and asking doctors, i made my own diagnosis: occipital neuralgia. It's been 2 years now. I did MRI scan and X-Ray for the neck, everything looks normal (which is normal for occipital neuralgia). Is there anyone here who knows how to reduce pain, for things related to nerves? I tried almost everything, except the heavy medical procedures, and i haven't tried pills neurologists can prescribe (antidepressant, opioids...) which i might do soon... Pain is between 3-4 and on a scale of 10, this week i have a flu so it's 7-8 (i just lie in bed). Any suggestions or experience with nerves pain is welcome (also related to trigeminal neuralgia, since it's very similar). I did chiropractors, without improvements.
  2. @Giulio Bevilacqua What country are you living in? Do you eat meat?
  3. Is raw cacao powder concerned as well? (I use some on my smoothies)
  4. Röyksopp did a comeback 3 weeks ago... amazing tunes, and music videos
  5. Thanks for replies
  6. What do you think of the carnivore diet? @integral I didn't watched Leo's content for over a year, I'm left behind i don't know what happened, I just saw that he went for a carnivore diet following a 15 days water fast.
  7. I Googled "Are sardines poisoned with heavy metals" and found out sardines mostly have arsenic. I then found an article which links to a website for hair sample testing: Sample result: Does anyone have experience with this? (or similar websites)
  8. Joplin is similar to Obsidian but simpler (it's markdown as well). If you just need text, I'd rather go for Notepad++ For anything "Mind Mapping" I use Windows Explorer, folders, pictures and .txt files with naming convention (date...) Have a good snapshot tool, for capturing things from the internet or documents (I use Lightscreen). And a dark theme for everything to reduce eyes strain.
  9. I jumped into Discord on 2016. In 2020 I went back to gaming (when covid pandemic kicked in) eventually I got exposed to internet culture. As a late millennial, I wasn't sure at first what makes this humor and generation different and unique.
  10. I haven't watched Leo's content for over a year, because I was busy with work and health issues. I recently checked the 3 parts episodes about game, as it was a long time awaited "come back" topic on, this put me back in the mood when I was reading "The Game" by Neil Strauss when I was student... Anyway, I just googled "Why photographers are attractive" and found this study:
  11. i got one of those, love it! there are probably other brands, i don't know them all:
  12. Javier Livas Cantu
  13. I use this Add-on for Firefox : "Unhook: Remove YouTube Recommended Videos Comments by Unhook" It was a relief when I installed this... You can switch on/off in options.